Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem:
From Imam Ghazzali (R.A)’s Ihya Uloomiddin:
Some Learned Men Said: “Some Secrets of the Unseen World are disclosed to men who can remain without food for consecutive 40 days.
One of these sages , while passing by a Christian Monk, invited him to accept Islam and to give up self-conceit. There were much arguments between them over these matter.
The Monk said to him at last: Jesus Christ fasted forty consecutive days. This is a Miracle indeed. Had he not been a Prophet, he could not have done so. 
The sage said to him: If I can fast for consecutive fifty days, will you accept Islam?.
The Monk said: I shall accept Islam in that case.
Thereafter, the sage fasted for consecutive fifty days at a stretch. The sage said: I can fast ten days more. He then continued his fast for ten days more.

The Christian Monk was astonished at this and said: “I did not think that any men can surpass Jesus Christ in this Matter. Then he accept Islam.

(From Ihya Uloomiddin: The book of Destructive Evils , Greed for Food and Sexual passions)

Question to To Salafists:
Are there any real Salafis today?, who are up on the Path of Salaf?
Salafs (Prophet S.a.w and companions, since you do not follow the Madhab of 2nad third generation salafs) were always had maximum one meal in 24 hours. Or one Meal in 2 days, one mean in 3-7 days like that.
So which salafis way you following?
The Path of Those who eat a big animal and a bag of rice itself?

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