Hazrat Imam Shadhili r.a

Al-Shadhili   Tomb of Hazrat Abu’l Hasan in Humaithara

As Shadhuli (R.A) was born in the year 1198 A.D. 593rd Hijri, 10th day of the month of Zul Qaidha. As Shadhuli (R.A) originated from “Ghimara” near Siyootha, which is in North-Eastern Africa surrounded by countries like Algeria, Libya(Tripolia), Morocco and Tunisia.

As Shadhuli (R.A) was good looking, and he was neither stout nor slim. His fingers were long and very soft. He was as if like an Arab. He had a very good art of giving speeches through which he attracted people.

Education:- As Shadhuli (R.A) had memorized the whole of Qur’aan and As Shadhuli (R.A) was a Haafil when he was 7. As Shadhuli (R.A) came to Tunisia and he mastered the Art of words (Nahvu), the art of coalescence (Sarbu) the grammatical art of beautification (M’aani) ,  literature(A’dhaab),  Scientific philosophy (Ma’kal), Philosophical wisdom (Hikmath), Religious law(Fikhu), art of Prophet’s Sayings (Hadith), Elucidation of Qur’aan (Thafsir), Arguing Philosophy (Manthiq), Philosophy of reasoning (Lugath), Real spiritual knowledge of uniting with truth (Haqiqath), union with God (Ma’arifath).

Various Preceptors of Imam Shazuli (Razi…)

Imam As Shadhuli (R.A) got his spiritual vow from Ash Sheikh Moulana AbdusSalam bin Mishsheesh Shaheed (Razi…); who was the formulator of the Dharoodh “As Salawath Nariyya Assalawathu Thafrigiyya”. This is recited all over the world till today, which caters to the good needs of people.

One day, Imam As Shadhuli (R.A) was asked about his teachers and replied as follows:”Sheikh AbdusSalam ibn Mishsheesh (Razi…) is my Preceptor in this world and am also gaining knowledge from ten other preceptors five of whom are from the heaven and the other five are from this world”. They are:
Hazrath Jibrayeel (Alai…).
Hazrath Meekaaeel (Alai…).
Hazrath Israfeel (Alai…).
Hazrath Izraaeel (Alai…).
And Rooh.
From this world are:
Hazrath Musthafa Rasoolullah (Sal…).
Hazrath Abubakkar (Razi…).
Hazrath Umar (Razi…).
Hazrath Usman (Razi…).
Hazrath Ali (Kar…).

Hazrath Imam As Shadhuli (R.A) who gained all sorts of knowledge from the above ten preceptors was asked about his knowledge, and he replied that “If the mankind and Jin community write about my familiarity, prosperity and inner knowledge, they wouldn’t complete it till the day of  judgement”.

Will Allah (Jal.) talk with Waliyullahs?:

“Maa kaana basharin ayi(n) yukallimuhullah illa wahyan aw mi(n) waraayi Hijabin aw yursilu Rasoolan”. In the above verse it has been mentioned as Bashar (Human) and not as Prophet (Nabi), and so it is clear that Allah (Jal…) will talk with any Waliyullah whoever HE wishes. The mother of Hazrath Moosa (Alai…) and Maryam (Alai…) the mother of Hazrath Eessa (Alai…) were not Prophets. They were only affectionate of Allah i.e (Waliyathullahs). But it is found in many places in Qur’aan that Allah (Jal…) spoke to them. There is a wrong Filthy, foolish and false opinion among some stupids that Allah (Jal…) will talk only with Nabis and not with Waliyullahs. From the above verse it is substantiated that is nothing but due to illiteracy and ‘knowledgelesness’ of Qur’aan and Hadith. If Allah (Jal…) is conversing with a person it should be understood that He is Waliyullah. Allah (Jal…) has conversed with Imam Shazuli (Razi…) several times through (Ilhaam) mind.

Shazzan Lee Named by Allah:
Once Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…) was giving lecture to his followers and people at Shazila. A lot of muridheens were gathered around him awaiting for the words which would come out from Imam.Imam’s speech was like the water coming out of a opened sluice. Imam Shazuli (Razi…) was telling about Allah (Jal…)’s favour towards us, our duty towards Allah (Jal…), our gratitude to be shown towards him and the relationship between the universal creator Allah (Jal…) and his human creations. Listening all this from the Imam the people felt as if they were standing before Allah (Jal…). Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…) who gave speech with calmness heard a voice “Antha Shazzan – Lee”. Feeling that this voice is from Allah’s side, Shazuli Imam (Razi…) asked “Ya Allah! I am not from Shazila and then why am I called Shazuli”? “You are my most lovable”. You are with individuality and you are superior among my affectionate and hence the name (Shazzan Lee) replied Allah (Jal…).

The number of muslims following Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…) increased day by day. There were 125 thousand followers of Imam when he entered the Cairo city. From this we can know the integrity of Hazrath Sheikh Shazuli (Razi…). Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…) built a madarasa by name “AL MADRASATUL KAMILIYYA” at Cairo city where AL – AZHAR UNIVERSTY is situated today.

The knowledge of Imam Shazuli (Razi…) was explainable to the Malayikaths. Once, Imam Shazuli(Razi…) was traveling with Hazrath Abu Muhammadh Abdhullah Al Hasani (Razi…) towards a city Shazila. On the way Imam said “Oh Abu Muhammadh! you be standing there at that point you need not come in search of me”. Few minutes later Imam Shazuli(Razi…) felt uneasy, and he left his friend Hazrath Abdhullah . Suddenly some four large birds came down. That formed a queue and talked something with Imam one by one with reverence. Then a plethora of tiny birds came down and surrounded Imam. Later they all flied off.Imam asked “Oh! Abdhullah! Did you see any wonder?” Yes my Sheikh! I replied and briefed to Sheikh what I saw, and asked for its meaning.Imam replied “The four large birds were the Celestial beings (Malaks). They had a doubt and came to me for explanation and they returned with satisfaction”. The numbers of tiny birds were the soul of Waliyullahs who want to get prosperity by visiting me.

Preceptor of Siddiqeens:-
Allah (Jal…) ordered Imam Shazuli (Razi…) to go to Cairo to train up some 40 Siddiqeens spiritually. Imam too went and gave those Siddiqeens who are next to Nabis good advices. “An amallahu alaihim minan Nabiyeena Was Siddiqeena wash Shuhadhayi was Sualiheen”. “Whoever follows Allah and his Prophet, will be with those like Nabis (Messengers), Siddiqeens,Shuhadhaas and Sualiheens.Upon him Allah’s mercy is blessed, on the day of judgement. In this order it is found that Siddiqeens are prior to Shuhadhaas (Martyrs who were killed for the sake of Islam) from the above verse. Imam Shazuli (Razi…) had been a teacher to that kind of Siddiqeens! Subhaanallah!

Shariath – bridle for foretelling – instance about Sheikh Shamsudheen Hanafi (Razi…):-“If the bridle called Shariath is not locked upon my mouth, I would tell you all, what is to happen till the day of Qiyamah” said the ocean of knowledge Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…). But to prove this his statement He foretold an incident to his followers about the birth of Sheikh Shamsudheen Hanafi (Razi…).

Talking to a big gathering at the Cairo city, Imam Shazuli (Razi…) lectured “Oh my people! Listen carefully to what I am conveying today. Exactly 100 years after me, a male child will originate at Egypt. He will be Reddish white in colour. There will be a mole at his right cheek which will beautify him. He will lose his parents at his early stage and his name is “Muhammadh” He will be called “Shamsudheen”, He will be a follower of Hanafi School. He will rejuvenate “Zaviya” my madarasa. This tariqa will be spread all over the world during his tenure as 5th Khaleefa of mine. His praise & familiarity will grow high”.

Just as Imam Shazuli (Razi…) had foresaid, everything happened. People wondered and they felt proud about this incident, feeling Shazuli Imam (Razi…) as the real panacea of ever.
Introducing coffee to the world:-
During his earlier period Imam Shazuli (Razi…) had firm meditation at the Saffron hill. He spent 40 days fasting and 40 nights on prayers. Floral leaves and salt was the only food both for Sahar & Iftar. Sometimes Imam felt very tiresome and he was thinking about how to overcome this? At that time Allah (Jal…) showed coffee to Imam through some birds.

Those tiny birds wandering during day time were praying and begging God at the night. But they were brisk anytime. Making note of this Imam Shazuli (Razi…) was very much surprised. He saw those birds sitting at a tree and taking some seeds. After eating the seeds,the birds were refreshed.

Suddenly Imam collected those seeds and put it to the water and drank. What a surprise! All his exhausted-ness flied off and Imam Shazuli (Razi…) was fully brisk and refreshed.

Historians write that was the first invention of coffee till today and we are using it similarly. So the pride of introducing coffee a good refresher goes to Imam Shazuli (Razi…).
Zikr Jahri:-
When Imam Shazuli (Razi…) was at the Zawiya of Cairo he introduced the open meditation. Sheikhs of other tariqas introduced a silent way of meditating God. Unlike other Sheikhs Imam Shazuli (Razi…) preached Zikr Jahri and there is an incident behind this.

Hazrath Abu Muhammadh Abdullah who was there along with Imam while Sheikh Shazuli Imam (Razi…) was on firm meditation at the saffron hill for 40 days, narrates:I stayed there at the cave of saffron hill with Sheikh Shazuli Imam (Razi…) for 40 days. I could feel the rain of mercy of Allah (Jal…) lashing on Imam Shazuli (Razi…).”Man Kaanallahu kaana lahu kulli shaiyin”, “If a person turns himself for Allah, every matter turns for him”.

As Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…) was affectionate towards Allah (Jal…), according to the above Hadith, Allah made everything to turn to our Sheikh’s possession. One day during midnight after praying Tahajjudh, Hazrath Shazuli Imam was reciting Qur’aan. He was reciting surathul An’aam. When he crossed a verse “Wa in tha’dhil  kulla Adhlil laa yookhaz minha” means “If Allah were to go ahead to punish all human for their misdeeds, then none will survive. But Allah (Jal…) deals with them with leniency and not catches hold his slaves (Human)”.

Hazrath Shazuli Imam (Razi…) was very much joyous feeling the mercy of Allah (Jal…) and so he repeatedly recited the same verse. And his lips started pronouncing “Allah… Allah… Allah…” and as he entered a state of (Jazb) his voice grew and was in the high pitch to the extent the entire mountain shook in the direction his Holy body moved in Jazb. As Hazrath was moving up and down and at the sides, the mountain also moved vertically and horizontally the same way. This situation lasted for a while. Who ever heard that were attracted towards it.

So if one meditates loudly as “Allah… Allah… Allah…” all the five senses are being controlled over and he leaves oneness. No other thought will arise, and wouldn’t listen to anything. All the five senses of a person involved in Zikr Jahri with JAZB have no work but to say “Allah… Allah… Allah…” loudly. Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…) has showed us an easy way to unite with God Allah (Jal…). loudly. Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…) has showed an easy way to unite with God Allah (Jal…).

Revealing Himself to Sheikh Izzudeen Bin AbdusSalam (Razi…) Chief Khadhi of Cairo City:-

Wherever Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…) used to go, he would be doing (Zikr Jahri) open meditation.

Izzudheen bin AbdusSalam was a VIP of the Cairo city. He had mastered the Religious law (Fikh) and he was the Chief Khazi of Cairo City who issues religious verdict on people, and also he was very much respected by the people of Cairo. But he didn’t know about Imam Shazuli (Razi…) and Shazuliyya tariqa.

“One day Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…) after praying his subuh at “Zaaviyah” surrounded by his followers walked on the streets doing Zikr very loudly. He happened to cross a street were the Madarasa of Hazrath Izzudheen was located with the same loudness of Zikr. Kazi Izzudheen was discontented about hearing the zikr of Imam Shazuli (Razi…) and he expressed it to his students at his madarasa. “My madarasa proceedings like Qur’aan, Hadith & Fiqh elucidation have been spoilt because of this new person” said Kazi Izzudeen Bin AbdusSalam. “There is a right place, a procedure and certain rules to be followed while doing Zikr. If it is done like this on the streets and roads, its dignity lost and there is no use of doing such a Zikr” added Kazi Hazrath Izzuddeen, and all his students considered it.

Hazrath Sheikh Shazuli Imam (Razi…) who had crossed the Madarasa entered with all his followers Sulthanul Ulama, Fakeeh, Quaziyul Qullath. Sheikh Izzudheen Bin AbdusSalam(Razi…) and all his students were stunned about Sheikhs arrival.Sheikh Shazuli said to Fakeeh Izzudeen that he came to clear his doubt regarding a Religious law;Ghousul Akbar. Sheikh Shazuli Imam said “A person having spent his full night with his wife and after having intercourse with her forgets his mandatory bath and presides over a big Jamaath at the mosque. He also comes to madarasa (School) he reads and elucidates Qur’aan, Hadith and Fiqh. But all this he does unintentionally due to forgetfulness. What does Islam say about him” asked Sheikh Shazuli (Razi…).

Fakeeh Izzudheen was shocked to listen to this as Sheikh indirectly was asking about him. Kazi Izzudheen realized his mistake and asked. “Only myself and my wife knew about that and Allah (Jal…) who is aware of everything would declare to his Nabi’s through Wahi. But how come the Sheikh knows about this”. How magnificent is this Sheikh! Lamented Hazrath Izzudeen for his misdeed, asked for apologies to Sheikh Shazuli Imam (Razi…) and shifted his beliefs as a follower of Imam Shazuli (Razi…).immediately.

Hajj Event:-
Hazrath Sheikh Shazuli Imam (Razi…) performed Hajj  alot of times. Hazrath Abul Azaim Maali (Razi…) Sheikh’s Khaadhim narrates an incident happened in one of his Hajj.
After completing his rituals at Makkah Al Mukarrama, along with his followers went to Madhina Al Munawwara. On seeing the Holy Rowza Shariff of Hazrath Rasoolullah (Sal…), Sheikh Shazuli Imam (Razi…) got a Jazb (forgetting one’s self). Seeing the Holy Rowza Shariff Hazrath Shazuli Imam (Razi…) loudly recited “Salawathullahi, wa Mala’ikathithi, wa anbiyaihi, wa rusulihi, wa Jameei Khalqihi, Alaika Wa Ala Aalika, Wa Ashaabika Ajmaeen”. He repeated this Salawath again and again. After a while Hazrath Shazuli Imam (Razi…) was normal, and asked “Did you watch what happened when I was saying Salawath”? My ancestral Grand Father Hazrath Rasoolullah(Sal…) raised his forefinger and acknowledged my Salaam, hearing that I thanked Allah (Jal…).

Lailathul Qadhr:-
Hazrath Abul Abbas Ahamadh Al Mursi first (Khalifa) representative of Imam Shazuli (Razi…) narrates:
“We were traveling in the month of Ramazan and on the 26th day we reached a place called “Khairawan”. We both decided to spend the 27th night there. After completing Isha & Tharaweeh others who came to pray, left to their respective residents.
Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…) stood there to pray Thahajjadh. I saw a big & Bright ray of light shining with brilliance from the top of my Sheikh which was touching the sky. Also I could see some white birds circling that halo and flying off. Later some others came and did the same. This was happening continuously till Sahar. After our Sahar & Subuh we both continued our journey. On the way my Sheikh asked “Oh! Mursi, did you see any wonder last night”? I said “Oh! Yes my Sheikh”. What to say about the wonder which you saw yesterday. Really it was eye breaking. It lasted from the moment you started your Thahajjadh till Sahar. Really it was wonderful my Sheikh.
Hearing this, my Sheikh said “Oh Mursi! Last night was not an ordinary night it was Lailathul Qadr (Respectable Night). Yah! That was the night distinctive than 1000 months. The big white birds which you saw circling above me are the souls of Ghouses, Quthubs, Soofis, Waliyullas, who came to visit (Mulaqath) me. Oh my people! No doubt! Accept this! 27th of Ramazan is surely the Lailath Al Qadhr said Shazuli Imam.
The Miraculous journey of Hazrat Maali (Razi…):-
Imam Shazuli (Razi…) was staying at a place “Dhaman Hoor” for a certain period, which is 112 kms away from Alexandria.
One day after Asar Hazrath Shazuli (Razi…) called his Khaadhim Maali (Razi…), gave him a letter and asked him to hand it over to Fakeeh FAKRUDEEN bin Al Faayizi who is in Alexandria and asked him to get his reply.
Maali (Razi…) was hesitating to go because it was late but Sheikh Shazuliyya Imam (Razi…) forced him to go. So there was no other option for him but to travel. He went home took a sword and went on to travel.
Surprisingly he was very fast and he reached Alexandria which is 112kms in a short time. He felt that it must have been the Karaamath of Sheikh Shazuli Imam (Razi…) and he thanked Allah, His Rasool and Sheikh. He gave the letter to Fakeeh Fakhrudheen and got his reply, then started to go back to Daman Hoor. But his way was not good and he heard a cyclonic noise and the noise of galloping of horses.
Maali thought that Robbers are around and he took his sword and turned back but could find no body there. Those noises stopped and immediately he reached Daman Hoor. At that time the sky was yellowish orange and it was the time of sunset.
Eagerly expecting Maali (Razi…) Sheikh Shazuli Imam (Razi…) after receiving Fakeeh Fakrudeen’s reply, asked Maali, “How many Persons did you kill with your sword”. Smilingly asked Shazuli (Razi…).Oh! That was not the noise of robbers! Instead that was of the wings of 80,000 malayikaths (Angels like celestial beings) which I got permitted from my Rab Allah (Jal…) for your safety as you obeyed my words. They shortened your way by rolling this Earth; smilingly said Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…)Subhaanallah! What to say about the glory of the Imam towards Allah (Jal…)!
The Miraculous Duaa for the Sake of Jandhoobi (Rah.):-
Once Hazrath Shazuli Imam (Razi…) surrounded by all his followers entered the town called Al – Hisa, suddenly without any pre information. There lived a Sheikh Abu Yusuf Al Jandhoobi (Rah…). Hearing the visit of Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…). Sheikh Abu Yousuf sacrificed a sheep out of 10 which he was having for his livelihood. He made breads and other confectionaries with meat and arranged for a grand banquet for Imam Shazuli (Razi…) and all his followers.
But Shazuliyya Imam (Razi…) asked why he has cut a sheep which he was having for his livelihood. But Jandhoobi (Rah…) said “Oh my Sheikh! The day you visited our town, this is a day I consider as a real Lailath Al Qadr. If you would have come earlier I would have arranged better than this. What I have done now is nothing” said with enthusiasm.
Hazrath Shazuli Imam (Razi…) ate that delicious food with all his followers in that Banquet. In the morning after completing his subuh Hazrath Shazuli Imam (Razi…) called upon Jandhoobi (Rah…) and ordered him to bring the rest of the remaining 9 sheep which Jandhoobi did.
Sheikh Shazuli Imam (Razi…) keeping his Holy hands upon the heads and backs of those sheep’s and prayed “Oh my God! Oh the Creator and care taker of this Universe! Oh my God with Purity! Oh my helper of the needful! Multiply & produce this sheep into thousands and make this herd growth fast!”
Also Sheikh told to Jandhoobi “shortly you’ll find my dhu’aa being answered”.
Within a very short period those 9 sheep multiplied into very large numbers and the family of Jandhoobi (Rah…) benefited from that through selling & stocking for centuries together.
The Dream of a Waliyullah who doubted that Imam was a Heriditary grandson of Prophet (P.B.U.H.):-
Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…) was giving a lecture in a lake side elucidating deeply about a topic in Hadhith. Among the listeners there was a Waliyullah who belongs to a western country. While reciting the Hadhith Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…) was mentioning Rasoolullah (Sal…) as “My ancestral grandfather Rasoolullah (Sal…) each and every time, when he recited the Hadith. That Waliyullah who belonged to a western country thought in his mind “Oh! What is this Waliyullah? Claiming himself to be a grandson of Rasool (Sal…), anyway who knows!!!!” He thought by himself. The lecture was over and the gathering dispersed.

That night,the western Waliyullah (Razi…) stayed at the Zawiya of Sheikh Mujahidh (Rah…).He had a dream that night:Hazrath Rasoolullah (Sal…) appeared in that person’s dream and questioned him. “Don’t you know that Shazuli is a part of my body”? How come you got suspicion about a real and exclusive truth”? That Waliyullah replied “I didn’t say anything wrong. I thought who knows? This person could be your grandson in heredity.”Hazrath Rasool (Sal…) replied “Shazuli is my hereditary grandson. That too is my most lovable grandson. That’s me, he is mentioning when he talks about my sayings. Even in your thought, how would you get suspicion on that. Beware in future.”

Shockingly raised the Waliyullah; and in the midnight he went to Sheikh Mujahidh’s residence and briefed him about the dream. So the Waliyullah requested Sheikh Mujahidh to come along with him to ask for apologies from the Sheikh. Sheikh Mujahidh said “Go and Sleep, Let’s move in the morning”. But the Waliyullah who fell in the anger of Rasool (Sal…) couldn’t sleep peacefully and so he successfully persuaded Sheikh Mujahidh to come along with him. Both of them reached the residence of Imam Shazuli (Razi…), knocked the door to open, and introduced themselves as Sheikh Mujahidh and his friend. On seeing that Waliyullah from western side, Hazrath Sheikh Shazuli Imam (Razi…) said, Oh! I do feel pity about you. You have behaved in such a manner that Rasoolullah (Sal…) should have to make you perceive in anger that I am his grandson”.The Wali regretted a lot and asked for apologies. Even then Hazrath Sheikh Shazuli Imam (Razi…) was furious for his misbehavior. So he asked, being a Waliyullah if he can get that sort of thought in his mind Sheikh Shazuli Imam (Razi…) ordered him to be out of the town of Daman Hoor if not he will seize his waliship. Shocked to hear this ,the Waliyullah left Daman Hoor.
Message from Hadrat Abdul Qadir Gilani (Rali…) ghousul A’alam Muhaiideen sheikh (Rali.):-
Mahboobe Subhani Hazrat Abdul Qadir Gilani (Rali…) got an order from God ie “After your demisal from this world, a waliyullah called Abul Hasan Ali Ash Shadhili will originate from maghribdhiyar. He will attain an unachievable position (maqaam) of a Ghouse, so go there and inform your followers about this”.Accepting this order from Allah (jal…) Hazrat Ghousul A’alam Abdul Qadir Gilani(Rali…) left his country and after a very long journey reached Africa. 
Abdul Qadir Gilani searched a lot there and at last found Sheikh Mashish who was from Rasulullah(sal…)’s heredity. He briefed him about the incident and asked him to bring his son whom he wants to call on. Sheikh Mashish had 10 sons and brought all them before Hazrat Ghousul A’alam. But the child whom he wanted to meet was not among those 10 children. Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani asked if he had some other child he had .  Sheikh Mashish brought a boy of about a year and introduced his name to be Abdussalam. Hazrat Ghousul A’alam muhaideen Abdul Qadar Gilani greeted that child and said; only to see this child I had travelled such a long distance. This child will turn into an accomplished sheikh.Sheikh of the Sheikhs, Qutb of the Qutbs, Ghouse of the Ghouses an unrivalled Waliyullah like me. Abul Hasan Ali Ash Shadhili (Rali…) will vow to this child. I am declaring this now.

Foot on the Forehead of Waliyullahs

Once when almost all Waliyullahs were gathered at a place a voice heard from Allah’s side which said “oh Ali!…say, Your Foot is on the Forehead of all“. Obliging it, Sheikh Shadhilii Imam (Rali…) repeated the same. Agreeing with it, all the Waliyullahs and many distinguished Islamic personnel who were present there bowed their head with respect. Those who were present there on that day, considered themselves to be fortunate enough, for Shazuli Imam’s foot being placed on their forehead.

Hizbs:-Most valuable Gift from Imam Shadhili:-
Shazuli Imam (Rali…) rendered some 18 lofty Hizbs for the sake of his disciples and followers who are to follow his thareequa, “shazuliya” till Qiyamah. No other Quthb (or) Ghouse has did so.
The name of these follows.
Hizbul Bahr
Hizbun Nasr
Hizbul Barru
Hizbul Kabeer
Hizbul Anwar
Hizbun Noor
Hizbul Luthf
Hizbul Ikhfaa
Hizbut Tamsu
Hizbul Hafeeza
Hizbul Kifaayaa
Hizbush Shikwaa
Hizbul Falaah
Hizbul Makhfee
Hizbul Khaira
Hizbut Tawassal
Hizbul Aaayaath
Hizbush Shadhili
“HIZBUL BAHR” is the most important Hizb among these. Reciting these Hizbs regularly, No doubt, will yield a fruitful life in this world and the next.
Once Sheikh Shazuli Imam was asked why he has not authored any book.
 Quthbul Akbar Hazrat Imam Shadhili replied “KUTUBEE, AS HAABEE”. (Why should I author any book, when MY DISCIPLES and FOLLOWERS ARE (like) MY BOOKS).
These Golden words of Imam Shadhili were proved true, because later the Islamic world could see each and every Disciple of sheikh shadhili as a Mobile Islamic University authoring thousands of Books with the knowledge gained from Imam Shadhili.
Now everyone could understand why Imam Shadhili didn’t author any book?
Proving Imam shadhili’s words, there are hundreds of thousands of valuable books which other Sheikhs of Shadhiliya Tariqa have contributed to the world. Names of a few are as follows:
AS Salawath An Nariya
AS salawath Thafrijiya
AS Swalath Al mishishiya
Qasidatul Burdha
Qasidatul Mulariya
Qasidatul Hamziya
Dalailul Qairat
Ad Durr Al A’laa
Hizb Al Hamd
Hizb An Noor (by ibn Ata’ulla)
Hizb An Noor (by Shamsudheen muhammedh Al Hanafi)
Hizb At Thanveer
Hizb At Thauheedh
Lataiful minan
Tabaqat Al Kubra
Mafaqir Al Aliya
Minhaajul makkiya
Al Hikam
Jaamiul usool
Durrat al Asrar
Hill Al Ramz
Durrul muqtar
Qaamusul Lughat
Tajul Aroos
Sharahul Hikam
Nafahat Al Haramain
Kawakib Ad Durriya
Raulur Riyaheen
Takrib Al Usool
Anwaar Al Qudsiya
Kawakib Az Zaakira
Tafseer Jalalain
Tabaqat Al Auliya
Mawahib Al Ladunniya
These are only the tip of the ice berg. Whatever branch of Islam may be, the books on those topics will surely be authored by a sheikh of this tariqa. No doubt! Not because those sheiks were glorious in knowledge, wisdom and status but mainly because of their following of tariqat shadhiliya.

Right from the period of Imam Shadhili (Rali…) till today, i.e., for a period of nearly 800 years almost all the very Great Islamic Genius Scholars, Ghouses, Qutubs, Waliyullahs, Faqihs,Muffassireens, Muhadhiths, Great Philosophers, Persons with Spiritual Wisdom, and Haadis (Who take people in a right way) had originated from Shazuliya Tariqa .Names of a few of them are as follows:
Imam Sharfuddin Abu saeed muhammadh Al busari who stringed the holy Qasidatul Burda recited till today worldwide.
Imam Sulaiman jazuli who composed Dalailul Qairat the best ever salawat in the world.
Imam Jalaludin Suyuthi an Haafil of 3,00,000  Hadith of Rasul sallallahu Alaihi wa sallam and who authored Tafsir Jalalain.
Imam Khistalani who gave Mawahib Al ladunniya and other sacred books to the world of Islam.
Imam Munaavi who spent his life to bring out the famous Kawakib Ad Durriya and other valuable Kitabs.
Imam Ibn Hajr Al Makki who treatised the famous book Minhaaj Al Makkiya and others.
Ash Sheikh Imam Abul Adaim Maali bin Sultan who wrote Tabaqat Al Kubra a wonderful book of Spiritual knowledge in Islam.
Ash Sheikh Abdul Wahhab She’irani, a descendent of a Geneolgy of emperors, who brought out Lataiful Minan.
Apart from These Sheikhs some outstanding scholars of islam like Abdul Aleem Mundhiri (who gave an elucidation to Tirmidhi), Muhaideen bin Suraaqa, Ilmeyaasin, Tajuddin Ahmed bin Athaulla Al Iskandari, Yaqutul Arshi, Izzudeen bin Abdussalam, Shamsudeen Muhammad Al Hanafi, Abul Mawahib Shadhili (Raliyallahu tha’ala Anhum) were some among a thousands who added feathers to the cap of shadhiliya.
Apart from these sheikhs, Imam Al Auliya Hazrat Mahadi (Alai…) (who is to originate to assist Hazrat Eesa roohullah (Alai…) days before qiyama in killing Dajjal) will also enroll himself in this Tariqa Shadhiliya, This is informed by most of our sheikhs.
SIJL- Pardon from Hell:-
Allah said “Oh! Ali (Shadhili) whoever met you with true affection and respect will never turn into misfortunes. If I wish I may carry through this till Qiyamah (The day of judgement).”Then Allah handed over a big listing roll called Sijl. Hadrat Shadhili narrates that “In that roll (sijl) the names of my followers, my followers’ followers, and their followers likewise the names of all brethren members of Thareequa Shadhiliya who are to come till qiyama were found. And also it was written; all were pardoned and relieved from hell (An-Naar).”Alhamdulillah. People should realise the fruit which they could bear by following Tariqa Shadhiliya.

Foretelling His Own Death And Events:-
Shadhili Imam (Rali…) informed his muridins about his death.
At the evening of his life, Gausul Akbar Hazrat Imam Shadhili (Rali…) was living in Cairo obliging the order of Rasulullah (sal…) Hazrat Imam Shadhili (Rali…) was very much bothered and worried about, “oh my pity! This is the land where fir’aun, who claimed himself to be as god lived. Alas! Should I die, be buried, and be wakened up from such a tainted piece of land?” Lamented Imam Shadhili Suddenly He could hear a voice from the side of Allah. “Ali, do not get bothered about this. As you wish, you will get deceased at a pure and sinless land called Humaisara. You will be buried there and you will be wakened up from there”. Hearing this Shadhili (Rali…) Praised Allah (jal…) and thanked Him for His mercy.

Qutbul Akbar Shazuli Imam gathered all his followers and said, “Humaisara is the place where my qabr is to be found. Humaisara is a pure and taintless piece of desert where a small hill and some date trees are found. Also there is a well, with less water source that too very bitter. I was informed this by Allah (jal…) and I Asked, oh! My creator, my followers are huge in number. This bitter water from this well is very meagre and insufficient to them all who will be coming to ziyarat untill the last day.”

Allah replied “Ali! You need not get distressed about anything. Humaisara well will be flowing through out and will never dry, catering to the needs of the people who come there. Its bitterness too will go off and it will be as much as sweeter than any other. This entire thing will happen with your courtesy.”

Final Hajj-Incident at Humaisara predicted:-
When Shazuli Imam (Rali…) wished to perform His Hajj, He said this year, my Hajj will be a compensatory one (ie., Hajj-e-badal). None understood these words of imam. Usually when Shadhili imam (Rali…) prepares to go for Hajj, He never takes his family and followers along. But at this final Hajj Sheikh, unusually asked all his family members and followers to be prepared for Hajj and they too were about to start.
Third son of Gausul Ash’har Imam Shadhilii (Rali…), Hazrat Sheikh Sharfuddin (Rali…) narrates that incident.

A middle aged youth from Alexandria sought to perform Hajj with our father Sheikh Shadhili Imam. He had his old mother with him and his father was no more. He was longing to go with sheikh but his mother wants him to be with her. So, that youth brought his mother to the multitude of my father Imam Shazuli. That old mother uttered.”Oh my sheikh! To fulfill the wish of my son I am consenting to send my son along with you to perform Hajj. Kindly Take care of him.”Sheikh replied, “Oh sister in Islam, I’ll take care of your son until we reach Humaisara”

We all started the journey and during our travel we were to cross a deserted way. While we were travelling there, my father Imam Shadhili, and that youth who accompanied us both got fever. As per my father’s words we rushed so as to reach Humaithara as early as possible. Shortly before reaching Humaisara, that youth from Alexandria, was critical and as in his fate (Taqdir) he passed away there. We wished to bury him there. But my father ordered us to carry the coffin along with us to Humaisara, and we did so. Soon we reach Humaisara, and then we gave bath to that youth’s corpse and my father Imam Shadhili (Rali…) presided over his rituals, janaza prayer and that youth’s burial was in Humaisara. That youth got a great wisdom by having his grave at humaisara an untainted soil. Above all, that youth got a great fortune, to stay with Imam Shadhili (Rali…) untill qiyamah and to rise along with Imam Shazuli (Rali…).True Sheikh Hazrat Imam Shadhili kept the words, which he promised to that youth’s mother, to take care of her son till Humaisara also kept with him until the last day.

Last Advice-Everlasting Karaamat:
When Sheikh Shadhili Imam and his followers (Muridins) were staying at Humaisara on the way to their Hajj, Imam’s fever was high. So, Imam called maali   (Rali…) who was in personal and humble service of Imam Shadhili (Rali…) all the way and asked him to congregate all followers who were there. As it was the Time of Prayer, everyone gathered at once. Qutbul Akbar, Ghousul Ash’har Hazrat Sheikh Shadhili Imam (Rali…) gave his Last Advice (Wasiyya) in general to that congregation.

In particular Sheikh Shadhili Imam (Rali…) insisted about Hizbul Bahr, its magnificence and powers.”This (Hizbul Bahr) is equivalent to the ship of Hazrat Noohu (Alai…), those who boarded it were redeemed. Likewise those who recite Hizbul Bahr will be redeemed and liberated in both their lives of this world and next (Aaqira). This consists Ismul A’alam. Recite this daily. Make your kids, kith and kin to memorise and ensure their recital every day. Generations after generation do this as a tradition. This will fetch you goodness, prosperity and excellence”. Uttered Imam Shadhili (Rali…).

Then, Imam personally called Abul Abbas Al Mursi and gave him some advices. Also He taught him whatever He wants him to be taught and appointed Sheikh Abul Abbas Al Mursi as his first representative (Khalifa). Also Sheikh introduced Hazrat Mursi to the gathering of followers there and told them,”Oh! My most lovable disciples and followers, Mursi will lead you all from the very second of my demisal. As everything happens how Allah’s (Jal…) wishes, I’ve appointed him as my representative. After my passing away, Allah (Jal…) is to give him (Mursi) a very dignitary position.The principles he shows you will be a doorway to reach the Almighty”.
By the prosperity of sheikh’s duaa, Abul Abbas led them all, turned into a glorified Qutb and his followers reached the doorway of Allah.

Then Imam Shazuli (Rali…) presided magrib there and then called His son Sheikh Muhammad (alias) Sheikh Sharfuddin, and asked him to bring water from that well of Humaisara. Sheikh Sharfuddin with obedience looked at his father Sheikh Shadhili Imam (Rali…) and told “oh!My Sheikh and my respected father, water from that well is too bitter to drink and some soft and pure water is available with us.”

Hearing this Sheikh Shadhili Imam uttered “oh! The chillness of my eyes! the piece of my heart. As you think, I am not asking that bitter water to drink. My intention is different. Kindly bring that.”

Obliging the words of the respected father, Sheikh Sharfuddin went to that well and brought some water in a vessel. Sheikh Shadhili Imam took some water, gargled in his mouth and spitted in that same vessel and ordered His son Sheikh Sharfuddin (Rali…) to put it back in that well and Sheikh Sharfuddin followed Imam’s instructions. SUBHANALLAH! This incident stood an everlasting wonder (Karamat). Yes! Substantiating the greatness and glory of Imam Shadhili, bitter water in that well turned as sweet as honey for people to drink. Till today, the taste of that water and its level in that well at Humaisara has never changed. Hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people who come over there for Ziyarat carry over liters of water from that well to their countries.
Messages to the Followers (Murideens) by the Sheikh:-
Shadhiliya Tariqa honours it’s brethren Murids with following words.
One who truly follows Imam shadhili (Rali…), will die  fortunately. He never becomes unfortunate.
The followers of Shazuliya Thareequa are selected from Lauh-Al-Mahfuz.

Tortoises hatch and cares upon it’s younger ones with it’s vision. Similarly we provide with everything to our followers through our vision.

Our followers in this Tariqa till the last day are pardoned from (the flames of) hell through SIJL.
Even if our follower (Murid) becomes (Majtoob) Crazy of Allah, he will turn back again to the clarity.
Allah’s promise, that “Till the last day, Qutubs will originate only from Tariqa Shadhiliya”.

Demise (Wafaat) of Imam shadhili (Rali.)

After giving his last advice and exhibitng His everlasting (Karamat) wonder, Sheikh Shazuli Imam was deeply involved in zikr, Istighfar and reciting salawats. Shazuli Imam had never committed a sin in his lifetime. Continuing his efforts in reciting all the above Qutbul Akbar, Ghousul Ashar,Sheikh of all Sheikhs, Qutb of all Qutbs, Ghouse of all Ghouses, Imam of all Waliyullahs, a Descendant of Prophet Rasulullah (Sal…) through Imam Hasan (Rali…), The establisher of a Real Tariqa to Unite with Allah, the leader of all saaliheens, and a rejuvenator of Islam, Al Qutb Ar Rabbani, wal Ghouse Al Fardhani, Hazrat Seidhina Imam Noorudheen Abul Hasan Ali Ash Shadhili Raliyallahu tha’ala anhu…… left this world to Unite with Allah (Jal…) early morning at the time of “Sahar” on 12th night of the month of Shawwal in the year (1259 A.D.) 656 Hijri at Humaithara. Hazrath Imam Shadhili was 63 years of age at that time.

 Followers of Imam Shadhili (Rali…) were found very much anxious and disturbed about Imam’s demise. They were drowned in an irreparable loss which can never be compensated. All the other creations of Allah (Jal…) which were pursuing guidance from Imam shazuli (Rali…) were found lamenting, mourning the decease of Hadrath Shadhili Imam.

Sheikh Abul Abbas Al Mursi (Rali…) presided over the funeral rituals and solemnized Janaza Prayers followed by burial. This happened after the Subh Prayers on the 12th night of Shawwal 656 Hijri (1259 A.D.) at Humaisara. It is located in desert called Eesaab, some 300 kms from Cairo (Egypt) on the way to Makkah Al Mukarrama. Ibn Saffak narrates in his book Durratul Asrar, “Sheikh Mursi said: Imam’s wafat happened on 12th night of shawwal and we proceeded with funeral on 12th day at Humaisara. On the next day (ie.) 13th shawwal we could see a beautiful building built around our Sheik’s qabr. Our Sheikh’s Geneology was written on that building;we were really surprised to see this but we could understand the pride and dignity

 Allah (Jal…) had offered to our Sheikh Hazrat Shadhili Imam (Rali…)”.So, till the day of qiyama Sheikh’s followers (like us) will be proud of following such a precious Sheikh from our Prophet Rasulullah (Sal…)’s descendants.
Prostitute Entering Paradise:-
A marvelous incident held at Alexandria.

The Kazi of Alexandria Mufti Imaduddin narrates:
“In Alexandria, there lived a declared and well known prostitute who later on died. One night I dreamt her. She was in a very high position living leisurely in the heaven. Amazing to see her in such a nice position, I asked her, the life you led in the world is in no way eligible for you to get such a destiny. Then, how could this have happened? She replied. “One of the most beloved person of Allah (Jal…), Sheikh Noorudeen Abul Hasan Ali Ash Shadhili (Rali…) united with Allah on the 12th night of shawwal and I also died on the same night. For the sake of the greatness, glory and honour of that Sheikh, Allah (Jal…) who is Rahman & Raheem forgave all my sins and gifted me with jannah. Not me alone, but all the male & female muslims who died on that night all over the world, irrespective of their deeds and misdeeds were forgiven and allowed to enter heaven. Followers of that sheikh are really fortunate. Because, if sinners like me are forgiven, the followers of that sheikh will surely attain Jannat Al Firdous”.

Shocked to have such a dream Kazi Imaduddin said “promising by Name of Allah (jal…) surely this is a big pride with which Allah (Jal…) and His Habeeb Hazrat Muhammadhur Rasulullah (Sal…) gifted Imam Shazuli (Rali…). No one got and could get such a great pride. Subhanallah! What to say about our Sheikh’s greatness.!!!
Allah (Jal…) gave the honour of parenting Imam Shadhili, to a Hasani descendant of our belovedprophet Rasul (Sal…), Hadrath Sheikh Abdullah (Rali…) and Sheikh’s mother was seiyyidinaUmmu Habiba @ Sadiqul Janna. After His early life sheikh entered in matrimonial life following the sunna of Hadrath Rasulullah (Sal…) with  Bibi Fathima, who belonged to a religious and God fearing family in Alexandria. Sheikh brought up all his five children (three sons and two daughters) as greatwaliyullahs and dedicated them to Islam. Elder son was Hadrath Sayyad Ali (Rali…). Second son was Hadrath Abul Abbas Seyyadh Shihaabudeen (Rali…). Younger one was Hadrath Seyyadh Sharfuddin (Rali…). Elder daughter was Seyyidha Ruqaiya beebi who was given in marriage with Ali (Rali…) from Damanhoor. Younger daughter was seyyidha Irifatul Khair (alias) Wajeeha who was well versed in Qur’aan and Hadith. She used to give lectures to all ladies and she stood as their leader of all time.

Thus all children of Sheikh Shadhili Imam (Rali…) were glittering as Stars of Islam.



Early Life

Hazrat Abu’l Hasan was born in Bani Yafrah in the region of Ghumara, near Tétouan, in northern Morocco, in the year 593/1179 at a time when the Almohad Dynasty was all but defeated. A sharif of Hassani-Idrissite decent, he was a Maliki who wandered far afield in search of knowledge. Immensely learned, even as a young man, he was famous for his ability to engage in legal argumentation with the religions scholars of his day. As a young man, Hazrat Abul Hasan was hesitating between living the life of an ascetic in the wilderness in order to give himself up totally to worship and invocation, or to return to the towns and settlements to be in the company of the scholars and the righteous.

When he heard of a saintly man teaching Islamic sciences in the Al-Qarawiyyin university of Fez he hastened to meet him and his life changed. This man was the Sufi and scholar Hazrat Mohammed ibn Harazem (d. 633/1218), grandson of Hazrat Abul Hassan Ali ibn Harzihim (d. 559/1144) and student of Hazrat Abu Salih Mohammed Majiri (d. 631/1216), who had been instrumental in the orientation of Hazrat Abul Hassan to seek the spiritual Pole of the time (Qutb az-Zaman).

Finding his Sheikh

It was in a hermitage on top of Jabal al-‘Alam, near Tétouan, that he met the sheikh who he was searching for and who was to have the greatest influence on his life, Hazrat Abd as-Salam ibn Mashish (d. 625/ 1228), known as “the Pole of the West,” just as Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (d. 561/ 1166) was called “the Pole of the East.”

While he was living with Sheikh Ibn Mashish, on the holy mountain, many wonderful signs from Allah came to Hazrat Abu’l Hasan, through this holy guide. One such sign was that on the night of his arrival on the mountain he was sleeping at the entrance of the cave where his master lived. He dreamt that he was asking the Sheikh to grant him certain wishes, one of them being that Allah would incline the hearts of His creatures in favour towards him. Then he wished to ask his master if it was necessary for him to live in solitude, or in the desert, in order for him to be in the right station (maqam) to perform his religious tasks, or whether he should return to the towns and inhabited places to seek out the company of scholars and virtuous people. While he was turning these things in his heart he heard the Sheikh praying fervently and calling out:

O God, there are people who ask You to give them power over your creatures, and You give them that. But I, O God, beg You to turn Your creatures from me so that I may have no refuge except in You.

The next morning, when he greeted his teacher to be, he asked him of his state (kayf al-hal), to which Hazrat Ibn Mashish responded, “I complain unto God about the coolness of contentment and submission (bard al-rida wa al-taslim) just as you complain unto Him about the heat of self-direction and choice (harr al-tadbir wa al-ikhtiyar).” When he saw the astonishment on his student’s face at hearing his words, he added, “Because I fear that the sweetness of such an existence would make me neglectful of my duty towards Allah.” Then Hazrat Abu’l Hasan said, “This is the Pole of Islam. This is the Sea which overflows.” He knew then that his master had taken hold of his whole heart, and he was thereby completely illumined.

Four fundamental themes ran through Hazrat Abd as-Salam teaching of to Abu’l Hasan, as perceived from his famous Hizb, called as-Salat al-Mashishiya:

  1. the Oneness of Existence (wahdat al-wujud) which he said could be realised only through asceticism,
  2. fear of God and His judgements (khawfu billah),
  3. the belief that God is everywhere and that it is necessary to see His Face in everything that He has created,
  4. that only through the drowning in the Ocean of the Unity (awnu fi bahri al-wahadati) can the seeker cast off and leave behind his own existence and attributes to be merged and absorbed into Allah and His Attributes.

Before his departure from Jabal al-Alam, Hazrat Abd as-Salam foretold his student of his eventual move to Ifriqiya where he will become known by the name of Shadhili and the eminent spiritual station he will eventually inherit from Hazrat Abd as-Salam himself. Abu’l Hasan relates that in a dream, he saw his master standing near the Divine Throne. When he told him of this dream in the morning, Hazrat Abd as-Salam replied, “O Ali, it was not me you saw, it was the station you will inherit from me.”

O Ali, God is God, and men are men. When you are amongst the people, keep your tongue from mentioning the Sirr (secret) and your heart from imitating their ways. Be assiduous in the fulfilment of the mandatory practices of the religion and protect your bodily members from forbidden things. In you the role of sainthood will have reached fruition. Only admonish others to the degree that is obligatory upon you. And say, “O God, give me repose from their mention [of me] and from any obstacles arising from them. Deliver me from their evil. Let Your bounty suffice me from [having to seek] their bounty, and protect me among them by Your special grace. Verily, You have power over all things… O Ali, flee from men’s benevolence more than you flee from their malevolence. Because their benevolence will afflict your heart, while their evil will only afflict your body, and it is better that the body be afflicted than the heart.

The parting words of advice and admonition that Hazrat Abd as-Salam gave his disciple before he departed for Tunis emphasised the transformation of consciousness to inward and outward God-centeredness, contentment with God in all states, and the inner withdrawal from creation in prosperity and adversity. These seminal teachings of Hazrat Abd as-Salam would, through Abu’l Hasan, become the fundamental precepts of the ShadhiliTariqa.



Remaining with his master for a while, Hazrat Abu’l Hasan then departed for Shadhila, in Tunisia, on orders from his teacher; and from there he received the name of al-Shadhili. He entered a new retreat in a cave on top of Jabal Zaghwan close to Shadhila accompanied by his first companion Hazrat Abu Yahya Abdellah ibn Samala al-Habibi. After intense spiritual exercises in the Jabal Zaghwan region, he was ordered in a vision to teach Sufism.

Accordingly, he set up his first institution (zawiyah) in Tunis in the year 625/1228, just when the new governor, Abu Zakariyya’, also arrived. During his early years in Tunis, Hazrat Abu’l Hasan first taught forty students who were known as the forty friends (al-awliya al-arba’un). His new tariqah was a stunning success, drawing masses of people from all walks of life, including the sultan’s family.

On one of his trips to the East, an Ayyubid sultan conferred on him and his descendants, by way of a religious endowment, one of the enormous towers that arose from the walls formerly encompassing the city of Alexandria in Egypt.

Hazrat Abu’l Hasan reamined in Tunis for a number of years until one day God Most High brought him a young man who was to become his successor and the inheritor of his station and his holy line, Hazrat Abu’l Abbas al-Mursi (d. 686/1271), from Murcia in Spain.


The Holy Dargah of Hazrat Abu’l Hasan during his annual Urs

In the year 642/1244, the sheikh, once again had a vision. Hazrat Abu’l Hasan said:

I saw the Prophet ﷺ in a dream and he said to me, “Oh Ali, go to Egypt and raise the ranks of forty true followers (siddiqun) there.” It was the summer time and intensely hot and I said, “Oh Prophet of God, the heat is very great.” He said, “Lo, the clouds will give you shade.” I said, “I fear thirst.” He replied, “Look, the sky will rain for you every day.” He promised me many miraculous gifts (karamat) on my journey. So I instructed my followers to prepare to depart for Egypt.

Thus he left Tunisia accompanied by Hazrat Abu’l Abbas al-Mursi, his brother Abdullah, his servant Abu al-‘Azayim as well as other Sufi sheikhs and many of his own disciples, and moved to Alexandria, where he established both his residence and the institution (zawiyah) of his order in the tower the sultan had given him. Alexandria was, during this time, a distinguished city and a place of learning various major sciences.

He lived with his family on the top floor; another floor was converted into a tremendous mosque where he gave public instruction; and another floor was converted into a great zawiyah for his disciples, with cells for meditational retreat. In Egypt, likewise, his order was greatly successful, drawing into its ranks many court officials, great religious scholars like Hazrat Izz al-Din ibn ‘Abd al-Salam (d. 660/ 1262) or the Shafi ‘i traditionist Hazrat al-Mundhiri (d. 656/ 1258), a host of Sufi figures, and individuals from different levels of society.

In the year 646/1248, he became blind, and it was in that state that he participated in the Battle of al-Mansurah in Egypt, which stopped the Seventh Crusade headed by Saint Louis of France.


Shortly before Sheikh Abu’l Hasan started on his last pilgrimage to Mecca, the city of Baghdad fell to the conquering Mongols, thus ending the long reign of the Abbasids there and ushering in a new epoch in the history of Islam. The sheikh was accompanied by a mass of his disciples; but he fell ill in the eastern desert of Egypt, in a place called Humaithara, and there he died in the year 656/ 1258.


Shortly before he passed away, in 656/ 1258, Sheikh Abu’l Hasan designated Hazrat Abu’l Abbas al-Mursi as his successor in the order. After Sheikh Abu’l Hasan’s death, Hazrat Abu’l Abbas al-Mursi moved into the great tower that the founder of the Shadhiliyyah had used as residence, mosque, and zawiyah, and remained there until his death ( 686/ 1288) some thirty years later, seldom moving out to travel in Egypt.

Quotes & Sayings

1. God, I beseech Thee to be accompanied by fear, to be overcome by longing, to be well grounded in knowledge, to continue long in reflection.
2. Do not take as a companion one who prefers himself to you for he is vile. Neither take one who prefers you to himself, for he will not last long. Hold companionship with him who, when he remembers, remembers God, for God will take his place when he is absent, and bring enrichment through him when he is present.
3. If you desire that your heart should not become tarnished, that no care or anxiety should afflict you, and that no sin should remain against you, say often; “May God be extolled! May God the Greatest be extolled! There is not god at all except God!”
4. Sincerity is a light from the light of God that He has deposited in the heart of His believing servant and by which he cuts him off from all others. That is sincerity that no angel looks upon to record it, no Satan to corrupt it and evil inclination to cause it to deviate.
5. Hypocrisy is turning the heart in a religious act to other than God in a way that God has not permitted.
6. Patient endurance is applied whenever one suffers injury.
7. The understanding man is one who understands what God wills for him and from him. God wills for a servant four things; either fortune or misfortune, obedience or disobedience.
8. Mystical knowledge (marifat) is a disclosure of the science along with veil. When the veil is removed we call it certainty. The mystical sciences are garnered treasures, and the illuminations are spiritual insights. Mystical knowledge is Divine amplitude; unity (tawhid) is sincerity (sidq) wisdom is instruction (talim), and light is clarification.
9. The Sufi way is the holding of one’s course toward God by four things. The first of these four is remembrance (dhikr), the basis of which is righteous works, and the fruit of which is illumination. The second is meditation, the basis of which is perseverance, and the fruit of which is knowledge. The third is poverty, the basis of which is thankfulness, and the fruit of which is an increase of it. The fourth is love, the basis of which is dislike of the world and its people, and the fruit of which is union with the beloved.
10. Remembrance of Him is the light of the heart, and His presence is the key to the invisible.
11. The exalted man is he who is rooted in the science of reverence, who conducts himself according to the will, and not by passion, appetitive desire or natural disposition.
12. Real knowledge of what is good implies dwelling in it and real knowledge of evil implies departure from it.
13. Real prostration is the yielding of the heart to the ordinance of the Lord.
14. Real love is beholding the beloved face to face, and its consummation is your destitution in every time and season.
15. Real spiritual aspiration (himma) is the attachment of the heart of the things to which one aspires, and its perfection is the union of the heart with God while separating itself from all except Him.
16. Real nearness to God means unawareness, through nearness, of the nearness by reason of the great nearness.
17. The Sufi Shaikh is one who directs you to your ease, not one who directs you to your toil.
18. Sufism is training the self in sevitude and restoring it to the rules of Lordship.
19. The Sufi has four qualities; being characterized by the characteristics of God, abiding closely by the commands of God, relinquishing the defence of one’s self from shame before God and holding to the practice of spiritual converse by truly abiding with God.
20. The vilest of men in rank is one who is niggardly of worldly possessions toward one deserving them.
21. Anyone whose divine illumination takes precedence over his reason is blessed, but anyone whose reason takes precedence over his illumination is impoverished.
22. Unity (tawhid) is a light which makes you nonexistent to others and makes other nonexistent to you.
23. The ranks of the saints (auliya) are four in numbers: rank in respect of nearness to God, rank in the dominion, rank in respect of the fulfilment of divine obligations, and rank in respect of election.
24. Cast yourself before the door of divine satisfaction and be detached from your resolves and your will, even from your repentance because of His relenting.
25. If anyone has faith in the divine apportionment (qisma), he should not dispute the divine wisdom (hikma).
26. There are two virtues that facilitate the way to God; mystical knowledge and love. Your love for material things renders you blind and deaf.
27. Mystical knowledge is that which has severed you from everything except God and brought you back to Him
28. My teacher admonished me saying: ‘Flee from the good of humans more than you flee from their evil, for their evil afflicts your body while their good afflicts your heart, and that you should be afflicted in you body is better than that you are afflicted in your heart.
29. Each one is provided drink according to his ability. Some are provided drink without an intermediary, for God takes upon Himself directly for them. Some are provided drink by way of intermediaries, through such intermediaries as the angels, the learned and the most prominent of those who have been drawn near to God. Some are intoxicated by the spiritual consciousness of the cup without having yet tasted anything.
30. The cup is the mystical knowledge of God, the True One. He imparts from that clean, pure and clear drink to those chosen servants of His from among mankind.
31. I received my inheritance from my ancestor the Apostle of God ﷺ a hidden treasure from the treasury of the Names; and if men and jinn were to write down the things heard from me to the Day of Resurrection, they would be completely exhausted.
32. Whenever the lower self (nafs) is dominant and the spirit (ruh) is subordinate, then occurs drought and sterility, the whole order is overturned, and every evil befalls. So heed the guiding of Quran and the healing words of His Apostle ﷺ.
33. Any affliction for which a hope for reward is entertained and punishment is feared, is not an affliction. An affliction for which a reward is not hoped nor a punishment is feared-that only is an affliction.
34. The drink is the light radiating from the beauty of the Beloved. The cup is the Kindness that brings that light into contact with the mouth of the hearts. The cupbearer is He who befriends the greatest of the elect and His righteous servants.
35. Whenever man’s heart is filled with the illumination of God ana the inner soul is filled with the most exalted light, his spiritual vision becomes blind to the deficiencies and defects attached to the observance of religious duties of the common believers, on account of the most exalted praise having no end in the endless space of time that has been bestowed on him.
36. O servant of God, detach yourself from converse with the lower-self, the desire of Satan, obedience to lust, and emotion of chronic illness, and you will be righteous.
37. He says: ‘I heard someone say’: “He who is sensitive is not patient. He who burdens himself with trouble, has not resigned his affair to God. He who asks is not contented with God. He who calls for help has not trusted. These are five things, and how great is your need to be assiduous in these five!”
38. Knock on the door of the dhirk, seeking shelter with God and avowing your need of Him, with continual silence toward your fellows and the shepherding of your innermost being to guard it from conversing with the lower self with every breath, if you desire to have spiritual sufficiency.
39. Sustenance is divinely apportioned. It is not the piety of a pious man that increases it nor is it the impiety of a impious man that diminishes it.
40. It is incumbent upon you to observe the five means of purification consisting in sayings and the five means of, purification consisting in acts, and to remain clear of claiming the power and strength of God for yourself in all circumstances. Plunge with your mind into the inner meanings of the sayings subsisting in the heart, and emerge from them and speak directly to the Lord. Preserve God in the heart and He will preserve you. Keep God in mind and you will find Him in front of you. Worship God with these means of purification and be of the thankful ones.


A Eulogy to Abu al-Hasan al-Shadhili

“And whomsoever allies themselves with God and His messenger and the believers, [then know that] truly the party of God is the triumphant.”

Your (O Abu al-Hasan) allegiance to God came forth from your own inner struggle. Your allegiance to His Messengerﷺ came forth from your adherence to his Sunnah. Your allegiance to the believers came forth from your taking the leaders of the past Muslim nations as models.


He is the Qutb, Ali son of Abdullah, son of Abulhijaz. He was of a large build and whose lineage goes back to Imam al-Hasan, the brother of Imam al-Husayn, may God be pleased with them all.

He was born in the year 593 AH in an area named Ghumara (Morocco), close to the city of Sabta in the region that is known for the saint of God and scholar Sayid Abdulraheem al-Qinawy.

He memorized the Noble Quran, the Prophetic Hadith literature and Islamic legal theory when he was of a young age. When the time was ripe, God allowed him to appear as a blessing for all time. So God struck his heart with the light of gnosis.

The seeker’s journey can never be complete without pious companionship and a sincere Shaykh. So he set out on a journey to Baghdad hoping to find an experienced Shaykh that could guide him on the path. There, he met many saints. Among them are Sayyid Abi al-Fathy al-Wasty whose tomb is presently in Alexandria. One of the saints of Baghdad told Abu al-Hasan:

“You seek the Qutb in Iraq when he is already there in your country so return and you will find him there.”

He returned to his Morocco and said before continuing on: “I embarked (to meet the Shaykh) and I found him living in Maghara on the summit of the mountain so I performed ritual bathing at the foot of the mountain and detached myself from all that I know and ascended the mountain toward him impoverished when all of a sudden I found him descending to me and receiving me, saying: “Welcome O Ali, son of Abulhijaz” and he continued to mention my entire lineage going back to the Emissary of Godﷺ, then he said to me: “You ascended upon us detached from all that you know so you gained the wealth of this world and the next.”

So I stayed with him days until God opened up my inner eye. That Qutb (I was with) was Sayyid Abd al-Salam bin Masheesh who lived his life in worship, whose knowledge was plentiful and whose lineage goes back to Sayyid al-Hasan, son of the Imam Ali, son of Abu Talib may God be pleased with them.” The tomb of Abd al-Salam bin Masheesh is in Morocco.

Then Abu al-Hasan began his journey to Shadhula where he directed himself to the mountain of Zaghwan to focus on the worship of God. He was accompanied during this journey by the pious saint Muhammad al-Habiby who mentioned that the angels and spirits of the saints surrounding Abu al-Hasan were conversing with him and listening to his words. This is not such a strange thing since in the Noble Quran God The Greatest has said: “Truly the ones who have proclaimed “[O]ur Lord is God” and proceeded with perseverance, the angels descend upon them [saying] “do not fear or be saddened and rejoice for the paradise that you have been promised. We are your allies in the life of this world and the next. In it is all that you desire and for you is all that you ask.””

The Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali (may God be pleased with him) says: “In the beginning of the path divine disclosures begin until they occur even in the waking state, witnessing the angels and the spirits of the Prophets. They hear their voices and capture from them differing benefits. It was narrated in Sahih al-Bukhari that our master Omar bin Haseen was spoken to by angels.”

Then Abu al-Hasan proceeded from Shadhula to Tunis. It was mentioned that he was afflicted by the evil eye but God gave him victory over those perpetrators when he saw a vision of the Prophet Muhammadﷺ saying: “O Ali, proceed onwards to the abodes of Egypt for surely you will raise up 40 truthful saints. So he departed to Egypt starting with Alexandria where he married. God provided him with the gift of pious offspring. So he became known as Shadhili since that is where he came from.

Al-Shadhili used to dress in fine clothes and he used to say “know God and then be as you please. So whomsoever knows God there is no harm if he eats well.” He used to say: “My son, drink your water cold since if you drink it hot and then praise God you would have said it without concern. And if you drink cold water and praise God, all the members of your body would have responded with praise to God.” Al-Shadhili used to ride the high caliber horse and say “do not be extravagant by escaping the world lest it drapes you in it’s darkness or allow your limbs to become soft towards it lest they relapse back in its grip after they were liberated from it.” From Alexandria, Abu al-Hasan wrote to some of his companions saying:

“I write to you from Alexandria, may God protect it, where we are bathing in God’s blessings.”

Soon after some of his students arrived and settled in an area called Kum al-Dikka where in its vicinity was the best of saints and scholars from them was the Master Abu al-Abbas al-‘Morsi and the Master Abu al-Qasim al-Qabari and the Shaykh Makeen al-Deen al-Asmar and the rest that Alexandria knew so well at the time.

He used to (may God be pleased with him) give his lectures in the Mosque called al-Atareen where all his teachings would be built upon the foundations of the Qur’an and Sunnah and the importance of seeking provision. He proclaimed that Islam does not teach that the aspirant remains passive and unemployed asking others for help.

He (may God be pleased with him) proceeded to Cairo where he gave his speeches in the Mosque named al-Miqyas in the Rawda or the school of al-Kamilia that was instituted by the Sultan al-Kamil, son of the victorious Sultan Salahudeen al-Ayubi in the beginning of the 7th century AH. Many philanthropists donated to this school for the learning of Hadeeth literature especially. So much so that it was given the alias name Dar al-Hadeeth (The House of Hadeeth). Many graduated from this school having been raised by Abu al-Hasan with the Qur’an and pristine Sunnah. He was never distracted to publish a book. Even when he was asked about his books he would reply they are the books of my colleagues. He (May God be pleased with him) used to say: “The book al-Ihya (Revival of the Religious Sciences) by al-Ghazali engenders knowledge and the book Qut al Qulub (Pearl of the Hearts) by al-Mekki engenders divine light.” He used to say to his colleagues: “If you are in need of something from your Lord than seek it through (tawwasul of) Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali.

Abu Hasan says (may God be pleased with him) “when I embarked upon Egypt I was told: “O Ali, the times of tribulation and test have gone and the days of blessing have come upon you.”” He visited many cities of Egypt including Damanhoor, Mansoura and most of the cities in the of the North as well as the south. He also traveled to Palestine, Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. He toured the many cities of the Islamic world and described one meeting he had: “I met someone during one of my travels and a man told me, “There is no stronger statement to aid the good deeds except “La hawla wala Quwata illa billah, Fafiru ila Allah, wa atasimu billah.” (There is no cause of change or power except with God, so flee to God and I hold tight to God)

The Shadhili spiritual path was therefore established on the foundations of the Qur’an and Sunnah as well as seeking work to provide for oneself as a foundation of the Sacred Law. He says (may God be pleased with him), “Whomsoever calls to God with that which was not called to with by the Emissary of Godﷺ, then he is an innovator. If your divine disclosures contradict the Qur’an and Sunnah, ignore the divine disclosure and say to thy self: God has guaranteed me protection by following the Qur’an and Sunnah but did not guarantee me protection in my divine disclosure, inspiration or divine witnessing.” He (may God be pleased with him) disliked the unemployed aspirant since he saw work as a form of worship. He himself used to farm the land and raise animals and horses while also tending to the needs of the Muslims and their respective countries. He used to say “We do not command the aspirant to leave his job since the companions spent their lives with the Emissary of Godﷺ and he never told any merchant to leave his business or to a skilled laborer to leave his trade. Instead, he insisted that they continue their professions while being conscious of God.

It cannot be forgotten when he went to Mansoura along with other saints and scholars after they heard that battles had ensued with the Crusaders. In these circumstances, he did not house his elite group of scholars that accompanied him in comfortable homes but instead they toiled until they reached Mansoura where they set up camp in the middle of the army barracks. They marched in the streets to raise the morale of the troops and the locals. They recited the Noble Qur’an, the Prophetic Hadeeth, and litanies in abundance. They continually expressed hopes of victory to God in a supplicative manner. Al Shadhili was busy with this mission night and day until he saw a vision of the Prophetﷺ giving him the good news of a near victory. And so that victory truly came with God’s grace as He (High is His existence) has said: “O believers if you strive to bring victory to God He will give you victory and plant your feet in steadfastness.”

Abu al-Hasan (may God be pleased with him) continued calling men to God in Egypt on the path of true insight and guidance until the month of Shawwal in the year 656 AH where he began the holy journey of pilgrimage to Mecca. When he reached the region known as Humaythra in the Edlib Desert near the coast of the Red Sea, he gathered his companions on one of those nights and advised them to hold strongly to”Hizb al-Bahr” (The verses from his litanies) and told them: “Teach this to your children for truly within it is the greatest name of God.” He then secluded himself with Abu al-Abbas al-Morsi and endowed him with the special knowledge that God had endowed him with. He then appeared to his companions saying “When I die you are to take Abu al-Abbas al-Morsi as my successor for he will have a great role to play amongst you. He is a door from the doors of God.” Then Abu al-Hasan spent a night dedicating himself to God and repeating His Noble name “Ilahy, Ilahy” until the break of morning where he performed ritual bathing and prayed two units of prayer and there in the year 656 AH God took his soul in his final prostration.

From his miracles that still linger is that after Abu al-Hasan arrived in the region of Humaythra, it began to have enough fresh water to quench the thirst of the wayfarers yet this did not happen before. From his famous statements (may God be pleased with him) that would heal anyone who repeated them are:

“If the whispers and bestirring of the self increase then say: Subhan al-Malik al-Khaliq, “In yash’a yuthhibakum wayatee bikhalqin Jadeed wama thalik ala Allahi be azeez. (Praise be to the King, the Creator, if He wishes he will do away with you and bring a new creation instead and this is not overwhelming for God.)””

“If you receive an increase in the worldly realm or the next then say: “Hasbuna Allahu Sayuteena Allahu min Fadleehee wa rasuluhu inna ila Allahi raghibun. (God suffices us, He will give us from His grace as well as His Emissary. Truly we are all returning to God).””