Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem
When Satan choose you, that time you do things that please Satan and displease Allah and make your ego to feel you are an independent lord. You will feel your life is based on your knowledge hard work and luck and self esteemed!

When Allah Subhana wa Ta’la Choose you,that time you will do things that please Allah and displease Satan and make your ego feel you are a highly depended slave of Allah, depending highly on Allah’s Mercy and Forgiveness!

So this turning begin according to your priority and sincerity. Sincerity come from priority. Everything is centered in the heart ..

Anti-Christ ( false Messiah is highest in the first category)
He shall speak words against Most high and think to change law and time and proclaim himself to be god.(says Bible-Daniel 7:25 and in 2 Thessalonians)
Most of us therefore have an element of anti-Christ(Dajjal) in us.
Most of us speak words against Allah Aliyyul Kabir. We adopt the laws and tradition of people and abandon Shariah and Sunnah and most of us become gods deceived by our ego and walk and live like demi gods forgetting Allah and His Laws and Supreme authority. The God of Abraham Moses Jesus and our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be up on them).
So today when everyone speak about Dajjal everyone worry about Dajjal, i feel like small Dajjals worrying about big dajjal. Like cobras worry about king cobra!
Because people are worrying about Dajjal not because Dajjal will take over their faith,but they worry dajjal will take over their life wealth and shelter, they worry dajjal will destroy their worldly comfort and possessions.
The sign is they are waiting for Mahdi and Christ to receive gold to receive heavenly life on earth.
So ask yourself, are you fighting dajjal that is inside you?
If not,then you are wasting your time and life. Isa a.s coming and fighting big dajjal, Nabi Isa is obligated to do that. Why you are not obligated? Because you think you are a holy god so you are not fighting against the great evil inside of you. You like some fairy tales about end of times. Your End of time is your death and it can happen in any moment of your life.
You are making five times wudu in your body..but are you making ablution for your heart?
You need good soap (means) made by best manufacturer (Tariqha);to rub dirt on your heart.
You are prostrating five times but is your heart prostrating? Your heart is in the world and this world is only an atom in this vast univerese.
So the idol worship is still there, you are standing infront of the King but talking to those around you that is the state of our salah.
Salah has become a parrot talk…

So now if you want to see anti-Christ go to the mirror and think about what I said here at that time you will start seeing anti-Christ in your mirror.

Enemy within

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