Battle of Uhud part 3

From his Wife’s Lap to Sword-fights and Sorrows

One of the brave adventurers of that day was Hanzalah AlGhaseel Radiallahu anhoo the – He was Hanzalah bin Abu ‘Amir, Abu ‘Amir was the very monk that was nicknamed Al-Fasiq (i.e., evildoer, dissolute) which we mentioned earlier. Hanzalah, who was newly married, left his wife’s bed for Al-Jihad (fight in the cause of Allâh). He set out the moment he heard of the call to Al-Jihad. When he faced the idolaters on the battlefield, he made his way through their ranks till he reached their leader Abu Sufyan Sakhr bin Harb and nearly killed him, but he had been ordained to be a martyr, so at that very moment Shaddad bin Al-Aswad reached him and killed him.

The Contribution of the Squad of Archers to the Battle

The squad or archers whom Allâh’s Messenger ﷺ positioned on the Archers Mountain, had the upper hand in administering the war activities to go in favor of the Muslim army. The Makkan horsemen – commanded by Khalid bin Al-Walid, supported by Abu ‘Amir Al-Fasiq – made three attacks against the left wing of the Muslim army with the aim of crushing it and then infiltrating into the rear to create a sort of confusion and disorder in the ranks of the Muslims, and subsequently inflict heavy defeat on them. But thanks to the skills, quickness and great efforts of the archers, the three assaults were countered successfully.”

The Idolaters begin to sense Defeat

The battles went on and on fiercely with the Muslims in full command of the military theater until the idolaters finally scattered and retreated, leaving all motives of pride, and forgetting

their affected dignity, with their standard trodden under the feet of the fighters, with none ever courageous enough to approach it. It seemed as if the three thousand idolaters had been fighting thirty thousand Muslims and not merely several hundred. Ibn Ishaq said: “Then Allâh sent down His Help to the Muslims and verified His Promise to them. They chased the idolaters and evacuated them from their camp. No doubt it was a certain defeat.” ‘Abdullah bin Az-Zubair narrated that his father said: “By Allâh, I was watching the servants of Hind bint ‘Utbah and her women friends fleeing with their garments gathered up. No one was there to prevent us from capturing them.”In another version by Al-Bara’ bin ‘Azib – mentioned in Sahih AlBukhari – he said: “When we fought them, they fled, and their women could be seen fleeing in the mountains with their anklets and legs exposed.” The Muslims pursued the enemies putting them to the sword and collecting the spoils.

The Archers’ Fatal Mistake

While the small army of Islam was recording the second absolute and clear victory over the Makkans – which was no less in splendor and glory than the first one át Badr – the majority of the archers on the mountainside committed a fatal mistake that turned the whole situation upside down, and constituted a source of heavy losses among the Muslims. It has almost brought about the murder of the Prophet ﷺ and left a very bad impression on the fame and dignity they deservedly earned at the battle of Badr. We have already spoken about the positive orders given to the archers to hold on to their position whatever the course the battle adopts. In spite of those strict orders, and their leader’s – ‘Abdullah bin Jubair – warning, forty archers deserted their posts. enticed by the too soon roar of victory as well as worldly greed for

the spoils of war.”The others, however, nine in number and Abdullah, their leader, decided to abide by the Prophet’sﷺ order and stay where they were until they were given leave or killed to the last. Consequently the rear of the Muslim army was left inadequately defended.

Khalid bin Al-Walid cuts off the Rear

The sharp-minded Khalid bin Al-Walid seized the opportunity to turn swiftly around to the rear of the Muslim army and encompass them. Killing Ibn Jubair letter and his group, they fell promptly upon the rear of the Muslims and his horsemen uttered à shout that signaled the new military developments. The polytheists returned once again to counterattack the Muslims. An idolater woman called ‘Umrah bint ‘Alqamah Al-Harithiyah – rushed to the standard lying on the earth, picked it up and raised it. The idolaters gathered together around the standard and called out unto one another till they encircled the Muslims and stood fast to fight again. The Muslims consequently became trapped between two barriers..

Allâh’s Messenger ﷺwas then of fighters – nine in number at the rear of the army, watching the battle and braving the Muslim fighters. Khalid and his men took him by utter surprise, and obliged him to follow either of two options: 1. To flee for his life and abandon his army to its doomed end, or 2. To take action at the risk of his life, rally the ranks of the Muslims again and work their way through the hills of Uhud towards the encompassed army. The genius of Allah’s Messenger ﷺ his peerless and matchless courage made him opt for the second course. He raised his voice calling out unto his Companions: “O servants of Allah.” He did that though he knew that his loud voice would be heard by the idolaters before it was heard by the Muslims. He called out unto

them risking his life in this delicate situation. The idolaters recognized him and reached his position even before the other Muslims could do so.

The Weakened Position of the Muslims

The encompassment of the Muslims revealed three categories of people: The first group was of those who were only interested in themselves and they went so mad that they fled. They left the battlefield and did not know what happened to the others. Some of this group fled as far as Madinah. Some others went up the mountain. The second Muslim group was of those who returned to the battle, but mixed with the idolaters in such a way that they could not recognize one another. Consequently some of them were killed by mistake. It is stated in Al-Bukhari that ‘Aishah Radiallahu anhoo said: “On the Day of Uhud, the idolaters were utterly defeated. Iblis (Satan) then called out: ‘O servants of Allâh. Beware the rear (i.e., the enemy is approaching from behind).’ So those who were at the front turned back and fought the ones who were behind. Then Hudhaifah caught sight of his father Al-Yaman about to be killed by other Muslims. So he said: ‘O servants of Allâh! Beware! This is my father. This is my father.’ But they did not part with him till he was killed. Hudhaifah then said: ‘May Allâh forgive you.” ‘Urwah (who narrated it from ‘Aishah Radiallahu anhoo) said: “By Allâh, from that time on Hudhaifah has always been blessed and wealthy till he died That was because he forgave them and refused to take any

blood money for his father’s murder but recommended that it be spent in charity This Muslim group suffered from great bewilderment, and disorder prevailed among them. A lot of them got lost and did not know where to go. At this awkward time they heard someone calling: “Prophet has been killed.” This news made them even

more bewildered and nearly senseless. Their morale broke down, of almost did in a great number of individuals. Some of them stopped fighting, slackened, and cast down their weapons. Others thought of getting in finding with ‘Abdullah bin Ubai – the head of the hypocrites – and seeking his assistance to fetch them a security pledge from Abu Sufyan. Anas bin An-Nadr passed by those people who were shuddering of fear and panic, and inquired: “What are you waiting for?” They said: “Allâh’s Messenger ﷺhas been killed.” What do you live for after Muhammad ﷺ Come on and die for what Allâh’s Messenger ﷺthat has died for.” Then he said: “O Allâh, I apologize for what these people (i.e., the Muslims) have done; and I swear a disavowal of what the idolaters have perpetrated.” Then he moved on till he was encountered by Sa’d bin Mu’adh dieses who asked him: “Where to, Abu ‘Umar?” Anas ariel og replied: “Ah, how fine the scent of the Paradise is! I smell it here in Uhud.” He went on and fought against the idolaters till he was killed. Nobody but his sister could recognize his dead body. It had been cut and stabbed by over eighty swords, arrows or spears. It was by the tip of his finger that she – after the battle – recognized him.”

Thabit bin Ad-Dahdah called out to his people saying: “O kinfolk of Helpers, if Muhammad ﷺ were killed, Allâh is Everlasting and He never dies. Fight in defense of your Faith. Allâh will help youwill be victorious.”

A group of Helpers joined him and all set out and attacked a battalion of Khalid’s horsemen. He kept on fighting till he and his companions were killed. [2] An Emigrant passed by a Helper who was besmeared by blood. He said: “O fellow! Have you heard of Muhammad’s murder?” The Helper answered: “If Muhammad men were killed, then he must have completed the delivery of the Message. So fight in defense of your religion

With such boldness and encouragement, the Muslims soon recovered their spirits, came around to their senses and resisted the idea of surrender or contacting the hypocrite ‘Abdullah bin Ubai. They took up arms and resumed the fight attempting to make way to the headquarters, particularly after the news of the Prophet’s death had been falsified. The glad tidings strengthened their resolve, and helped them manage to break of the military blockade, and concentrate their forces in an immune place to resume a relentless and fierce fight against the polytheists. The third group of Muslims was of those who cared for nothing except the Prophetﷺ At the head of them were notable Companions like Abu Bakr, ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab. Hazrat Ali bin Abi Talib AlaihisSalam Radiallahu anhoo and others within who hastened to protect the Prophetﷺ through unrivalled devotion.

The Battle intensifies around Allâh’s Messenger

As those groups of Muslims were receiving the blows of the idolaters and instantly resisting, the fight flared up around Allâh s Messengerﷺ who had only nine people around him. We have already mentioned that when the idolaters started encircling them there were only nine people around Allâh’s Messengerﷺ mother and that as soon as he called out to the Muslims: “Come on! I am the Mess nger of Allâh,” the idolaters heard his voice and recognized him. So they turned back and attacked him with all their power before any of his Companions ran to his aid. A violent and intense struggle broke out between the nine Muslims and the idolaters during which peerless love, selfsacrifice, bravery and heroism were revealed. Muslim, on the authority of Anas bin Malik let narrated that Allâh’s Messengerﷺ things along with seven Helpers and two Emigrants, was confined to a trap when the idolaters attacked him. Allâh’s Messengerﷺ the then said:”He who pushes back those idolaters, will be housed in

Paradise.” or “He will be my Companion in Paradise.” One of the Helpers stepped forward and fought the idolaters in defense of the Prophetﷺ hit till he was killed. Then they attacked the Messenger thing again. The same process was repeated again and again until all the seven Helpers were killed. Then Allâh’s Messenger things said to his two Quraishite Companions:

“We have not done justice to our Companions.”[1] The last of those seven Helpers was ‘Umarah bin Yazeed bin AsSakan is, who kept on fighting till his wounds neutralized him and he fell dead.

The most awkward Hour in the Messenger’s Life

After the fall of Ibn Sakan, Allâh’s Messengerﷺ the remained alone with only those two Quraishites. According to Al-Bukhari and Muslim, Abu ‘Uthman said: “At that time, there were none with the Prophet except Talhah bin ‘Ubaidullah and Sa’d bin Abi Waqqas.’ That was the most awkward and dangerous hour for the Prophets, and a golden opportunity for the idolaters who promptly took advantage of it. They concentrated their attack on the Prophetﷺ and looked forward to killing him. ‘Utbah bin Abi Waqqas pelted him with stones. One of the stones

Struck his face. His lower right incisor tooth injured. His lower lip was wounded. He was also attacked by ‘Abdullah bin Shihab Az-Zuhri who injured his forehead. ‘Abdullah bin Qami’ah (Qami’ah means ‘a humiliated woman’), who was an obstinate strong horseman, struck him violently on his shoulder with his sword; and that blow hurt Allâh’s Messenger forﷺ over a month

though it was not strong enough to break his two pieces of armor. He dealt a heavy blow on his cheek. It was so strong that two rings of his iron-ringed helmet penetrated into his cheek.

“Take this stroke from me, I am Ibn Qami’ah.” He said while striking the Messenger ﷺ with his sword. Allâh’s Messengerﷺ replied – while he was wiping the blood flowing on his face

“I beg Allâh to humiliate you.”:” In the narration of Al-Bukhari and Muslim it is stated that when his incisor broke, and his head was injured, he started wiping the blood off of it and saying:

“How can a people who cut the face of their Prophet ﷺand broke his teeth – he who calls them to worship Alláh – how

can such people thrive or be successful?” About that incident, Allâh. Glory is to Him, sent down a Qur’anio Verse saying:

“Not for you (O Muhammadﷺ mention but for Allâh) is the decision; whether He turns in mercy to (pardons) them or punishes them: verily, they are the Zalimun (the disobe

dients, polytheists and wrongdoers).” At-Tabarani states that the Prophetﷺ said: “Allâh’s wrath is great on those who wounded the face of His Messengerﷺ,” he observed silence for a short while and then resumed saying:

v “O Allâh, forgive my people for they do not know. :13] In Sahih Muslim it is stated that Allâh’s Messenger ﷺ said:

v “My Lord, forgive my people for they have no know edge

In Ash-Shifa a book by Al-Qadi Al-‘Aiyad – it is related that the

Prophet ﷺ said

vl “O Allâh, guide my people for they have no knowledge.”:{I} It is quite certain that killing the Prophet ﷺwas their primary aim. but two Quraishites – Sa’d bin Abi Waqqas and Talhah bin ‘Ubaidullah who showed great bravery and rare courage and fought so fiercely and boldly that – though they were only two – were able to stop the idolaters short of realizing their aim. They were of the best archers and kept on fighting in defense of Allâh’s Messengerﷺ until the whole squad of idolaters was driven off him. Allâh’s Messenger ﷺ emptied his quiver of arrows and said to Sa’d bin Abi Waqqas is:

“Shoot an arrow Sa’d. May my father and mother be

ransomed for you.”:The Prophet ﷺnever said such thing about his parents except in the case of Sa’d – a privilege granted to him for his efficiency.19) In a version by Jabir ciento – authorized by An-Nasa’i – concerning the attitude of Talhah bin ‘Ubaidullah towards the idolaters gathering around Allâh’s Messengerﷺ than – when there were only some Helpers with him – Jabir said: “When the idolaters reached him, Allâh’s Messengerﷺ said: ‘Who will suffice us their evils (i.e., fight them back)?’ Talhah said: ‘I will.”” Then Jabir mentioned the advance of the Helpers to fight and how they were killed, one after the other, in a similar way to Muslim’s narration – “When all the Helpers were killed, Talhah proceeded to fight as much as the other eleven ones did till his hand was hurt and his fingers were cut off.

So, he said: “Be they cut offl’ The Prophetﷺ said: ‘If you had said In the Name of Allāh, the angels would have raised you up before the people’s very eyes.”” Then he said: “Allâh drove the idolaters off them.”

In Al-Ikleel a book by Hakim – it is stated that Talhah had sustained thirty-nine or thirty-five wounds, and his fingers (ie. the forefinger and the one next to it) were paralyzed. [2] Al-Bukhari reported that Qais bin Abi Hazim said: “I saw the hand of Talhah paralyzed. That was because he protected the Prophet ﷺwith it during the battle of Uhud.

At-Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah reported that the Prophet ﷺthen said about Talhah : “He who desires to see a martyr walking on the ground, let him look at Talhah bin ‘Ubaidullah..[4] Abu Dawud At-Tayalisi reported that ‘Aishah Radiallahu anhoo said: “Whenever Uhud Day (i.e., battle) was mentioned, Abu Bakr used to say: That was Talhah’s day (i.e., battle).:15] Abu Bakr recited a verse of poetry about him: ‘O Talhah bin ‘Ubaidullah! Paradise is for you as watersprings are due for deer to drink from.” At the awkward and most delicate circumstances, Allâh, Glory is to Him, sent down His invisible Help. In Sahih Al-Bukhari and Muslim it is reported that Sa’d said: “I saw Allâh’s Messenger ﷺon Uhud Day with two men dressed in white defending him fiercely – I have never seen similar to them neither before Uhud nor after it.”

In another version: “He means to say that they were Gabriel and Michael


सब के सब मोहम्मद (स.अ.व.) कैसे?

सब के सब मोहम्मद (स.अ.व.) कैसे?

हज़रत इमाम जाफर सादिक अ.स. से किसी ने सवाल किया..
या इमाम मैंने बहुत बार ये सुना है कि आप और आपके अजदाद सभी ये बात कहते हैं कि,
हमारा पहला भी “मोहम्मद”
हमारा वस्ती भी “मोहम्मद”
हमारा आख़री भी “मोहम्मद”
यहां तक कि आप भी फरमाते हैं कि हम सब के सब मोहम्मद है..
मौला ये बात क्योंकर मुमकिन हो सकती है?
जबकि आप की जद में किसी का नाम “अली” है, किसी का नाम “हसन”, किसी का नाम “हुसैन” है, किसी का नाम “मोहम्मद” है और ख़ुद आपका नाम भी सादिक है?
इमाम जाफर सादिक अ.स ने फरमाया जाओ कुरआन लेकर आओ..
वो शख्स कुरआन ले कर आ गया..
इमाम ने फरमाया : क़ुरआन को खोलो जहां से तुम्हारा जी चाहे,
उस शख्स ने कुरआन को खोला,
मौला ने फरमाया : बताओ ये कौन सा सुरह तुम्हारे सामने है?
उस शख्स ने जवाब दिया, मौला ये सुरह फातिहा है..
मौला ने फ़रमाया : अब फिर कुरआन बंद करो..
उस शख्स ने कुरआन बंद कर दिया.
मौला ने फरमाया फिर कुरआन को जहां से चाहो खोलो..
उस शख्स ने फिर कुरआन को खोला,
मौला ने फिर पूछा कि बताओ ये कौन सा सुरह तुम्हारे सामने है?
उस शख्स ने जवाब दिया, मौला ये सुरह इनाम है..
मौला जाफर सादिक अ.स ने फिर फरमाया : फिर कुरआन को बंद करो और फिर जहां से जी चाहे खोलो..
उस शख्स ने फिर कुरआन को बंद किया और फिर खोला,
मौला ने फिर वही सवाल किया, बताओ अब कौन सा सुरह तुम्हारे सामने खुला पड़ा है?
उसने जवाब दिया, मौला ये सुरह यूसुफ है.
इमाम जाफर सादिक ने फरमाया अब कुरआन को बंद कर दो..
उस शख्स ने कुरआन बंद कर दिया..
मौला ने फरमाया कि अब तुम्हारे सामने क्या है?
उस शख्स ने कहा मौला ये मुकम्मल कुरआन है..
मौला ने सवाल किया.. क्या ये सुरह फातिहा नहीं है? उसने कहा नहीं मौला ये कुल कुरआन है..
मौला ने फिर सवाल किया.. क्या ये सुरह इनाम नहीं है? उसने कहा नहीं मौला ये कुरआन है..
मौला ने फिर सवाल किया.. क्या ये सुरह यूसुफ नहीं है? उसने कहा नहीं मौला ये तो कुरआन है..
फिर मौला जाफर सादिक ने फरमाया..
सुनो, जिस तरह कुरआन को खोलने पर हर सूरत अलग अलग नज़र आती है और समेट दी जाए तो कुरआन कहलाता है.
उसी तरह हम सब मोहम्मद हैं जिन को अलग अलग देखा जाए तो कोई “अली” कोई “हसन” कोई “हुसैन” कोई “मोहम्मद” नज़र आता है, मगर सिमट जाएं तो सब मोहम्मद (स.अ.व.) हैं…

अहलेबैत से दुश्मनी रखने वाला शैतान की जमाअत से है

अहलेबैत से दुश्मनी रखने वाला शैतान की जमाअत से है

हज़रत अब्दुल्लाह बिन अब्बास रदिअल्लाहोअन्हो बयान करते हैं के
हुज़ूर नबी ए अकरम صَلَّى الله تَعَالىٰ عَلَيْهِ وَالِه وَسَلَّم
ने इरशाद फ़रमाया

सितारे अहले ज़मीन को ग़र्क (तबाहो बर्बाद) होने से बचाने वाले हैं
और मेरी अहलेबैत मेरी उम्मत को इख़्तिलाफ़ से बचाने वाले हैं
और जब कोई क़बीला उनकी (अहलेबैत की) मुख़ालिफ़त करता है तो उस में इख़्तिलाफ़ पड़ जाता है यहां तक के वो (इख़्तिलाफ़ करने वाले) शैतान की जमाअत में से हो जाता है

इस हदीस को इमाम हाकिम ने रिवायत किया और कहा कि ये हदीस साहिउल इसनाद है (यानि सही है)

हवाला :- 📚📚📚
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