Dargah Shareef of SYEDUL ABDAL HAZRATH SYED SHAH ABDUL LATEEF LAUBALI QUADRI AL HAMAVI (R.A.) in Kurnool. (State: Andhra pradesh). Hazarath  Laubali (Rh) is the direct descendent of Ghouse Pak of Baghdad.

It is also called as “Second Baghdad”
AN  EULOGY TO HAZRATH  LAUBALI (رحمة الله آلائه.   Anecdotes, conditions and eulogies of the gentle and glorious Hazarath Lateef Laubali.  The rescuer and helper in this world and also in the other world  i.e.,  the eternal world. His excellency Syedana Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani  (may Allah’s blessings  be  upon him)  was the 15th exalted ancestor of Hazarath Lateef Laubali  (may his soul rest in peace).  Hazarath Laubali  took his auspicious birth  in the 15th descent from Ghousul Azam.  His ancestral lineage or genealogy is  furnished below:



 (2)  SYED SHAH TAHER -AL- HAMVI, son of 
 (3)  SYED ZAHID-AL-HAMVI, son of  
 (4)  SYED HASHIM-AL-HAMVI, son of
From Hazarath Syed-al-Hamavi, Hazarath Lateef Laubali  had drawn immense spiritual grace and benefit which he faithfully transferred to his disciples and they drew benefits according to their desires.

JOURNEY AND TRAVELS:            Hazarath  Syed Saifuddin Yahya  the illustrious ancestor of Hazrath Laubali was the first saintly person of the Razakia line to have migrated from Baghdad  to Hama (Syria)   and  settled down there permanently.  His descendants  later  adopted it as an abode  of their permanent settlement.  Hazrath Lateef Laubali  was also  born  in  Hama. Hazrath Saifuddin was his tenth ancestor.  At Hama Hazrath  Syed  Lateef Laubali was betrothed to his uncle’s daughter,  his cousin.  But before the marriage could materialise  he had to,  under  pre ordained dispensation,  leave his home town.

 From the country of Baghdad and of Syria  seven celebrated saintly personages had made their augmented appearance  in the Deccan (Shidya),  they belonged to the exalted Qadria families.   Abdul  Lateef Laubali  was one of those seven migrating saints.  Hazarath came to the country of Deccan along with his lone companion Hazarath Miran Hussain -al- Hamavi.  For a short time the two holy friends resided at one place and in the same  mosque with their beds  adjacent to each other.  Afterwards   Syed -ul- Abdal (Laubali)  selected  Kurnool as his permanent dwelling place.  Hazarath Syed Miran Hussain -al-  Hamavi turned towards  Hyderabed  to take up residence there.  At the time of separation both strongly felt that their reunion in the physical world was not destined. But they believed that Allah had willed  matrimonial  alliance between their children which would make the revival and continuity of their kinship. Exactly it happened like wise.  Hazarath Shaikh Mohiuddin Thani son of Hazarath Lateef -ul- Laubali  migrated from Kurnool to Hyderabad  and  married the daughter of Hazarath Abdul Qadir  Qadri  Malkapuri  son of Syed Miran Hussain -al-  Hamavi. The author of Lateef   -E-  Qadria  records that when Hazarath Lateef Laubali in obedience to the divine command set out abroad, ” SIRU. FIL.ADH ”  i.e., journey into the World  he was in prime of age.  He was  accompanied   by  50  mendicants. Before  making entry into Kurnool  he camped at  the mosque in Alampur which subsequently acquired his name.

          At that time  Kurnool  was  commonly called Qamar Nagar . It  was being ruled by Raja Gopal.  Those were the times  when morality was at its lowest ebb. There was no opportunity for disseminating the message of Islam. Accidentally one historic event synchronized with the grand eloquent entry of Hazarath Lateef  Laubali  in Alampur.  Bitten by snake the beloved daughter of Raja Gopal died.  Her mortal remains  were being  carried for cremation  with band and music. Hazarath Laubali asked  “what ceremonial of greetings it is”?  his disciples replied, “gracious shaikh it is the ceremonial of mourning and not of greetings “. The corpse is of Raja’s  daughter . She has  become victim to a snake’s bite”.  This remark  moved graciousness and generosity in Syed-ul-Abdal Hazarath Laubali . Immediately he commended his disciples to ascertain from the raja whether he would embrace Islam  if Allah manifested through him. The truth of the Quranic verse “Allah extracts life from death and death from life”. The raja promised to join the fold of Islam along with all his dependents if such a miracle brought back his dead daughter to life.   Reciting verses Hazarath Laubali caused all the snakes to assemble . The snake that had bitten the girl also appeared and suck back the poison. This is the symbolic of the inner divine spiritual grace that had descended from a high.  Further with divine permission Hazarath Laubali forced the king of the snakes to give a pledge that no snake shall ever venture to bite his progeny both physical and spiritual.

 Hazarath  Laubali was mystically minded.  He felt in himself a strong propensity to follow the precepts of the Prophet.  He used to keep himself away from music. He was against hearing of praises of Allah and the Prophet with the accompaniment of instrumental music.  Sometimes at dead of night he used to visit the outskirts of Kurnool in the forest and engage himself in prayer and meditation the only companion on such occasions happened to be the knower of the secrets, Hazarath Shaikh Ali. Truly did Shaik Ali observed, “if I had not recieved the company of Hazarath  Lateef -e-Laubali and had not served him with devotion i fear this old man (referring to himself) with white hair would have not become a true Muslim and would have been damned to eternal perdition”.
           Once a son of a venerable person apparently lost in meditation visited the Dargah on the Urs-day.  He lavishly spent money in preparing a sumptuous dinner and for singing the praises of the  Saint with musical accompaniment.  Shaikh Meeran,  the servant in the Dargah  fore warned  him of incurring the displeasure of Allah and the Saint inviting definitely a punishment. The visitor neglected his warning.  When the musical concert came into action the visitor immediately got an attack of stomach pain. It did not subside though treated by experts. At last the servant Shaikh Meeran  removed the visitor to the door of the Saint’s tomb. Through intercession of the servant,  Shaikh Meeran, the lock of the door of the Dargah was washed with water  and that water was administered   to the visitor  and  the  singer who had also suffered from the same affliction at once got relief from pain by Allah’s grace that descended through the saint.

Hazarath  Lateef  Laubali  believed in the doctrine  of  Wahdat-ul- wajud  i.e., unity of being.  It is also called unityism – that the existent is one.  It was his want to acquire shuhud  i.e., direct apprehension of the being and attributes of Allah through kashf i.e., inner sight or light.  When a mystic makes a journey in Allah  he conceptually becomes one with Him. This stage is also  called muqham-e-fana-ahdiyyat. At this stage  a mystic becomes forgetful of himself and  attributes.  The mystic influences everything and is influenced by everything being placed in wahdat.
           Once a woodcutter who lived in his neighborhood was taking his bull laden with fuel.  He whipped the bull  severely.  At once it was witnessed by Hazarath  Laubali’s  face turned pale yellow. On enquiry he removed the shirt from his body and his disciples could clearly identify the marks of whipping which the bull had received . All who saw  it felt ashamed. Unityism,  indeed obliterates all relationships.  The woodcutter  was favorably  influenced into accepting Islam even today meticulous care is observed in ensuring that no animatic creature near his tomb and above  is either killed or tortured.  Inadvertently if anybody  kills any creature with an instrument or whip,  he is instantly punished.

His temperament  was a blending of both glory and grace with glory tending to predominate.  None  has ventured till today to enter his tomb when one is unclean. Hakim Abdul Barkat Khan narrates an incident which occurred to him personally. Once in the evening he leisurely went inside the roza with the intention to pick the infants of a pigeon. to his utter surprise he found  inside the tomb a fearful  tiger  sitting on the place of Hazarath Laubali’s  grave.  He was so fear stricken   that he felt as if his soul was leaving his body.  He perspired profusely and slowly retraced his steps. 
          During the life time of Hazarath Laubali  it was a regular practice to open the door of his private cell  about the time of ishraq (ishraq is a prayer offered half an hour after sunrise).  Before his cell his  servant used to keep eleven pots  of water.  After opening the door of his cell Hazarath Laubali used to cast his wrathful and awe inspiring looks on each pot and every pot used to break as one breaks when struck with a bullet.  When  the people used to witness grace in his looks they could venture to pay respect and obeisance to him.  Once the servant kept only ten pots of water and in the place of the  11th  he  himself stood.  As the embodyment of wrathful glory, Hazarath Laubali  cast his 11th look on the person of the servant,  he swooned and then breathed his last.  His head cracked like a pomegranate .
            Syed Mohammad Bokhari alias Miskeen Shah belonged to malamatia i.e. censured group of mystics.  He used to take liberties only to earn apparent reproach and  censure but the inner effect was the opposite. they are people of heart imbibed with love.  Absolute love knows only reverence and veneration. But before Hazarath Laubali he could not behave improperly though his impoliteness was taken by others  as  politeness.  He used to describe him thus Hazarath is a sword of wrathful glory unsheathed.

 Once a hindu ascetic visited Hazarath Laubali and presented him a bow.  In order not to displease him,  Hazarath accepted it and asked the ascetic to describe its uses he said if one throws an arrow through the bow and immediately reaches the place where the arrow has fallen and digs the soil he would unfailingly get a  cash of 2000  rupees.  Hazarath  Laubali expressed his satisfaction and took a promise from that he had presented the bow sincerely and in future  at no time he would demand its return, since he had presented the bow to him sincerely. Then Hazarath Laubali took the bow and with spiritual force pulled it to such an extent that it broke in the middle. The ascetic was  ill at ease. He grumbled that Hazarath did not know its real worth and displayed utter lack of appreciation.  So like a child asked him to return his bow . Hazarath said that he had presented the bow and it became his  property and he could dispense with it as he pleased. But the ascetic raised a storm and continuously demanded the bow. The embodiment of glory Hazarath Laubali gave to the ascetic a small paper with the following letters  written on it : “from Abdul lateef”. Then Hazarath commanded the ascetic, “carry it any where . where ever you find a round boulder show my writing to it”. He carried the paper,  on finding the first boulder he showed the writing and the boulder split,  and inside the boulder  split a big door. From the door stirred out two persons resembling the Arabs. They hold the hand of the ascetic and took him inside.  He was escorted to a room where there  were many kinds of bows.  The last bow was capable of giving  one lakh rupees.  They asked the ascetic to select one . The ascetic  was  wonder  struck.   After observing the miracle of Hazarath Laubali the ascetic accepted Islam.  breaking the bow of the ascetic was  symbolic.  Hazarath Laubali did not brake the bow actually, but he broke the ascetic’s polytheistic learning .  Disbelief is  incapable of being eradicated unless  it is  influenced  by a hadi ( guide).

 Hazrath Laubali  had a ring which was called  “seal of Solomon“.  He used to wear it always on his hand.  Forty guardian spirits were subordinate to it.  One day forty travelers entered  his drawing room.  They were all mystics.  Hazrath Laubali had nothing with him for entertaining them.  A  thought occurred to his mind that since so long the ring was on his finger and that day he should call the guardian spirits (muvakkal) and press them into service.  As he called them they at once appeared for  carrying out his behest.  Hazarath  commanded them to get some  permissable eatables  for the guests.  the muvakkal felt exalted to receive the command and within a short time brought bags  which contained salty triangular  pie  encased with deer’s meat.  Since Hazarath had demanded permissible dishes the spirits in the human form had to go  on  a  begging  to a certain Kings  Palace.  This King’s   habit was to keep forty trays pie made of deer’s  meat. When they approached the king,  he generously gave to each of them  a tray. Hazarath Laubali complemented for their service.  His forty guests were entertained with these pies. No sooner did the guests leave, then Hazarath  Laubali took his ring from his finger and threw it into a well. Hazarath stated that such things  make people forgetful of Allah and they are driven away in dependence on things other than he.  A  Muslim should depend on Allah alone and he is sufficient unto him.              During the month of Ramadan,  Hazarath Laubali one day sent his servant  with a rupee to get sweets from Qamarnagar (Kurnool)  and he  intended to break his fast over it.  The servant left  Alampur for Kurnool.  It was a distance of 6 miles.  After purchasing the sweets at Kurnool  he slept being overpowered by fatigue.  When he awoke the time for breakfast was near and physically it was impossible to reach Kurnool within that time.  At  that time Shaikh Ali was at Kurnool.  He approached him and appraised  him of his sad predicament. Hazarath Shaikh Ali,  deputy of Hazarath  Laubali consoled him “god willing at the right time with the help of the omni potent Allah you would reach the master”.  Shaikh Ali took him to the outskirts near the bank of the river.  He asked him to close his eyes when he closed his eyes, the shaikh dipped him in the water and commanded him to open his eyes. The flabbergasted  servant found himself  standing at the door of Hazarath Laubali.  Hazarath  Laubali deemed this miracle of Shaikh Ali as  a commercial venture devoid of sincerity.  Sages and Saints   want to conceal rather than reveal their miracle  performing  power.   As a result Shaikh Ali was divested of his powers.  When Shaikh Ali came to know that by performing  a  miracle he had incurred the displeasure of Hazarath Laubali,   he ran in darkness of the night to the residence of his Sheikh. Till sunrise,  the  repentant  Shaikh  Ali kept begging the gracious Laubali for forgiveness.    In the morning especially through the intercession of Hazarath Syed Shah Mohiuddin Thani and his reverend,  kind Mother  Hazaratha  Saheb Bibi  Saheba  (may Allah increase his grace on them)  the grace of the gracious Laubali  accorded him forgiveness.              Hazarath  Shah Assadullah  Saheb,  a descendent of Hazarath Shah Chandan Hussaini was connected to  Chistiya  order.  He was a learned servant.  He once narrated his experience to the uncle of the author.  One night at about one ‘o’ clock  his disciple brought a gift of flowers.  Shah Assadullah  Saheb got the idea of presenting the flowers on the tomb of Hazarath Laubali.  When he came to the tomb he found  the door locked.  He searched for the mujavir  in vain.  He came to the tomb and his heart told him that if Shaikh Laubali was pleased with his humble gift of flowers,  the lock would certainly open of his own accord.  As he put his glance over the lock,  it was pleasant surprise to note that the lock had opened.  Most respectfully he submitted his offering over the sacred grave.   Inside the tomb vacant space is so insufficient   that the supplicants cant get an easy entry.   Hence the notice is put up on the wall outside that general entry into tomb is  strictly prohibited.  This restriction does not  speak of partiality or  especial favour to anybody because the Holy Saint’s  accessibility  is not barred as he is claimed by one and all.  People of the Saint’s  household  are indeed the worthy servants  intended  to  perform  the  indoor  service  and so they are accorded permission to enter the tomb.
            In the age coming later there appeared a mystic who was   over powered at times by vision of Allah and at times gained sobriety.  He was Miskeen Shah. There was another  mystic in whom  sobriety was predominant.  His name was Masoom Shah.  Both of them were contemporaries . Once they met and engaged in a crucial conversation.  Miskeen Shah observed that his last resting place was within the city and that of Masoom was out side it.  Masoom Shah replied that the real ruler of the city was Hazarath Syed Shah Laubali  and very graciously Hazarath  Laubali  had assigned to him a place within the city. God willing that would come to past  but  “Miskeen Shah your place is beyond the limits of the city“.  Present position and situation of their grace simply justifies the truth of Shaikh Laubali’s  dispensation.
           Since Saint’s  reside  at the highest stage of unity  their tombs   mirror the events that are to occur in the future.  People with inner  illumination could read and  interpret  them and  set right conditions to evade   a   catastrophe. From the treasury,   a  servant of the tomb drew,  money improperly and repaired one   minaret of the tomb. After a few days lightning fell on the minaret and it collapsed. The lightning  split  the wall inside, circumambulated  the Grave  a  few  times and piercing through the door escaped outside.  But the covering cloth of the Grave was  not damaged. These events  according  to  Abid Khan of  Afghanistan  revealed  in  advance the approaching  famine  in which many people expired. Disorder and bloodshed spread at many places.

 A very long time passed since Hazarath Laubali settled down in Kurnool permanently but he could not yet decide to marry.  His disciples pressed  Hazarath Laubali to marry because from him they got guidance  but if Shaikh’s  progeny was not left behind,  who would give guidance to their children in future. Without a behest from Allah Hazarath Laubali never did any important work. Twenty long years in Kurnool he remained a bachelor.  One fine morning Hazrath Laubali  revealed to the joy and rejoicing of his disciples and admirers that the divine permission was reflected on his heart and if possible he was permitted to marry  two girls  at one time.   One was the daughter of Hazarath Shah Hamza Hussaini who was an eminent divine of his age.  The second bride was the daughter of a well-to- do person.  Hazarath Laubali  permitted Shaikh Ali  Sufi,  his deputy to perform  all the ceremonies of marriage recognised among  the Muslims  but to ban those which were clearly  prohibited in Islam.  Thus he permitted the use of fresh flower garland,  mahir, valima etc. Hazarath  Laubali  brought both the brides  the same night. There was perfect agreement and love between them.

There was a covenant between Allah and Hazarath Laubali.  According to it Allah under took to preserve that child who would be after Hazarath Laubali himself and others would be withdrawn. Hence it was the practice of Hazarath Laubali that as soon as a child was delivered, he used to visit the child to blow azan (call to prayer) in one year and in the other ear   iqamat.  If through inner illumination he was sure infant would not be after him, he did not used to say iqamat in the other ear but pronounced  “ this child is dead ”. The infant accordingly used to die.  Through the daughter of Hazarath Shah Hamza Hussaini he was blessed with Hazarath Shah Abdullah Abdal Saheb and Hazrath Shah  Isa  Saheb. Through the daughter of the rich noble he was blessed with Hazarath Shah Mohiuddin  Thani Saheb. Hazarath Shah Musa Saheb and Hazarath Shah Tahr Thani Saheb (may allah’s blessings be on all of them). Hazarath Shah  Isa  became a Martyr at the age of 18.  All of the children received  esoteric knowledge from their worthy father.

It is narrated that once Syed ul Abdal was seated overlooking beautiful landscape and cold winds were blowing, his sons  Syed Shah Abdullah and Syed Shah Musa were seated to his right and left. They were very young.  In the mean while  came one devoted disciple and offered two sovereigns and  2  Rupees  as gifts. His sons being youthful and innocent carried away one sovereign and 1 rupee each. Hazarath  Laubali observed every thing but uttered not a word  to reprimand. Immediately he betook himself to the river Hundri and for complete 9 days kept himself burried upto chest in the sands. In this position by that of continued effort and struggle, he succeeded in attracting the grace of Allah . He complained to Allah that he was extremely pained to identify greed in the hearts of his sons in  such a tender age. If it grew with age it might assume dangerous and fatal dimensions. The condition in which Hazarath Lateef Laubali had landed himself was  that of a seeker. He was engrossed in Allah.  Saints absorbed in Allah are in the presence of Allah and in continous prayer though they are not visibly found performing the prayer,  prescribed by the Islamic code.  It is a mistake to find fault with a majzub for this omisson. At last Hazarath Laubali got inspiration which assured him that all his sons  with the approach of right time would shine like the sun in the spiritual firmament and they would be regarded peerless. It constitutes the glad tidings or the good news which Hazarath Laubali received from Allah through spiritual  illumination of his progeny.

Before his demise Hazarath  Laubali (may Allah’s blessings be on him) clearly divided the  inheritance between his sons judiciously.
1.    Syed Shah Abdullah Saheb,  the eldest son received his Crown and a tray,  reportedly a presentation to Hazarath Laubali through khizr  (may peace be on him) . The tray had a peculiar quality. When he had to distribute anything from the tray, he would convert it with his mantle. Then the tray used to release  any number of shares from within and after distribution it used to remain full.
2.    The second son Syed Shah Musa Quadri received the sacred necklaces  which he used to keep tied to his wrist. He also got his shirt and inner cloak. 
3.   Shah Mohiuddin Thane was given outer cloak and inner  shirt.          4.    Syed Shah Tahr Thane got special chanting of incantation like, hizbul-bahr,  hirz-e-yemani and saifi prayer etc which are regularly recited daily in his family even till today.
5.      Shah  Isa  Saheb was presented with his Sword . When he attained Martyrdom the same sword was in his hand.

 The testimonial or certificate of deputyship, which was conferred on Hazarath Shaikh Ali Sufi was committed to writing by Hazarath Lateef Laubali with his own hand. “absolute praise is for Allah,  who sent the Holy Prophet who could guide man to faith both in this world and in the hereafter,  the Prophet was made the means for the needy to attain certitude.  He was given such miracles  which were denied to the previous Prophets. .He sent for the help of the Prophet a detachment of Angels to fight against the polytheists.  Allah equipped Mohammed (Sollallahu alaihi wasallum) with these qualities with which other prophets were equipped.  He made the Prophet’s  Successors  firmly attached to the radiant Islamic Law and to his lovers he blessed with absolute certainty  and realization,  he filled their hearts with intense love of the cause of the creation i.e.,  Mohammed (mpbuh)”.  He illuminated their hearts with his remembrance  as he says, “Allah guides whom so ever he pleases with his light“. They were blessed with the capacity and tongue to guide their  disciples and mystics.  They are firmly seated in the chair of Khilafat. the institution of deputyship would continue till the approach of the doomsday. He also provided the proceedure of donning the garment of saintliness.  He assigned to these the sacred task of purifying the hearts  and  the intellect and spirit of their disciples and accrediting those disciples who were found sincerely conforming to the Islamic Law.  Thus they were made instrumental  in according real victory to the Muslim  men and women  during  their period of  life    on this earth.  Allah enjoins in you 5 times  prayer and  prayers do wash the sins of the sinners. Through supplication to Allah we can attain dignity and singing hymns of  Allah is the key to paradise for the abstinent through begging  of Allah  can keep away the punishments of sins.  It illuminates the hearts of the disciples with the reflections of unity Allah opened the bosoms  of the learned for Islam and for obedience  to the Prophet (may peace be on him) the hearts of the disciples were opened to the knowledge of Allah  acquired through  spiritual development, inner purification and illumination.  Some of such seers were blessed with the vision of the Prophet (may peace be on him).  And in view of their sincerity Allah blessed their actions with recognition.  May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon his beloved;  the best of creation:  Mohammed (Sollallahu alaihi wasallam),  the seal of prophethood.  He is the Holy Instructor and discloser of the rules,  instructions,  arguments  and  signs.  He was the Prophet when Adam was still in the process of creation.  Peace be on the prophets  and their companions who strived tirelessly to  perfection  in functions of Islamic Law.  They are real,  authorized guides in the mystic journey,  they do not display a sense of revolt  against the injunctions of shariat,  really,  they are the readers of truth and veracity,  “this  sacred sacrament which was signed by Hazarath Lateef Laubali and conferred on Shaikh Ali Sufi.  Fakhir Syed Abdul Lateef Hamavi ibn Syed Taher Quadri (may Allah be ever with them).   By conferring this certificate of deputyship I  permit him to don the mantle of khilafat, as a  sign of having completed his mystic journey and having reached a high stage of development and  I authorize him to guide others on the way.  He holds the reins of the spiritual  authority.  He is advised to take decisions after consultation with people of wisdom.  He is advised to display love for the learned, mystics and the mendicants.  All of them confirm to the precepts of the  Prophet (mpbuh)  and he should commit himself to the ways of the Saints of Allah and bind himself to conditions implied in his association with the sacred line of the shijra qadria given to him  being stead fast himself he should instill the same in his disciples and give the shijra to those who sincerely aspire for it. Turn not towards the mean world of the wealth.  Isolate yourself from the people of the world.  Cut your expectations  with the creatures and rest.  Content in proximity with Allah. His ultimate object should be to get love ,cognition and vision of Allah.  He should destroy his existence and get on to the pedestal of unity.  At the time of demise,  our Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani  repeatedly emphasized  the three stages of unity (tawhid). In the first stage a mystic’s heart must be imbibed with love of Allah. In the second stage he must deny the existence to every created thing other than Allah. In the third stage he must ascertain the fact that what exists is Allah alone.

  Hazarath  Ali  a  lineal  descendant of  Hazarath  Syed  Shah   Laubali  narrates the procedure  which Hazarath Laubali followed while making Shaikh Ali his accredited deputy  “when a seeker of baya approaches a shaikh it is incumbent on the shaikh to ascertain the seeker’s sincerity and inclination”.  If the seeker is found to be steadfast the Shaikh as well as the seeker should pray for a dream.  Serving as augury, being sure  of the seeker’s trustworthiness  the Shaikh should initiate him to baya.  Firstly the seeker should be commanded to offer dugana nafl prayer and send its benefits to the Shaikhs of the spiritual line. Calling the seeker nearer the Shaikh should ask the seeker to read iman-e-mujmul  and mufassil,  the basic tenets  : the kalma e  tayyeba, tawhid,  shahadat,  tamjid,  then istugfar.  Then holding fast the palm of his right hand as in hand-shake recite the following verse along  with  darud -e-marhuma and also make the seeker recite.

 In  the name of Allah the Compassionate , the most  Merciful,  O! Allah  send benedictions,  salutations  upon my lord Mohammed (mpbuh) and upon his progeny and upon his companions in number equal to the contents of your knowledge.O! Allah you are the praised and exalted.

  I  seek your forgiveness and return to you from all abominable words  and deeds   from audible, visible present and absent.  There is no power  strength which is not from Allah , the great and exalted. Intend with determination to turn towards the leader of all saints, the sign of the pure,  the deputy of Prophet, acknowledging his divinely inspired proclamation.  “my foot is on the neck of all saints both men and women”.  Mahbub-e Subani;  Gouse Samdani ur  preceptor of all,  Giver of rebirth to the Muslim  community  and Islamic  Sheriat ,  esoteric path,  and guide  to the reality and  realization:  my leader and lord  Syed  Abdul  Qadir  Jeelani   al-Hasni ,  al-Hussani,  al-Jafri,   al-Jeelani (may Allah be pleased with him).  O!  Allah do not deny us the bounties.   As Allah says , “and they who have pledged fealty  to the O! Mohammad !  have in truth pledged their    fealty  to  God” . And the hand of God (so to say)  rests on their hands  (to symbolize the sanctity of the pledge given) ;  so who so ever shall break  it to his own hurt and who so ever is true to his pledges given to God,  to him will be assuredly granted a high reward”    48:10 . well pleased has god been with the believers when they pledge fealty to thee under the tree;  and he knew what was in their hearts;  so we settle down  tranquility on them and rewarded them  with an early victory”.

O ye  who believer !  do your duty to god.  Seek the means of approach unto Him.  and strive with might and main in His cause that ye may prosper. (5:9) still holding his palm say “O! so and so seeker I am initiating you into the manner of the Magnificent Quadriya order and into its brotherhood and as a disciple I   have accepted you.  You also confess your acceptance of me as Shaikh.  The seeker would say : I  have accepted you, Sir”. He  will repeat  these words thrice.  After that the Shaikh would say  “with truthful devotion you should plight fealty to observance of the various modes of action and practices of Islamic Code (shariyat) and the ascetic means to achieve purification of soul (tariquat)  the Shaikh will then command the seeker (disciple) of the mystic journey to recognize all the spiritual Shaikhs of his line, particularly the helper of the world and  the hereafter  Shaikh Abdul Qadir  Jeelani (mpbuh)  and then his own self.  The Shaikh should emphasize the belief to have love and devotion for peer-e-dastagir. The disciple should clearly state that he sincerely holds this belief that his taking the oath of fealty on the hands of the Shaikh (baya) in reality done on the hand of Allah as Allah says in the Quran.  The disciple while doing baya takes the hand of his Shaikh as that of his peer  and ascending through the hands of the preceding peers like wise imagines as having taken the Holy Hand of the Prophet himself and the reality of which is the hand of Allah. Now he must determine to implicitly  follow the word and action of his Shaikh and seek his pleasure. The sight of the Shaikh in his eyes must assume  predominant  importance.
 Hazarath Laubali  (may peace be on his soul)  used to take baya of women by reciting the following verse of Quran,  except holding the hand in baya other formalities were observed,  prayer for a dream serving as augury:
Two methods have been suggested. 
The second one is easy which is written below:
recite the following:
Darud for 10 times before and after and in between read suratul fil with bismillah 10 times.  Afterwards form intention concerning your purpose firmly and go to sleep. Turn your  face towards Qibla apply some perfume. In the morning if you awake and feel satisfactorily inclined towards your purpose it is deemed as a good augury. The Shaikh could now initiate instruction to his disciple.  It is  not necessary that in the dream anything  should be witnessed.
                        GOLDEN TESTAMENT:   

  1.                         Hazarath  Laubali’s  pieces of advice, meant for his sons are worthy to be written in golden letters “graceful counsels are meant for my sons” . Fear Allah and steadfastly discharge your responsibilities towards Allah, the Prophet, the Mystics and your parents. Detach yourself from the world. Attachment with the world is detrimental to the safety of your religion. Establish resolutely and firmly namaz (prayer and fasting).  Conforming to fasting and prayer would embellish your spirit and in  non-conformity lies disgrace. Serve with your wealth the spiritual preceptors, your brothers and sisters, relatives, poor and indigent, neighbors, your companions and travelers. Guard their hearts, time and character. Do not oppose them except in matters not conforming to religious and customary law. If you neglect this you will land yourself in sorrow and difficulty. Be content with what you can get from the world easily. Be prepared to face catastrophe , difficulty and starvation. Eat permissible things which leads to every good and an increase in bounties. Without  demanding if you are given Gifts accept them,  do not  refuse  because in refusal there is vexation,  when you accept it, forget not to spend it on your rightful dependence. Do not keep things  stored for the future  because what sustenance Allah has apportioned you,  would certainly come to your door. Allah is the Guarantor of it.  At the appointed time  it would come positively to you. Purify your intellect and heart with the religious knowledge Allah has given to you. Beware of miserliness and envy. Pin your belief in  Allah’s promises  about sustenance and he is best keeper of promises. It is incumbent on you to recite Quran openly and secretly and template on it’s inner meanings. During recitation of Quran, make sure your eyes are weeping and your heart sorrowing. Spend your life time in prayer,  incantation and contemplation and in service of your preceptor. Your actions should be sincere, your behavior  should be courteous, your companions should be friends, your house should be the mosque, your treasure should be Islamic Law, your grace and adornment is in abstinence, your beloved is Allah.  Ask succor from Allah and seek His aid in your heart and outwardly from the righteous wherever they may be.  (8-24 ) seeking after the outwardly and righteous however low or high in rank they may be, should be your (dearer).  Keep company especially of that learned person who reads the books of al-Ghazali and understands them. On alternate days set out from your house for attending Jumma  prayers or Eid  prayers or for any good purpose. Read the books of al-Ghazali for more counsel.  Also read Bidayatul Hidayah, Minhajul Arifeen, Qhistasul Muataqheem, Ahyah-ul-Uloomuddin, Hidaya  Bidaya.  A  heart which is contented and happy possesses ears that hear. For such persons a word is enough. O! Allah guide us towards action to conform to your commandments and save us from transgression. Amin.    

Hazarath Syed-ul-Abdal  Laubali’s demise took place on seventh zilhajja 1049 hijri. The stanza written within the tomb of Hazrath  Laubali reveals the date of his demise. khird guft tariq’an dastagir  b.punj’ah wahuwal lateeful qabir. His sacred tomb stands in the locality of Khadakpura  and it is the centre of the devoted visitors. His holy residence situated in Mahalla-e-Dehleez  Shareif  is till today safe and intact. Hazarath Laubali was temperamentally inclined in his lifetime to serve the people, whom he considered the children of Allah’s family on earth. He was so solicitous of the welfare of the people irrespective of their religion, caste or color i.e., heart went to them in love, pity and parental care at any moment. He was accustomed to visit the outskirts between asr and maghrib, searching for an opportunity to serve  needy, poor, idegent, weak and a down trodden with whatever Allah had given to him. He did not hesitate even to take the burden of fuel from the hand of an aged and weak and carry it to the limits of the city. It is indeed, our good fortune that such a gracious and kind hearted Saint rests in Kurnool to intercede on behalf of his admirers and pray for the fulfillment of their permissible desires, expiation of sins, attraction of divine favor to fill a state of vacancy in their souls through purification of heart leading to zikr, fikr, and muraqibah or concentrated contemplation.  May Allah work out expeditiously a spiritual development in the present Sajjada-Nasheen  Hazarath  Syed  Shah  Hussaini  Peer Quadri,  even in his tender age he substantially displays  the  lovable qualities of head and heart of his illustrious ancestor Hazarath Lateef Laubali (may Allah’s blessings be on him).  The people in general and the Mystics in  particular have a high expectation of him. May Allah enable him to serve humanity and the faith with more zeal while journeying towards Allah.  May his Endeavour be met with favor by the Prophet  (May Allah’s Peace be on Him), Peer-E-Dastagir and his ancestor Hazarath Laubali.  AMIN. Lataif-Ul-Lateef  under the english title “ANECDOTES OF THE GENTLE AND GLORIOUS” has been translated.  The work of translation was completed on the 5th April 1996.