What is Zaqqum?? and Kya Zaqqum stawberry hai??

Zaqqum trees are exist in Thaif

Thaif town located 80 km from Makkah. The city is surrounded by cold mountains. Now in this area also thrives Zaqqum tree, a tree full of thorns sharp and big.

In the Qur’an sura Al-Waqi’ah verse 52, the fruit of this tree will be groceries dwellers of Hell. If at meal will taste like melted brass, even worse

The fruit will be burning organ in the body and their face too.

Zaqqum term is used in the Qur’an Surah As-Shaffaat verses 62, 63, 66 & 67, 68. Surah Al-Isra’ verse 60, Surah Ad-Dukhan verse 43, and Surah Al-Waqi’ah verse 52.

Maa Shaa Allah.

No photo description available.
No photo description available.

Allāh  said:

Then indeed you, O those astray [who are] deniers, Will be eating from trees of zaqqum – Surah al-Waqi’a1

And He  said:

Is Paradise a better accommodation or the tree of zaqqum? – Surah as-Saaffat2

And He  said:

For them there will be no food except from a poisonous, thorny plant – Surah al-Ghaashiya3

We get details of this cursed 45 tree from Qur’ān and hadīths. Let’s ponder over them

Allāh  said:

Indeed, We have made it a torment for the wrongdoers – Surah as-Saaffat6

Indeed, the tree of zaqqum. Is food for the sinful. – Surah ad-Dhukhan7

First thing we understand that this tree is not very nice looking. It’s sole purpose is torment for the zaalimun, the wrongdoers. Allāh  created it as a punishment for people of hell.

Allāh  said:

Verily, it is a tree that springs out of the bottom of Hell-fire – Surah as-Saaffat8

It’s roots are in the bottom of Hell-fire. This is also to answer those who say “fire burns tree” – Allāh  has told us that it’s roots are in the Hell-fire. And Allāh  is able to do everything. He created both tree and fire. Did He  not save Ibraahim  when he was thrown into fire? 9

Allāh  said:

The shoots of its fruit-stalks are like the heads of Shayatin (devils) – Surah as-Saaffat10

Is food for the sinful. Like murky oil, it boils within bellies. Like the boiling of scalding water. – Surah ad-Dhukhan11

Whether someone believes in unseen or not, everyone knows/believes that devil is ugly. How about people who will eat a thorny fruit that resembles heads of shaytaan? And we are certain that people will surely eat even though they will hate it as Allāh  has told us:

Truly, they will eat thereof and fill their bellies therewith. – Surah as-Saaffat12

And filling with it your bellies – Surah al-Waqi’a13

In the first ayah (Surah as-Saaffat) the word used is


where this Laam is Laam Taakeed which means there is an emphasis on the context. Which resulted translator to use “truly” in the translation. This can also be translated as “surely” or “indeed” they will eat.

And when they eat from it, they will not be nourished.

Which neither nourishes nor avails against hunger. – Surah al-Ghaashiya14

We have description of this tree from sayings of our beloved Prophet 

If only a drop of Az-Zaqqum were to drip into the abode of the world, it would spoil the peoples’ livelihood, so how about the person for whom it is his food? – at-Tirmidhi15 & Ibn Majah16

All of this and everything from knowledge of unseen is not so we read and enjoy, it’s for us to take heed. If we do not take heed and do not start our preparation for the hereafter then know that we are doomed (unless Great Mercy of Allāh overtakes us).

Even if you’re a Muslim, do not feel secure. How can you be so sure that you will die as a Muslim? We should always be seeking refuge with Allāh from dying as non-Muslim and from Hell-fire and should keep asking Allāh  to have Mercy on us. It’s not our deeds that will take us to jannah, it’s Mercy of Allāh  as Prophet  said:

The good deeds of any person will not make him enter Paradise.” (i.e., None can enter Paradise through his good deeds.) They (the Prophet’s companions) said, ‘Not even you, O Allāh’s Apostle?’ He said, “Not even myself, unless Allāh bestows His favor and mercy on me.” So be moderate in your religious deeds and do the deeds that are within your ability: and none of you should wish for death, for if he is a good doer, he may increase his good deeds, and if he is an evil doer, he may repent to Allāh.” – al-Bukhari17

May Allāh  protect us. Āmeen


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No photo description available.

QUESTION: What exactly is the Tree of Zaqqum?

ANSWER:The Tree of Zaqqum is some of the food that the people of Hell will eat from. The Tree of Zaqqum is so awful, if a drop of Zaqqum was to be placed on this Earth, everything on Earth will be ruined. Can you imagine then how horrible it is to have it as food?

When consumed it will be like molten brass but worse. It will scald and burn their faces and their insides. The people of Hell will be so hungry that they will rush down to the pits of the fire to eat anything that they can find. Here, they will be forced to eat from the Tree of Zaqqum. Even before touch, their own lips will burn and expose their teeth. Not only that, but they will swallow thorn like pieces that will rip away their flesh and insides as it is swallowed. Before it even settles in their stomach it will burn away through their flesh and empty out.

We can recite in Qur’an:

“Without doubt, the Tree of Zaqqum, will be the food of the Sinful. Like molten brass it will boil in their insides, like the boiling of scalding water.”



“No food will there be for them but a bitter Dhare’ (a plant that is bitter, thorny and loathsome in smell and appearance with absolutely no nourishment whatsoever), which will neither nourish nor satisfy hunger.”


Such food will also cause the person to choke.

A very clear description can be found in Surah As-Saffat:

“Is that better entertainment or the Tree of Zaqqum? For We have truly made it as a trial and punishment for the wrong-doers. For it is a tree that springs out of the bottom of Hell-fire. The shoots of its fruit-stalks are like the heads of Shaytans.”


For the disbelievers and those Muslims who die without Eman, they will never ever taste or even smell the scent of food or drink.

Even some Muslims who will eventually come out of Hell, they will have to endure thousands and thousands of years of unbelievable torture along with further punishment from such “food” of the people of Hell, and each day in Hell is equal to a thousand years on Earth! So can you imagine the length of time having to spend in Hell!

Such descriptions and warnings Allah has given us should be a motivator to help us not disobey Allah, and to follow the commands of Allah. Without fearing Allah now we will surely fear Him on the Day of Judgment.

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