Brain Food Jo Bada De Aapke Dimag Ki Power


Sundar->(beautiful )dikhne ke saath jaruri hai tez dimag. Aajkal ki busy life me logo ko dimag ka concentration badana bahut jaruri hai. To aaiye aaj hum batate hai Brain Food jo aapke dimag ki working capacity ko badata hai.

Dekha gaya hai ki, tez dimag usi ke pas hota hai, jo sahi aahar leta hai, saath hi apni life style ko acche se jita hai. Vese to humari life me bahut sari baate aur tensions hote hai, jo aapka dimag kharab karte hai.

Roj ke tension ke karan hum chhoti- chhoti baate bhul jate hai. Kya aapke saath bhi aisa hua hai ki aap bahut jaruri baat bhul gaye hai aur yaad aane par lagta hai ki hum itni jaruri baat kese bhule. Lekin ghabraye na, bas sahi aahar lekar aap tez dimag pa sakte hai

Apne aahar me phal, sabji, non-veg bhojan shamil kare. Sahi samay par bhojan kare saath hi santulit aahar le, jisse aapka brain sharp hoga.

Brain Food: Dimag Ko Sharp Karne Ke Tarike
Walnut (Akharota)

Agar aap roj ek mutthi akharota khaye to aapka Brain 19 % tak bad jayga. Kyuki yeh aapke dimag ki naso ko kholta hai. Aur aapke sochne ki shamta ko badata hai.

Tea (Chai)

Chai me paye jane vale polyphenols dimag ko santulit rakhne me help karte hai. Saath hi aapko shaant ho kar sochne ki shakti dete hai. Aaj kal bazar me kai tarah ki chai mojud hai jinka use karke aap apna dimag tez kar sakte hai

Blue Berry

Ye ek sundar sa phal hai , jiske andar bahut sare anti-oxidants hote hai. Yeh ek best Brain Food hota hai


Machli ko khas taur par brain food bhi kaha jata hai, kyuki iske tel me Omega 3 fatty acids paya jata hai, jo dimag ke liye bahut faydemand hota hai. Fish oil ko aap dusre kisi bhi padarth se tulna nahi kar sakte hai, kyuki isme paye jane vale poshak tatva javan banana ke saath aapka dimag bhi tez karte hai.

Spinach (paalak)

Isme bahut sare magnesium paye jate hai, jiske sevan se khun dimag se lekar pure sharir me dourta hai.

Olive Oil

Olive oil me fatty acids and polifinol hota hai, jo joudo aur dimag ki sujan ko kam karke brain ka power badata hai.

Linseed seeds (Alasi ke beej)

Isme bahut sare proteins aur fibers hote hai. Iske khane se dimag tez hota hai. Ise aap dahi me bhi dal kar iska sevan kar sakte hai

Oyster (Sipa)

Iske khane se vitamin B12 milta hai, jisse dimag hamesha chokanna rahta hai.


Dudh ke mukable chocolate dimag tak khun ke dour ko tezi se pahuchata hai.

Dahi (Curd)

Dahi me amino acid paya jata hai, jisse aapke dimag se tanav dur hota hai aur dimag ka power badta hai.

Uppar humne Brain Food ke bare me bataya hai. To aap bhi in foods ko khaye jisse aapka dimag tez hoga aur aap strong feel karege

Sleep Routine

sleepIf you’ve started waking up early and working in those early hours of the day , you’ll find that it’s pretty hard to be consistent each and every day with this routine. And when you search for the reasons for this inconsistency, you’ll realise that it’s mainly because it’s hard to regulate your sleep; one day you sleep well, so you wake up early and can work hard. Other days, you don’t sleep so well and those early hours are pretty difficult to maintain.

Sleep, as any other activity we do as humans, can be optimized by planning well in advance and following a particular routine each night. You might think: “Dude, I just crash and sleep”. Well, that’s one way of doing it, but here’s another routine. Try it out and tell me if sleep doesn’t become a rewarding, spiritual and fulfilling experience for you after this.

The following sleep routine requires you to prepare for it at least 90 minutes BEFOREyou actually sleep. And it’s basically dividing those 90 minutes into 3 parts:


  1. One third for Your Lord
  2. One third for Your Self
  3. One third for Your Sleep


1. One third for Your Lord:

This starts with you making wudhu, brushing your teeth, putting on nice clothes and perfume and praying Tahajjud and Witr for Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) (Note: If you prefer to wake up before Fajr to pray these night prayers then definitely go with that. However, if you can’t trust yourself to wake up that early, it’s better that you pray Tahajjud and Witr Salah BEFORE you sleep). This is my favourite part of the sleep routine and favourite part of the day!


It’s such a calming experience after going through a long hard day, to stand in front of your Lord, recite His verses, supplicate to Him and ask Him of whatever you desire in this world and the Next. Do this for a couple of nights and you wouldn’t want to give up doing it! In fact, throughout your day, you’ll be anticipating this moment and looking forward to it!


2. One third for Your Self:

This is where you prepare yourself for sleep by putting on your pyjamas, getting into bed and reading a good book for at least 30 minutes. If you’re like me, ideas and thoughts will keep popping into your head as you read, and you will want to save them for later. For these, I have a plain notebook and pen/pencil next to me to scribble anything (and I mean anything) that pops in my head! You’ll be surprised how many great ideas originate from these 30 minutes.


Alternatively, instead of reading, you may spend these 30 minutes brainstorming on a plain notebook any ideas,plans, and projects you have in mind. You don’t have to come up with the ‘perfect’ idea/solution, but simply brainstorm as much as you can then literally “sleep on it” (as the saying goes). In the morning, you’ll be surprised at what your sub-conscious mind brings forth for you.


3. One third for Your Sleep:

I’ve said that this is a third for your sleep, but truly this is a third for your Lord to bless your sleep, and basically this involves going through the duas and verses that one should recite before sleeping as per the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). These include reciting Surah Al-Mulk and Surah Al-Sajdah and other supplications recommended before sleeping. For me, this last part of the routine is like the cherry on top of the cake! Nothing fills you with more tranquility than to sleep having uttered the words of Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala).


So there you have it, the  routine for Sleep. You may think it’s lengthy, but there has been no day that I’ve followed it, except that I’ve slept peacefully and woken up peacefully.


Hope it works well for you and that you have a good night  sleep – Sweet dreams!

Pet Kam Karne Ke Liye 5 Tarikhon Se Kare Sahad Ka istemal


1. Brown Bread Ko Shahad Ke Saath

Agar Aap vaqhayi pet kaam karna chahte hain to apne dinnar ki adat me thoda badlav lane ki koshish kijiye. Aap chahen to apne dinner me Brown Bread aur shahad le sakte hain. Brown Bread ke ek aor shahad ki ek patli leyar lagakar kha sakte hain. yah kam calorie me zaida energy dega. Raat me vaise bhi halka dinner karna achcha rahta hai.

2. Khane me Shahad Ka Istemal

Aap khane me Tel ki jagah shahad ka istemal kar sakte hain. Halanki Aap isme kuch tal to nahi sakte lekin isme khana zarur paka sakte hain. iss tarha paka khana mazedar hone ke saath hi vazan ghatane me bhi madadgar hoga.

 3.  Dood Me Dalkar

Halke garm dood me shahad ki kuch bunden dalkar pine se badi huyi charbi jaldi kam hone lagti hai. uble huve dood me kam calorie hoti hai jiski vajah se isse wajan nahi badta hai aur isme kuch bunden shahad ki dal dene se ye aur faidemand ho jata hai.

4. Garam Pani Me Shahad Dalkar

Halke Garam pani me Shahad Ki Kuch bunden dalkar achchi tarha mila len. Agar Aap isme kuch bunden nimbu ke raas ko daal dete hain to ye aur behtar tarikhe se asar karega. subo khali pet istemal karna adhik faidemand rahega.

5. Ots Ke Saath Shahad Ka Istemal

Suboh ke Breakfast me Aap jo bhi kuch Aab tak khate aye hain use chodkar aur shahad apnayiye. Ots aur Shahad ke istemal apki suboh ko healthy shuruat dega. Saath hi pet kam karne me ye dohre roop se faida pahunchayega

Fasting & Diabetics

diabetes-injectionA diabetic patient receives the month of Ramadhaan differently from others, because his feeding and health system during this month is different from that at any other time of the year. He must adhere to certain dosages of medication at specific times and must only eat certain types of food.
With the advent of this month, the changes he faces are manifested in many ways, such as his having to refrain from eating and drinking for long hours, the number of meals he consumes being reduced, and his daily activities changing. Therefore, a diabetic person must be mindful of these changes and their impact on him.
Some advice to diabetic people: There are two types of diabetic patients:
1. Those who must take insulin injections: They are of two categories:

· Those who are allowed to fast: These are patients who only need one shot daily, half an hour before the meal. They can take this shot immediately at sunset and break their fast half an hour later. However, they are advised to consult their doctors frequently in the first few days at the beginning of the month in order for him to decide the adequate dosage of insulin that suits their case and the nature of their work. These people are also advised to check their level of blood sugar regularly to avoid any sudden drop in it.

· Those who are not allowed to fast: These are people who need to take two or more dosages of insulin daily, in addition to them suffering from other diseases, like heart disease, for example. They must consult their doctors to find out if they are able to fast or not.

2. Those who are not required to take insulin injections: These are of a less severe category than the first type of diabetic patients, and who only consume pills to stimulate the pancreas in order to provide enough insulin to suffice the body and thus enable the person to act energetically. It is beneficial for this type of people to fast, unless they are required to take such pills throughout the day. They are advised to take one pill at the time they break their fast and another when having the predawn meal (Suhoor). There are other people who only require one pill a day, which they can take when breaking their fast.
There are other types of diabetic people whom we have not addressed, like those who are less than twenty years of age, pregnant diabetic women or those who have heart problems besides being diabetic. All these people are required to consult their physicians to decide whether or not they are medically allowed to fast.
Final remarks:
Diabetic people must consult their doctors before the advent of the month to decide whether they are in a situation that permits them to fast or not.
Diabetic people must consult their doctors before the advent of the month to get the proper dosages they need during the month (if they are permitted to fast).
They should avoid exhausting themselves while fasting, especially during the last two hours of the day, as this is the time when the blood sugar level is most likely to drop.
They should get in the habit of delaying the Suhoor to as close to Fajr (dawn) as possible.
They should always remember that being diabetic is a test from Allaah and is something that He has decreed upon them. Thus they should be patient and content with what Allaah has decreed in order to attain the best reward.