Merchant Marine

Some years ago, the story came to us in Toronto about a
man who was in the merchant marine and made his
living on the sea. A Muslim gave him a translation of the
Quran to read. The merchant marine knew nothing about
the history of Islam but was interested in reading the
Quran. When he finished reading it, he brought it back to
the Muslim and asked, “This Muhammad S.A.W, was he a
sailor?” He was impressed at how accurately the Quran
describes a storm on a sea. When he was told, “No as a
matter of fact, Muhammad S.A.W lived in the desert,” that was
enough for him. He embraced Islam on the spot.
He was so impressed with the Quran’s description because
he had been in a storm on the sea, and he knew that
whoever had written that description had also been in a
storm on the sea. The description of
“…a wave, over it a wave, over it clouds” (Surah Nur,
…was not what someone imagining a storm on a sea to be
like would have written; rather, it was written by someone
who knew what a storm on the sea was like. This is one
example of how the Quran is not tied to certain place and
time. Certainly, the scientific ideas expressed in it also do
not seem to originate from the desert fourteen centuries

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