Expansion of the universe is causing distant light waves to stretch.

Do you remember how a rose opens up? That is, the outer petals move outwards more than the inner petals?

Imagine that those petals have galaxies on them and that we are at the center of the rose. Now imagine this rose opening up; the farther out the petals are the faster their recession away from the center (where we are). Well this is exactly how the universe expands around us; the farther out galaxies are the faster their recession away from us.

[Quran 55.37] If the heaven ripped and it were a rose like paint…

Here God assures skeptics about Paradise: if the heaven ripped open like a rose then Paradise will as surely contain so and so… Today we know for sure that the universe is expanding around us like a rose, that is, the greater the distance the greater the expansion.

Do you remember how an ambulance siren sounds like when it approaches you? And how it sounds like when it recedes from you? The sound pitch changes, right? Similarly when a light source approaches you or recedes from you its color changes.

If it is approaching you its color shifts towards the blue, and if it is receding from you its color shifts towards the red; the faster it recedes the redder it appears. Today we know that galaxies are rushing away from us from redshifting of their light. The farther out galaxies are from us the faster their recession away from us and hence the redder they appear.

When you apply paint the colors’ intensity is not even but rather it changes with distance:

Similarly the more distant galaxies are the more reddish their colors appear to us, that is, their redness is a function of distance. This is because the farther galaxies are the faster they are receding away from us (like a rose). The Quran describes it as: “Rose like paint“, that is, it’s redness is not even but rather varies with distance just like paint.

How could an illiterate man who lived 1400 years ago have kn


Shorelines recede.

Global warming is causing the ice at the poles to melt which in turn causes the level of world oceans to rise. Consequently all shorelines are receding.

Climate change is eliminating giant chunks of ice from Greenland at such a speed that the melt has already made a significant contribution to sea level rise, according to a new study. With global warming, the island will lose much more, threatening coastal cities around the world. Forty percent to 50% of the planet’s population is in cities that are vulnerable to sea rise, and the study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is bad news for places like New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Mumbai.

Researchers reconstructed the mass balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet by comparing estimates of the amount of ice that has been discharged into the ocean with the accumulation of snowfall in the drainage basins in the country’s interior for the past 46 years. The researchers found that the rate of ice loss has increased sixf old since then — even faster than scientists thought.

CNN, Greenland is melting even faster than experts thought, 2019

All shorelines are receding however this was portrayed in the Quran long before it was discovered:

(Quran 13.41) Do they not see how We deal with the land (الْأَرْضَ), diminishing it at its edges? Allah judges; and nothing can hold back His judgment. And He is quick to settle accounts.

In Arabic Ard الْأَرْضَ means “Earth” and it also means “Land”. Shores are edges of the land. Land is diminishing at its edges because of rising sea waters.