Hazrat Syed Khaja Rahmatullah (Naib-E-Rasool) Rahamatabad r.a


The shrine is located in India’s southern state of Andhra Pradesh, in the village called Rahamatabad Sharif (also known as A.S.Peta), which is at a distance of 55KM from Nellore (District) and 12KM from Atmakur (Taluk). The place is well connected by road to major cities like Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore.

History :
Rahmatabad is a well known place which has the shrine (dargah) of Hazrat Syed khaja Rahmatullah Nayeb-e-Rasool .He lived from 1110 A.H. to 1195 A.H. [1694 AD to 1781 AD ] and when King Aurangzeb Alamgir had just put an end to the Adil Shahi dynasty of Bejapur in 1686 AD, eight years earlier that the birth of Khaja Nayeb-e-Rasool.
Hazrat Syed Khaja Rahmatullah (R.A), Naib-E-Rasool,
also called as Babajan by Hindus and Muslims alike.
A revered Sufi saint and a Hussaini Syed (descendant of the holy prophet through his daughter Hazrat Fatima) of the highest order, whose entire life was a reflection of Shar-E-Nabavi (SAW), whose every breath reminiscent of Zikirullah (remembrance of Allah), having undertaken Bay’ah (When the disciple makes a pledge (Bay’ah) to a Murshid (spiritual master) the disciple becomes initiated as a Murid) from the following four traditions (Silsila),Quadri,Chishti,Naqshbandi,and,Rifaai.
In his mausoleum to his left lies the Mazar-E-Aqdas (grave) of his wife Hazrat Syeda Habeeba Khatoon (R.A) fondly referred to by visitors as Ammajan. 

Native place.
A breif description about Syed Khaja Rahmatullah can also be found in Tazkira-E-Auliya-E-Deccan Mualiif on page 363 ( Author – Abdul Jabbar Khan Malkapuri) where in it is mentioned that Syed Khaja Rahmatullah’s father upon his arrival from Tauran, stayed for a brief while with the Asif Jah (Awwal) and thereafter he was appointed as the Qateeb at the Jamia Masjid at Belgaum (Karnataka). Hazrat Syed Khaja Alam married in Belgaum which was also the birth place of Syed Khaja Rahmatullah. The Sheikh’s (Khaja Rahmatullah) date of expiry has been given as 26 Rabbi Ul Awwal 1195 of Hijri Calender. His age has been given as 85 Hijri years and thus his year of birth can be counted back to 1110 Hijri. 
The above details are available in some different way in book ‘Faizan Auliya’ by Mohammed Ali Khan Mujdaddi that His father Hazrat Khwaja Alam was a revered Sufi saint and he was belongs to Hussaini Syed (descendant of the holy prophet through his daughter Hazrat Fatima) family of the highest order and was belongs to native of Tauran. His parents were arrived in India. His father was lived for long time along with Asif Jah Awwal in Belgaum village in district Bejapur. He was married with a pious lady of good character and who was well known for his daily prayers and her practice of Shariah (Islamic law) in Bejapur. 
The readers are kindly informed that all the details of this episode are translated from Urdu into English from the book ‘Faizan Auliya’ by Mohammed Ali Khan Mujdaddi.

He was born in the year 1110 A.H.in Bejapur and his father was named him as Syed Rahmatullah and he was later became famous and well known as Naib-e- Rasool (deputy of the Allah’s last prophet). In his childhood period his mother was left this world.
When he was in his younger age then he was suffered some major problems and difficulties in his life and which are mentioned in the following paragraph. 
Hazrat Khaja Rahmatullah lost his mother at an very early age after which his father Hazrat Khwaja Alam was married for the second time. As his father was married another lady and his step mother’s behavior was not well with him so for this reason Syed Khwaja Rahmatullah took permission from his father and he was migrated from his native place Bejapur to Kurnool and he was settled down there in the house of his maternal aunt and it is noted that for the above reasons he came there from Bejapur and he was stayed with maternal aunt at Kurnool. His maternal aunt is well known and famous for his piousness and good character. She has tried hard for his educational development and training so she has arranged his formal education and training in Kurnool. During the short period of time he was became perfect in many knowledges. His saying and all actions were became perfect and his life was become a reflection of Shar-E-Nabavi it means his life was become as per practice and teaching of Allah’s last prophet. Till his education and training he was under care of his aunty so he began his try to find his livelihood and legal earning so for this reason he was approached with the ruler of Kurnool for the service there and took employment in the his royal stable. After some time he was appointed as the custodian of two royal horses under the Nawab of Kurnool.

Love of Allah.
He was engaged in the service with the ruler of Kurnool for the short period of time and after some time suddenly there was passion started in his mind for the love of Allah. So for this reason he was left his service in Kurnool and he was reached to Bijapur and contacted Hazrat Syed Alawi Bejapuri there and was became his disciple and made a pledge (Bay’ah) to him and accepted him as his Murshid (spiritual master) and as the disciple he becomes initiated as a Murid (deciple) and got caliphate from Hazrat Syed Alawi Bejapuri. For a long period he was busy in the daily recital and practice but he was not satisfied there in this matter and he was always used to be worried so there was feeling in him that he could not get the thing for which he was left his service in Kurnool.
Dedar ( sight) of Allah’s last prophet.
One night in the condition of his half sleepiness (neem khabi ) he was blessed grace (Jamal Jehan ara) of Allah’s last prophet. The last prophet of Allah was very kind with him and he was asked him to visit the house of Allah in Makkh and there was also one pious person with him on whose face there was Anwar (light) and Tajiilat (divine lights) and his name was Syed Ashraf Makki and who was also seen by him on the side of the prophet and to whom the prophet has pointed him and told him that his Amant (entrusted thing) is with him and it is safely available there so he should proceed to Makkah soon and get the same from there. The prophet also has informed Syed Ashraf Makki that Syed Rahmatullah is coming from India to Makkah so he should give him his amanat (entrusted thing) which is available with him.

Journey of Makkah.
Upon waking up from the dream he has thanked Allah for the above great grace and has gathered some important baggage and was started for his journey of Makkah. On the way he was reached at Meliwar and where he has met one great pious and well known and famous personality Syed Ahmed Rifai and he has requested him for his guidance. So he told him that his share is available with Syed Ashraf in Makkah but whatever available with him will be given to him upon the departure time of his journey to Makkah.

Arrival in Makkah.
He was stayed for some days with Hazrat Syed Ahmed Rifai and was obtained nemat (grace) of batini (innermost) knowledge from him and from Milwar he was boarded on the ship and was reached in Jeddah after some days. From Jeddah after two days journey he was reached to Makkah. Upon performing the Hajj and Umra he has started search for Hazrat Syed Ashraf Makki and he was met as per the instruction of the Allah’s last prophet on the mountain of Jable Abu Khais which is near from the holy harem of Makkah on its opposite side . He was found him in the condition of meditation so he was sat there respectfully. When his condition of meditation was over he (Syed Rahmatullah) told him “Assalam Alaikum Ya Sayyadi”. So he replied his salam then he told him that “Syed Rahmat ullah did you came here.?And I was waiting for you here as per the instructions of the Allah’s last prophet.”
Saintly dress and caliphate.
Syed Ashraf Makki has prayed two rakats (one set of standing , genuflexion and prostration in prayers) prayers for the thanks of Allah and has explained him the following things.
1.Marifat (knowledge of Allah)
2.Haqaiq (reality)
He was delivered him saintly dress of Quaderia chain and caliphate and told him as follows.

Syed Rahmatullah, these are abridgment (ajmali) of rules which were delivered to you as per the instruction of Allah’s last prophet and if you need some more knowledge and some more other details of haqaiq (reality) and marafat (knowledge ) of Allah then you should visit 
Syed Abdul Quader Bejapuri in India who is my caliph and who is famous and well know as sahib dil (pious person) and perfect holy saint” . He has informed him further that he will become famous and well known in India as Naib-e- Rasool (deputy of the Allah’s last prophet ).”
Departure from Makkah.
Upon obtain the following things from Syed Ashraf Makki he went to Madina city and 
1.Saintly dress of Quaderia chain.
2.Caliphate of Quaderia chain
3.Crown of spiritualism
he has visited the mausoleum of Allah’s last prophet and he was stayed there for some period of time and as per instruction of the Allah’s last prophet and then he has left Madina and has reached back to Surat seaport in India.

Stay in Surat.

He has stayed in Surat at the residence of one famous and well known pious personality of Naqasbandia chain known as Shah Ali Reza Gujrati and from him he was obtained the caliphate of Naqasbandia chain and Shah Ali Reza Gujrati was also obtained from him permission and certificate of Quaderia chain. He has stayed in Surat for some days and then he was left for his journey to South India (Deccan).
Arrival in Kurnool.
He has arrived in Kurnool from Surat and he was stayed there for some time. Due to his teaching and preaching some persons were became perfect and became well known and famous as pious persons. There is holy place at the outside of Kurnool which is famous and well known and there was one badati (innovator in religion ) fakir was there and who was involved in many acts of bidats (innovator in religion) and for this reason he was used to instruct him in this matter to avoid such things but he was not paid any attention in this matter so he has scolded him and also he punished him for this reason . After his stay of some days there he has left Kurnool. 
Arrival in Kadpa.
After his journey from Kurnool he was arrived Kadpa and stayed in the mosque. one day a marriage procession with musical instruments (baja) was passed from that mosque and it was also entered into the mosque area so for this reason he was very upset and angry in this matter due to disrespect of the worship place and for this reason he has thrown stones on the marriage party persons and so he has removed all of them from the mosque building.
First marriage.
After returning from Hajj Syed Khaja Rahmatullah stayed for a brief while at Kurnool and later went to Nandyal where he got married. He was blessed with a girl child but unfortunately after a while he lost both his wife and daughter due to different reasons.
Arrival in Anumasamudram .
From Kadapa he has came to Anumasamudram area and liked the place and its natural location and its pleasant environment as well as its good weather conditions so he was stayed on the mountain for some period of time and which is situated near the Anumasamudram locally called Bada gaon these days,and founded Rahmatabad after his own name.
Due to his arrival in that area the large number of people used to visit him and were benefitted by his favour and attention. Due to his fame and his great name Syed Abdul Quader who garrison commander of Udgir fort visited him and he was became his disciple and made a pledge (Bay’ah) to him as his Murshid (spiritual master) and he was requested him to visit fort of Udgir and he has offered him three villages for the expenses of the shrine but the Sheikh did not accepted his offer.
He has purchased the land in the surrounding area of mountain of Anumasamandarm and named it as Rahmatabad and in that purchased land he was laid foundation of the mosque and named it as Madina Mosque in the year 1748. A mosque with thatched roof was erected at first which was replaced by the present structure in 1762 AD. It was named by him as Madina mosque.

There is an inscription on the forehead of the mosque which reads “This stone has been brought From Madina City” but it is not certain whether Syed Khaja Rahmatullah had brought the stone himself or had got it through someone else.

He has also constructed one school and shrine building from his own expenses. He was used to perform five congressional prayers in the above mosque on regular basis. They had no issues, gradually Hazrat Khaja developed a sizeable estate dully purchasing about ten villages.He was survived [on his death in 1781 A.D.] by his wife who built his mausoleum . Her brother’s son Hazrat Ghulam Naqshbandi was made his gaddi nasheen (custodian) and heir.
He was perfect person of taqwa (piety) and he never accepted any offer or present from badati (invovator in religion) person or person who did not offer prayers regularly. 
He was perfect and well known for the following things.
1. His love for the Sunnat (practice) of Allah’s last prophet.
2. For following the Shariat (Islamic) law strictly.
3. For his regular teaching of Hadith (sayings) of Allah’s last prophet.
4. For his regular teaching of Tafsir (exegesis of the holy Quran) and Fiqa 
(Islamic jurisprudence ).
5. For his regular teaching of his disciples in khilwat (sitting in solitude) the 
following things.
A. Tariqat ( Mystic way of life).
B. Ramos (secrets) of Tassawuf (Sufism).
His trail.
Upon his name and fame once Nawab Naseer Doulah has visited his shrine along with one maulavi Sahib (Muslim priest) and has requested him to explain the following couplet from Masnavi Sharif (the spiritual couplets of Maulana Jalal uddin Rumi in Persian language) as which is very hard and tough for him to understand it. So he was asked his explanation in this matter. In the following picture Persian couplet is available.

Jumla Mashooq Ast Wa Ashiq Parda
Zinda Mashooq Ast Wa Ashiq Murda
The above Persian spiritual couplet’s English translation and its explanation is as follows.


The BELOVED is all in all the lover only veils Him;
The BELOVED is all that lives, the lover a dead thing
All phenomenal existences (man included) are but “veil” obscuring the face of the Divine Noumenon, the only real existence, and the moment His sustaining presence is withdrawn they at once relapse into their original nothingness.
The Sheikh has explained him the meaning and explanation of the above spiritual couplet in the best possible manner and the Maulavi sahib has also explained its outward (zaheri) meaning so for this reason some un-intelligent persons thought that the Maulavi sahib’s explanation is better than the sheikh’s explanation and due to this reason Maulvai Sahib (Muslim priest) was not satisfied in this matter and he has not accepted the explanation of the Sheikh. Also Nawab Naseer Doulah was supported Maulavi Sahib (Muslim priest) in this matter. So for this reason the Sheikh was very upset and angry and told Maulavi Sahib that his explanation is perfect well and so for this reason he asked him to approach in this matter to hall (ecstacy) from the sayings. So he was started meditation and for this reason there was condition of ecstacy on the meeting place and all persons were become unconscious and the Sheikh was entered into khilwat (sitting in solitude). Upon watching the condition of the meeting place Nawab Naseer Doulah fled from there on his horse in the worried condition. For three days the condition of meeting place was affected due to the weeping of the eyes and broiled of the hearts of the persons. So it is his great miracle of the Sheikh so all the persons who were present there noticed this great act due to kindness and grace of Allah and it was recorded in the history books of Deccan as a great miracle and great act and also such event is not available in the books of biographies of holy saints of the Deccan area. 


As per saying of Maulavi Shah Rafi uddin Qandhari that one year due to heavy rain water the bund of tank of Anasamandarm was broken and for this reason the village people were worried and afraid in this matter and began leaving the village and also there were many problems in the rainy season. So for this reason he went at the side of the tank and has called all village persons there and so all were gathered there around him. He put one stone on the water discharge area so due to kindness and grace of Allah water was stopped suddenly and also the river water was also stopped there and upon this great miracle all village persons have constructed the bund with soil and stones.

Even though he was the perfect Sheikh but he never left his daily recital and practice. He was always used to busy in zikar (remembrance) of Allah. When he was became 85 years old then he was visited Udgir upon the request of Abdul Quader who was garrison commander of Udgir fort and he was stayed there for some days and where he was became unwell there due to the fever . During his illness also he never missed zikr (remembrance) of Allah and the congressional prayers.

As the time of his departure from this world came near then he was started teaching and advices and not nominated any persons as his successor. So for this reason his wife has requested him in this matter so he told her that there are many of his caliphs and his every murid (disicple) is his caliph and where there will be his caliph there will be available mercy of Allah. We are under reda and taslim (surrender to willingness and acceptance) of Allah. He was ill for the period one month and after that his last time came and he was left this world on 26th Rabbil Awwal 1195 A.H. on Thurday in the fort ofUdgir .
In the Friday night funeral rites and ceremonies were completed and his dead body was taken to Rahmatabad on 27th Rabil Awawl 1195 A.H. On Sunday night he was buried in Rehamatabad. On his mausoleum there is always dismounting (nazol) of rehmat (grace) of Allah. 
As reference from the book ‘Faizan Auliya’ Hazrat Syed Ashraf Makki was died in Makkah in the year 1149 A.H. His genealogy record of caliphs is as follows.
1. Syed Ashraf Makki
2. Shah Mohammed Taher
3. Shah Mohammed.
4. Sharaf uddin Maqbali.
5. Sheikh Adam Bannuri.
6. Sheikh Mujadid Alif Thani

The Urs (death anniversary).

People from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed, assemble to celebrate the Urs (death anniversary) which takes place on the 24 to 29 day of Rabil Awwal of Muslim calendar at the famous dargah (shrine) of Syed Khaja Rahmatullah Naib-E- Rasool in Rahmatabad every year. Several hundred thousand devotees from near and far, irrespective of religion and beliefs, gather there to seek blessings.
The Sandal Maali is celeberated on the 25th day of the Islamic month of Rabbi Ul Awwal. The event being the first among the chain of ritualistic events that are performed during the month in commemoration of the yearly Sandal and Urs celeberations of Hazrat Khaja Syed Rahamatulla Naib-E-Rasool. A lot of people travel to Rahmatabad to attend these events.

Live miracle.

The Sheikh was left this world 239 years ago but since 239 years to till date his miracles and favours are continued and available in the shrine area. 
It is experience of day and night in shrine area that the desire and wishes of the visitors are fulfilled and for the needy persons it is perfect place for the fulfillment their wishes and desires from this shrine. The visitors from near and far away places in large number will visit the shrine for the fulfillment of their desires and wishes for the sake of Shaikh’s name . 

His spiritual court is most beneficent and famous and well known for the following diseases and problems not only in India but in all over the world.

1.All diseases.
2.Evil spirits.

Due to the cure of the above diseases and due to benefits in the shrine the people from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed, assemble there and pray there for the recovery so his favour and affection is same and equal to all persons who will present there in his court and pray there for the recovery of diseases. 
Hazrat Syed Khaja Nayeb-e-Rasool [as he was called by his direct disciples like hazrat shah mohammed rafiuddin qhandar]and his wife possess a great spiritual power.People visit Rahmatabad for treatment of their ailments and visitors also constitute the victims of black magic and those who possessed by evil spirits.The sacred couple has a great sympathy with mankind due to which the place has become like an open air hospital and asylum for people of all walks of life without any bar to religion,cast or creed.
A visit to Rahmatabad Shareef is almost a sure cure for the disease[even surgical operations are done in dreams] and a sure deliverance from black magic and evil spirits. It is to be seen to be believed. 

Special miracle.

Now a days there are many slogans are there for the national unity and integration. If anybody wants to see the national unity and integration then he should visit Rehmatabad and can watch the same there. Due to the benefits in the shrine the people from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed, assemble there and pray there for the fulfillment of their desires and wishes .His favour and affection is same and equal to all persons who will present there in his court and pray there for the recovery of diseases and problems as well as other difficulties and hardships of life.

His mausoleum is in Rahamatabad which is famous even today for the fulfillment of desires and wishes of the persons who visit his grave there.
Special miracle.

The area which is famous with the name of Rahmatabad in which there are no pigs and no other people’s worships places are not found there. All people from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed will recognize him as great saint and present their offering 24 hours during the whole year. 

Great miracle.

It is fact that miracles are performed by the holy and pious personalities of Allah. And those holy and pious persons who have finished their lives in the love of Allah and his prophet and for this reason their name and fame will be continued till the day of judgment. From the particles of soil of their mausoleums there will spread the spring of faizan (favour) and always there will be rain of anwar (light) and tajilat (divine light). But my master’s great miracle is that large number of people who will present in the shrine from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed, assemble there and pray there for the recovery of diseases and for the fulfillment of their desire and wishes .His favour and affection is same and equal to all persons who will present there in his court and pray there for the recovery of diseases and fulfillment of desires.

Since 239 years the people are watching the miracles of the Sheikh and it will be continue till the day judgement and that the number of devotees of the shrine is not in thousand but it was exceed many millions people from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed, assemble there and pray there for the recovery of diseases or for the fulfillment of their desire and wishes.
Not only from Hyderabad but from many other places learned persons and pious personalities also used to visit the shrine and pay their visit. I am not wrong if I mention that the large numbers of people who visit the shrine are included other than Muslims irrespective of caste and creed will present in the shrine and garland the mausoleum and pay respect and honour there.
A symbol of national intergration , communal harmony and social justice.

“And He (Allah) it is who hath produced you from a single being (Al-Qur’an-Al-Anaam-99). 
As it is said in the holy Qur’an that all human beings are off spring of the first man (I,e. Adam Alaih Assalam), there should not be any discrimination among the people as all are equal. The sufi-saint Hazrat Syed Rahmatulla (R.A.) attempted to remove the barriers of caste, creed, language, religion and region and provided a broad opportunity to make available to the local milieu a get-together.

Genealogy of caliphate of Naqshibandiya chain.
1. Hazrat Khaja Syed Rahmatullah Naibe Rasul.
2. Hazrat Syed Shah Alawi broom.
3. Hazrat Syed Ahraf Makki Ajlati.
4. Hazrat Syed Abdullah Ba- Haddad.
5. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Mohammed.
6. Hazrat Sheikh Alsayed Abdullah.
7. Hazrat Sheikh Sharf uddin Muqbali (Abdullah Gohati)
8. Hazrat Sheikh Al-sayed Mohammed
9. Hazrat Adam Banauri.
10. Hazrat Sheikh Alsayed Sheikh.
11. Hazrat Sheikh Ahmed Farouqi Mujajudid Alif Thani.

Hazrata syeda Maji Sahiba(RA)

Her name is Habiba Khatoon alias Maji Sahiba and she was alone daughter of Nawab of Kurnool . She was perfect lady in Islamic rules and regulation and she used to perform her prayers regularly and also he used to read the holy book of Quran on regular basis.
Once there was starvation for the period of seven years and due to the starvation many persons were died and animals were also in the worse condition. So the Nawab of Kurnool was upset and worried in this matter. So he was started consultation with his special persons and people of najoom (astrologers) and was taken their opinion in this matter about the rain and he was enquired with them when there will be available rain fall and what is reason of no rain fall but nobody was not able to reply his questions in this matter. So for this reason the Nawab Sahib has called some other pious persons in his court and has explained them the situation that there was no rain fall despite of our prayers and our prayers are not accepted in the court of Allah. He was tried his best in this matter but the result is nothing in this respect and for this reason due to starvation the persons are worried and suffering very badly and due to this reason the difficult situation which is prevailing the villages. So he was not able to understand what he should done in this matter?.
Among them those pious person one Majzob (one lost in divine meditation) was there who has told the Nawab Sahib that there is one personality with him and his prayers will be accepted in the court of Allah so he was asked him to approached him because if he will pray then his prayer will be accepted by Allah so there is no matter of worry in this respect. So the Nawab Sahib has asked him who is that person and asked him to explain some details in this matter so that he could be recognize him and approach him. So the Majzob Sahib told him that he could not identify his name but he could explain his marks so that he could be able to recognize him and the marks are as follows.
1.In the storm his lamp will lit and there will be no effect of storm on it.
2.His horse will eat the grass and water provided by him and will not eat the grass and water provided by others.
Upon this information one night Nawab Sahib went in the darkness of night to check the tents of his soldiers and when he was reached at the tent of Syed Khaja Rahmatullah Saheb and at that time the Sheikh was busy in his worship and for this reason he stood there silently. When the Sheikh has finished his worship then Nawab Sahib was fallen down on the foot of the great Sheikh of his time for his favour and help in this matter.
The Sheikh has recognized the Nawab Sahib and lift him from his foot and asked him not to touch his foot. Nawab Sahib has informed him that since seven years there is no rain fall and for this reason the large number of persons were died due to starvation and water scarcity. So if there will his kindness and his prayer in this matter then there will be sure rain fall as you are beloved of Allah and his last prophet. 

And for the above reason he has requested him for supplication for rains.It so happened that it rained heavily while the Nawab Sahib was still on his way back home after his meeting with Hazrat Khaja Nayeb-e-Rasool.
Upon the request of Nawab Sahib the Sheikh has prayed for the rain fall and Allah has accepted his prayer and for this reason there was great rain fall that all rivers, tanks, wells and ponds were full of water due to his great miracle of the Sheikh of his time. The above news spread throughout the area of Kurnool region and it was also reached to the palace of Nawab Sahib. The Nawab Sahib’s daughter also come to know the details and so she was much impressed by the personality of the great pious person of his time and she was started thinking about her marriage with such pious personality so that she will also become lucky one and her status will be also improved in this matter. So for this reason she used to pray Allah in this matter that her marriage should be arranged with that pious personality of his time.
On night the daughter of Nawab Sahib saw in his dream that the moon is reaching towards her and she has told the details of her dream to her mother and her mother has told Nawab Sahib the details of her daughter’s dream so Nawab Sahib has called najumies (astrologers) in this matter and they have informed him that the girl’s marriage will be celebrated with a pious personality of his time.
So for the reason Nawab Sahib’s wife told Nawab Sahib that it is better that we will arrange the marriage of their daughter with Syed Khaja Rahmatullah Sahib of Rahmatabad so for this reason Nawab Sahib was become very upset and angry in this matter and told her that “ We could not marry our daughter in the lower status person’s family and if we do that then our position and status will be go down and disrespected in this matter. So for this reason this proposal in not suitable and not good at all. So if there will be any desire in the girl’s mind then ask her to remove the same.”
From that day the girl began to live in sad and grief condition and after some days she left everything and stopped eating of the food. So for this reason the parents were worried and upset in this matter and asked her to leave her desire and wish but there was no effect at all.One day the girl went into some shrine and during her prayer she was fell down and became un-conscious and after many cures she could not become well and not returned back in her normal condition of health.
And in those days the Sheikh was heard a divine call in which it was told him to marry the daughter ofNawab of Kurnool which is suitable for him. Even after some days the girl was not recovered from the condition of un-conciseness and for this reason Nawab Sahib was worried and upset in this matter and upon his consultations with her mother and other persons reached a decision to marry with Hazrat Khaja Syed Rahmatullah Naibe Rasul. So it was written in her fate to marry with the sheikh of his time so nobody could not stop her act and her personal decision.
Nawab Sahib has sent Ziauddin who was his personal secretary and 
who was also disciple of the Sheikh and so he went to Udgir and brought back 
the Sheikh to Kurnool for the treatment and marriage proposal of the girl. The 
Sheikh came to Kurnool and after reciting some verses on the water 
he spread the water on the patient and for this reason she was become 
normal and returned back in her good health condition and due to this great 
miracle all persons who were present in the palace of the Nawab Sahib were 
fell down on the foot of the Sheikh and at that time Nawab Sahib’s daughter 
Habia Khatoon was married with the Sheikh of his time.

Visit of Makkah.

Maji Sahiba went to Makkah along Ziauddin sahib who was murid (disciple) 
of the Sheikh and Akbar Sahib who was her cousin and upon the completion 
of visits of Makkah and Madina she was came back to Udgir ,a town to the 
north west of Rahmatabad Shareef at about 45 kilo meters.
Maji Sahiba till the life of the Sheikh always has followed his instruction and never acted anything against his will. Daily at the time of his return to the house she used to stand holding the water jug in her hand.One day in the rainy season there was severe thundering and lightening strike so she was afraid of it. The sheikh came back to the house and he could not find Maji Sahiba at her usual place with holding the water jug in her hand there and so he asked her reason in this matter that why she did not wait for him today.? And she was replied him that due to lightening strike and thundering she was afraid in this matter and not able to wait for him in the rainy season .So the Sheikh has called lightening there and asked to see it and from that day Maji Sahiba’s fear was no more with her.
The meaning of Maji Sahiba.
As per tradition it is well known and famous that once Maji Sahiba has requested the Sheikh for her desire and wish for the children so that their names will remain in the world and someone will call her mother. So the Sheik told her “ Oh: Habiba as per your thinking if there will be our children then it will be no guarantee that they will become good and pious persons then our status and position as well as our name will become worse. Now it is fact that the number of persons who called you as Maji Sahiba are not one, two,100, 200,1000, 2000, but are more than millions and who will remain till the day of judgement. On saying this he told her to look at her backside so she has looked at her backside as per his instruction and have seen the large numbers persons which were there and their numbers were more than many millions so the Sheikh has explained that all of them belongs to the following categories.
1.Disciples (murids).
And all of them till the day of judgement will call you as Maji Sahiba so you should treat all of them as your children and also all of them are dear to me more than my children and from that day all special and general persons used to began calling her as Maji Sahib. As a matter of fact he used to love each and every visitor of his mausoleum and Inshallah (if Allah wills) this tradition and practice will continue till the day of judgement.
From the mausoleum’s public kitchen house daily the soup (ash) is used to be distributed to all poor and needy persons. once the Sheikh was present in the mosque and the poor persons were gathered at the public kitchen to receive the soup (ash) so for this reason Maji Sahiba has called the Sheikh for the distribution work of soup (ash) but due to some other work the Sheikh could not came there to distributed the soup (ash) to the poor persons. Due to delay in this matter Maji Saheba has called the servants of the mausoleum to bring immediately the big spoon for the distribution of soup (ash) and the person who went to bring the spoon but he was disappeared and could not came back there. Due to this reason of delay of that person and delay in the distribution of soup (ash) to the poor persons she has put her hand in the hot cauldron and was started distribution of hot soup (ash) to the poor persons. The Sheikh has came there later and was thought that her hand were damaged due to hot soup (ash) distribution from the hot cauldron and but he has found her hand was severally cold and there was such cold that for which nobody could not bear it.
Maji Sahiba has purchased 12 villages and has offered the same to the shrine of the Sheikh and which are famous and well known with different names and the details are mentioned as follows.
1. Small Habibpur.
2. Big Habibpur.
3. Hasinapur.
4. Morabad.
5. Alampur.
During Maji Sahib’s life period the Sheikh left this mortal world. Maji Saheba has arranged for makingthe symbol of the moon on the mausoleum upon melting away all her jewellery and also she has constructed the mausoleum building of the Sheikh from her money.
She has organized the arrangements to celebrate the Urs (death anniversary) which takes place on the 24 to 29 day Rabil Awwal of Muslim calendar at the famous dargah (shrine) of Syed Khaja Rahmatullah Nayeb-e- Rasool in Rahmatabad every year and also arrange the ceremony of sandal every year on 25th of Rabbil Awwal and this celebration is still continued in the shrine.
She was died after 18 years of the Sheikh’s death. She has instructed that she should be buried outside of the mausoleum of the Sheikh in building of Milad Khana as the status and position of the Sheikh is very high with Allah and she is not having such status and position so for this reason it is not suitable for his burial in the mausoleum beside the grave of the great Sheikh of his time.
She was left this world after 18 years of Sheikh’s death on 7th Rabbil Awwal in the year 1213 A.H.
There was indication from the Sheikh to the pious personalities of that time that as his wife Habiba was very pious lady of her time so for this reason she should be buried at the side of his grave in the mausoleum building. So as per his instruction she was buried at the side of the Sheikh’s grave.
Every year on 7th Rabil Awwal the ceremony of sandal of Maji Saheba was used to celebrate on the grand scale in which many thousands devotees used to attend the ceremony and get sadat (felicity) of it. 

The Sandal Maali of Hazrat Syeda Habeeba Khatoon is celeberated on the 2nd or 3rd day of the Islamic month of Rabbi Ul Awwal. It also happens to be the only time of the year when the female devotees are allowed to enter into the inner part of the mausoleum (wherein lies the mazars (graves) of Syed Khwaja Rahmatullah and Maa Habeeba). The event being the first among the chain of ritualistic events that are performed during the month in commemoration of the yearly Sandal and Urs celebrations of Hazrat Khaja Nayab-E- Rasool and Ammajan. A lot of people travel to Rahmatabad to attend this event.
Every year on the 7th, 8th and 9th day of the Islamic month of Rabbi-UL-Awwal, the yearly Sandal and Urs of AMMAJAN is celebrated with great religious fervor, while that of Hazrat Syed Khaja Rahmatullah Naib-E-Rasool is celebrated on the 25th, 26th and 27th of the same month.

To write about this great Sufi saint is not only it is difficult and but it is very hard task as he was not only a great pious personality of his time in the area of Deccan (South India) but he was also great holy person of his time who did many great miracles so in brief he was Qu’tub (highest cadre in spiritual pivot at axis) of his time in the Deccan region (South India). 

So in brief he did also many great endeavors for the preaching and propagation work of Islam in Deccan (South India) area and around this region and there was no such personality during his time.

On all week days the visitors in large numbers will used to visit the shrine and pray Allah for the fulfillment of their desires and wishes for the sake of the Sheikh’s name .

During the Urs time (death anniversary) the visitors in large number will visit the shrine for the fulfillment of their desires and wishes for the sake of the Sheikh’s name and offer floral garlands.