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The 15th of Shaban is one of the most revered nights among Muslims in which Muslims seek Allah’s forgiveness and blessings and repent over their sins. The lines below discuss the significance of Shab e Barat in the light of two major hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said with regards to Shab e Barat observance.


The hadith is narrated by Hazrat Ali (RA) in which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“When it is the fifteenth of Shaban, then stand (in worship) at night and fast during the day. Because Allah descends in this night at sunset to the first heaven and says: ‘Is there any seeker of forgiveness, that I may forgive him? Is there any seeker of sustenance, that I may sustain him? Is there anyone in affliction, that I may remove his affliction? Is there anyone like this, like that (and so on)’. This continues until Fajr.” (Ibn Majah)

“Hazrat Ali Bin Abi Talib RadiyAllahu Ta’ala Anhu Riwayat Karte Hain Ki Rasoolullah SallAllahu Ta’ala Alaihi Wa Aalehi Wa Sallam Ne Farmaya :
Jab Pandrah-15 Sha’baan Ki Raat Ho To Us Raat Ko Qiyaam Kiya Karo Aur Din Ko Roza Rakha Karo Kyun Ki Allah Ta’ala Ghurub-E-Aaftab Ke Waqt Aasmani Duniya Par Nuzool Farmata Hai Aur Farmata Hai :
Kya Koi Meri Bakhshish Ka Taalib Hai Ki Mein Us Ko Bakhs Doo’n ?
Kya Koi Rizq Maangne Waala Hai Ki Mein Use Rizq Doo’n ?
Kya Koi Bimaar Hai Ki Mein Use Shifa Doo’n ?
Ayse Hai ?
Yaha’n Tak Ki Fazar Tulooa Ho Jaati Hai.”

[Ibn Majah As-Sunan, 01/44, Raqam-1388,
Kinani Misbah-uz-Zujajah, 02/10, Raqam-491,
Mundhiri At-Targhib Wat-Tarhib, 02/74, Raqam-1550,
Al-Minhaj-us-Sawi, Safah-230, Raqam-166.]


In another hadith, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“In the fifteenth night of Shaban, Allah manifests and forgives all His creation except for the Mushrik (idolater) and the spiteful.” (Ibn Majah)

Shab e Baraat
(Shab Qadr)
Hadees No:-1
Jab 15 Shaban Aaye to Usme Ibadat Karo & Din Me Roza Rakho.
1.(Ibne Maaja:Jild-1,Safa-444,Hadees No-1388)
3(Attargib Wattarhib-Jild-2,Safa-52)…..
Hadees No:-2
Allah Shaban Ki 15wi Shab Me Tajalli Farmata Hai,Istaghfaar (Tauba) Karne Wale Ko Baksh Deta Hai.
1.(Shoib-ul-Iman:Hadees No-3835)….
Hadees No:-3
Hazrat Ayesha [R.Z] Ka Bayan Hai:-Huzur Shaban Ki 15vi Raat (Shab e Baraat) Me Aachi Raat Ko Qabrastan Tashreef Le Jate…
(Behqi Shareef)….
Hadees No:-4
Allah Tala Shaban Ki 15vi Raat Ko Apni Khas Rehmato Ka Nuzool Farmata Hai.
(Tafseer-e-Ruhul Bayan:Jild-13,Safa-295)


Moreover, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also went out to pray for the deceased in the graveyard on this night as well, therefore, in addition to praying for his forgiveness, a Muslim must also visit the graveyard and ask Allah for the forgiveness of the ones who are no more a part of the life of a Muslim. Hence, Shab e Barat needs to be utilized for the purpose of seeking forgiveness for one’s self and all those who matter at present or the ones who have passed away to the hereafter.

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Bottom Line:

In a nutshell, the 15th night of Shaban is one of the blessed and bountiful nights of the Islamic year. A Muslim must make full use of this night and the day that precedes it. He or she must stand during the night praying and ask forgiveness and mercy from Allah Almighty, while during the day, Muslims should try keeping a fast to gain maximum benefits and rewards from the blessed night.


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