Hazrat Ubaydah ibn al-Harith (Arabic: عبيدة بن الحارث‎) (c.562-624) was a cousin and a companion of Rasool Allah s.a.w.

Hazrat  Ubaydah was the son of Al-Harith ibn Muttalib ibn Abdmanaf ibn Qusayy,[hence a second cousin of Abd Allah ibn Abd al Muttalib and of Abu Talib ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib. His mother, Sukhayla bint Khuza’i, was from the Thaqif tribe. He had two full brothers, Al-Tufayl and Al-Husayn, who were more than twenty years younger than himself. Ubaydah’s appearance is described as “medium, swarthy, with a handsome face.”

Hazrat Ubaydah is known for shooting the first arrow of Islam and for being the first Muslim to die on the battlefield in defense of Islam.

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Hazrat  Ubaydah became a Muslim before RasoolAllah entered the house of Al-Arqam in 614. His name is twelfth on Ibn Ishaq’s list of people who accepted Islam at the invitation of Hazrat  Abu Bakr.

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In 622 Hazrat Ubaydah and his brothers, together with their young cousin Mistah ibn Uthatha, joined the general emigration to Medina. They boarded with Abdullah ibn Salama in Quba until Prophet allotted them some land in Medina. Rasool Allah gave Hazrat Ubaydah two brothers in Islam: Hazrat Abu Bakr’s freedman Bilal ibn Rabah and an ansar named Umayr ibn Al-Humam.

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Military expeditions

Some say that Hazrat Ubaydah was the first to whom Rasool gave a banner on a military expedition; others say Hazrat Hamza was the first.[9] In April 623 Rasool  sent Ubaydah with a party of sixty armed Muhajirun to the valley of Rabigh. They expected to intercept a Quraysh caravan that was returning from Syria under the protection of Abu Sufyan ibn Harb and 200 armed riders. The Muslim party travelled as far as the wells at Thanyat al-Murra, where Hazrat  Sa`d ibn Abi Waqqas shot an arrow at the Quraysh. This is known as the first arrow of Islam.Despite this surprise attack, “they did not unsheathe a sword or approach one another,” and the Muslims returned empty-handed.

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He was martyr in the Battle of Badr in 624 when Utbah ibn Rabi’ah cut off his leg. It is alleged that he composed poetry while he was dying:

You may cut off my leg, yet I am a Muslim.
I hope in exchange for a life near to Allah,
with Houris fashioned like the most beautiful statues,
with the highest heaven for those who mount there…
He was buried at Al-Safra.

He was the first Muslim to be martyr in battle. Muslims regard him as a shahid, a word that cannot easily be translated into English but refers to a Muslim who dies in the course of his Islamic duties.

Following his death, his widow Zaynab became Rasool Allah s.a.w fifth wife.

He had a wife, Zaynab bint Khuzaimah. By her, he was the father of nine children: Muawiya, Awn, Munqidh, Al-Harith, Ibrahim, Rabta, Khadija, Suhaykhla, Amina and Safiya.

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