Hazrat Hazrat Baba Tajuddin r.a

Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Dargah




    His name was Mohammed Tajuddin  but also he was well known as  Chiragdin. His name is well known and famous as  Baba Tajuddin  and his Alqab (epithets) are  well known  and famous as follows.

  1. Taj Auliya
  2. Taj Millat Wa Din
  3. Taj Arifin
  4. Taj al-Mamluk
  5. Siraj Salikin
  6. Shahinsha Haft Aqlim

       Regarding his epithet  Shahin Shah Haft Aqlim which is required explanation in this matter  and its brief explanation and details are that Allah has divided  all the  world   as per the system of creation in seven parts and which are generally known as  Haft Aqlim. So for this reason of creation of the universe is  for the sake of  the last prophet of Allah and Baba Tajuddin was his deputy and under his  control and administration, there will be function  Haft Aqlim (the whole world) and so for this reason he was well known as Shahinsha Haft Aqlim



                                      2.His ancestors


     Hazrat Baba Tajuddin  belongs to descendent of  Hadrat Imam Hasan Askari and from a descendent of Fazil Mahdi Abdallah Arab  who has migrated to India and he was settled down in the southern sea coastal area of Madras region. During the journey of the  period of Fazil Mahdi Abdallah towards India his two sons  were with him and whose names are as follows with him.

  1. Hasan Mehdi Jalaluddin
  2. Hasan Mehdi Rukunuddin

     Baba Tajuddin belongs to the  descendent of Hasan Mehdi Jalaluddin. Baba Sahib’s relatives came to India during  the Mughal period  as an army officer. The Mughal King of Delhi has awarded him village Aharnam as an estate to him. During the rule of King of Delhi Faraq Sair the governor Nawab Malagarh was becoming  angry with him and he has taken away village of Ahrnam from him and so for this reason his position now remained as cultivator only.

    The  name of grandfather of Baba Sahib’s name is  Jamaluddin and his father’s name is Baderuddin Mahdi and who was governor of Sagar depot and who used to reside in Aharnam village and Sagar was located in the Central Province of India under British rule. His mother’s name is Maryam be.


                                    3.Blessed birth

   The wife of Hasan Mahdi Baderuddin has seen one  impressive dream and in that dream she saw  the moon is shining brightly in the sky  and in the atmosphere there is full  of moonlight everywhere. At once at that time the moon was turned down like  a ball and  has fallen down in her lap and with its light all the universe was started shining with brightness. The interpretation of this grand dream came in the shape of the blessed birth of Hadrat Baba Tajuddin.

    As per general tradition his holy blessed birth has taken place on 5th Rajab 1277 Hegira Islamic year corresponding to 27th January 1861.He was born at the time of morning prayer at place Kamti in Nagpur. His daughter’s son Qalender Baba Auliya has written  in his  book ‘Tadhkiratal  Tajuddin Baba’ which is as follows.

  “ Even  after  research and investigation maternal grandfather’s year of birth was not known. During the life of  a senior   maternal grandfather (brother of Tajuddin Baba) he was young one and my father was not interested in this matter. He was heard by senior grandfather that at  the time of  the 1857 revolt  by Indians against British rule in India Baba Sahib was  a few years older.”

    While keeping the above two traditions before us then also there will be remaining difference of some years in his date of birth.

   Like generally boys at the time of his birth, he did not weep and but his eyes were closed and his body was silent at that time. Upon seeing this condition the women who were present there were thought that the boy was born as dead. So as per practice of olden days something was burned in the fire and made hot and blemish was done on his forehead and soles then Baba Sahib was weeping and was become silent and has seen  around all sides.

                                          4.Early life

    Still Baba Sahib was one year old and at that time his father was dying and when he was nine years old then his mother  left this world. Upon death of his parents, his maternal grandmother and  maternal grandfather and maternal uncle  were taken him under their sponsorship.

  At the age of 6th year Baba Sahib was admitted into the school. One day he was listening the lesson in the school and at that time one holy person of the time Hazrat Abdullah Shah Qadri came over to the school and  he told the teacher as follows.

“ This boy is already being taught and there is no need of education for him.”

   During the childhood Baba Sahib was not interested in the other things except studies. He was used to like very much loneliness instead of playing games. Till the age of 15 years he has completed the following studies.

1.Reading of  the Quran





                                        5.Military Service


   Once upon a time there was severe flood in the river Kanhan in Nagpur and in the overflow and flood water all belongings of the relatives of Baba Sahib were washed  away in the river  water. And for this reason due to lack of means and poverty he was joined in the army service and he was getting a job in the regiment number eight  (Madras platoon) and at that time he was 18 years old.

   After some time his regiment has been posted  to Sagar region and his maternal grandson Qalender Baba  has written that “  After his recruitment in the army he was posted in the Sagar depot. In the night after roll call after nine o’clock Baba Sahib used to visit in the mausoleum of Baba Dawood Makki and he used to be busy  in meditation  and  observation there till the morning time  and at the morning time at parade schedule timings he will use  to come back to the army camp and in  this engagement he has spent  a period of two years. Even for a period two years, he was used to be present at the above mausoleum for two times in a week.  Till he was in Sagar  he was following the above scheduled there on the regular basis.

    In Kamti when his maternal grandmother  has come to know that her grandson used to be out during the night time  from the house and so she thought that her grandson may be affected by the company of the bad persons so for this reason she came from Kamti and stayed in Sagar to enable to know where her grandson used to go in  the night time. And she was able to know that it was found correct that her grandson used to go outside during  night time. One night when he was out in the night and he has come back in the morning time so her grandmother presented before his breakfast, but he did not eat it by saying that he does not need of it. Due to this reply her grandmother was worried very much so she was determined that she will follow him in the night time and check where about of him in this matter.

   When he has proceeded towards a deserted place in the night  so her maternal grandmother secretly followed him slowly behind him and she has seen there that Baba Sahib has entered into the mausoleum building and upon waiting for the sometime then she has entered into the shrine and she has found that Baba Sahib was engaged  in recitals as well as in mediation there. Upon seeing the grand son’s worship and mystical exercise to such a great extent and then for this reason her worries about Baba Sahib was no more with her in this matter. She has prayed very much for Baba Sahib and  she has come back from there silently.

  When Baba Sahib has come back in the morning and saw her maternal grandmother and at that time there were some small stones in his hands. When she has presented him breakfast then he has shown her small stones and  he told her that he used to eat this sweets and upon saying this he began eating the those stones like sweet items. Upon seeing this condition of Baba Sahib, his grandmother could not say anything in this matter.

                                              6.Two Jobs

    Slowly there was  a condition of engrossment has begun prevailing upon Baba Sahib. And in those days there was happening one event which has put the foundation of his life’s next stage. In the army camp, Baba Sahib’s duty was posted on arms depot. One night Baba Sahib was there on his duty at arms depot at the time of two o’ clock in the night an English captain has come  to check the arms depot suddenly   and he was  in satisfactory condition with his alert duty there and he has gone from there and he has passed at a distance of half furlong from a mosque and  the  courtyard of the mosque was shining in the moon light and he has seen there the same soldier which was at the duty at arms depot and who was busy in the prayer and worship with deep attention and care there. So the captain was becoming angry upon seeing the carelessness of the soldier there and he has come back to arms depot and upon hearing the sound of footsteps of the captain the soldier has called him halt. The captain has proceeded further and he was surprised to see that Baba Sahib was there on his duty and upon seeing this and without saying anything in this matter he has left the  arms depot and he has reached small mosque to check on this matter again and he was much surprised that  a soldier was busy in worship and prayer with deep attention and care there. So again  for his checking he has reached the arms depot and he has found Baba Sahib on his duty there. So he went again to small mosque and he has found the  same scene there.  

      On the next day the captain  called Baba Sahib before senior officer and he has told him that he has seen him in two places in the last night. I think that you are special personality of God. And upon hearing this there was a condition of majestic  which was prevailed upon him and he has  brought military uniform and other things before  the captain and told him  that  “ Sir take  these things now he cannot do two jobs.” Upon saying this he has left from the  military area in the condition of  magnificent and engrossment. In Kamati it was informed to his relatives that there was  an attack of madness upon Baba Sahib and he has left the military service. So his maternal grandmother  was worried in this matter and she has reached in  Sagar and she has seen that upon her grandson  there  is the condition of  unconsciousness and she has taken  him to Kamti  while thinking him as a patient of insanity and  she has started his treatment there for this reason. But there is nothing happened in this matter as there was no illness was there with him. For a period of four years there was prevailing upon him the condition of engrossment and passion. So the people began him, teasing  and disturbing while thinking him as a mad person.  But there were some persons were also there who used to watch his condition of Majzub  (one  lost in divine meditation) and they have found in it signs of consciousness and condition of  saintliness (Velayat) and so for this reason they began respecting and giving admiration of him.

                                 7.Spiritual  Masters

    There is no such proof available that Baba Sahib has pledged on  the hand any person. The reliable  source, it has confirmed that in the world he did not have his spiritual master. But even though there are two personalities are there for them there is nearness and  connection have been established  by him and the details are as follows.

  1. Sufi Saint of Qadiriya order  Hadrat Abdulla Qadri
  2. Sufi Saint of Chistiya order  Hadrat Baba Dawood Makki

     Hadrat Abdulla Qadri is that pious personality who has visited the school of Baba Sahib in his childhood during his beginning period of education and who has said that this boy is already educated and there is no need of education. The mausoleum of Abdulla Qadri is situated at  the railway station of Kamti. During his youth period Baba Sahib used to  present in the service of the Hadrat Abdulla Qadri. As per the tradition of custodian of  the mausoleum of Hadrat Abdulla Qadiri  that when last time of Hadrat Abdulla Qadri came near then at that time Baba Sahib came to see him there. At that time a glass of juice was prepared and was given to Hadrat Abdulla Qadri and who has drunk some sips of it and remaining juice was given by him to Baba Sahib and who drank the juice at that time.

     Baba Dawood Makki who was caliph of Shamsuddin Turk Panipati and Shamsuddin Turk has got caliphate from Hadrat Maqdoom Saber Klari. Baba Makkai was arrived in Sagar upon the instruction of his spiritual master and also he was dying there and it seems that there are no caliphs of him  and 400 years upon his death, Baba Sahib came to Sagar due to his job in the military service  and he has spent two years at his mausoleum in mystical exercise and meditation there. As per tradition here, there was transferred into him spiritual connection of the Chistiya Sufi Order  by method of Owasia. The Owasia spiritual method is such system in which  Salik (student) will be benefitted by the soul of the pious  personality who were passed away from the world. It is such favour which is transferred into Salik (student) from the Sufi master even he is not available bodily there. It is such connection and favour which was available to Hadrat Owaise of Qarni from the last prophet of Allah and for which Hadrat Owaise of Qarni has got  the knowledge and favour in this matter.

   Hadrat Baba Qalander has mentioned that  Baba Sahib has  a connection from Abdulla Qadir and with him  the connection of Chistiya Order was transferred  on the mausoleum of Baba Dawood Makki but his education and training has been completed by the last prophet of Allah and Hadrat Ali  and Hadrat Owaise of Qarni. Also Baba Sahib has got favour and benefits of souls of great pious personalities. In saying of Baba Sahib there are available many  signs of favour and benefits of  Hadrat Owaise of Qarni.  He used to mention his standard and level of Velayat (saintliness) by saying as follows.


Our name is Taj Mohiuddin

Taj Moinuddin


Some  time Baba sahib  used to say as follows.

Our name is Taj Auliya, Taj Millat Wa Din, Shahinsha Haft Aqlim, Syed Mohammed Baba Tajuddin.

8.Genealogical  record of  the Sufi Order of Chistia traces back to the last prophet of Allah.

The last prophet of Allah

Hadrat Ali (R.A.)

Hasan Basri

Abdul Wahed Zaid

Fazil bin Ayaz

Ibrahim bin Adham

Khaja Sadiduddin Huzefa Marsi

Hubera Basri

Mamshad Denuri

Abu Ishaque Shami

Abu Ahmed Abdal

Abu Mohammed Abdal

Nasiruddin Abu Yousuf

Qutubuddin Maudud Chisti

Haji Sharif Zindani

Khaja Usman Haruni

Khaja Moinuddin Chisti

Khaja Bakhtiar Kaki

Khaja Fariduddin Ganj Shaker

Maqdoum Alauddin Sabir Kalari

Khaja Shamsuddin Turk Panipati

Baba Dawood Makki

By the way of Owasia

Hadrat Baba Tajauddin


9.Genealogical record of  the  Sufi Order of Qadria  traces back to the last prophet of Allah.


The last prophet of Allah

Hadrat Ali (R.A.)

Imam Hussain

Imam Zain al-Abidin

Imam Mohammed Baqer

Imam Jafer Sadiq

Imam Musa Kazim

Imam Ali Reza

Maruf Karqi

Sheikh Safiuddin

Abul Hasan Sirri Saqti

Junaid Baghdadi

Abu Baker Shibli

Abdul Wahed bin Abdul Aziz

Abul Farah Yousuf Tartosi

Abul Hasan Ali Hankari

Abu Saeed Mubark Maqzumi

Sheikh Abdul Qader Jilani

Abdul Aziz

Syed Mohammed al-Hatak

Syed Shamsuddin

Syed Sharafuddin

Syed Zainuddin

Syed Waliuddin

Syed Husamuddin

Syed Nooruddin

Syed Mahmud Darwesh

Syed Qadri

Abdul Jalil

Syed Abdullah Shah

Hadrat Baba Tajuddin








                             Lunatic Asylum Nagpur

    After leaving his military  service Baba Sahib began to live in Kamati. At that time there were very much passion and engrossment which  was prevailed upon him and it was  a very high degree. The people used to mention his passion and engrossment, as insanity.  But at that time some events were happening  so for this reason among the people his personality  came as a person of miracles and a person of favour  and which  was improved among the general persons there. And some days it was happened that a large number of the people of grievances and problems as well as devotees gathered around him. Always a large number of people used to gather around him and they want to seek his help and assistance for their  illness  matters and problems and its continuance was developed to such extend that day and night was became same for these matters  and to redress the problems of the people in grievances and illness. One day Baba Tajuddin has said  that “ The people used to give him trouble so he will go back into a lunatic asylum.” And so such were the conditions which were prevailed and he was transferred to hospital for mad persons in Nagpur and the date of his entry there is 28th August in the 1892.

    Baba Sahib has turned mad persons hospital as pious persons building. Soon the superintendent and doctors of the hospital were able to learn that the personality which has entered in the hospital is  the personality which is having divine approval. The hospital superintendent Doctor Abdul Majid and Doctor Kashinat used to pay very much respect  for him. Both of them used to cleanse his bed and take care of food supplies for Baba Sahib personally.

    During the period of stay of Baba Sahib in a lunatic asylum his passion and engrossment was decreased and he was used to live in the condition of consciousness always. In his condition of consciousness also there was  a continuance of many miracles which were done by him there and its continuance was not stopped. And it seems in this matter that these things with him were not as miracles or supernatural acts, but such things with him are as normal acts.

   One evening in the hospital, he was locked in the room  with  its prescribed time and main door of the hospital was also closed there. In the next morning when the guard of  the hospital opened the main door, then he was found Baba Sahib was standing outside of the door waiting for the door to be opened there so that he can enter into the hospital. The guard was surprised to see Baba Sahib  is standing there and immediately he has informed the superintendent of the hospital and in charge doctor on this matter. They reached there immediately and they have taken Baba Sahib inside of the hospital and taken to his room and they find his door was locked there. They have already understood that Baba Sahib is not an ordinary personality and for this reason they did not say to him anything in this matter and but their devotion and affection was further increased to  a great extend and the news of this supernatural act was spread in the whole city of Nagapur so for this reason  a large number of people in crowds began visiting  him in the hospital.

     After this event Baba Sahib used to come out from his room, usually in the morning time and used to sit on any of the chairs and benches which were available there at the back side of his room. Then people used to visit him and want to get a  solution of their problems and Baba Sahib used to give solution to their problems and difficulties. Due to increase of the  large number of crowds of general and special persons so for this reason  the government has imposed fees of the entry in the lunatic asylum and but after some period of time the visiting fee system was stopped by the government order. In the court of Baba Sahib poor, rich, as well as officers and also employees use to be present there. Some of the famous and well knows persons  and their details are mentioned as follows.

1.Sir Anthony Mac Donald, Chief Commissioner of the Central Province and Barar

2.Row, the Civil Surgeon

3.Moti, Superintendent of the police

4.Khan Bahadur Velayat Khan additional Commissioner


    During this period area of Sakardara and Waki and other areas were belongs to Maha Raja Raghuji Rao and grand palace and its attached long and wide garden were there in Sakardara. Raja Rahogji’s daughter in law and wife of his son Vinayak Rao was pregnant and the time delivery was near but there no delivery was happening. In this situation, a team of doctors and lady doctors were present there in the palace, but they tried their best but they were not successful in this matter. Due to pain, Rani Saheba became unconscious there and by evening time there was no effect of a healthy or hopeful change in this matter. At evening time all doctors have a meeting and have given the decision mutually that the boy was dying and if the boy will not be taken out of the body of Rani Sahiba then she will die soon. There was a condition of suspense which prevailed upon Raja Raghvir and he did not accept the decision of the board of doctors in this matter. At the time of six o’clock in the morning Raja Sahib was finished his worship rituals in the palace and at that time his driver was entered there and he told him that “Sir, do act what he is saying and accompanying with me to lunatic asylum where a person of God is there and all persons are getting favour from him. You also seek help for younger Rani Sahiba from him.”

    Raja Raghuji Rao stood at that time immediately and entered the car without wearing the footwear. The driver ran the car at most possible high speed and has stopped the car at the lunatic asylum. When the superintendent of the lunatic asylum and doctor come to know the information on this matter, then have come there by running at the main gate and welcomed him there. The driver told Raja Sahib to stay there in the car and he went to see Baba Sahib on the lawn and he requested as follows.

   “ Sir, Raja  Sahib of Sakardara Estate came here and want your  permission  for your  visit and  want to get  the blessing of  touching your foot.” Baba Sahib told him,  “We are beggars and what is a work of  the Raja Sahib with us.” Upon too much request of the driver Baba Sahib became silent and while thinking his silence as his permission the driver went from there and he has reached to Raja Sahib and told him as follows.

“ Dear sir, rush immediately and hold the foot of Baba Sahib.” Raja was entered into the room and hold the foot of Baba Sahib and sat there. Baba Sahib  looked at him one time and told him “  What are you doing here  to go there the boy was born and celebrate  the occasion with happiness and joy.” The driver was a devotee of Baba Sahib and he knows well about a particular  style of Baba Sahib and he has told Raja Sahib that “ Raja Sahib let us leave from here as our work was over here.” And upon saying this he has noted down in his book time of Baba Sahib’s prediction about the birth of the baby boy.

     When Raja Sahib has returned back to his palace and he has heard the sound of flutes and small trumpets there. He has seen smiling and happy faces of the persons who are coming and going from the palace and all were exchanging their congratulations to each other. When the car reaches the palace, then all of them gathered around the car and were given the news of the boy and they have conveyed their congratulation to Raja Sahib on the occasion of the birth of the prince in the royal palace. Upon this good news, Raja Sahib has given orders to open the treasury and to distribute money among poor and needy persons on this occasion. The driver told Raja Sahib to prepare horoscope  and to check the right time of birth of the prince with doctors.” The Pundits (Brahmin teacher) and  the doctors have declared the same time when Baba Sahib was given his prediction of the birth of a prince and at that time he has said that     

     “What are you doing here  to go there the boy was born and celebrate  the occasion  with happiness and joy.”


                                    11.Stay in Sakardara


  When Raja Raghuji Rao has seen the great miracle of Baba Sahib then he became captivated by him and in his mind, Baba Sahib’s love and affection were entered. The Raja Sahib through the Commissioner of Nagpur has submitted papers of surety of Baba Sahib in the month of September 1908  and he has brought Baba Sahib in his palace of Sakardara from a lunatic asylum. The Raja has taken Baba Sahib to his palace in the procession in which many thousand people of all religion and caste participated and in the procession  Raja Sahib was mounted on the elephant with Baba Sahib and before him, there were many decorated horses and camels were there.  And before the procession royal band was there who was singing songs and at the two sides of the way there were a large number of people who were standing there for paying their respect and love and they were showering flowers.

   Raja Raghuji Rao has opened big front side of his palace for use and stays of Baba Sahib there and now favour of the fountain of Baba Sahib was started for the palace of Sakerdara instead of a lunatic asylum.  During day and night, people use to be present around Baba Sahib and Baba Sahib in his particular style used to talk with them in the mix condition of consciousness and unconsciousness and which will be understood by the concerned persons immediately there. It usually happened that when Baba Sahib say something or mention somebody’s name and say something about him, then after some time that person will come there and that person will say the same thing has happened which Baba Sahib was already predicted some time ago.



                                         Stay in Waki


     After staying in Sakerdara with Raja Raghuji  Rao then Baba Sahib went to Waki and he has stayed with Kashi Nath Patel. Kashi Nath has done good service of Baba Sahib there and left nothing for the service of Baba Sahib. He tried his best in a possible manner that there will no discomfort to Baba Sahib there.

   Now the people’s march was turned towards Waki and where Baba Sahib used to pass his most of time in the grounds and forest areas. Baba Sahib used to wear long shirts and used to walk without footwear and people used to walk with him and submit their request to him at that time.

    In Waki, there was a mango tree near his place of stay and Baba Sahib use to call that place as a hospital and where hopeless patients used to stay there. Baba Sahib used to give instruction to patients to stay there.

    The place which was near the hospital which was called by Baba Sahib as school and where those students who used to come there for prayer and increase of the knowledge and wisdom then for them he used to advise them to stay there for this purpose. Even today, for an increase of memory and mind people, used to stay there in the school.

    Baba Sahib was given the name of the mosque a place near of his stay. Where ever he used to stay, then he used to mark one place as a  mosque. For people of doubts and with apprehension and, disturb in thinking and for them Baba Sahib used to give them instruction to stay in mosque area.




                               Return back to Sakerdara


    During the stay of Baba Sahib in Waki, Raja Raghuvir  Rao used to visit him on a regular basis and used to think his service as the most important for him. Raja Sahib’s sincerity and service have brought back Baba Sahib to Sakerdara once again.

   In Sakerdara Baba Sahib was staying in the palace of Raja Sahib and the palace is situated one and a half mile from the railway station and from the central road one small road goes to Raja Sahib’s palace. On this road on both sides Baba Sahib’s servants and people who were favoured  and benefitted by him are living there and in general words, they are well known as sons of Baba Sahib. The personality of Baba Sahib which has turned Sakerdara as like a city and always there was an available gathering of a large number of people there.



                                              Daily life


    Baba Sahib was not interested in his schedule and always whether his life period, which is spent in Sakerdara or in Waki, the people used to see him that he was sitting just now near a river and after some time people will find him sitting under a tree in the forest area.

   In Sakerdara at the time of four o’clock in the morning, usually tea will be offered to him and from that time people used to gather around him. Baba Sahib used to drink some tea, some time and sometimes he used to give tea to some other person. Sometime he will drink some of it and he used to give remaining tea to some other person. After morning time Baba Sahib used to come out from the palace. On the outside of palace shop keepers, Raja Sahib’s servants and visitors of Baba Sahib used to busy with their works there. But all of them watch the gate of the palace at regular interval there and wait and see when Baba Sahib will come out of the palace and then there will be loud and cry at that time. The confectioners will run after him with sweets and flower selling persons run with their garlands and visitors run also behind him. The admirers of Baba Sahib used to shower flowers upon Baba Sahib and somebody will proceed further and put garland on his neck. When Baba Sahib while walking, sit in some place, then at that time people present him sweets and flowers and some person will give him presents. Baba Sahib while murmuring will reply answers to the questioning persons. Due to the crowd and heavy rush of the people his tone of love and affection will turn into scolding with love. And sometimes he used to beat them due to his anger,  but devotees will not leave him.

   Baba Sahib some time will proceed to the city and sometime he will visit jungle areas by foot, but he used to go there on conveyance and for conveyance he used bullock cart or horse cart.

    When Baba Sahib used to walk a long distance from the palace, then people used to try him in this matter so that he can ride in a horse-cart. It will happen that some time Baba Sahib used to demand by himself horse cart for his ride. Hera Lal, who was his coach-driver, who used to bring a horse-cart for him. Baba Sahib has named horse of the horse-cart as Bahadur. When Baba Sahib used to ride in the horse-cart, then there will sit one wrestler before and another wrestler will sit on the footboard. The horse Bahadur uses to wait for the signal of Baba Sahib. When he says go then the horse will run at fast speed.  There was no permission to the coach-driver to fasten reins and give signals to go right and left a side. Bahadur himself runs on roads in the city and in jungle ways. When a horse-cart leave Sakerdara there will be found a large crowd of the people and who will come there to see him and to kiss the foot of Baba Sahib there.  The people of the gathering usually run along with horse-cart. Baba Sahib makes a round of the city. And at some place, Baba Sahib will make a halt of the horse-cart and will visit the people there. There will be a reason for making his halt at any place. Usually, persons who will come there from long distances and who want to visit Baba Sahib and but they could not able to get any chance in this matter.  But Baba Sahib meets those people and also it will happen that he will make a halt at some places and he used to console persons who will be in problems and difficulties.

    When Baba Sahib used to go to the jungle area, then people used to accompany with him there along with food items and tea. Baba Sahib used to have his lunch in the jungle areas and sometime he will demand food items for his lunch and some other time people used to offer him food and tea on its time. Everybody will present his tiffin before Baba Sahib and he will eat something from the tiffin of somebody and remaining food in the tiffin will be distributed among the devotees there in jungle areas. Baba Sahib used to like very much and Dal (split pulse) and sometime he will recite following line of poetry in Urdu and its translation and interpretation is as follows.

Split pulse and rice are flowers of the plant

If you did not eat it then you are worthless

   Baba Sahib used to stay in the jungle area for many days. Sometime he will enter into any village and sometime he will stay on the outside of any village. The people used to stay in the jungle along with Baba Sahib there. In the rule of court of Baba Sahib and it was practiced that nobody will return back without permission of him from there. Some person will get permission soon. But others will stay there for many weeks. The persons who will present in the court of Baba Sahib who will tolerate hardships of the season and the difficulties of traveling, but they will not leave the court of the Baba Sahib.




Style of  talking


     His style of talking was with the peculiar style of talking about Madras language. And he will find difficulty in talking Urdu language and for it, he has to think and then speak of it. There will be influential in the words so, for this reason, the person who will understand its meaning it. The matter will be short but there will be full meaning in it. Sometime he will talk in the allegorical language by giving examples and for which a wise person can easily know its meaning easily. Baba Sahib usually uses Quranic verses in his conversation in which there will be an available solution of the questioner.

    Not only in the special matters but in his general condition Baba Sahib used to explain the central ideas of matter which be matched directly with the law of nature in deepness. Some time by singing he will say something which will explain the explanation of knowledge of the miracles and there will be come before the eyes of the listener the map of rules of miracles immediately. Sometime it will happen that from his mind, there will be transfer lights of waves in the minds of the listeners. It will also see that when he will sit quietly silent and the person who is present there will understand exactly and feel the matter which is prevailing in the mind of Baba Sahib at that time. Baba Sahib used to say something while sitting, standing, walking and occasionally he will say something which will be un-connected and which will not have its meaning in the matter so the general person will not understand the same and ignore it. But in such conversation, there will be found the following things.

1.The Solution of any problem.

2.The answer to any question

3.Explanation of any point.




                                     Mercy and kindness


    If we gather the details of Baba Sahib’s daily engagements in some words then it will be said that his every moment was devoted to the service of the mankind. He will not take rest for a few hours and remaining time he will be busy hearing problems and difficulties of the people to such extend that he will ignore timings of his food eating. The day and night persons with problems and difficulty used to visit Baba Sahib and he used to console them in his special style and will predict the solution of the problem. The personality of Baba Sahib was like a personality of kindness, sympathy, and benevolence for them and for this reason they will think any problem and difficulty as a meager thing. When Baba Sahib will console persons  with  problems and difficulty then they will satisfy in this  matter and which will not be possible from any source of  material and they will feel removal of weight of the burden of the problems and difficulties in their minds and they will feel like that some unknown hands have been removed mountain of problems from their minds and thinking.

      In the last age of Baba Sahib when his health was going down and when it was becoming  difficult for him to sit due to weakness, but at that time also he used to listen to people’s matters and he will be interested to reply questions asked of them. In the condition of majesty and grace, there will be no harm caused to anybody from the personality of Baba Sahib. It was seen that persons come there in the condition of grief and they have returned back from there in happy mode and condition. When Baba Sahib will be surrounded by crowds, then at that time he will say in a loud voice to all persons to go from there and their works will have been completed. So, for this reason, people will return back from there on condition of satisfaction and Allah will fulfill their needs and requirements.

      The people of troubles and problems faced by the world used to visit him there. The people of problems and difficulties will also use to see him for their distress. The sinners will also use to see after committing sins and problems with their burden of sins and mistakes.  Also in the court of Taj Baba Sahib the rich and wealthy persons used to visit him and  even in the condition of richness and prosperity and also there will be such persons who visit him there and on them, the burden of poverty will be there. People from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed, assemble and several hundred thousand devotees from near and far, irrespective of religion and beliefs, gather there to seek his blessings. Baba Sahib used to hear the suffering of pious as well as irreverent persons without any discrimination of them. One time one prostitute woman came into his court and she has presented her request by singing and its translation and interpretation of Urdu language into English is as follows.

Good people  in Your nearness  so where go, bad persons,

Oh  kind God, you should not treat them  in such a way


    Upon hearing this Baba Sahib recited the following verse of the poetry in Urdu and its translation and interpretation of Urdu language into English is as well as follows.


Good  people  go there and the bad people  live with  us

Oh the  mercy of  God you should  treat  such in this way


      There was one boy who was born disabled and could not speak and also could not move with his hands and foot. The parents had treated a boy in many places and done many endeavours as per their condition, but there was no result at all in this matter. So for this reason, parents left the boy in Sakerdara and they went away from there. After some time Baba Sahib came outside of his residence and has reached near the handicapped boy and he was asked for the food there. The persons immediately presented his food and he was given food to him by morsels for a period of half an hour and given water by his hands and he was asked one person to look after him. Due to kind treatment of boy by Baba Sahib by hands so, for this reason, there was great result was there that everybody visiting the court of Baba Sahib began to help the boy by doing his service and they think in this matter as this service as great honour and respect for themselves.


   Once upon a time, Baba Sahib was passing through the  lanes of Patan Sangwi and Baba Sahib has  seen there that in  the old broken house one old man and one old woman were grinding  millet there, but due to weakness and old age, both of them were facing difficulties in grinding by hand mill. So, for this reason, Baba Sahib was getting down from the horse-cart and started grinding of millet in the house and helped the old couple there and in a short period of time he has grounded all quantities of millet and has given flour to the oldest person in the house and left from there.

    One night when food was given to Baba Sahib  then he has told that “ First give food to give his guest who is staying under the trees, then he will eat food.” The persons searched, the person as per Baba Sahib’s description, but they could not find him at any place and they have returned unsuccessful and  requested him again to have food. Then Baba Sahib told them again that first give food to his guest. So they began again search for that person and this time they find one person who was sitting under a tree there. The persons have asked condition of that person and who told them that he has come there from  a long distance in the condition of poverty and he was interested to visit  Baba Sahib  there and upon hearing the details of the person they have given food and told him that  the food was sent to him by Baba Sahib.

    Once upon a time, Baba Sahib reached to Dagori by wandering there. It was the duty of Abdullah Dakhani that when Baba Sahib used to visit Dagori then he used to provide drinking water to all visitors of Baba Sahib there. So he has reached to Dagori along with his earthen water pot there and where he has presented the water to Baba Sahib but he has refused to drink water at that time and told him that first give water to the horse then afterward he will drink water. The horse was standing one furlong away from them. Abdullah Dakhani went near the horse with water pot and the horse was too much thirsty, so for this reason horse drank water five pots there.

   The above-mentioned event and there are also other many thousand events are there which are witnessed in this matter that the personality of Baba Sahib was made for mankind of God and which was like a personality of love and affection for them and he has endowed himself for the service of the mankind.


                               Teaching and preaching

    Baba Sahib used to give importance to two fundamental matters which are mentioned as follows.


1.Relation with Allah.

2.Sincerity in action.


   Baba Sahib did not like the following two things.

  1. Malady
  2. Cruelty




                               Baba Sahib’s sayings

 The sayings  of Baba Sahib  are as follows.

1.To say Allah, Allah and live good.

2.The link of Allah is the soul of the religion.

3.Ritual prayer or remembrance of Allah is a source of Him only.

  1. In the Baba Sahib ’s saying there is an idea in this matter is that the relation of the slave in between him and in his creator and which should be like consideration in this matter.


     Baba Sahib used to point defects of the persons present in his court in an elegant way so that they should understand in this matter as well as there should be cover their defects. When he wants to explain any matter, then he uses to mention the allegorical style of language usually.

   Faida Ram one business who was dealing in interest  from Waki  and who use to come to visit him  then at one time he has taken one stick and beat him with  a stick and told him  “ You are very cruel and annoy the mankind ” and then he told him “ Stop taking an interest.”

     There was a great effect of the teaching of Baba Sahib upon him that he has lived with Baba Sahib in his entire life period and he has left the business of the interest.

  One spiritual person came over to see Baba Sahib and he has requested him to pray for his progress in spiritualism. Then Baba Sahib told at that time that “ Kill a dog and bring there and we both will eat.”And in this saying Baba Sahib pointed the meaning of the saying of the last prophet of Allah that the world is an unclean thing and those who demand it are dogs.

   Moulana Yousuf Shah has formed an acquaintance with one Darwesh person and gradually this relation has turned in the friendship and that Darwesh knows alchemy and who has given him one formula in this matter. Moulana Yousuf thought that if Baba Sahib will give him permission in this matter, then he will have a good source of income without undergoing hard work and labour by him. When he has reached in the presence of Baba Sahib  and  then has told him “ Do you want to eat an unclean thing.” So Moulana Yousuf was able to understand his warning in this matter.

    One person has a presumption that he has relations with Baba Sahib and so for this reason he did not take care of anybody and also he did not use to talk well with any person. One time Baba Sahib told him that “ We do not think anybody less than others.”

   Usually prostitute women used to visit  Baba Sahib and which look this thing strange to some persons but intelligent people know well that perhaps there was no such prostitute woman was not there who was present herself in the court of Baba Sahib and her condition of life did not change. He used to teach them in different ways and used to give them order  “ Oh mothers to select  one horse for conveyance.”

     One time in Sakerdara his devotees were sitting at some distance of Baba Sahib’s residence there and they were talking there. One among of them told that  “He is superior among them as he has left over all his properties and he has come over in the service of Baba Sahib.” The other person told that “ His sacrifice is not less than him as he has left over his complete shop. In short, all persons were discussing the superiority of themselves there. At that time Baba Sahib came over there from outside of the palace and he has recited the following verse from the holy Quran and its translation and interpretation are as follows.

     “ They consider it their favour to you that they have accepted Islam. Say “ Do not consider your accepting Islam as a favour to me, no, Allah confers a favour on you by guiding you toward belief, if you are truthful. (C 49-17)

    In short, by way of majesty and elegance as well as in signs, in allusion and in  the allegorical method  he used to explain about his teachings to the persons present in his court and its fundamental point will be that the people should be free from greed and malice,  should not do any work which will not harm other persons and never follow  the harsh style of talking.

   One time some person has asked Baba Sahib that why he will  scold  the people.? And he replied that “ No,  he will pray for them.”



   The miracles were performed by prophets and messengers of Allah and after discontinuation of the prophets and messengers then their inheritance was transferred between pious persons of Allah. Under the shade of knowledge of the prophets, the supernatural acts which are done by pious persons of Allah are called miracles. From holy persons of Allah, supernatural acts have been done for the sake of following reason which is mentioned as follows.

 1.Counseling and guidance

 2.Education and warning


     The status of the holy and graceful personality of Baba Sahib was unique and famous in the matters of miracles and revelations and his mind has such passion in natural powers that from his miracles and revelation were used to be happening with him as a habit from him. In Baba Sahib, it was seen this strange ability that from revelation and miracles have been done without intentional way. For him, there was no need for an intentional way or the use of the power of mind which is not required by him.

     It was this style of his mind and so, for this reason, there are a large number of events of revelations and miracles and for this cause, it is required to mention the details of his large number of miracles and revelation so it is required another chapter and which will become another book on this matter. In this following acts, there are available revelation and miracles.


2.Sitting and standing

3.Daily routine



    In view of the above reason in the chapter of miracles and revelation, Baba Sahib’s only selected miracles and revelations are added in it.


  Till today all biographies of Baba Sahib which were published, among them is Qalandar Baba’s bookTadhkira Tajuddin Baba’  in which it was mentioned such style of thinking or the rules have been gathered and this information is not available in other biographical books under such rules  the miracles which have been done by him.  

    In the book of a biography of  ‘Tadhkirta Tajuddin Baba,’  some miracles which are mentioned in that book and those miracles are added in this book under the chapter, persons who were benefitted and also in this chapter biography details of Qalandar Baba is also included in it.

    While keeping before us as per the style of book ‘Tahdirtal Tajuddin Baba’  we have mentioned some of Baba Sahib’s miracles and revelation with their explanation and the basis and its rules under which it has been done.

   There is one book available on the biography and miracles of Baba Sahib named ‘Taj Qutbi’ which was published during the life period of Baba Sahib and its authors’ name is  Qutubuudin and which was published in the year 1911. We are starting details of miracles which are mentioned in the book ‘Taj Qutubi’ here as follows.                                               



    Baba Sahib before going to a lunatic asylum, he was staying in Kamti for a period of four years and this event belongs to that period only and this is his first miracle of Velayat  (saintliness).

   One night he was entered into the house  of  a goldsmith  and told him “ Take out immediately  your belonging from the house and go out of the house.”

     That person thought this man seems to be pious one and if he will not obey, then he will face difficulties so for this reason he has removed all his belonging and all his people from the house. After this fire accident took place and his house burned down there.




   One day he was walking at the mausoleum of Syed Sahib there and at that time  one Marwadi person was going to the court as somebody has filed  lawsuit  against him in the court  so he was going there to attend the case and for this reason he was worried and he was seen him and laughed in a  loud voice and told him that “  The lawsuit was  already discharged.”

   So he thought that to go to the court and see what was happening in this matter. When he reached in the court and it was found really that the law-suit has been discharged and that person was brought sweet truthfully in the presence of Baba Sahib and so he has given him order why he is giving sweet to him and to distribute among the children.

   In Kamti there were happened with him such type of many of supernatural events and after that, he has entered in a lunatic asylum in Nagpur city and in which also there were happened many miracles and such type of many of supernatural events with him there.



     One day one prisoner went outside for prison work and he did not come back to a lunatic asylum by escaping from the eyes of guards there and he was reaching back to his house. At the evening time at the time of roll call when the counting of the prisoners was started, then there was known that one prisoner is absent there. So for this reason search for him was starting to find him. So late  Doctor Abdul Hameed Khan was worried in this matter and he was upset and angry with his employees in this matter. During this period  Baba Sahib was coming there and he told him that “ Why did you worry about this matter he will come back by tomorrow.”

       So that prisoner has come back next day and he has available at the gate by himself. So the employees of the lunatic asylum have called him inside and Doctor Sahib was informed in this matter. He came there and he has asked him “Where has gone.?” He told him that “ He has gone to his village.” When he does ask him again then he has replied the same. Then doctor  Sahib has asked “Why he did come there.?” And he replied that “ Brother Tajuddin has slapped him two times and he has asked him where he did go.? And he has asked to go to a  lunatic asylum and he has brought me back by holding him here.”


                                          The leaf

   One day Doctor Abdul Hameed  Khan wanted to go Bombay to attend one function there and he went into the present of Baba Sahib and to seek his permission in this matter. He told him that “ Do not go there is a danger for you on the way.”

   When he has insisted very much on this matter, then he has given him one leaf take out from the tree and has asked him to take it with him.  Doctor Sahib went to Bombay and on the way, there was happening one dangerous accident, so, for this reason, there was no scope for the safety of his life there. It was such an event which has happened that on railway station of Bhasawal, Doctor Sahib get down from the train for the requirement of something and he was crossing the railway line and at that time one railway engine came there near him suddenly it was stopped there. Due to its fear, he was falling down on the railway track. But as a matter of fact, railway engine was coming there at full speed and when it was reached near him and it was stopped there. The railway employees have lifted him from the railway track and asked him “Are you a spiritualist? How engine was stopped without stopping it automatically.? ”

   Upon this doctor, Sahib told them full details of Baba Sahib’s prohibition of him to go Bombay and giving of leaf from the tree.


                                          Civil Surgeon

    One day there was the monthly meeting of officers was held in a  lunatic asylum and there was a seat empty near civil surgeon. When Baba Sahib saw this then he has told Doctor Abdul Hameed Khan why he is standing and sit down on it.? You can sit there. He has said this three times.

     When the meeting ended then surgeon general told him we have appointed him as an assistant surgeon.

  1. Dying girl

   One person whose daughter was seriously ill and she was near the death so for this reason that person visited Baba Sahib and he has requested him for the recovery of his daughter’s health from illness. Upon hearing his request, he was silent for some time and for some time he has closed his eyes and he had said  to him, “ Go the girl is well.” So that person was becoming happy and in the condition of impatience he has gone back to his house and he has seen that the girl was in good health and she was eating food there. He has asked the persons in the house how the girl was becoming well automatic. They told him that, “ Some time ago one beggar person came there and he was given alms and when he saw our faces in grief and problem and he asked himself what is a  problem in the house.? We told him what to say in this matter that our daughter is seriously ill and she is as near to death. The Fakir has told them that he wants to see her there. So we brought him inside the house. He was standing near the patient and he has told, that she will be recovered soon so do not worry about this matter. Upon his return from our house, the girl’s condition was recovered and she was becoming  well and healthy and she has asked food for eating.”

                                 26.An unknown barrister

   Munshi Asghar Ali who is working in sewing machine company and   who said that he has heard by Dedar Baksh who is working in Nagpur as post master there from his tongue  and he has heard that one Babu Ram Singh who was working in government office and against him there was imposed  governments charges for his crimes and  he was booked one law-suit  in the court and he was tried his best endeavours to clear charges  but he was not successful  and when he was disappointed in everywhere and so upon failure he has approached to Baba Sahib and he made too much wailing in this matter and Baba Sahib told him  “ Go nothing will happen to you and you will be clear from charges.” Upon hearing this that man left Baba Sahib’s place in happy mode and condition. He was present in the court on the day of hearing there and when he was called there he was present in the court. The advocate from the opposite side was also present in the court. After some time one unknown barrister came there in court and he has said that he is a barrister and he told that he is residing in some city and which is far away from there. He told there that he has present in the court on behalf of Ram Singh and he will represent his case in the court.

   When the process of hearing of the case started and during a time of discussion the barrister has pointed some legal points and for which advocate of other opposite side could not give sufficient reply to him and with regret he has discussed with the barrister and he has accepted that his objections are reasonable. Upon this barrister told that “ The previous proceeding of the case was not in a  proper way and wrong way and from the details and finding of the case it seems that his client is absolutely innocent. So why he is not freed from the charges framed against him?.”

   The court has accepted suggestions of the barrister and freed the client on the same day and the case was closed in the court. When barrister was leaving the court then Ram Singh had followed him slowly behind him. Upon covering some distance Ram Sigh was approached near him and he stood before him and he told him, “Sir, he could not able to understand that without his call how you have appeared in the court on his behalf?.”

   The barrister told him “ Why you are asking in this matter.? Are you interested in eating mangoes or counting trees.? To whom you have asked to help in this case and that person has sent me to represent your case in the court. Now you go to your house and  I also leave my house.”


                                 27.Leaving the world

     Myself author of biography of “Tajqutbi” one day decided to go from Kamti and request Baba Sahib in the lunatic asylum in Nagpur for recovery of the illness of my son Fakheruddin who was suffering from serious illness since four months. At about 12’ o clock I was entered in the lunatic asylum.  Baba Sahib told at that time that “Why he will pray. As he has left already the world.” Then Baba Sahib said those words which appear in my mind in the last night. I was astonished in this matter that those words which were in his mind and how Baba Sahib told them suddenly. He has consoled me for the patience in this matter. When I have left from there and one person told me on the way there that my son was dying at eleven o’clock. I have reached into my house and started rites of the funeral of my son.

                                     28.Mount of Arafat

      My assistant and my pious friend Abdul Rahman, who, is  a resident of Eritrea  and who has mentioned that one pious person went for the Hajj pilgrimage  to Makkah and he has seen Baba Sahib on the mountain of Arafat there and due to his wisdom he has understood that Baba Sahib is the pious personality of time. He has visited with him and has asked his name and address on this matter. Baba Sahib told him that “ He is a resident of the Lunatic Asylum of Nagpur and his name is Tajuddin and by saying this he has left from there. And he does not see again to him. After performing the  Hajj pilgrimage that person at that time of returned back to his country India and he firmly determined to visit the pious personality to whom he has met on the mount of Arafat in Nagpur city before reaching to his place. So he has reached in Nagpur and began his search for  Pagal Jhupadi and people told him that there is no Pagal Jhupadi there, but there is a lunatic asylum in Nagpur and where is there is pious personality is there and for him, you have given details in this matter. He has reached lunatic asylum.

     Baba Sahib has informed about the arrival of that person in lunatic asylum one hour before coming of that person there to the persons who were present in the lunatic asylum. When that person has arrived there, then Baba Sahib welcomed him and greeted heartily and a meeting between two of them has continued for a long time. During the discussion, there was an idea in mind of that person about Baba Sahib suddenly that Baba Sahib is a person of Velayat (saintliness) so it is good to see his miracle or revelation and when he has thought this then at that time Baba Sahib was standing some distance from that person. And immediately he came near to him and he has put his thumb impression and finger of a witness or second finger on his eyes  and he has told him that “ Old man, whether  this is Arafat mountain where we have  gone for Hajj pilgrimage there.”

  Upon hearing this that person has seen by his closed eyes that he is standing on the mountain of Arafat and it was the same time and in the flourishing state being crowded. And he told that  “ There is no doubt this mountain of Arafat. This you have shown, but show me the place of the Lord of the worlds.” Upon this, he has taken his hand from his eyes and told him that “ Old man why should go  there which is very far away?.”


                                29.Order of the reinstatement

     One person was an employee of the government service. But he was dismissed from his service. He has submitted many petitions for the reinstatement, but he was not successful in this matter. Then he has proceeded to Ajmer city and where he stayed for some days there. He has seen Hazrat Khawja Moinuddin Chisti in his dream and he has seen that Sheikh of time was proceeding somewhere along with some persons. Khwaja Sahib has called that person and told him that you are reinstated on your job. That person has returned back to his native place. Upon reaching back to his house he was coming to know that the order of reinstatement of the job was already received there. After some days he has visited Baba Sahib in his court to see him there. Upon seeing him Baba Sahib told him “ Gentleman,  why do you come there.? Do you know him? As we were also there when the Sheikh of time has given you an order of reinstatement of your job.”

                                  30.A thing  about  seeing

    Late Munshi Mohammed Hussain, who is known as Tahsildar (Taluka revenue officer) and who died in Waki. One day he has informed Baba Sahib that he has sent many letters to his native place Hyderabad but he did not get any reply from there and for this reason, he is upset and worried in this matter. Baba Sahib then told that “Where are your letters.?” Then he  put his hand on his backside and taken all his letters from there and put all of them before him and told him that “ All letters are kept here.”

   In this way one day Baba Sahib has given orders to the Tahsildar to spread bed spread there under the tree and after some time he has given orders to him to take it from there. And he has seen that there was a  floor of Rupees was there under the coverlet. So he has asked shall he take all of this amount.” Then Baba Sahib told him that “ No, it is a thing of seeing and it is not for the taking.  Then he asks him to put bed spread there.

                            31.Do not make a thing lengthy

      Sardar Khan Sahib’s one hand was paralyzed and in it, there was not running function of blood and which is not in the proper way there. At that time Baba Sahib was present in the lunatic asylum there. On all sides, his fame and name were spreading at that time. Sardar Khan Sahib was taken there by his father in law and both of them were sitting under the Neem (margosa) tree there. At that time one Haji person came there and he was inquired about  Baba Sahib. So the persons have asked him his purpose of visiting. So he told them that he was coming there after performing the Hajj pilgrimage and in Makkah, one person and his name is  Tajuddin who was with him there and he has told me that he is residing in a  lunatic asylum in Nagpur city. The doctor Kashi Nath, who was superintendent heard his talk and he knows well that Baba Sahib was closed in his room for a period of 21 days and whenever he used to open his room then he was found inside of his room always. Upon finding witnesses at two places, then tears were coming starting from his eyes. He was already a devotee of Baba Sahib and he used to be in service of Baba Sahib very much. So for this reason on his tongue sentences of praise and admiration were coming there. At that time Baba Sahib was coming there  from his room and he has told  the doctor  that “ Do not make lengthy this matter.” Upon saying this he has turned towards Sardar Khan and while holding his finger, he has said that  there is too much  be enraged and there is too much pain.” And Baba Sahib was expressing these sentences and there was increasing energy in the hand of Sardar Khan. For saying this sentence for many times, then Baba Sahib has left the fingers by jerks. Sardar Khan has felt that his hand was working perfectly. Baba Sahib told Sardar Khan “ Haji Sardar Khan go and come back.” So, for this reason, Sardar Khan was able to get felicity of Hajj pilgrimage as per the prediction of Baba Sahib.

      There are many events are there in which Baba Sahib was appearing more than one place. One time it was asked by Qalandar Baba how it was possible.? Then he told that “ Its easy example is a photo and in photography first negative of the photo is made and from its positive is made in this matter and from negative only we did not get one positive but we can get a large number of pictures as per our requirement and needs. More or less it is a condition of same thinking of the soul and it is like a negative and flesh and blood body is its positive. If any person who has in mind his lenses pure and powerful than he can himself (his soul) like a positive picture can send at many places at the same time.

      It’s another example is a television and from a central station, broadcasting  sends pictures in the atmosphere at the same time of many thousand places television sets which were available there and their picture tubes while taking them and convert into positive pictures. So one picture and one shape which will move at the same time in a thousand places. The pious personalities and persons having spiritual powers as per this rule send and broadcast of their souls in many places at the same time.

                                   32.Invisible hand

   One day Doctor Kashi Nath was sitting in his room and at that time Baba Sahib suddenly came over there in his room and there was full of majestic powers on his face. Due to change in the face of Baba Sahib, he was worried and upset with this matter. Then he was able to remember that he has locked Baba Sahib in the room and then he has come there. Still, he was thinking this then suddenly one invisible voice said “Assalam Alaikum” and Baba Sahib has replied “Wa Lakum Salam” and at that time one invisible hand has appeared from the wall and it was approaching  towards Baba Sahib and  he has shaken hands with it then that hand was disappeared from there and Baba Sahib also has disappeared from there. So, for this reason, the doctor has run towards  Baba Sahib’s room and he has opened it and he has found Baba Sahib was there in his room in the condition of meditation.

   During that period 11 lunatic persons ran away from the lunatic asylum, but they came back next day automatically there. The doctor was standing with lunatic persons and at that time an English superior officer of the lunatic asylum came over there. Still, a conversation between Doctor Kashi Nath and  the officer was started and at that time Baba Sahib came over there and he has addressed English officers and he has said: “  What you are doing here go at the bungalow madam was dying there.?” When English officer has reached back to his house and he has found  a telegram from England informing him that his wife was dying  there.” And after that, even that English officer was becoming an admirer of Baba Sahib.

                                   33.Medical certificate

    Syed Abdul Wahab has stated that he has applied for a job on the 7th December 1907 in the Audit post office in Nagpur and the same evening he has received instructed to submit medically certified that I am fit for the doing job medically. I was hesitating to go see the medical officer as in those days I was suffering from the scab disease and there was inflammation in my body. I was hoping that the doctor will declare me unfit for the job. So, for this reason, I was upset and angry in this matter and came back to the house and was thinking what to do in this respect.? There came an idea into my mind to consult  Abdul Hafeez, who is my friend and who was kind and admirer of me. He was working in the draughtsman office Nagpur as an assistant there. I went to see him and to consult on this matter. I went to see him and has explained him all details in this matter. He has told me that “  Do not worry and to go and see Baba Tajuddin Sahib  and present your request  with Baba Sahib and  to him with humility as well as modesty. I hope that  he will find  the solution to the problem.” Me and my maternal uncle who is working in Vellore as sanitary inspector have reached in the lunatic asylum and have entered by the gate, and have asked with the watchman about  Baba Sahib’s dress there and who has taken us in the presence of Baba Sahib there. At that time Baba Sahib was sitting under the tree.  A thousand people were sitting around him and watchman has advised greeting as follows.  “Aslamalam Alaikum brother.” We have greeted Baba Sahib in the above words.  Baba Sahib has replied and he has said “ Wa Laikum Salam, come on brothers from Madras. I also belong to Madras. They have come  with taking to  the  office and will take office with them.” Due to this style of talking of Baba Sahib, all crowd was paying attention towards us and they have given us a  way to reach towards him. When I have reached near Baba Sahib then he has given orders to press his foot. After pressing of his foot for some time, then Baba Sahib became unconscious and motionless and his pulse beating was stopped and breathing was also not there and his body has become cold. Upon seeing this condition I was becoming upset and worried about this matter. So for some time, I used to check his pulse beating while putting my hand on the pulse and but there was no appearance of life in him.  So I have decided to inform in this matter that Baba Sahib has already left the world and in this condition, a time of 15 minutes have been passed away. I had opened my lips to say in this matter, but at that time Baba Sahib has said “Yahoo”, and has opened his eyes and he has stood there and said something which I could not understand it. Afterward, he told me “ Go and come back gentleman,  that  the English man  cannot do anything?.”

    Upon those words, the watchman told them that “ For the work which they have come there was over and now  they can go from there.” We have expressed  God bye to him and left from there.  

     The next day I went to the medical office for obtaining a medical certificate from there. There were 35 persons were there, including me, who were coming there for the certificates. My number was last of them. The doctor came there he began inspecting of the candidates as per their turn. When my turn was near then there was a call for the doctor of lady chief commissioner so he has left from there and from returning from there the doctor has asked with his assistant, whether anybody left and he told him no. Upon this doctor, Sahib told him to prepare all certificates ready so that he will come back and do a signature on all the certificates. Upon hearing this I worried that my medical inspection was not done so how my certificate will be signed. Anyhow, I went to the office at four o’clock and a doctor has given the medical certificate to me and as a matter of fact, my medical inspection was not done. If it will be done then there was no possibility of my fitness. After this event whenever I will get time then I used to visit Baba Sahib to touch his foot.

                                    34.Fragrance of musk

     One day I was returning back from Baba Sahib’s visit from there and at the main gate one person met with me and he has asked me from “Where I was coming from.?. ”

   I have replied him that I am coming after visiting Baba Sahib. The strange person has asked me “ What I have proof with me in this matter that you are coming back from the service of Baba Sahib.” I could not reply him in this matter. I have told him that “I was pressing foot of Baba Sahib there.” That strange person told me “ To smell on my both hands.” When I have smelled of my both hands and I find the fragrance of musk coming from both my hands. The strange person has caught my hands and touches them with his body and due to this reason on all sides, the fragrance of musk was spread everywhere. I have touched my hands with my dress well and have come back to my house. Even after reaching to the house I have found the fragrance of musk there in my hands. It was not known who was that person to whom I have met at the main gate and for his sake, I have got the fragrance of musk. The condition of that fragrance of musk was such that it was there in my dress, continuously for many years so for this reason, I have kept that dress with me as a benediction.

    One day I was present in the service of Baba Sahib at that time students going Aligarh Muslim University brought one photographer there and they stood on both sides of Baba Sahib and the photographer has taken photographs but in the group photo, there was not found a photo of Baba Sahib in it.


    When Baba Sahib was residing at Waki then at that time there was one dog with him and his name was well known and famous as Shiru. It was his duty that when the train will arrive at the railway station, then he used to be present there by himself and those will come to visit  Baba Sahib then he used to guide them and bring the people from railway station to the residence of  Baba Sahib in Waki. The practice of dog will be as such that when the train will arrive and after some time he will go towards Waki to take them all visitors at the residence of Baba Sahib. The visitors will follow behind him slowly. The people used to know well the schedule of Shiru at the railway station. The new visitors will be given information on this matter. If  Baba Sahib will not be at his residence, then Shiru will take all visitors to the place where Baba Sahib made available at that time. One person who knows all details of Shiru came on to the Waki railway station, but he could not find him there. So, for this reason, he began thinking that why today Shiru did not come there. In short, all visitors proceeded from themselves toward the residence of Baba Sahib in Waki and all were praising the work and alertness of Shiru on the way in this matter. When all were reached at the residence of Baba Sahib but they could not find him there. The visitor went towards the jungle to search him there and that person followed another way and he was found Shiru dying there on the way. After passing some distance I find that Baba Sahib was coming from there. Upon kissing his foot I have told him that dear sir, your Shiru who used to bring your visitors easily was dead. Upon hearing this he said “No, let us go and see where he is.?”  And that person took Baba Sahib to place where Shiru was lying dead. Baba Sahib told him to take him in the basket.

   When Shiru was put in the basket, then Baba Sahib put his gown on him. That person walks with the basket along with Baba Sahib and upon covering some distance there was found some movement in the basket and Shiru was becoming alive and jumped out of the basket. After passing of some time Shiru was dying again and Baba Sahib has given him a gown and asked to bury him near lunatic asylum.

    It seems a strange matter to give life to the dead, but it is as per law of nature and Qalandar Auliya says in this matter which is as follows.

   “Allah has taught the knowledge of his attributes (knowledge of His names) to Prophet Adam (A.S.) and among them, there is name Ar-Raheem, The Merciful,  and its attributes are created. So in the creation of all such styles which are used for existing things and for all of them are its stimulator and creator is Ar-Rahim. If any person wants to get the benefit of the name of Ar-Raheem by its partly way, then he should have to add stock of its attribute in his innermost. As per rules of the vicegerency and of the caliphate of Allah for the soul of the man for which it is available full capacity of the use of the name of Ar-Raheem to him and from the side of Allah that person is having the right to use this attribute. Allah in the  Quran by giving an example of Prophet Eisa (A.S.) has given an explanation of this attribute. Allah says   “ When you make the face of an animal with soil and blow on it, then upon it will become animal as per our order. You cure blind and leprosy person  who is delivered  in  such condition by their mothers at the time of birth  and dead used to stand by Our order.”

  If anybody used this capacity of the attribute so, then he should do meditation in him by this thinking which should be increased in him as his personality which is connected with the name of Ar-Rahim. It is fact that all shapes and faces of the things which are available in the world are collections of lights of an attribute of the name of  Ar-Rahim.  And this collection is available to the human soul. When the person which have complete exercise of this kind of  thinking and  then if he will  with this attribute of the name of  the Merciful and then he will determine to give another shape or want to give life to a  dead person than for  the sake of  the vicegerent of Allah then his authority will come into action. And due to the appearance of an attribute which will change in the face and the shape of that living being’s soul and to which he wants to bring into existence. Or he will see that from his soul the attribute of the name of Ar-Rahim will become the soul and enter into the body of a dead person and to whom he wanted to give life to the dead person.

                                 36.Sir Krishan Persad

  Maha Raja Sir Krishan Persad belongs to the rich and wealthy personality of Hyderabad State and also he was prime minister of Kingdom of Hyderabad Deccan. For a long time, he was well known for his poetry and as well as writing and compilation of books in the Urdu language. His travel account books are famous and well known and having important books and having importance and standard position in the Urdu literature. In his printed travel books Safarnama Nagpur which is a  short book and in this travel book some biography, details of Baba Sahib of Nagpur are having a central position in it. In the following, we are mentioning here some details as follows from the above travel account book.

      Upon mentioning of the details of Baba Tajuddin three months time was passing away by my friend Syed Moinuddin who is the grandson of Sardar Abdul Haq Dabir Mulk, who told me that after the railway station in  Nagpur, Waki is there where one well known pious personality of Baba Tajuddin is residing there. He is perfect personality and whose prayers are accepted by God. And his seed of facile is planted in the mind. And which is watered and nourished by a lot of eagerness, excitement, and  sight as well as zeal is there in this matter. Since childhood, I have a devotion to all pious of People from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed as well as religion. In this, it should be understood there that my devotions become as my second nature and there is available a leaf of admiration in this matter. Even though in those days there was the movement of the bird of determination in this matter. But due to work of fate, this determination and intention were not fulfilled. The world is a place of reason. So in this matter, it can be said that there is require any reason and which is must and due to its result, it was happening that my third son Usman Persad who was becoming ill, seriously in which its period was increased and  his temperature was becoming compulsory  and its fluctuation was in between 100 and 102 degrees.

     Well, known doctors and famous physicians of practicing one indigenous system of medicine have cured the boy, but there was no effect at all in this matter. As per the advice of the people I, Sir Krishan Persad, my wife and sister and the patient were started for Viqarabad so there will be a good effect there by change of the place and change of weather conditions. There are two hours of railway journey from Hyderabad to Viqarabad. During this period the marriage of Maharaja’s daughter was fixed. In Viqarabad also boy’s health condition was not improved and his condition was deteriorating  very much. Due to the helplessness of the marriage of his daughter, Maharaja came back to Hyderabad immediately. On the 7th Jamad Akhir, his daughter’s engagement ceremony was held. And in this same night boy’s health condition was becoming worse and on the next day, the condition was becoming seriously ill. So, for this reason, Maharaja was becoming very upset and worried about this matter. Maharaja wrote on this matter which is as follows.

 “My nature did not allow me to live here and to watch the condition of my dear son. Immediately I have arranged to book for the railway saloon for the journey and I have written my father to cancel the marriage of my daughter at present time. For a period of one week time I am going outside for the purpose of weather change otherwise my health will be affected badly. So for this purpose on the eight-date on Thursday, I have started from the house on my journey and bade God bye to all and left in a condition of worry and uneasiness. And said to my wife to continue praying for the boy while looking at the kindness of Allah and by the grace of Allah, if the temperature will decrease then I will come back.

   At the time of departure, some friends have advised me as you are proceeding for the journey so it is better to visit Baba Sahib in Nagpur and this advised touched the mind of Maharaja so for this reason he was preceded towards Nagpur.

  When  Raja Krishan Persad was reached in Nagpur and he was able to know that Baba Sahib stays in the palace of Raja Raghuji Rao. Raja Sahib thought that it is not good to see Baba Sahib without permission and introduction there. So, for this reason, he has sent his officer Mirza Ahmed Baig to convey his Salam in the court of Baba Sahib. When Mirza Ahmed Baig was reached there and at that time he was sleeping there. Upon seeing the suitable situation he has conveyed his Salam to him. Baba Sahib while replying it he has told him that “ Upon having lamp  he is worried for a lamp  and ask him to go home.”

  When Raja Sahib heard this reply, then he has thought that this message as good news for him. Also, there was doubt in his mind that as Baba Sahib is having a condition of Mazbub (one lost in divine meditation) so, for this reason, is there any other meaning in this message.

    On the next day, there was received one telegram from his residence that during the night boy’s health condition has become very serious and worse. So, for this reason, Raja Sahib has become upset and worried in this matter and he asked his assistant Ram Prasad today we should visit Baba Sahib and seek his favour in this matter so get a motor car even hire a taxi.

   After some tries motor car was available. At four o’clock after a change of dress Maha Raja along with his two attendants, he left his residence for wandering here and there. Maha Raja writes on this matter that “ As for he has gone into  the city and which he has visited by him and he has found its roads are clean like chest of  the human body  and there are trees planted two sides of the road and there are shades of trees which are providing shade and comfort to the travelers and houses  are in good line and length and all ways in the city are wide and clean.”

    After covering some distance by car we have reached near the garden of the Raja Sahib in which Baba Sahib was staying there and upon inquiring it was known that Baba Sahib is available there. Raja Sahib immediately gets down by a car and entered into the garden. And he writes that “ What he has seen that there is coming a large number of visitors there and all seeking there, the favour of Allah and for thinking appearance of Mazjub as a purveyor of all needs are spreading their edges of the hope for the fulfillment of their desire and wishes there. With the manifestation of being the slave of the Lord of the worlds and in his robe of honour  in the shape of Mazjub and providing a  cure of every pain and diseases and showing his work of healing there. At that time his attention was there on some other side. Upon my standing, at the back side of him and at that time he was startled and he has looked into my eyes. And due to a meeting of my eyes, there was such effect which could not be explained in the writing. In fact, his connection was very heavy and there was a power of electricity in it. I have also continued my look at his sight and in this matter, a time of ten  minutes or more was passed away. I have got lots of pleasure, of sightseeing of Baba Sahib. After this Baba Sahib told me you do mischief, so go to your house straightly.” So I have conveyed my Salam and left from there. Even though some person thought that I should ask something with him, but his great connection has satisfied me in this matter. When I was covering some distance, then he has come behind me and one woman was sitting there and from her, he has taken one bangle and which has given to me and he has told me that “Now at least go.” And I have collected bangle and thought its augury as a good thing. Then I  said Salam again and left from there. He came with me so I have stood there. There were flying pigeons. He addressed them and he has taken some soil from flowering pots and he has placed before them and Gods know what he has told them as I was busy with his sightseeing work. During this time on devotee lighted one cigarette and he was wanting to present it to Baba Sahib. At that time he has shown that person to me and he has told that “ Give to him, he will smoke for his sake.” He has given that cigarette to me and I have collected it. When I was leaving from there he has saluted me in military style  and after salute, he has said that “ ALL RIGHT GOOD MORNING.” It means everything is good.  So from it what will be a good augury than this which will be complete and as well as comprehensive. I have conveyed my Salam to Baba Sahib again and left from there. With me, he has come to that place where my motor car was there and from there he went to another place. I have said God bye and left from there to my staying place. In the last Raja Sahib has finished his travel book as follows.

 “ At that time hairs of the beloved has reached in her back and when the night has covered in black coverlet as per saying of “ Wa jalana Lail Lebasan”, so then I have gone sleep in that night on the bed. On the next day, I have reached Manmad Railway Station  and where I have received a  telegram that my son’s health condition is in good and under treatment.” Doctor Hinet has told that boy’s condition is now out of danger situation. And the temperature is not more than100 degrees. Upon hearing this good news, the mind of the Raja Sahib became very happy and from there railway saloon was changed and by taking meter gauge saloon through Aurangabad was reached to Alwal on Wednesday at four o’clock and from there by car have reached back to the house and found all of them in good condition. So prostrated for thanksgiving and have given an instruction of the marriage arrangements of my daughter at that time. May God Almighty may end  result of all things in the good ending.”

       It was known that date of travel was 8th May 1913 on Thursday corresponding to Jamaal Akhir of 1313 Islamic Hegira calendar. As per the statement of the Raja Sahib engagement ceremony of his daughter was held on the 7th  and on the 8th boy’s health condition was becoming seriously ill on Thursday and on that day Raja Sahib in conditions of restlessness left Hyderabad for Nagpur and he has returned back to Hyderabad on Wednesday. From this, it is confirmed that  Maha Raja on 8th Jamad Akhir in the year 1331 Hegira corresponding to 15th May 1913 on Thursday he has started his journey and he has returned back to Hyderabad on 14th Jamad Akhir 1313 Hegira corresponding to 21st May 1913. And as per above details, it was the journey of seven days.

  When Maha Raja has visited Baba Sahib, the second time, then he has brought a  royal degree from the King of Hyderabad Nawab Mir Usman Ali Khan for some estate for him. But Baba Sahib has torn the estate papers and he has said “ The mind of Nizam of Hyderabad has gone mad as he is giving land papers to the owner of the land.  Tell him that we have given land to him”


  1. Children

   Once two Hindu women came to visit Baba Sahib from Amravati and they were married and a period of 14 years has passed away but no children were born to them. Baba Sahib was sitting near the river on the sand and he has taken two sweet balls from his bag and eat them and he has given to them and said to them to eat the sweet ball. One woman has eaten it and another woman has hidden it in the sand secretly. On the next day, these women left there and have reached back to their houses. At the prescribed time the woman delivered a  boy, but the woman who hid the sweet ball in the sand did not become a mother. So, for this reason, she was regretted and she was becoming sad in this matter. Afterbirth of two months the mother of a boy went to Nagpur to celebrate hair cutting ceremony of the boy there and she has taken by her friend who could not become a mother. She has told her that “ Do not worry  we requested Baba Sahib again in this matter and if God wills you will get  the boy in the courtyard of your house.” The friend in sad condition while weeping accompanied with her friend in helpless condition there. When they have reached to Baba Sahib and it was strange that both have seen that he was sitting near the river at the same place when they have visited him at the first time. The woman whose wish was fulfilled has put his boy at the foot side of Baba Sahib. Upon seeing this scene another woman could not tolerate this and she began weeping and she has fallen at the foot of Baba Sahib there. And she told him  “ Where my son.” And Baba Sahib replied her that “ In the sand take it.”

   When the people saw this scene, then they asked her details so she has explained all details of the event in this matter and she has told that unless until Baba Sahib will not bless her then she will not leave from there. On the third day Baba Sahib prayed for her and asked her to go her place and that woman also was become a mother.

                               38.Sentence of the death

  Abul Hasan has stated they have visited Waki for the purpose of Niyaz (to make an offering) in service of Baba Sahib. Still cooking of food was being done then at that time cloud came there in the sky. So for this reason immediately rice was put in the cauldron but rain fall started and fire under cauldron was stopped and fuel wood was washed away from there. The other persons who were present there began teasing us and told that as our intention was not good so fuel wood was washed away. So, for this reason, we were regretted in this matter and decided to put another cauldron on the fire place. At that time one prisoner with handcuff worn along with three police constables came over there and he went near to Baba Sahib. That prisoner has  told to Baba Sahib that “ The court is giving a sentence of death to me and I have come over here  for  your visit after getting permission from the court so bless me so that there will be salvation for me.” Baba Sahib told him, “Go back immediately, after appeal you will be free from  the charges.” And saying this  Baba Sahib told my father to give them food of  Niyaz (to make an offering) to all persons. We stood and have seen the cauldron in which food was cooked and ready. As a matter of fact, there was no fuel wood under the cauldron and at that time also light showering of rain was there. We have provided food to all persons, including prisoner. My father has asked the prisoner “ For which reason  he has been sentenced to death.” He told that “ He has seen his employee with her daughter in objectionable condition so, for this reason, I wanted to kill both of them. But my girl was running away from the spot and my employee was killed by me there. But now I have confidence that upon submitting my appeal petition in the court I will be free from the charges of killing in this matter. As Baba Sahib was predicted that I will be free from charges upon submitting my petition of appeal in the court.” So it happened like that and he was freed from charges upon filing his petition appeal in the court.



   One prostitute woman states that “ When she has heard about Baba Sahib’s details and his graciousness, the help of sinners, love, and affection of the poor and needy persons and also she has heard all events of Baba Sahib. So, for this reason, there was established a connection in her mind with Baba Sahib and she began thinking herself as his devotee. One time due to my sins I was  becoming a patient of  syphilis  and due to this illness my condition become such bad and worse that  I have decided to fall down from the building and upon taking this decision I was standing from the bed and went to the upper floor and while going there I have looked at the picture of  Baba Sahib which was hanging on the wall. Upon seeing a picture of Baba Sahib, I began weeping very much in this matter and I addressed to Baba Sahib and said: “ If I would go in your presence, then her  condition will not be in such  situation and from her sins and bad deeds would not have been done by me.” I was weeping deeply and expressing the feelings of my mind with Baba Sahib. Suddenly I felt that one strange hand caught me my by hand and it has taken me towards the bed. With helplessness and that hand control, I went to my bed and has gone sleep there. Upon sleeping  there unconscious condition prevailed upon me  and I have seen that Baba Sahib came there and he has put saliva with his fourth finger on the inflammation and which was broken  and pus was discharged from there and my eyes were open I have seen that pus was  really discharging  and  after this event there was  a finish of illness of syphilis and I was healthy and fit again due to help of Baba Sahib due to kindness of Allah. Then I  am leaving a life of sins and there was always with me thinking of  Baba Sahib. Due to the connection of Baba Sahib, I have got such satisfaction and contentment that which I can not able to express in this matter.

                                        40.Two trays

     Syed Abdul Rahman, who was a forest contractor of the government of Central Province and who has stated this event which is mentioned here with that “  One time he was present in the service of Baba Sahib and at that time one thief was coming in the presence of Baba Sahib. He sat at one side there and in his mind, he was addressed to Baba Sahib that  “My Lord, I have committed theft at the shop of confectioner and I am regretting very much for this act and I want you should keep this secret and save me from punishment.  So for this silent request, Baba Sahib  turned towards him and said to him,  “ To go your work is done.”

    After that, the confectioner in whose shop theft took place came there in the court of Baba Sahib and complained that sir I have been looted. And all earnings have been theft by someone. Baba Sahib told him “Oh: person go. In two trays, everything is there. His work was done and your work also will be done. So go open your shop.”

    The confectioner went to his shop and come to know that all capitals and goods have been theft from his shop, except two trays of pickle berry were there which were full of it. He was remembered prediction of Baba Sahib that in two trays everything is there. So, for this reason, he has started business again with complete faith and his business was began flourishing quickly in his favour to such extend that his financial position was becoming better than before.

                                          41.Bad  boy

   Govind Sahib was a clerk in the Municipal office and his son Inder was adopted bad conduct and character and for the reason, he was becoming a patient of dropsy illness and his difficulties and problems of illness became very complicated so, for this reason, there was no hope of the result of  the cure was  available there. On the serious health condition, Govinda Sahib was taken him in the service of Baba Sahib in Sakerdara. For a period of two days, Baba Sahib could not pay any attention and care in this matter. But at third day Baba Sahib stood suddenly and he was sitting at the side of the boy. Upon sitting there he was demanding tea there. Upon drinking two sips of tea he has asked Inder  “  To drink tea.”

  Due to the seriousness of the illness, the patient was in a condition of unconsciousness  so he could not reply to his offer of tea. Baba Sahib told him a second time “  To drink tea.” Upon this also Inder could not reply him in this matter. At the third time Baba Sahib in the majestic condition has  touched  tea glass with mouth of Inder and unconscious Inder was opened his mouth and tea was gone inside of his throat and it seems that it is not tea but it seems that it is  the water of life  is passing in his throat, and upon drinking tea Inder stood there and within a period of one week he has become completely  healthy boy and left from there with his father  upon getting permission of Baba Sahib.



    One person has requested Baba Sahib that he wants to visit Ajmer. Baba Sahib told him that Ajmare is here. Where you are going.? Upon saying this he has put his hand in that person’s hand. That person became unrelated to the environment and he has seen that he is visiting Ajmer. After some time  Baba Sahib took away his hand from that person’s hand, then he was finding himself in service of  Baba Sahib.

  The above miracle’s explanation is found in Qalander Baba Sahib’s saying which is mentioned as follows.

  “ The personality of men’s one part is known as internal and another is called external. The internal part is originally part and external part is its shade. In the internal part there are not available time and space and in external part are available time and space. In the internal part, everything will be like indivisible part and which can not cover any space and which can be observed only. As there is no space in it so, for this reason, there is no time factor is there.

  For example, if we stand in the building in one direction and look that building from one angle. If we want to see that building from another angle, then we should have to cover some distance and stand in such place so that we can look another side of the building. For a change of angle of the eye we should have to cover some distance and for covering distance, some time has to be spent on this matter. So in this way for making an angle of the eyes,   space and time had an effect in this matter. And this matter,  we can explain in further details that if one person wants to see London Tower then he should have to travel London from Karachi. Doing such thing he should have to travel of many thousand miles of space and he should spend time in many days. Now such angle of degree was made, from which one can see London Tower there. The aim of this matter is to make the angle of the eyes, which can show London Tower. This is the human personality’s angle of eye sight which belongs to an external part.  In this angle due to use of time and space, there is an increase of it. If we want to use to personality’s internal angle of eye sight then while sitting at one place we can imagine of London Tower in the mind and in thinking the eyesight which is due to weakness and due to this reason picture will look be dim. But it will make angle surely upon traveling of long distance and reaching London Tower, which is formed upon seeing it. If it is possible to remove weakness of eye sight then a dim picture of the angle of eye sight will become bright and clear.

      The purpose of seeing, in the same way, will be completed, which is done by covering endeavor of the journey and sources of journeys which are used for this work. ”      

     Baba Sahib by use of the source has created such an angle in the lookers sight and which is required sight of Ajmer. So, for this reason, he has visited Ajmer as such that he was in Ajmer.


                                 43.He will study well

  Mr. S.V. Som Sundaram said that when he was staying in Sakerdara and when my daughter will us to visit Baba Sahib along with his son Madan Gopal there with her. Madan stubborn was on every matter. Baba Sahib told Madan why he disturbs his mother. And upon saying this he has given one book to him and asked him to read. Then he has addressed my daughter and told her that “ He will study well.”

    Baba Sahib’s prediction was completed well and he has studied M.B.B.S., and after that, he went to England and he has obtained higher degrees in eye disease surgery from England.

  1. Rain

     Once upon a time, there was a severe drought was prevailed there. Due to a shortage of water supply crops were damaged badly. And due to a shortage of fodder animals began dying in a large number. Some people have told Baba Sahib “ Baba Sahib due to draught condition grains were selling at expensive prices and people are facing many difficulties and problems in this matter.” Upon hearing this Baba Sahib was smiling and went to the jungle. Many people also accompanied him there. They have reached in one village and  farmers of that village told Baba Sahib “ Due to drought condition our crops are damaged and our animals are dying.”

   Upon hearing this condition of Baba Sahib was changed suddenly and in the condition of majestic he has demanded water and one farmer presents him water in a spouted jug. Baba Sahib asked for a collection of wood and there the fire was given to him and he has begun pouring some water on the firewood from the spout of the spout jug. The drops of water when it will fall on the firing wood and then they will become vapours  in seconds and began moving on the upper side. As soon as these water vapours were going on the upper side and people have seen there that there is coming clouds in the sky and water of spout jug has finished, then the sky was full with clouds there and after that heavy rainfall was started.

  1. Sweeper

   It was practiced by persons, devotees,  as well as visitors who were present in the court of Baba Sahib who used to cook different kinds of food items and present in service of Baba Sahib. Baba Sahib used to eat something from those foods and remaining food will be eaten by, other persons who will be present there. Also, it will happen that for many days he will be away from food and Baba Sahib did not eat and even one morsel will be not be passed from the throat of Baba Sahib. The following persons used to present food items to Baba Sahib.

Persons of status, knowledge,  and wealthy persons as well as courtiers.

    One Hindu sweeper has her desire to prepare food items and present in the service of Baba Sahib. Since a long time, she has her desire in her mind. But upon thinking that in the service of Baba Sahib rich, wealthy as well as courtiers present their  grand food items so for this reason she could not fulfill her desire in this matter as such above people belonged to higher caste people and she belongs to  a lower caste woman so who will care for her and her food items. Even also they will allow me permission or not.? But due to hands of sincerity, she has become helpless in this matter and she has prepared food items as per her condition and she brought her tiffin to Sakerdara. As she belongs to lower caste so for this reason her footsteps were stopped there and due to fear she has hung her tiffin on the tree of guava.

      Baba Sahib was present in the palace of  Raja Raghuji Rao and at the time of eating the food, he has demanded food there. All visitors have presented their tiffins to him. But Baba Sahib has not paid any attention to any one of its. He said, “ He did not eat this and bring that food which is hanging on the tree.” Nobody did understand in this matter that which food is hung on the tree. The persons who were present there searched here and there. Upon seeing this situation sweeper who went for some distance and she has sat there and from there she began watching the scene in this matter. The persons have tried their best to eat their food by Baba Sahib from any tiffin present there, but  Baba Sahib did not touch any of the tiffins which were present there. He was telling continuously to bring that food which is hanging on the tree. After some time Baba Sahib stood from there and he was reached near a guava tree which was outside of palace on which Tiffin of the sweeper was hanging there. So Baba Sahib has taken down it from the tree branch and he has eaten the food on sitting there under that tree.

     The people began inquiring who was brought that Tiffin and at last sweeper left from the place where she has sat and she has explained all details in this matter and she was dancing due to happiness and cheerfulness.

                          46.The rituals of the Hajj pilgrimage

     One old age person came from Madras and he has told Baba Sahib  “ Sir, in your presence rulers, rajas and rich and wealthy and persons of status used to visit you. So from them provide me such money with that I will get felicity of performing of the Hajj pilgrimage. It is my greatest wish and desire.”

     Baba Sahib has given his assurance in this matter and days have passed away and the time of going days came near. So that person has requested him again in this matter. But  Baba Sahib was silent. During this silence date of travel to Hajj pilgrimage was over. So for this reason that person was  in  a condition of uneasiness and worry visited Baba Sahib, one day before Hajj pilgrimage  and he had said to him, “ My dear sir from tomorrow Hajj pilgrimage will be commenced, but you have not helped me for going to Hajj pilgrimage.” Next day when  Baba Sahib went out as per his scheduled visit and that person has explained him his uneasiness and worry. Baba Sahib holds his hand and took him to some distance and asked him to sit there. Upon sitting there due to the twinkling of his eyes were becoming heavy and he was sleeping there. What he sees that he is present in Makkah and he is performing Hajj rituals there along with other Haji persons. He has seen that while sleeping there he has performed all the Hajj rituals there. When the Hajj pilgrimage season was over then Baba Sahib went there and he has asked him. “Whether you will be still lying there.”  In the pupils of the old man, there was some movement was there and he has stood in the condition of un-consciousness and he has accompanied him from there. That old age person has come from Madras later has become famous with the name of Nana Sahib and until his last time, he was there in Tajabad.

   For understanding the rule of this miracle we should study about dreams and get up from sleep in briefly. We used to spend our whole life in two senses and one is waking up and another is a dream and our life will travel in wake up and dream. There is only a difference of its nature is there.

Allah says in the  Quran.

“ Allah  enters  the night (dream) into the day (wake up) and day into night and take out life from death and death from life.”

  In the sense of night distance of time and space are dead, but in the sense of day these distances are becoming live.” Zaid is watching dream in which he is talking with his friend. Even though his friend is residing at a long distance. In the dream, Zaid could not feel in this matter that there is no distance from him and his friend. In such dreams, there will be zero space in between them. In the same way, Zaid when he will sleep by seeing a clock the time at one o clock time. In the dream he will visit many countries and he will spend journey of many weeks and months and on the way and he will make over stops and after spending  such a long period of time then he will come back to the house. When the dream will be finished, then he will watch the clock and he will find still one o clock of time. In this dream, a distance of space will be zero. In the sense of night the distance is dead and which are born in the daytime. Whether in a dream or wake up in both conditions our acts will be common. Any work which we will be doing in wake up and which will be done in a dream also and there is only the nature of the senses is there.

   The other important thing in this matter is that in the dream we will become helpless. Anyway, if we will learn to use the senses of dreams, then we will become free from time and space can do acts as per our will and wishes like we will do acts in wake up. In the prophets, this ability was completely available to them and so in which they will be perfect in this matter and for this reason, there will be no difference in a dream and wake up for them. So in saying of the prophet it is mentioned as follows.

“ When prophets sleep, but their heart will be live.”

   When the person who has a desire of Hajj pilgrimage did stubbornly then Baba Sahib with the help of this use has changed his condition of wake up in a dream and even without the presence of the human body and free from time and space he has performed rituals of the Hajj pilgrimage in Makkah.

  1. Two human bodies

   One Brahman person who used to work in one office and he has applied four days leave in the office and he was present in service of Baba Tajuddin. When the period of his leave has finished, then he has asked permission of Baba Sahib to leave from there. But Baba Sahib has not given him permission in this matter. After the end of one week, he has asked in this matter, but Baba Sahib was silent. After the end of one month when Baba Sahib has given him permission, then in the condition of the hesitation he has returned back to his house due to his absence of one month what will be the conditions of his house and in office, there will be severe warning will be given to him for this reason. When he has reached back into his house, his family members did not express unusual emotion in this matter or did not ask for one-month absence. After taking bath and after some rest, he has asked with his wife, whether somebody has come from the office asking about him. So, for this reason, his wife saw his face in surprise condition and told him that nobody did come from the office. But why you are so much worried and upset about this matter. He has explained her all details. He said that it is strange that you have not asked about my absence of one month and also office persons are not caring about me in this matter. The wife without uncertainty told him that why you are joking in this matter. Now go to the office at the time of going to the office is near. In the office, all persons have not behaved with me as unusual. And nobody did not have his behavior as unusual. So, for this reason, that person was greatly surprised and he was in the astonished condition in that matter. In the world of thinking that person has asked Baba Sahib what is the matter in this respect.? And nobody has not asked him about his absence from there. Still, he was in such dilemma and at that time attender has come there and he had said to him that the officer is asking to bring the file which he has given to him. He has taken the file to the officer and told him that he has stayed with Baba Sahib in Sakerdara and upon return from there, he in great surprise and astonishment that households, persons are not asking about his absence in the house and also office persons do not have a complaint with me in this matter. The attender has said that you have given me file yesterday but I say with a full conscience that yesterday I did not come to the office. The officer told him with surprise that “ You have returned back after your four days leave for the office and during the period you have performed office work properly.”

   In Sakerdarah and in an office in both places that person’s proof of presence was found so for this reason that Brahman person, as well as all office staff, were surprised in this matter.

  1. Pulse-picks

  It will happen usually that when Baba Sahib will stop in any village or city and there upon  Baba Sahib’s instruction pulse-picks will be distributed and its cost of the preparation will be paid by some person who will be present there. One old woman has become ill and she has vowed that if she will recover, then she will distribute pulse-picks to the people. When she has recovered from illness then she has come into the presence of Baba Sahib and she has brought the large good quality of food there in large quantity and she has distributed among the people. When she had returned back then she was becoming ill again and she has come back again in the presence of Baba Sahib and told him “ My dear sir, I have vowed and has become well but again  she has become patient of that illness.”

   Baba Sahib has replied her immediately that “ Give pulse-picks to the  people and will become well.”


  1. A disabled girl

     As per  statement of  an employee of Munshi Anwar Ali  of Raja Raghvir Rao, who said  that one night at 8 o clock Eisa Khan has brought meals in the  service of Baba Sahib and he has insisted  him to have meals, but Baba Sahib  told him that wait till he will meet his friend and then he will eat meals afterward.

   Upon saying this he stood and left his residence and he went from the main door and he has proceeded outside and covered some distance and went near the bridge and sat on it. After some time it was seen that one woman coming there and who belongs to Jhansi and she was carrying her girl who was handicapped from foot and hands, on her hands. That woman had put down her girl at the foot of Baba Sahib. Baba Sahib was standing  there and he  has caught  her shawl   and ordered her “ Stand.” But she did not reply and she is sitting there. The second time Baba Sahib told her with anger  “Stand”. Due to a fear girl is trying to stand, but she could not stand, but she has fallen down there. Third time in mix sound of majestic and order he has given orders to stand.” The girl stood with jerk there. Baba Sahib said this and left from there to his residence and he has asked her to accompany him. That girl went on her foot towards Baba Sahib’s residence. That girl was there in Sakerdara for some days and after her complete health, she has gone back to her place.

  1. Black and red mouth color monkeys

  Baba Tajuddin’s devotee Hazrat Mohammed Abdul Aziz alias Nana Miya and who has said that one of his friends who work in a police department was coming into service of Baba Sahib. And Baba Sahib told him that black mouth monkey will become a red mouth monkey and this remark was not liked by his friend. In his mind, he thinks that he is a strange person who is telling him black and red mouth color monkey. It is sure that he is a mad person and but the people have made him a pious person.

  When the head constable return back to his native place  Raipur and at that time deputy superintendent of police has appointed him as a personal assistant. And for sub inspector’s training, he has sent to Sagar for some period of time. When he came to see me then he has promoted as sub-inspector of police and his uniform color was changed from black color to red color. He has told me that  Baba Sahib’s prediction was correct in this matter. His saying black mouth color monkey and red mouth color monkey were indications about my promotion. Upon hearing this, then my devotion and admiration of Baba Sahib were increased and so I went into the service of Baba Sahib.

  1. Gold making formula

    Mr. Abdul Razzak has stated that his uncle was greatly interested in making gold and want to get gold formula. In this work, he has spent his huge money on this matter. One time he has met one person who was an expert in the work. He has told him that in the house of wall of 200 years old there will grow one root and that root’s recognition is that from this oxide of the vermillion it will become heavy and can color brass. And from the village, my uncle has arrived in Nagpur and from the old and broken house he has got that root from there. Upon getting it, he has thought that first to visit Baba Sahib and then after his pray to fix the furnace so that there will be a success. When I have reached Sakerdara in service of Baba Sahib and I have seen that he was sitting on horse-cart and going and on his head, there was one flower garland was there and in which there are leaves of sweet basil were there. Baba Sahib was given one leaf of sweet basil from the flower to my uncle. He has added that flower in mixture condiments of root for the sake of felicity. When he has tried for the condiment, then it has turned into vermillion oxide equal to its weight was ready. Upon this surely trial, then the powder of root and sweet basil when it was used on copper, then it was turned into gold and which he has sold in the bazaar.  After this uncle tried his best to prepare gold with that root, but he has not successful in this matter to prepare gold from which he has prepared gold previously and Baba Sahib did not give me the address of sweet basil leaf.

  1. Sighting of Hindu Gods

     There was a favour and help for persons of every religion and people of every belief. His favour of a river will water in dry and infertile as well as in fertile lands equally without making any discrimination and difference. Everybody as per his ability will be benefitted  by  the  favour and  kindness of Baba Sahib

     Mr. Bahadur Persad has stated that when he was meeting with one Sadhu (Hindu ascetic) then there was a discussion of  Baba Sahib. He by knitting the brows and said that “ In our time of Hindus there is no less thing which is available with us and in spite of that you are becoming a great devotee and an admirer of Mulsim Fakir.”. I have told him at least one time you to present in service of Baba Sahib and meeting him. So I took Sadhu with me to Sakerdara in service of Baba Sahib. And at that time he was inside of the palace. We were standing away and waiting there anxiously for the sight of Baba Sahib. Suddenly we saw that where we were standing and there was no palace and Ashram (Hindu hermitage) building was not there. We are seeing some time Krihsnji at the bank side of the river and sometimes we are watching Ramchanderji and some time we find near of Krishanji. In one second we have watched all Hindu deities. At that time there was loud and cry of the crowd was there and we have seen that we are standing at the palace of Sakerdara and Baba Sahib was standing there at that time and we both of us have become out of control and fall down on the foot of Baba Sahib. After that what was happening God knows better in this matter.

      In the same way, three Sadhu persons have expressed their opinions about Baba Sahib. When I have met  Baba Sahib and come back to my residence. In the condition of sleep, I have seen in dream Baba Sahib who have come to my house and wake up me and sat there and  I asked my wife to wake up immediately and prepare tea for Baba Sahib. Do you not see Baba Sahib came to our house and given the respect and honour to us. My wife prepared tea and she has presented the tea to him. Baba Sahib drank tea and he said: “ Now accompany with me,  I will take you for religious tourism.” When I was out of my house then he told me to take also those three Sadus persons. So I have taken those three Sadhus also with me. Ahead of us, Baba Sahib was there and in between Sadhus were there and I was last of them. Within a second, we have reached Banaras and after a visit there we have reached to Gaya and also visit there. Baba Sahib then told let us go to Jaganathji and visit there.

  We have visited Jagannathji and came in the bazaar. One Sadhu asked me to purchase for me one spout jug as a symbol of the visit of  Jagannathji.

    I have asked one shop keeper price of spout jug and he told me Rupees 3 or 4. I asked shop keeper the reasonable price so he told me that it is a reasonable price. I have paid the price immediately and have handed over a spouted jug to Sadhu.

   When in the evening time I have reached the place of Sadhu persons and they were not present there. I was departing to Sakerdara to see Baba Sahib there. I have seen there in Sakerdara at the main gate of the palace one Sadhu among three was present there. At his one side, same spout jug was available there which I have purchased in Jagannathji and have given to that Sadhu. I was surprised to see that spout jug there. I was thinking that whether visit of Jagannathji and the purchase of spout jug was done on the condition of wake up or dream. I have asked Sadhu why he came there and from where you have purchased this spout jug.?

      Sadhu was smiling and he has replied that “ You have forgotten soon. This spout jug you have purchased in Jagannathji and have given me.” I am also present in service of Baba Sahib  so that I would  get  the road  of the salvation from him.”

     From hearing up to this from the mouth of Sadhu I was becoming helpless and was entered into the palace. I have seen that Baba Sahib is coming toward me and he told me that “Son of big merchant you have paid more money for the of price spot jug of Rupees 2.50. I was becoming helpless and fallen on the foot of Baba Sahib.

  1. Tahsildar

      Maharaja of Quroli and the Tashildar Durga Persad’s spiritual guide used to tell him that he is a  servant of  Baba Sahib.  He keeps a photo of Baba Sahib in his book usually and he used to see his photo by opening his book. And he used to say that he is not polytheist or an idolater. Baba Sahib has given us orders to say Allah, Allah. So, for this reason, we are doing this work.

     The Sadhu (Hindu ascetic) of Maharaja  Qaruli said that “ He is a Brahman and upon passing M.A. LL.B. Examination he was appointed as Tahsildar in Nagpur. He has very much love for his wife. And she is dying. So there was a great shock to me due to this reason. There was pressure from people for me to re-marry there. First, I did not like it, but later I  think that unless and until I did not know whether it is reasonable or not then I will not marry. With the suggestion of Pundits (Brahman teachers) I did not satisfy in this matter. At that time in Nagpur, there was the name of Baba Sahib on the lips of all people and even boys also know him very well. I used to think those Hindus, not good who used to visit Muslim Fakirs. Even though my mind asked me to go into his presence and see him and  I will not tell anything by my tongue and if he is a perfect, pious person then he will know in this matter.

   I have purchased one basket of bananas and went into the presence of Baba Sahib and when he has seen me then he has told me “ Come on Tahsildar  Sahib, Tajuddin has no wife. What  did  you do with  marriage.” And then he has said, “ Let give us  bananas to eat.”  I have peeled one banana has given to Baba Sahib. After eating some of it, he has given me to eat and he has said to me to eat.

    I belonged to Brahman caste who believe in  untouchability system  strictly  and do not know how I was eating a spurious banana of Muslim Fakir. And I do not know and upon eating of bananas, then there was absorption upon me and I have lost sense and has become unconsciousness. When this news reached the house, then members of my family came there and caught me from there. With a hot iron mark on my body,  but there was no change at all in my condition. I was still in the condition of absorption and unconsciousness. At last, it was decided to take me to such place where this illness which has affected me. My community did not agree in this matter that one Brahman should go to Muslim Fakir. Due to helplessness they at the last they have agreed in this matter.

  When I was brought in the court of Baba Sahib  then he has  given orders to open chain  and he is good.” At that time I was becoming well. Baba Sahib told him  “You are remaining Tahsildar. The people told him that due to madness, he could not go to the office so this reason his job is finished.”

  Baba Sahib on plain paper has written his name by him in his own handwriting and has given to me. And he has said take this order, Tahsildar will carry your shoes. And you should busy in saying Allah, Allah.

    Baba Sahib’s order became correct as Tahsildar  Durga Pershad and Maha  Raja Qaruli used to think to carry my shoes as a matter of respect and honour.

  1. Beloved

      In Ajmer city, one person was seen in the condition of absorption and intoxication and he did not pay any special attention and care about meals and food items. The people used to offer him tea and but it will reach in his throat in small quantity and remaining of it will be falling down. That person has got a favour and benefits from Baba Tajuddin.  He has gone to London and he has studied barrister education there and he has planned to practice in Bombay. He went to the bazaar to purchase furniture and other necessary things which are required in the office. He has purchased all things in the bazaar and he was making arrangements of transport of all above things there and at that time in the opposite building one window was opened and he has seen one good face there and it is not known what he has seen there that he was becoming dumbfounded in this matter. Even after the close of the window, he was looking at there.

  From morning time was passing and evening time has started, but he was standing there, but in the condition of ecstasy and not being in one’s sense and he was standing there for a look of the beloved and for her sight there. In the evening from that building, a funeral procession came out there. In the evening he was able to know by some source that his world has destroyed and now he will not see again his beloved.  With funeral procession, he has accompanied and has reached to grave yard. When all persons left from there after burying the dead body, then he has left there alone and he has embraced the grave and he began weeping in loud sound there. But his weeping continued and did not stop after a long time. Due to weeping time has passed since the evening and the sun has set and night has started. In such condition, one pious person was standing there and he told: “ To come to Nagpur and see me we are Tajuddin.” The style of talking about pious personality was so effective that the intention of circumambulation around of the grave of the beloved  was turned into great desire to visit Nagpur.”

  When I was reaching Nagpur then Baba Sahib was sitting on the platform of the palace of Sakerdara. When he has looked at Baba Sahib, he was found, his beloved was there with full grace and charm. But he could not control his sight and on condition of unconsciousness, he ran towards the foot of his beloved. Within seconds from the look of the favour of Baba Sahib many secrets and mysteries were disclosed to him. When he has become in the condition of consciousness, then Baba Sahib told him, “ Go service of Ajmare city and it is given allotted to you. You will be seeing us every there.  You will be well.”

  1. Strike of five shoe

     One day one old person of knowledge came there and he has presented in service of Baba Sahib. Baba Sahib when he saw him and told gentleman we strike five times of shoes upon him. So all persons who were present there were in surprise condition, but that learned person has requested by folding his hands for God sake to fulfill an order of Baba Sahib to strike of five shoes. One servant struck five times slowly on his back. So there was prevailed a strange condition upon him and when such condition was over then persons have asked him “ What has happened to him.? ” Then he has replied that “  The way which was not passed away during the whole life and which was passed away within seconds.”

  1. Begum of Bhopal

     One time Begum of Bhopal has prepared food of high quality with too much care and attention for Baba Sahib. At the time of preparation of royal food from her tongue, it was said that “ Who will provide such food to Baba Sahib.” When the food was ready, then Begum of Bhopal has sent food in trays and which was carried by slave girls in the presence of Baba Sahib.  At that time Baba Sahib said that “  This food is not suitable for us as such who will provide such food to us.” So, for this reason, Begum of Bhopal was regretted in this matter.

  1. Fateha (the opening chapter of the Holy Quran this recited as prayers for the dead)

  Yousuf Hussain, who was superintendent of State of Jaipur and once he has visited Baba Sahib’s court in prayer for the illness of his father. Upon seeing him, he has taken his shawl which was on his shoulder and spread on the ground and told him “ Gentleman recite Fateha.” Upon saying this he has stretched his hands. Mr. Yousuf Hussain Khan also stretched his hands and as well as all the persons who were present there also stretched their hands. After Fateha superintendent has reached the house of Hakim  Zafar Jaipuri and where it was known that his father was dead and in this matter a cable was coming there from Jaipur. When he has reached in Jaipur and it was known that when Baba Sahib was reciting Fateha then at that time funeral prayer of his father was performed at the same time in Jaipur.

  1. Abdus Samad suspended

    Abdus Samad of Bhikpur Jaisi came into the service of   Baba Sahib with desire and wish that he will get a revelation from him. When he has reached in the presence of  Baba Sahib  and at that time he was smoking a Bedi (a kind of  inferior cigarette) and Baba Sahib  was given burning Bedi to him and told him “ Take this revelation.”

   Abdus Samad was taken Bedi immediately from him and he has taken deep smoking of it and power of revelation has taken him and was raised by taking yawn and within second Abdus Samad has found in him a stock of the hidden capacities. Baba Sahib  has mentioned immediately names of some cities and has told him that “ Go in the above places there is the cure of patients in your water.”

  Abdus Samad has reached back to his place with his demanded wealth from Baba Sahib. There was  a huge rush of people who used to visit him so for this reason government has constructed railway and police stations to control huge traffic of visitors of Abdus Samad and who used to put his hand in  the water and upon its used on dying person and which  will bring him back to life and his  name and fame left from India and it has reached in Europe.

   One day one woman who has visited him and by revelation Abdus Samad came to know that women in her mensuration days. So he told her “ She is unclean, so take her out.”

  That woman in worry and problem with a broken heart had reached Nagpur. And he has sat under a Molseri (jasmine-like flower tree) tree out of Sakerdara. Due to last experience she was fearing to enter into the court of Baba Sahib. But at the other side, there was a question of worry for her son’s for life and death.

  On the other side, Baba Sahib said to somebody to call one woman who is sitting under a Molseri tree. One devotee went there and he has called her in the court of Baba Sahib. That woman came there and she has stood at some distance and she has reluctant to come near to Baba Sahib. Baba Sahib told her, “ Come near mother, Abdus Samad was one spouted metallic vessel of water and which was becoming dirty. And Tajuddin is like the sea. Come here.” At that time that woman kissed Baba Sahib’s foot. Baba Sahib told her “ To go to your house and you will find  boy playing and he will live in good condition.” At that time that woman left from there successful upon fulfilling of her desire. Then Baba Sahib turned his face towards Jaisi and has told, “ Abdus Samad suspended.” And with those words, all his capacities were no more with him for the above reason.

                                     59.Foreign Goods

    Ali Hussain was the Tahsildar of Nagpur Revenue Office. He was becoming a lover of an English woman and he has successfully to agree that woman for marriage with him. That woman has asked him to register bungalow and to transfer all his money into her bank account. So Ali Hussain has agreed to her all conditions. But he thinks that as there is British rule is in India, so there will cause any danger to him in this matter. So Ali Hussain has intention in this matter to see Baba Sahib and to get his prayer so that there will be no danger.

     He went to Sakerdara in the presence of Baba Sahib and he was standing  at one side among  a crowd of visitors there and suddenly Baba Sahib looked at him and told him “ To show his watch.”  Ali Hussain removed his watch from his wrist and presented in his presence. Baba Sahib saw it and returned to him and said: “ Gentleman foreign goods is not good.”

   Ali Hussain was able to understand well the meaning that marriage with the foreign lady is not good for him.  But there was an effect of the deep love of English lady was over his mind. So has deceived himself, then he thought that nowadays in all over India there is a movement of the boycott of foreign goods. So, for this reason, Baba Sahib told him in this matter and he did not say for his marriage with a foreign gentle English lady.

  Ali Hussain has married to English lady.  In a short period of time differences were there in between them. And a situation was reached of harsh talking and exchange of bad words in between them. One day Ali Hussain due to his anger he has slapped his British wife. The wife filed a lawsuit against him in the court. To disrespect of a member of a British Nation deemed in those days appear as disrespect and dishonor of the whole English people. Ali Hussain already has given his money and property to his wife and also he has dismissed from his post of Tahsildar. Now it was always fear of him for going to jail for the punishment in this case. So in this uneasiness and helpless condition, he has visited Baba Sahib again and  he wants to kiss his foot so at that time he told him that “ Do not kiss his foot, first tell me why we have made prisons.” Ali Hussain understands that arrow has left of the bow. He was regretting his behavior in this matter that he has given the wrong meaning of the Baba Sahib’s clear order and he has done against of his order .So it was the same thing happened which Baba Sahib has already predicted in this case.



                            60.Half Dewan (secretary)

     Once Yousuf Hussain went into his service of  Baba Sahib and visited him. Baba Sahib told him, “ Go,  I have made you half Dewan (secretary).”

  In those days there was one post of secretary in every native Indian state. So, for this reason, nobody did understand what is meaning of half Dewan. After some time state was divided into two districts as follows.

The Eastern Districts

The Western Districts

   And for above two regions, two secretaries were appointed instead of one secretary and among them, one was  Yousuf Hussain was there as per the prediction of Baba Sahib.


                    60.Gentleman, why you are running.?


       Mr. Hussamuddin has stated that he has decided to become his disciple upon hearing his name and fame. On the same night I have seen Baba Sahib in a dream and who was making ablution on the reservoir and that water is having a strange property which I have seen that from it parts of the body are shining like a mirror. Upon doing ablution  Baba Sahib asked me to do ablution there. So my parts of the body began shining. After this Baba Sahib stretched his right hand towards him and I have held his hand with my two hands there and then my eyes were opened. I thought that Baba Sahib has given approval of my intention of becoming his disciple so it is proper to go in his presence and in service of Baba Sahib. So I have applied leave in the office and went to Nagpur to become disciple there. In  Sakerdara his horse-cart arrived there. He was in a horse-cart and a large number of crowd of people was behind him there. Due to my young age, I ran fast from other people and  when I have reached near Baba Sahib and he told me “ Gentleman, why you are running and shaking hands in the dream is sufficient.”


  1. Split pulse and boiled rice (Dal Bahat)


     Mathra Prasad of Amravti said that “ For the slavery of Baba Sahib many Hindu brothers tease him and my family members used to tell me that your religion is spoiled. This curse was increased very much when our son in law was becoming seriously ill. My wife told me that as you have spoiled your religion, but now your worldly life will be spoiled soon. We have had one daughter who is going to become widowed soon at any time. At last when your Baba Sahib will be going to help you. You used to mention many of his big miracles. You can save the life of your son in law.

     The conversation of the wife was touched like the bow of the arrow to me. I told that to take him on the bus to Nagpur. Doctors have told that his life is remaining for a short period of time. If you want to kill his son in law, then take him to Nagpur. Other people have given suggestion to me in this matter, but I have not agreed on this matter. I have told them that “ I would get him healthy with the help of Baba Sahib and until then I cannot sit in easiness up to that time. Otherwise, I will not show them my face.”

   In short, my family members have put my son in law in a bus in bed clothes and along with doctors all have reached Sakerdara. I was getting down from the bus and went straight into his service and told him “  Baba Sahib, I have brought my son in law here and who is seriously ill and his life is left for a few days. Whether he should become well otherwise your face will become black in this world and as well as in  the other world.”

  Upon hearing my rude conversation he has held my hand with his one hand and with the other hand, he has stretched his hand to beat me and he has told me that “What he told him.?”

    I have told “ Baba Sahib whether you beat me or leave, but the matter is the same which I have told you. My respect and honour  in your hands.” Baba Sahib left my hand by the jerk and told me that “ Go and  give him split pulse and boiled (Dal Bhat) rice and he will become well.”

   I went very fast from there and prepared Dal Bhat. The persons were thinking my action as an action of a mad person as giving of Dal Bhat to a patient of dysentery is not good because in its last stage the patient could not even digest water. So for this reason, giving of Dal Bhat is not wise to act in this matter. But son in law after eating of Dal Bhat was sleeping  and he was waking up in the evening time and he has demanded again Dal Bhat and he was sleeping during the whole night well and the next day he has become completely well and he himself came in the service of Baba Sahib by walk.

                                     63.Attack and  fire


     Farid Sahib Fiza has stated that during the beginning period of the year 1909 Baba Sahib was in Waki. I went along with professor  Mohammed Abdul Qawi. I came to know that Baba Sahib was in the jungle near Waki which was 8 miles away from there.  We have reached there and he was sitting in the field and where all sides trees of acacia were there and under the shade of the trees visitors were sitting there. At that time Baba Sahib was collecting stones and making mound there. We both of us upon saying Salam began the work of collection stones and making heaps there and it was raised up to three feet in height. Baba Sahib told us to make another mound and do it fast.

   We have made another pile there, then at that time Baba Sahib took one wooden stick and began giving military orders “ Such and such division should march in this direction and other divisions go into another direction, attack, and fire. Baba Sahib in his special condition was giving his commands in this matter and then he has said: “ Greece army soldiers left, caught them.”

    Then Baba Sahib has said that “ We have broken down waist by the Greece people and they will never stand against us. And Baba Sahib has fixed his hand wood in the stones and he has said that this is the flag of the success of Turkey.

      After two days there was published, news in the newspaper that in the battle of Balqan Turkey has defeated Greece and has captured huge booty and valuables in the war.

       Baba Sahib was explaining events and happening of the  First World War as such that he is participating in it. So, for this reason, people used to write down his prediction in this matter and which will be published in the newspaper after some days. One time Baba Sahib was in angry condition  and has struck one stone in the house and he has said: “ He poses as big power but he could not conquer Antareb.”

     The persons have written down the details of its timing. Afterward, it was coming to know that at the same time one bomb has fallen and Antareb was conquered.

                              64.Ali brothers and Gandhiji

    Mohammed Ali and Shaukat Ali were coming to Nagpur. Then they instead of visiting Baba Sahib and have written Raja Ragahuji Rao to take appoint of visiting time of Baba Sahib. So, for this reason, Raja Sahib was upset and worried in this matter which time should be given to them because there were no special timing of visiting of  Baba Sahib. The people used to visit him always and there was no restriction on this matter and he did not give any appointment time to someone. Baba Sahib himself told Raja Rahguji  Rao to give them the time of four o’clock evenings and to drink tea with him.” Raja Sahib has informed details to Ali brothers in this matter.  

    On the Friday at four o clock, Baba Sahib came out of his room and he has asked for tea and he has ordered to serve tea to all persons who were present there. Ali brothers could not reach at the appointed time there. All persons have drunk tea. At five o clock, Baba Sahib has asked for conveyance and he has left toward the city. On the way, it was seen coming by car of Ali brothers there and coach driver has stopped horse-cart and Ali brothers get down from the car and said Salam to Baba Sahib. Baba Sahib asked coach-driver “Whether he should give garlands to them.” He told him by folding his hands to give them garlands. Baba Sahib told “Why I should give it you go and give them.” Hera coachman was given some flower garlands to them.

      Baba Sahib told them, “ Go and see  the gates.” With this saying, Baba Sahib’s horse-cart left there towards the city. Ali brothers could not understand the meaning of saying of Baba Sahib in this matter.

   In those days there was a public meeting of the Congress party was going to be held in Nagpur. Ali brothers were also conducting one meeting of the public in support of Khilafat movement there. Gandhiji was also coming there. When there was loud and cry of coming of Baba Sahib there and he came on the road and said Salam to him. Baba Sahib  told him that “ He has flown 800 crows.”

    Gandhi could not able to know the meaning of the saying of the Baba Sahib. When in the night when a public meeting was held then there was an entry of 800 members who left from the other side and have joined with Gandhiji in the Congress party.

   During some period in those days, Gandhi to used to be present in service of Baba Sahib daily and Baba Sahib used to scold him, but he will ignore in this matter and used to be present in his service on a daily basis.

   Ali brothers upon attending meetings of Khilafat movement have reached to Bombay and where they were arrested. When he was entering inside into the jail gate, then he was able to understand  Baba Sahib’s prediction that goes and see the gate.

                        65.The Soldier without the sword

  Nawab Siddiq Ali Khan was a member and active worker of the Pakistan movement. He has written one valuable book in which he has mentioned different aspects and events and happenings of Pakistan movement and its title is  “The soldier without the sword” and in this book he has mentioned some details about Baba Tajuddin Sahib. He has mentioned that “ When he used to go in service of Baba Sahib while holding the finger of my father. Baba Sahib used to wear long shirts and did not wear caps on his head and also did not wear footwear and used to spend most of the time in walking with his foot. One day I was wearing old type embroidered shoes with painted toes on my foot which I have made flat due to mischief and walking behind Baba Sahib and my father was walking behind Baba Sahib and suddenly Baba Sahib  was stopped there and he has asked me “ To give your shoe I will wear it.” I was worried and be anxious and was stopped there and draw back in amazement. Father told me to fulfill his order immediately. Baba Sahib has worn my shoes by putting his fingers of the foot into it and for some time he walked in here and there. Surely it was a great felicity for me. Over a long time, its good results were known to me and it ended in July 1961 after completion of my job of Pakistan Foreign Service Mission work in Africa.  

   It was the daily practice of Baba Sahib to visit in the lanes of Nagpur for some time in his horse cart. He used to pass usually from our ancestor’s house and which was located on Nawab Lane, which was habituated by our ancestors and due to his visit there which will make it the envy of heavenly gardens. Due to  the passion of love Allah, he used to continue his conversation some time in low and loud voice which will seem to such talking unwise as to me  and as without meaning in it, but for Arif  (one having an intimate knowledge of God) persons it was like a sea  of great of knowledge of God. Some time with him there will be a condition of majestic will be prevailed and which will be very much over upon him, then in such condition he used to beat the persons who disturb him or hold his foot and sleep upside down before him and ask for their wishes and desires. I want to start to mention the event of my elder sister who has so much respect not only in our family but outside of our family and who left us in the condition of loud and cry and deep sorrow condition. Next day at afternoon Baba Sahib’s horse-cart has passed away from our house and all of our family members due to her serious condition have requested him for his prayer in this matter. As per passing of time her condition of health began becoming serious in this matter so for this reason all family members were sure that she will leave us soon. Some of our relatives began weeping in a low voice. During the prayer of Asar (late afternoon) and Maghrib (sunset prayer) when I have come to know that Baba Sahib is coming again in our area so I began running towards  the road side while weeping there and Baba Sahib has stopped his horse-cart, and he has said some unconnected sentences which I could not understand at that time probably  in it was the news of  the death of my elder sister and condolence message for me in this matter.

    The third event which is related to my dear friend Azizuddin Arif Meer, who was at the same age of me and like me as a brother. My father has made the mother of Meer Sahib as his sister and from such relation, she was becoming my aunty and his father Syed Ahmed Hussain Patel was becoming my uncle. He was a great devotee of Baba Sahib and for this reason, he has left the world and was joined in a court of knowledge of Baba Sahib permanently. Meer Sahib was much interested in the hunting of animals and so, for this reason, he used to go on hunting around Nagpur and around his village from where he will get for his land revenue. He was always busy in the hunting of deer there. In short, he has lost his control of mind and used to beat the people in a condition of madness. Due to this reason, people of lane always used to be in a  condition of fear and harassment. So his father due to his devotion to Meer Sahib has sent him to the court of Baba Sahib in iron chains in his foot. Meer Sahib was a healthy and elegant and his height was high. In those days work of interference and abuse was becoming his aim of life. I used to go to see him daily and weep upon his worst condition.

  One day my father who is interested in medical science and he said if opening a vein of him,  then his condition will become well. When I have passed this message to Patel Sahib at his residence, then he has become angry and told me that in the court of  Baba Sahib nothing will done there against his will and pleasure. So, for this reason, I have returned back to my residence in sorrowful condition with grief and was explained to father all details in this matter. Upon hearing this he was silent. But in the next day, I have spent all of my time in thinking that what should be done in this matter.? As per my routine, I have reached Sakerdara. In the mind, there is a thinking that Baba Sahib is a man of revelation. So he should tell him by his mind to Baba Sahib that  Allah may put an idea of opening a vein of Meer Sahib in the mind of Meer Sahib’s father. So his dearest and a lovely friend will get back on the wealth of his health. I have reached the court of Baba Sahib and there was an available, hustle bustle of daily life there.The devotees and admirers were sitting there around Baba Sahib in two third of the circle. Baba Sahib was in a state of absorption as per his usual condition and he was saying something in his loud voice. The circle’s one third which was kept open and it was at some far distance in which Meer Sahib was sitting there in chains, and he was making loud and cry and he was moving his hands and foot there. In that condition of lunacy, Meer Sahib did not behave with me badly in action or saying anything to me. I have gone near him and sat there. I have tried with the courage to see towards  Baba Sahib. What I see there that in that crowd, uncle Patel is sitting there by folding his hands. Due to his unexpected  presence there, which caused as flog for my desire of the heart. And there was uneasiness in my heart. And my desire without moving by my lips, which have been reached to Baba Sahib. With care and attention, I began hearing his reply on this matter. The continuation of conversation was in progress. I was with uneasiness was waiting for the reply and in loud voice, one sentence was told by him so that I,  my uncle and persons who were present there can hear in this matter. In the pure Madras style of Urdu, he has said that  “ Take out blood by cutting vein from the forehead, then he will become well.” I was jumped there with joy and ran towards uncle. He has told me without any chance of further talking to do whatever you like. I have taken Meer Sahib in a horse-cart to my house and so, for this reason, my father was happy. I have called the famous surgeon of kings of Bhonsle family Syed Ahmed, who used to reside in the Nala Par area. Who came in the evening time and operated vein of the forehead of Meer Sahib and taken out blood and due to the kind grace of Allah Meer Sahib was becoming well again.

     By writing one more event of that time I will strength my devotion and admiration of Baba Sahib in this matter. In those days schools of the Central province and Barar which were affiliated to Allahabad University and due to this reason the matriculation  examination papers used to come from there. There were 3 separate examination papers of mathematic. I have attended the matriculation examination of Allahabad University but could not pass the examination as I was very weak in the mathematic subject.  It was very shocking and worry for my father who had many plans for my future higher education. I was very disappointed and regretted this matter. At last, I have received permission from father to appear  the matriculation examination of Calcutta University. In the above university, there was easiness that there was one subject of mathematic only. I have appeared examination in Calcutta and while leaving from there I have asked my four friends to inform me result after its publication and come back to Nagpur. You know well how it will be great worry and uneasiness of condition of waiting for the examination result for the students. So I was facing the condition of anxiety due to this reason. Some time such  worry will be giving me great trouble and discomfort that if this time If I could not pass the examination, then my father will be shocked greatly which could not be described in this matter. How I can show him my unlucky face to him. For receiving result from Calcutta there was much delay, so, for this reason, I was very much worried and facing difficult. On that day I went  to visit Meer Sahib there and with a broken heart has requested in my mind for the prayer of Baba Sahib for passing the examination that he should pray to Allah for passing of my examination. From this court of Baba Sahib nobody did not return empty hands from there so how he will return back hopeless from there. At that time admirers were surrounding him there and I was sitting for away from Baba Sahib and at that time I was sitting with Meer  Sahib there and waiting for any miracle there. At that time do not know what unconnected sentences were being uttered by Baba Sahib there. What I  have seen that Eisa Khan who used to be in service of Baba Sahib and use to keep his letters there and at that time Baba Sahib was sleeping on rough earth and he was pressing his foot there. Suddenly Baba Sahib stood and he has taken four letters from  the upper pocket of Eisa Khan which has thrown in the air and he has said in a loud voice “  Go,  the result was declared and you have passed the examination in  the first division.” I went back on bicycle to the house in happy mode and joyful appearance. At the house on  the platform when I was getting down from the  bicycle, then at that time from far away somebody has called me “   Gentleman stop there and take your letters.” With eagerness I have seen that the postman was there and who has given me four post cards and were in the same message has written and which was declared by Baba Sahib before in his court in  my favour.

  Nawab Siddiq  Ali Khan has also stated that “ One day my father has prepared egg, sweet with special care and attention which is called Pusi and which was taken by him in service of Baba Sahib in a  lunatic asylum in Nagpur. At that time he was outside of lunatic asylum and sitting on the heaps of pebbles. There were some needy persons were present there with their bowls in the hands of their wishes and desires. My father has presented sweet to Baba Sahib and he has begun eating with fondness and linking. But at that time there came an idea in the mind of my father suddenly that how he could get such good sweets. So Baba Sahib has stopped his hands there and while taking stones he began eating them easily as such he is eating delicious barter pudding. When my father was regretted very much and be apologetic in this matter, then he has stopped eating of the stones.

  1. Hindu, Muslim riots

   Doctor Syed Mahmood, who was a resident of Bihar and who has studied Ph.D. in Germany and was become a barrister. He was doing practice in Patna. At the time of Khilafat Movement, he has entered into politics. He was a famous congress leader of his time. And many times he has appointed as minister in the provincial and central government and he has worked as Indian ambassador in Egypt. Doctor Mahmud has stated which is as follows.

   “ In Nagpur, there were Hindu, Muslim riots were there.  And there was heavy bloodshed and killing was there. Many persons from both communities were being sent to jail for law and order problems. There was the cause of the problem of the musical instrument to be played before the mosques. Gandhiji has asked me to go there and settled this problem. Shoukat Ali was also having gone there, but he was not successful. But I was refused to go there. Then after insisting on Hakim Ajmal Khan and Gandhiji, I was agreed in this matter to go Nagpur. Hakim Ajmal has told me that “ As you are interested to  see pious people so you meet there Baba Tajuddin and ask him to pray for settlement of this problem.”

   I have reached in Nagpur and went into the service of  Baba Sahib who was residing in the palace of Raja Bhonsle.  The Raja was his firm devotee of him and he used to go into his service. After some, I was able to know that today  Baba Sahib will not come out of his residence. So I was very much disappointed in this matter. I was standing at the main door and at that time one black skinniest person and whose eyes were red was coming there in verandah suddenly and then has gone inside. The servant has cried that now Baba Sahib will come outside. So he has come there and boarded in a phaeton and has gone away from there.  Great crowd of people followed behind him and who were thrown flowers upon him. And  Baba Sahib was saying something to the people in and from it, they were taking the meaning of their wishes and needs. But there was no conversation with someone in the clear langue by Baba Sahib. The persons have asked me to run behind his horse-cart, but I was not agreed on this matter. But I was thrown flowers upon him. The people used to run behind him and cover a distance of two miles behind his horse-cart and it was a daily practice of people there. I was in the car and my car reached near his carriage and at that time there was less rush of the people there. I  began walking while holding his horse-cart. Baba Sahib has asked me “What did I want’? Do you want to go to Makkah and Madina.?”

     I have told him, “ Now slavery of the English people is not tolerable and when they will leave India.?| ”

    Baba Sahib has replied in this matter with some carelessness. Yes, yes they will leave soon. At that time there were two persons of the Raja Sahib were sitting there while folding their hands on the carriage with him and they were worried in this matter so they told him that “ They have not heard such clear conversation before by him. You  seem to  a pious personality.” Then I have told him that “ In your presence, there is a strange matter that there is Hindu Muslim many riots are there in Nagapur. Hindus are doing your very much service and why they are fighting with Muslims. So pray for it that this problem should be settled.” Baba Sahib  said, “ Yes, it will be surely settled.”  From that place, some white collared  Muslims were passing there so I have addressed them and said “ See what Baba Sahib is saying. Baba Sahib is saying that the Hindu, Muslim riots problem should be settled. Baba Sahib said, “ Yes, it should be settled.” When I was getting down from carriage then Baba Sahib has asked me what more he wants.” And “I have told him your supplication.”

      He has given me one red color small turban  of Marathi type made of Tusser cloth  which was on his head to me and he has said |“ Take this  I have settled Hindu,  Muslim riot problem.” Then I have not gone to see Baba Sahib again. When Raja Sahib was known this then he has called me. And he has put flowers on my foot and has kept sweet there and he has told me that  “You seem as pious personality. I was able to know details of your conversation with Baba Sahib. And it is strange that  Baba Sahib cannot talk such  clear language with anybody.”  Then he sends me towards Baba Sahib. He was sleeping on a mat there. One employee was pressing his foot. I have told him that “Baba Sahib Hindu, Muslim riot problem was settled due to your prayers.” And he said, “ It is good.” Then I have asked him “Baba Sahib when English people will leave from India.” Baba Sahib  with anger has replied that “When you people will become  such able then they will leave from India.” Baba  Sahib began saying to me go to your house many times so for this reason, I was afraid in this matter.

   I want to sit there for some time, but Baba Sahib said many times to go house, to go house so with helplessness I left from there. With me, there were two friends at that time and one of them told me that I have forbidden you to come to see Baba Sahib but you have not agreed on this matter. This is a mad person and people have made him Fakir. He is such a bad person that he did not allow you to sit there. And he asked him to leave from there unmannerly from there. Another person told that “Baba Sahib wants to say that Muslims should go to Makkah and Madina and then come back to India as conqueror there.”

    I was laughing at their arguments and in the same night, I was departing for Allahabad.  The next day I went to Anand Bhavan which was the residence of  Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and where I used to stay there. Where there was a wire for me in which there was news that my uncle’s son in law was dying in Jaunpur at the time when I was talking with Baba Sahib in Nagpur.

  1. Ghost bungalow

    In the monthly Urdu Digest Karachi events related to  Baba Sahib have been published with the title of  ‘Baba Tajuddin’  and these events have written by Khan Rasheed. With the thanks of Urdu Digest, the synopsis of these events are published in this book.

  1. Mysterious laugh

   A young person named Usman has posted as an assistant station master of the Nagpur Railway Station. The bungalow in which he is staying was well known for with evil spirits. The persons have told him all events which were happening before in the bungalow and prohibited him not to stay in that mysterious building for this purpose and even English station master Norris has also asked him not to stay in that bungalow but he did not care about all these matters.

   At twelve o’clock on the night, Usman was sleeping on the bed. At outside, he has heard steps of walking of somebody there. And there was the sound of something falling. Then there was heard there loud and cry. After some time there was heard laughing in big sound in the compound of the building and there was heard the sound of running somebody. In the morning Usman went out of his room and he has found in veranda rice cooked with turmeric and a broken earthen pot was there. In the next morning also there such similar loud and cry was there. And in next morning in the veranda, there was found one human hand, which was lying there.

  Due to these circumstances, there was a bad effect on Usman and the next night he has stayed in one hotel. As per his practice, he has left for a morning walk and has stopped at one place when he has seen the crowd there. The crowd was behind one green dress old man and who was told by his mouth something in slow sound. During this period the old man went from there in his horse-cart to towards some way. He was able to know that he is pious personality known as Baba Tajuddin Sahib. He has heard before the details of Baba Sahib as a great holy personality of Allah.


                              69.An earthen picture

      During his trip, Usman has passed from a college and he has found there at that time one friend from his native place Abdul Gaffar who was calling him and in that college, he was studying law course there and his other two friends of Jabalpur Fazal Karim and  Abbasi were also there with him. When they come to know to about Usman’s arrival so they become happy in this matter and invited him for tea there.

    On the prescribed time he has reached to his hostel. And he has said we will drink tea in the city. And Abbasi told if there will be any chance then they will visit Baba Tajuddin. During the whole way, there was a discussion on such kind of matter. During this conversation, the issue of accession of the prophet was also discussed on this matter.  Fazal Karim has agreed that this event was happening spiritually and Abdul Gaffar believed that it was happening bodily. Upon drinking tea in one of the best hotels they were reached to Sakerdara and they have seen a strange scene was there. One photographer while putting his big camera on the stool and want to take pictures of Baba Sahib there but he was not ready for it. But due to his insisting he was sitting there on the chair and use to shake himself at the time of taking of photo shot. The photographer said sadly that  “Baba Sahib, he wants to take your picture and sell  it to maintain my family members,  but there is  no care of it by you.|”  Baba Sahib  told him “ What you have said, what you have said|” and he was upset and worried about this matter and he has told him “ O.K. take  a picture of him.” The picture was taken and it was found very good. Suddenly he  looked at  four of them so there was knitting the brow on his forehead and he has said that “ They have studied English education and they say there was an accession to  the prophet by spiritually.”

    Four persons were becoming vigilant in this matter and Baba Sahib was proceeding to his room. Now they did not have the courage to go before Baba Sahib. So they have decided to return back from there, but Usman and Gaffar proceed ahead there. One servant was trying to press   the foot of Baba Sahib  there, but he was prohibiting him there and by looking Gaffar he told him “O, boy press my foot.” Usman also wants to share this work but Baba Sahib prohibited him. When Abdul Gaffar touched his shin and find it is very hard. Baba Sahib tightened his muscles. After two minutes he has stopped his hands and said to Baba Sahib   “You are tightening  your shin so how he can press his foot.”   Baba said has told him “ So lose it and use force to your knowledge of science”. And Abdul gaffer has replied him “ In it, science will not work, you lose your leg by yourself.” First, Baba Sahib has laughed and he was silent for some time, then he has said. “You are a  good boy. Tell me what do you want.?”

   Then he  told him that “ Baba Sahib upon education I can get service, but how to get God.” To some extent he was vigilant and he said: “ Do the hard work and nourish children and will find God.” At that time Abbasi was coming there so he has paid his attention to them. And he told him, “ Now explain is there accession to the prophet was happened by spiritually or bodily.” Both of them could not reply in this matter. But immediately, Abdul Gaffar told him “Baba Sahib forgive us there was a  mistake in this matter.” Then Baba Sahib was seen in happy mode and condition. He said “Like that if you sit on the chair and if the photo will be taken, then you will understand. It is good now you can go from here.”


                           70.Mysterious  Railway Guard

   Usman could not able to present his desire in the service of Baba Sahib and he was ready to go from there. And then he heard voices of Baba Sahib “ Oh: unwise person why you are afraid in this matter and keep sticking with you there. They will come there so strike them.” When Usman was paying his attention towards Baba Sahib  then he has laughed and told him that “ You will also understand  whether accession was happening to the prophet by spiritually or bodily.”

  Then he has paid attention towards other persons there and talked to them in his special style of speech. At that moment Venkat Rao railway guard was seen by Usaman and who is sitting there in the corner. He was gazing Baba Sahib there. At that time it was six o’clock and by a train of 6.15, Venkat Rao was going from Nagpur by taking his train to Bombay. Still, he did not wear his uniform. In such short time, it will be difficult for him to reach the railway station. Baba Sahib addressed Venkat as Sulaiman and he has said something to him so he was smiling but he was sitting there.

  All four of them were left from there with a high effect of the pure heart of Baba Sahib. But Usman was very silent. In his mind saying of Baba Sahib was echoing and he was unable to understand its meaning and so he was thinking what will be happening with the help of a  stick.

   On the way, Usman has explained all details and information about mysterious bungalow to his friends and he has also told them Baba Sahib has instructed him to sleep in the night with a stick there in the bungalow. So they surprised in this matter and could not solve the puzzle. So there was programmed first to have drunk tea at the railway station and then to visit ghost bungalow.

     Usman said that he is thinking about Venkat Rao. He has to take a passenger train to Attari at 6.15 and he is sitting with Baba Sahib and it is not seeing his return from there and one minute is left for 6.15.

   Fazal Kareem has asked whether he is not the same guard who is famous for having a dual personality and he is available same time at Baba Sahib and also on the railway duty. It is heard that he is a special devotee of Baba Sahib and he is a man of contemplation at one with the spiritual master.

   They have reached the railway station directly and when they reached the platform at that time, the Attari passenger train has given a whistle and departed from the platform. The boogie of the guard has passed from there and they were surprised to see that Venkat Rao guard, which was sitting in it in his uniform and waving the green flag and he was conveyed his Salam (salutation) by moving of his head to all of them and for the long distance, he was smiling.

      The reaching of Venkat Rao in the shortest time has become puzzled for all of them. One of the friends has given the suggestion that we should go to Sakerdara and visit b Baba Sahib and with him to inquire into this event. So all of them have reached Sakerdara again. Fazal Karim and Abbasi were staying at the side of the road as they hesitated to go before Baba Sahib. Abdul Gaffar and Usman with courage went into the inside of the room there. In the room, there was an uproar of Milad Sharif (nativity meeting held to celebrate the holy Prophet’s nativity). They have looked into the room there was a recitation of Salam (salutation)  and in the condition of ecstasy Baba Sahib was swinging there and Venkat Rao was standing there while folding his hands. The eyes of Baba Sahib were closed and there was a  flow of tears from his eyes.

                     71.The accession of the prophet of Allah

       We seek asylum of God, recite the blessing on the prophet. The conveyance of the chief is coming there. There was an uproar of blessing. There was spread elegant fragrance there and Salam  (Salutation) was recited. Baba Sahib was sitting on the floor and Venkat Rao sat at some distance of him. Both of them were standing there behind the door of the Baba Sahib.After watching this surprising event they ran fast from there towards a gate in the boundary of the building where their friends were waiting for them in horse-cart. Again, they were surprised and stopped and saw a  scene that Abbasi and Fazal Karim both were fearing and Baba Sahib was present there before them and with him, a condition of majestic prevailed there. They have turned their backs and they saw in the room, but they could not believe their eyes. Baba Sahib was there in his room. May be  any other pious personality there, but at that time Baba Sahib’s familiar voice was clear so they were without a doubt. But how and when he has gone there. As the way was same. They were entering into the depth of surprises.

  “ English education people tell there was an accession to the prophet by spiritually. In the voice of Baba Sahib, there was anger which was overpowering in it. Now use your knowledge of science.”

     Abdul Gaffar told to Baba Sahib to forgive him as there was a mistake done by him. He has paid his attention to the other side and there was knitting on the brow and there were sadness and reflection of indifferent was there on his face and he has said “ Oh: silly you have come again there. Your post was downgraded.”

  Due to feelings of anger on his face   Baba Sahib, Usman was hiding behind of  Abdul Gaffar and by seeing his fear Baba Sahib, smiled and he has said “ Why you are afraid Usman. Sleep with a stick and do not watch secretly Sulaiman and search on your own. Then you will understand the event of  the accession of the prophet.”

   On that night, three of them canceled the program of visiting ghost bungalow and went to the hostel and Usman has come back to his bungalow. In that night there was not happening any special event there.

                                    72.Dangerous night

  In the next day morning, Usman has gone towards the railway station.  On the fourth bungalow of the Doctor Choudhary’s name plate, he was seeing his degrees,  which were inscribed on it in bold alphabets there and but at that time degrees were hidden on the back side of one beautiful personality of the doctor’s wife.

    Tomi, Tomi one slow sound was heard there. And he has seen one small dog there who was shaking his tail. Then he saw that beautiful face was entered inside of the bungalow. The details of this beautiful woman have told to him by his friend that her name is Lalita Devi and she was the wife of Doctor Chaudhry and who was working in a Railway department on the higher salary.

    In that night Usman was woken up suddenly around two o’clock on the night. In the compound area, there was heard in a slow voice of dangerous laugh there. He has heard running on somebody. Like electricity in his mind came the words of Baba Sahib and he has taken the stick and a torch in his hand with courage he has opened the doors of the room and in veranda there was silence. When the torch was turned towards dry flower pot and where two red embers were looked there and vanished away from there. So he could not dare to move further and due to fear there was shivering in the body. He came inside of his room and sleep again in his bungalow. And after passing of short time there was heard a dangerous voice in the room and his eyes were opened. He has held the stick firmly in his hand. After ten minutes mysterious calls from the room has been stopped there. Then Usman has looked at the rope which was on the ventilator and it was hanging there. On the upper side of the rope, there was something which was attached to it. Dim and mysterious shapeless object was coming down on the rope and  following behind of it  came one more shadow was seen. Those things were coming down with help of the rope and began moving slowly towards his bed. Usman while taking a target of them was killed with the help of a stick. At that time there was an echo of the words of Baba Sahib in his ears that whether they will come more so he began thinking about this.

  After the death of the snakes, there was not heard any mysterious calls till morning.  There was chirping of the birds was heard there. Usman stood from the bed and changed his dress and leaving the dead snake there and he went outside of his bungalow. In the verandah, birds were here and there and eating yellow rice. In the compound, he has remembered mysterious calls in his mind which were heard there in the night. When he has looked at the side of the flower pot wherein two live coals were shining in the last night so he was afraid there for this reason and his heart beating was started very fast. In the dry and deserted lawn, there were found fresh blood marks there. And from the other side after covering long distance he was reached at the gate and where he has found a horse-cart was stopped there in which there Abdul Gaffar and Fazal Kareem were there in it.

     Usman has explained them all details of events which were happening in the bungalow on the last night and he has shown the spots. Fazal Karim has inspected the bungalow carefully and with attention and care in this matter.  Then he asked all persons to follow him behind. Then he reached inside area of scavengers after covering a distance of one furlong. Where upon inquiry it was known that the dog of scavenger Bhagwat was lost. Fazal Karim has told the people who had killed that dog. Upon hearing these people have said that they have removed that dog from their area due to his mischievous acts. So, for this reason, the dog began to live in the graveyard of the Hindus. It was becoming his habit that during night time he used to stole goods from the huts of the people. He used to take the cooking earthen pots and run away from there and broke it and eat foods in it. From this, it was known that in a bungalow the things of rice and earthen pot which were found and which were brought there by the dog of Bhagwat. Fazal Karim brought all of them again to the bungalow. He told them that due to the finding of stains near blood and with the help of these stains his mind was able to know the secret of the ghost bungalow. Fazal Karim further told them that those stains are the foot steps of hyena and who eat fondly meat of dogs. And who makes such sound like a laugh. It happened that in the first two nights there was a struggle between hyenas and dog there in the bungalow and the dog became in powerful  positions and the dog was brought human hand from the graveyard of Hindus.

     While talking Fazal Karim became silent and he began watching the roof of the bungalow with care and attention there and leaving all he went outside and came after making one round of the building there. After coming there he has told in a mysterious voice to bring a ladder and provide him three brooms immediately.

    There was found ladder from the house of doctor Choudhary. Fazal Karim began removing the ceiling cloth and so, for this reason, there was found a big layer of the dust which was there and a cloud of dust was spread in the bungalow. There was no cleanliness was done in the space in between the roof and ceiling cloth. There many nestle were found which were made by the different kind of birds there and there were moving a large number of lizards. Fazal Karim has removed all nestles from there.

  Two days have been passed away but no such new events did not happen again in the bungalow. Slowly the feeling of fear and danger was not there in the residence of Usman in ghost bungalow.  Then there was recovered from the confidence of Usman but there was some worry in his mind.



                                          73.Big deity

  One day Usman was returning back from the college hostel and he has seen that Baba Sahib was coming in a horse-cart there. So on the worried condition, he was hiding behind the back side of the tree and he was too much shivering there. Baba Sahib laughs and told him “  Oh Usman now why he is hiding there. Snakes were there and who died. And why he is afraid. And do not afraid of Tajuddin and afraid of Allah.”

     Usman said Salam to Baba Sahib most respectfully and he caught his hand taken into his horse-cart and was taking him to Sakerdara. When he was passed away from there,  then devotees and admirers have surrounded  horse-cart by a large number of people in the crowd. So Baba Sahib in a helpless condition got down from his horse-cart. He was prayed for needy persons and scolded them and on condition of absorption he was smiling there and he was angry with them. By holding the hand of Usman, he was moving ahead there and up to Sakerdara, this type chain of the event was happening.

     Baba Sahib and Usman along with a large number of devotees entered into the palace of Raja Rahguji Rao. He was entered there in a small temple in which day before there was an annual fair, was held  and still there hustle and bustle was there and by seeing Baba Sahib three Pundits (Brahman teachers) came outside side and paid salutation to him while folding their hands. Baba Sahib told them in a soft style that “ Your big deity seems to be unclean and dirty. So I want to give  a bath to it.” They said in worry condition that  “Baba Sahib be kind to us, we will give  a bath to it.” Baba Sahib told them “ Allow Baba to give it a bath. You Pundits, be ruined yourself and also Raghuvir and then take a rest. It is good to accept  the advice of Tajuddin.”  They told in one voice no Baba Sahib. Baba Sahib was smilingly and went away from there. And he said to Usman you give a  bath to their big deity surely. But Usman did not reply in this matter.

   The Brahman teachers got relief in this matter and Usman came to know that Baba Sahib also visited the above temple so for this reason some Hindus were becoming upset and angry but they have no courage to say anything to him. In the above compound of  Raja Raghuvir has an iron railing in which he has brought up one tiger there. When Baba Sahib saw him, then he told that  “ When he has imprisoned in the cage. And the poor one he is becoming angry due to away from his family. And he has become  like dog Tomi.”

  Usman overlooks and due to fear his respiration was begun function quickly and on his body there was shivering was prevailing at that time. Baba Sahib went forward and has opened cage of the tiger. The tiger came out of the cage. There was panic among all people in the palace building. All people running away from there and only there were remaining Usman and Baba Sahib’s servant  Pahlwan and Venkat Rao were sitting there. Baba Sahib told  “ Tiger you are a good dog and then he has addressed to Usman and said that  “ Tiger in the prison of the cage will become a  dog. Usman, you will become Tomi and give a  bath to big deity.”

   Due to direct address, Usman was worried and upset and he wants to say something, but he could not speak at all. He was looking at the tiger, but Venkat Rao  was indifference for everything and he was only looking Baba Sahib. And Baba Sahib while caressing taken a tiger to his room.

  Some person has informed Raja Raghu Rao in this matter. He came there immediately holding the rifle in his hand. He was surprised to see that tiger was sitting at foot side of Baba Sahib. Baba Sahib told him “Oh: foolish,  why you have come now. If the dog will be put into the cage, then it will not keep hungry. Shall I put you  in the cage.”

   He said in worried condition “ No, Baba Sahib you close him in the cage as people are afraid of him.” He told him “ He will go to prison by himself. He was hungry since yesterday. You do an arrangement for his food.”   Raja Sahib told him “Babaji  I will arrange food for him now, but Babaji.”    He has told him “There is no hesitation in this matter”. And Baba Sahib was becoming  angry  and he has told tiger  “ To go in his cage his ration will be available  so go and wait there.”

  The tiger acted upon order of Baba Sahib immediately. Upon investigation of Raja Sahib, it was found that really that tiger has been hungry since 24 hours. The person who used to give him ration was going to leave without seeking permission from the palace.

     Usman came from the palace without seeking permission from Baba Sahib and he has decided firmly not to go again into the service of Baba Sahib.


     One day Usman went to the college hostel and he has come to know that some time ago Baba Sahib has passed away from there. And in hand, there was a leaf-cup of Butia Frondesa tree and he was directly entered into the mess of Hindu boys and he went into the kitchen there. This matter was intolerable for the Hindus. Some boys who believe in discrimination were becoming upset and angry in this matter, but the respect of Baba Sahib was coming middle with their intention. Baba Sahib has opened frying pan type curry pot and immediately ran from there while crying with a loud voice to the dining hall and from Brahman Hindu mendicant matted with hair,  he has snatched his morsel from his mouth and pot of frying pan he has thrown on the floor. And he said loudly that “ This is not good for eating. This is not good for eating. To throw all things.”

  This is the first plate which was brought into the dining hall for eating. Students were surprised and angry with Baba Sahib in this matter.  But the Brahman student was jumped there in the dining hall and near him, the curry pot was thrown on the floor of the dinning hall in which dead lizard was lying there in curry on the floor.

     From there Baba Sahib went into the room of Abdul Gaffar, Fazal Karim and they were sitting in the hostel and there was no arrangement of the food supply in the college hostel for the Muslim students. They were waiting for another student there so that all they should go outside and eat together in the hotel. They were surprised to see Baba Sahib there as he did not come in the college hostel before. They said Salam to him with more respect and honour. Baba Sahib has given them leaf-cup in which there were six luscious, juicy balls were there and from them, he has given one each to Abdul Gaffer and Fazal Karim. At that time there came a group of twelve Hindu boys by running there in the presence of Baba Sahib. Brahman boy was before all of them and was folding his hands before Baba Sahib with more respect and honour. At that time Baba Sahib has given two luscious, juicy balls  to Abdul Gaffer  and told him, “ Do not eat lizards,  eat luscious, juicy balls  and  do not degrade  their status.” Then he said to Fazal Kareem that do not point out defects. To hide defects and make bad people as well and do not become  worse  with them.” Nobody could understand the meaning of these unconnected sentences. Then has paid attention towards Chobe and told him “ They do not eat food touched by Muslims, and do not eat luscious, juicy balls and eat a lizard, is this right, you foolish boy.” Chobe told him “ No, Baba Sahib and his color has been pale. No, Baba Chobe will eat touched by you with fondness.” And this said by Abdul Gaffer and who has given him one luscious, juicy ball to Chobe. And who has taken it and he has said Salam and has put luscious, juicy ball into his mouth and Baba Sahib smiled and seen at Abdul Gaffer but he did not tell him anything.

  Other Hindus boys have surrounded Baba Sahib and began flattering of him and have requested with him to pray for passing the examination. He said  “ Go, foolish boys, all will pass the examination.” by saying this he has left the college hostel on his horse-cart.

  When Usman heard all these details, then he was able to know that Baba Sahib is in a good mode so it is good to see him and only Abdul Kareem was accompanied by him. And both of them went to see a Baba Sahib at his residence at Sakerdara.


                            To make  him a pious person

    During this time Baba Sahib was entered into his horse-cart and sat there. Usman was stopped there. But Baba Sahib took him to Sakerdara along with him and he has reached directly there.

  In the compound of the palace, Baba Sahib caught the hand of Usman and took him to the temple area and where there was silence. When the loud voice of Baba Sahib was heard there and he said “  Big deity is not clean and there are movements of bees are there. So you wash it  and  is it ok.?”  No, Baba in this matter he told by tongue by Usman. So Baba Sahib looked him carefully. Baba Sahib told him “ Why you afraid in this matter. Come with me.  The broken threads are fixed sometime.”

    We have reached near the temple  and at that time from the back side of the railing, Raghuji and the Inspector General of Police Nagpur Jabbar Khan came over there. Upon seeing Baba Sahib Raghuvir stood and saluted him with his folded hands. Two Brahman teachers from the temple came out there and they stopped Baba Sahib and they saluted him while folding their hands. And Baba Sahib laughed and he has addressed to Jabbar Khan “Oh: big dog why did you come there.? And you will become a tiger and will be  imprisoned and  then what you will eat?.”

  Jabbar Khan told him suddenly  “ To make him a pious person.” So he was overlooked and he told him  “He is hungry  very much, but the pious person is like stone and he was indicated one stone there.” He has put his eyes into the eyes of Jabbar Khan and moved his neck. Jabbar Khan was fallen on the earth with very much uneasiness and from his tongue, Allahu’s slogans came out there and he began moving in uneasiness like sacrificial cock. In the condition of death swoon, Baba Sahib was watching him. When ten minutes were passed so Raghuvir was worried and upset about this matter. Then Baba Sahib moved his head and then Inspector General of Police became in the conscious  condition, but still, his eyes were red like fire color and his foot was in the condition of roll down there. Baba Sahib told “ Now his belly is full and he was hungry for many days. And he is hungry.” Then he was proceeding towards the room. Raja Sahib with hesitation was told him that “ With Inspector of General of Police, Chief Commissioner of Police Sir Benjamin has also come there and he is waiting in his palace. If there will be your permission, then I will call him here?”. Baba Sahib told him “ Call him. He is in worried condition. Call the monkey. Tajuddin  did not stop anybody.”

  Usman was sitting with Venkat Rao there and Pahalwan was massaging of Baba Sahib. With Raja Sahib, Sir Benjamin came there without wearing footwear. Baba Sahib told him with satisfaction that “ Oh: monkey why you have incurred very much expenses. And unnecessarily you have given trouble to daughter. If the daughter will be smoke of earth, then she will  become healthy.”

  Nobody could not able to understand what Baba Sahib is saying in this matter. Usman has looked at the door and he was found there Inspector General of Police and who was sitting at the place where the footwear is kept. And on him still there the shivering  condition prevailed upon him and there was a flow of tears from his eyes. And also there were standing the Queen, wife of Raja Raghuvir,  Sir Benjamin’s wife and niece of Sir Benjamin. When Baba Sahib looked at them, then he has stood immediately as he used to give very much respect and honour to women. And he has treated the wife of  Raja Raghuji as a daughter and he used to keep her dear very much.

  He told them, “ Come inside why they are standing outside there. The Queen saluted to Baba Sahib and other two ladies also followed her. Then the Queen came forward while holding the hand of the girl and on the head of the girl there was a bandage of cloth was there. And she said “Baba  Sahib there is a headache in the head of the girl and there was no benefit of cure in London. Sir Benjamin has brought her to blowing by you here. And she has finished his talk in one breath. Baba Sahib told “ This monkey is mad and he has given trouble to the girl.  Why he has not told to Tajuddin.” Then, with very love and affection, he asked the girl sitting near him and told her   “Daughter do not worry. Upon smelling  of the earth you will become well then open the bandage.” The girl did not understand the Urdu language  and with surprising eyes, she looked at  him.” Which earth Raghuji asked. He told “ This will bring by a  monkey. He will bring earth from the road. And which will be smelt by the girl and she will become well.” Sir Benjamin Robertson has visited Baba Sahib previously and he has understood his instruction and he has brought some earth from the road immediately and asked the girl to smell it. Upon smelling of the earth there came four sniffs to the girl and with every sniff, there was fallen one insect from her nose.”  Then Baba Sahib has told with confidence that “  Enough daughter enough now you have become well”.  The  Queen has opened the bandage of the girl and there was vanished away headache from her head. And she began weeping due to feelings of happiness and joy in this matter.  The faces of all persons became as thanksgiving and gratitude. Due to signs of the girl Sir Benjamin has present large amounts of money into the presence of Baba Sahib so there was knitting the brow on his forehead. But there were very much love and affection in the talking style of  Baba Sahib and he has told her “ You are my daughter. And daughter did not give presents to the father and he said this and he has put his hand in the pillow and he has put some coins in her hand and which she has accepted happily and in joyful mode and went away from there in the condition of pleasant and jubilant.

   On the other side, there came a revolution in the life of Abdul Jabbar Khan and he used to make the slogan of Allah, Allah during the whole night. And the next day he has given his all wealth and properties in the way of Allah and he has adopted mystic life. Sir Benjamin has supported him for some time and he has tried for him the premature pension which was sanctioned to him.


     The people do not know about the welfare and development of the Muslim community in the  Central province of India and it is due to hard struggle and endeavours of  Baba Sahib such well being was done there. There is the great favour of him in the whole Central Province. Sir Benjamin’s meeting with Baba Sahib was a great mercy in the favour of the Muslim community. He has established many schools as well as Islamic schools and has worked to make available the favour of Baba Tajuddin to the Muslim Community in the whole Central Province. He has allotted lands to the Muslim schools. He has taken part in the construction of school buildings. He has provided jobs to Muslim educated persons and for this reason still, Jabalpur’s Islamia school is available in the name Robertson Islamic school.  He has established Robertson college with many objections and problems there.  The Nagpur’s Anjuman high school is also reminding the meeting of Baba Sahib with Sir Benjamin.

   After the event of lizard in the college hostel, the result of students was declared and all those Hindu boys and three Muslims students have passed the examination, which was predicted by Baba Sahib in the college hostel and all those boys also who met with Baba Sahib. Fazal Kareem,  Abbasi, Abdul Gaffar and Chobe who have to eat luscious, juicy ball given by  Baba Sahib and have passed the examination in the first division.

   On the next day, Sir Benjamin has called all of them, but Fazal Kareem and Abbasi were only present in the presence of him as Abdul Gaffar and Chobe went to their native places. He has issued orders of appointment as Tahsildar for both of them and after service of two years, they have been promoted to an assistant commissioner.

   After some days Abdul Gaffar and Chobe were also reached and they were appointed as Deputy Tahsildar and due to no vacancy in spite of long service, they could not get promoted not more than Tahsildar. After some period of time, Sir Benjamin has been transferred from there. But he has asked his successor to take interest in the development of Muslim community education and welfare.


    One evening at the time of tea  Abdul Gaffar, Chobe and Norris were together there. Chobe was working in Nagpur and Abdul Gaffar was posted in Sagar and he has gone there. Lalita has asked Usman to ask Baba Sahib to pray for improvement and success of the practice of  Doctor Choudhry. After tea, all male persons went into the service of Baba Sahib.

   Baba Sahib was there in his room and there was a condition of engrossment was prevailed upon him and after some time Baba Sahib comes back in the condition of conscience. Upon looking at the face of Usman, on Baba Sahib’s face, there was find freshness. He said “ Oh: Usman why you did not come for so many days. The  deity  is becoming unclean, so you can wash it.”

       He began standing. On the day Usman has taken a stand of Raja Raghuvir and said  “ No Baba, you can sit here and do not go there.  Raja Raghuji will give a  bath to  the deity.”

   Baba Sahib told “ Raghu could not give a bath, and he could not give a  bath. Why you afraid of it. Why you have come, why you have come. To go from here.”

  Usman first time opened his tongue before Baba Sahib. So he was worried and upset in this matter and he has become silent.

  Fazal Karim has turned the topic and he has said “ Doctor Choudhary and Norris came to see you here. Chobe present here to say Salam to you.”

     He has said “ No, he did not come here for saying Salam. He is saying his stomach is not full of eating of luscious, juicy ball so came again for eating more luscious, juicy ball here. So there will be stomach ache for this reason. Do not eat lizards. Do you eat Usman.?.” So Usman was caused to feel on this matter.

“ Doctor treats the illness of the stomach. There will be stomach ache due to very much eating. The donkey good now, show the small flag.”

    There was prevailed condition of absorption on Baba Sahib. So all of them were sitting there silently. Then after an indication of Fazal Karim all were come out from there and he told all of them that Baba Sahib has replied their question. But Chobe was insisting that they should go in service of Baba Sahib once again. But Norris did not give his opinion and his eyes have become red and there was shivering on his body. Still, they could not take any decision and by that time Baba Sahib has come outside of the room. So all were afraid of him in this matter.

     Baba Sahib told “ Oh: Usman still you were not gone from here. And you have not obeyed Baba’s instructions. A monkey came there to say, Salam. Take prayer of Tajuddin oh foolish person.” At that time his style of talking was very soft.

   He has taken Usman and Norris into his room and he has said “ He is good to a monkey. He works with honestly. Usman gives him to  eat luscious, juicy ball and what  that monkey wants.?”

 Norris was shivering with fear and told that “ Nothing Baba Sahib.” Baba Sahib spread his hand on them with affection and asked them to leave from there.

    Norris and Usman have come back to the house and were surprised to see two luscious, juicy balls on the table. The servant told that Venkat Rao’s son has brought it and he told Neyaz (offering) was done in his house and it is benediction of it. How this Neyaz did by him as he is Hindu. Being Hindu on every Thursday he arranges Neyaz of the last prophet of Allah in his house. As per instruction of Baba Sahib, he has given two luscious, juicy balls to Norris and insisted him to eat and then he had left from there. After this event, even one week time was not passed his order of promotion has received as Divisional Superintendent  and he went to Bombay to the post of M.A.C Fazal Karim went to Bilaspur. From Bombay, there came an order of promotion to Usman but he was in a condition of hesitation. The people were thinking that he will not tolerate the condition of separation of Baba Sahib. So, for this reason, he will not leave from Nagpur. But for him due to this reason, to go against of this opinion,  which was becoming  difficult for him to take action in this matter. Doctor Choudhary was still waiting for a  promotion.  But suddenly he has received calls from Raja of Bilaspur.

  At that time entering into railway station one in the compartment, he has seen in which Venkat Rao was there as the guard on the train.  At the next station, he has given him Baba Sahib’s message that  “ To give Kharba  to the  patient.” Doctor Choudhary could not understand  meaning in this matter. Anyhow, he has reached the destination and he has brought his patient with him. The patient was the son of Raja Sahib’s brother and was going to become his son in law soon and he will feel such a hard stomach pain that due to this problem and difficulty he will become restless in this matter and for this reason senior doctors were becoming helpless to cure him.

  Doctor Choudhary cure the patient for three days, but there was no result at all and problem and complaints of stomach pain were increased further too much. During this time Venkat Rao also reminded in this matter. Then has begun giving a powder of Kharba to the patient and in a period of ten days, the patient was becoming perfect and good.

   Due to this great work of treatment Doctor Choudhary’s name and fame was spread everywhere and on the higher salary he was appointed a royal physician of the Raja Sahib of Bilaspur and within three months time, his practice was such increased that even he could not have spare time with him.

  In this atmosphere, Usman became as an alien there and he was upset and in distress condition. So he got transferred from there by himself. The time has passed slowly without movements of its steps. One day he has reached to Bilaspur to see Fazal Karim there and who met with warmly and asked him to stay in his house there.

  1. Secret of deity

     Both were engaged whole night talking with each other. Fazal Karim has explained him surprising information and details. During the discussion there came the story of ghost bungalow. He told him that “ He has investigated and found all events which were happening in the railway bungalow known as ghost bungalow. But, still, two more connections are left in this matter. You should have to give information about family details. From a Baba Sahib’s conversation, I was able to know that you have a connection with Raja Bhonsle family.

  Usman has accepted that his great-grandfather has accepted the religion of the Islam and they belong to the Maratha family of the Small Nagpur area.

  There was strange shining has appeared in the eyes of Fazal Kareem and he took one old document  in his hand and told him that “ You do not know that Raja Raghuji’s all  his properties have been attached and restored  by  a court of wards and  the government had appointed me as custodian and in this connection last month I have gone to Bombay.  Raja Raghuji’s palace due to loans was taken by the government. Fazal Kareem while taking a cold sigh, he has continued his conversation further and he said that you do not know that at that time there were no children of Raja Ragahuji. All members of his family were already murdered by the British Army. But Raj Kumar (prince) was escaped from palace successfully and his where about were not found anywhere.  And while saying this he put his finger on the name which was entered in the document and asked him whether your great grandfather’s name was this.? ”

     Usman while remembering for some time he told that probably her grandmother used to mention this name.

    So, for this reason, Fazal Karim jumped to show his feeling. He told him “ Usman you have made a  big mistake for not obeying to give a  bath to the deity as per instruction of Baba Sahib. Otherwise, with Raghuji your days will be turned.   But It  is sad  now everything has been finished away.” Usman  was surprised in this matter and he has said that “ Kareem you have told such thing which I have not able to understand in this matter.”

  Fazal Kareem told that “ During the attachment process the government has been taken possession of wealth and properties of Raghuji and there was found one document by the commissioner. In which there is mentioned that where is located of the idol of Mahadev and the location of the temple. He was a wise person and so he was able to find out the secret in this matter.  Before his escape, Prince Balaji was there and he was present two days in the temple of the palace in the disguise of Hindu priest under police guard and he has given a  bath to the idol of Mahadev and has removed big size coating color of Vermillion. So, for this reason, engraved writing on the idol became readable and in which there was mentioned the details of the treasure trove.

    Usman has seen the document carefully and he was able to remember that this type of document and writing and signature papers were with his grandmother in her small box. But some days ago, he has sold away to the dealer with second-hand stuff at the time of cleaning of the house.  So, Fazal Kareem is beginning beating his head with his hands and he has told it did not happen good. Now you could not prove your title and all my endeavours were gone waste in this matter. For your sake, I have stolen documents from official custody, which is a great crime. Then he tore that document and told that there is now no need for this document. On this stage secret of mystery, of ghost bungalow can be explained in this matter.

                            78.The revelation of the secrets

    The ghost bungalow was not mysterious building. The snakes, which have killed there were cobra types of snakes. In fact, in the night they enter into the space between ceiling and ceiling cloth and used to eat eggs and small kinds of the birds who habituated there. So, for this reason, birds used to make loud cry and make disturbance there in the bungalow. During the night time, there will be birds fluttering and they are falling down noise which will mix with loud and cry and which will make the atmosphere very mysterious and dangerous. And for this reason, the mind may think about mischievous of the ghost work and smaller events will be turned out in the shape of the different things.

  1. The worship of Allah

    Mr. Devaji Rao, who belongs to Madras and he was working as a head constable there. He said that one day he went to see C.I.D Inspector Abdul Kareem in his house and there were two pictures hanging on the wall. And I was asked him is this picture of Baba Tajuddin Sahib ?, and he has said “Yes.” I have asked one photo but he did not give me. And he said that after one month he is going into the service of Baba Sahib and if you want then he should accompany him there. Then I asked a railway fair in Nagpur and he has said it is Rupees fifty. I have said with disappointment that if it will spend Rupees fifty on the traveling expenses, then what I will give to my family members. Then Abdul Karim has asked me then how he will go to see Baba Sahib there.? There came an idea into my that if the department will send me on government duty to Nagpur then I will visit Baba Sahib there. Abdul Karim  told me that  “Your duty is permanently being there in Madras then how you will send to Nagpur on duty there.?” I have told him that “ Whatever it may be but I have the intention to see Baba Sahib there. If my intention is true, then Baba Sahib himself will call him  in  Nagpur.|”

   Some days after this event the Congress party for its annual meeting decided to conduct its session in Nagpur. The commissioner of police has given the order to Abdul Kareem to take me to the  Congress Session in Nagpur. Abdul Kareem secretly reported that this constable is not fit for duty on the long journey due to his heart disease, then there he will be not able to face the burden of hard work without informing me. The commissioner of police was angry with Abdul Kareem for his report about me on this matter and he has given him strict orders that in any circumstance he should be sent to Nagpur along with him.

  We have reached in Nagpur and participated in all India Congress Session in Nagpur. And we were performing our duty there. One day there was severe heart trouble for me so for this reason due to worry and due to this problem, I have asked Abdul Kareem to send me back to Madras. He told me “ Yes, you can go to Madras tomorrow.” When I wake up the next day, then there came an idea into my mind that how this act will be unlucky for me that to visit of Nagpur I have a great desire in this matter and for which I have tried my level best and came here. And now I am going back without visiting Baba Sahib. Then I thought that train will be left at twelve o’clock and it was heard from me that Baba Sahib and used to visit the city  in the horse-cart. So it will be better to see him on the way. Still, I was thinking outside in this matter and then I was heard loud and crying there. One gentleman came on horse-cart. And behind him, a large number of people are running. I have recognized Baba Tajuddin in the happy and joyful condition, I began running behind him to kiss his foot. When I have reached near the horse-cart, then there was a severe heart attack on me and for this reason, there was severe pain in the heart and I was near at fall on the road and then at that time Baba Sahib put his hand on my head and told me do not run. So I was stopped there. And Baba Sahib’s horse-cart went away and I have come back to the house from there. I was waiting for Abdul Kareem but he did not come there and my train left. At three o’clock I came outside to visit Baba Sahib. He came a second time in a horse-cart and his eyes were closed there. Baba Sahib opened his eyes and he said “ Slowly he will become well. To sit in the house and say Allah, Allah, there and leave the  job.” There came an idea into my mind that  if I will leave  the job, then how livelihood will be.?” He said, “Oh, what stomach  have given and  you have been given  ¼ treasure so spend your life by saying Allah, Allah.”

      So I thought that doctors say that the condition of my heart is in danger, so I cannot live more than one month. So I should spend these last days of my life busying in saying Allah, Allah. Baba Sahib told me “ Why you are thinking all  these matters   are  going  and  busy in saying Allah, Allah.”

   I have come back to Madras and was in service for a period of six years and got a pension and busying myself saying Allah, Allah. Now I do not have any pain in my heart or any other complaint.

     This matter came into the observation that those who have sharp thinking and observation and who will have sensitive personality and then they will become a person who will have the capacity of the poets.  The poetry is such source in which long, hard and deep subjects can be expressed in simple and in a brief manner to others and for this matter, large pages of prose are required but such thoughts in poetry can be expressed in some lines of the verses.

      If we study the events of the pious and holy persons, then we can find that among them more were having command and control in the style of poetry. The history of Sufism is the custodian of such ranked personalities who were with intimate knowledge of God and also they were poets of higher grade.

    Hazrat Tajuddin Auliya had a fondness and tenderness of poetry, but he has a good capacity of saying poetry and in which has perfected to greater excellence in this matter. And due to the reason of indifference and engrossment he did not follow the style of existence in his poetry. Whatever he said in poetry, he did not write and also did not create such condition that somebody will hear and write his works of poetry. Only some verses of poetry which are available in the record and remaining work of his poetry have lost in the darkness and for it, there is no knowledge of it and there is unavailability for it. His pen name in the poetry is known as Dasmalu which means slave of God. In the following, we are writing some works of his poetry and its translation and interpretation  are as follows.

The animals and birds did not engage in the works

But all get sustenance from Allah this says by Tajuddin


Man’s all composition is light and also  all of earthen

There is no value of zero and but it is the value of  all


 In its explanation


        Baba Sahib did not think the composition of man only of the earth. He said man seems to be appearing in earthen type so it is with earthen he also is in the composition of the light. He is such composition which represents all universes. It is a sad thing that man made himself committed on the earth. If the man knows the light of his personality, then a grasp of space will be broken by him. And he will by his wish and authority can bring change in the natural phenomena and this is known as intimate knowledge of the soul.

   The man of show engages in worship and in a recital of Allah

By God swearing, I say he will  not get Allah except Satan


In the body, mind sins are there and  hidden by white hairs

No light of mind finds in the dresses of pious persons


 It’s explanation

In the jungle night, the shadow will become like men

And Tajuddin will wake up and make gossip with them.



In the jungle night, the shadows become like a human being. Tajuddin used to wake up and used to do pleasantness with them.

   This verse of poetry belongs to that period when Baba Sahib used to visit the mausoleum of Baba Makki Sahib. Baba Sahib said it seems that the natural phenomena are motionless in appearance and in them, there is no life at all.But in reality, there is life in them. Due to night worship, there can be seen the face of the innermost of the existing things.  Baba Tajuddin during the night will be fond of the condition of absorbed in the invisible observation.

      In the month of Zeqad in the year 1343 Baba Sahib went on his trip as per daily practice and he sat on the bridge of Dagori. The persons have also sat near him and they began saying their problems to him. At that time  Baba Sahib has addressed Fariduddin Taji and has asked him to do you know the crown of learning persons, the sun of Salikin (mystics) and Taj Mamluk  (the crown of Sufi mystics)? And he said except you who else can it be. Baba Saibh said to him, “ Oh:  mister.” After some time Baba Sahib has asked whether moon of the Eid was sighted.” Then he was told Eid of Ramazan was celebrated and  the moon of Zilhajj will be seen.” Baba Sahib said “ Oh: mister after this,  the moon will not be seen. During this month Baba Sahib’s condition was becoming worse and due to this reason, he could not come outside. One day Baba Sahib has opened bell which guards of Raghoji used to ring there and he said this bell will ring in Tajabad. In those days Tajabad area was well known as deserted place and wasteland and which was located on Amrador road. In that place, some huts and one thatch mosque was there. Hazrat Fariuddin name this land area as Tajabad.

   From Sakerdara Baba Sahib left for Tajabad and went into thatch mosque  and he sat there and demanded food  there and after eating some food he went towards Beerpet and while walking he was sitting  down there in the ground area and he has lifted one fistful earth and smell it and he has said “ Gentleman this earth is  very good. Construct bungalow for him, then he will live here.” Then he said immediately “No, silent if  the hut  is there then it is enough.”

  Baba Sahib’s health occasionally began falling slowly. It was practically of Baba Sahib that he used to go toward city area on the occasion of the festival of Ramazan and Bakrid. The servants used to help him to wear a costly gown and he himself fix turban on his head and upon sitting on horse-cart he will pass from lanes and roads of Nagpur and give people a chance to look of him and so in this way he will meet with the people there. When the people see his carriage then they will run after him and say Salam to him. If there will be left thirstiness of look of him there, then they will run him behind after his horse-cart. And Baba Sahib used to talk with the people in his particular style.

  That year the moon of Bakrid was sighted, but against his practice, even after insisting of many people he did not wear a festival dress. And many of them have tried their best in this matter, but he did not wear new clothes. He also did not go toward city area. Not on the festival day of Bakrid (sacrificial festival) Baba Sahib’s health has become worse, but also after that during the month his health was in bad condition. So sometimes he will go outside and sometime he will not go outside.

     The month of Muharram in the year 1344 Hegira was started. It was practically of Baba Sahib wearing a  green gown and he will go out of Sakerdara in one ground and which known as a  ground of Karbala. This presence which will be on the large grand scale of pomp and majesty. Ahead of all, there will be an elephant on which  Raja Raghu Rao will be sitting on it there. After him, there will be army soldiers who will march in the procession holding the spears in their hands. Behind the elephant of Raja Sahib, there will be buggy of  Baba Sahib will be there and along with his two flag bears walk with it. Along with his carriage his sons who will accompany him and their details as follows in their carriages.

  1. Mohammed Hussain Baba.
  2. Khaja Ali Ameeruddin
  3. Khader Mohiuddin

Around buggy of Baba Sahib, there will crowd of his devotees and another persons who have spiritual relation with him. This procession will visit ground of Karbala and then return back from there to Sakerdara.

   On tenth Muharram in the 1344 Hegira  as per the  practice of  Baba Sahib gone to  Karbala ground with procession and he covered some distance from Sakerdara then at that time he has taken  the flag from flag bearer there and whose name was Vazir Ali and following  verses  of the poetry  were coming  on his tongue which are as follows. Its translation and interpretation are mentioned as Sahib came.

 The leader of the  religion is King of Madina

 And the leader of kings is Hussain bin Ali


    The persons who saw him said that there was strange majesty on Baba Sahib at that time and there was found in him resemblance of Hazrat Ali bin Talib, Hazrat Abbas, and Hazrat Hussain.  Upon looking his connection for Hazrat Hussain bin Ali people were kissing his foot helplessly. A large number of the crowd was there with him. The people were watching  Baba Sahib’s river of kindness which is in the passion and those who will visit him find his share and he will give good news to him in this matter.

   On the 16th Muharram, there was some  effect of temperature on Baba Sahib. Maha Raja Raghuji  and other faithful were worried and upset with this matter. Because since two months he was began giving some danger signals. Maha Raja Raghuji has appointed many doctors in his service. One devotee of Baba Sahib  Hakim Zafar Hussain was always there with him. Baba Sahib’s admirer Doctor Ccholekar also has visited him and he said that there is nothing complaint in which it is required for treatment by him.

     By seeing Baba Sahib health condition and his style of action Raja Raghuji Rao have taken decision to call all persons to see him. Also, Baba Sahib has given the order to Raja Sahib to inform all general public that any person can meet him in the palace there.

    On 26th Muherram sun was rising and today his well-wishers and servants saw in him changes in his style and attitude in him. This change has caused reason for their uneasiness. On the condition of anxiety and worry, the day was passed. And the time of sunset has come near. Baba Sahib was resting on the bed and around him, people were there who were surrounded him.  With the look of discomfort and uneasiness, all persons were watching on the face of Baba Sahib. At that time Baba Sahib immediately stood from his bed and looked at the persons present there with compassion and sympathy. He has counseled and addressed the people who were worried and with anxiety with sentences of comfort and relief.  He has raised his hands and prayed for all persons who were present there. The style of his prayer was changed at that time.

  After his prayer and sentences of comfort and relief he has slept on his bed and with one loud voice and deep respiration on his souls subdue and due to this reason on earthen body’s  dis-connection was effected.


    His day of the death was on Monday and the date was 16th Muharram in the 1444 Hegira Islamic calender corresponding to 7th August in 1925.

     This event has caused like falling off a  bomb on the minds of the people who were present there. Their world of mind was ruined. So there was a flow of tears in their eyes. Kind and sympathetic personality than father and mother and whose separation which was like a day of resurrection for them.

     Baba Sahib’s news of death which came out from the palace and was reached to  Sakerdara and it also it was reached in the whole of Central Province and Barar like a jungle fire. And the whole Nagpur city has become a house of mourning. Several hundred thousand devotees from near and far, irrespective of religion and beliefs, gather there to see his last look. For about  24 hours the people began coming there to look his last look. But the crowd of the people could not decrease in this matter.  As an ardent lover, the people were doing circumambulation of his dead body and they were weeping as such on their forehead a mark of the orphanage was found.

     For his burial, the same place was selected which was pointed by  Baba Sahib during his life and the soil of the ground which he was smelling during his life period.

     The funeral procession proceeded into the city in all areas and its route is mentioned as follows.


      From Maha Raja’s palace. Sara spent, Juma Darwaza, Ganja Khait, Atwara and was brought to Tajabad.


    About 30,000 people being an ardent lover were present in the funeral procession. The funeral prayer was performed by Mohammed Ali Sahib and who was a teacher in a school in Amravati. He has stated he has seen Baba Sahib who was standing out from his funeral.

   In India, the news papers have published the news and reviews on the occasion of dismissal of Baba Sahib in block letters.

    Bejar’s newspaper Madina in its publication of 13th December in 1925 has published their views as follows.

 “ During the life of Baba Sahib people from far away, places used to visit him. Those who will approach for him for  their needs, then he will pray to Allah for their assistance and help in this matter to redress their problems and difficulties.Most among were devotees, patients, leprosy, handicapped, evil spirits,  and other types of the needy persons who will live at his court for his help and assistance and everybody needs the favour of his innermost and manifest from him. There will be running of always public kitchen. There was provision of nourishment  of many  of the hundred poor and needy persons,  orphans,  available in the court of Baba Sahib.”

     Andhra Patrika in its publication dated  22nd August 1925  has published a news item as follows.

   “ Ram came in one of the life cycles of existence and has gone away. Now came in the shape of Tajuddin Baba and he has left on 17th August 1925. It is sad that the world did not  recognize him.”

     Baba Tajuddin is the pious personality of his time. His favours, miracles, and  benediction are still continuing even after his demise. So,  the Times of India has published in its publication news item as follows.

  “There comes strange news from Nagpur. It is stated that one person who has become lame in a car accident. He used to live near Nagpur railway station in poor condition and he uses to get some money by begging and get food in this way. He became well in one night. He has stated to news reporters that he has visited the mausoleum of Muslim Saint in Nagpur well known as Baba Tajuddin Sahib and he has prayed there for his health condition. But after passing for many weeks there was no recovery of health problem at all in this matter. After that, he has done very much taunts and curses on the personality of Baba Sahib due to disappointment and disheartening in this matter. On that night he has seen Baba Sahib in his dream wearing a white turban on his head. And he has given orders to that lame person to stand straight. Upon saying this has he was unable to stand. So he has given him some sweet to eat and some juice to drink. Then has kicked him and has given him order to stand and the lame person immediately stood there.

  Our news reporter has stated that in Nagpur, there are many persons are there who certify this event and they say that lame person due to his lameness used to crawl on the land and he was in such condition till last week.


                           81.The Urs  (death anniversary)

     People from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed, assemble to celebrate the Urs (death anniversary) which takes place on the 26, and 27 days of    Muharram of Muslim calendar at the famous  Baba Tajiddin Sahib shrine (Dargah)  in  Nagpur every year. Several hundred thousand devotees from near and far, irrespective of religion and beliefs, gather there to seek blessings.  Now also sandal of  Baba Sahib will pass by the same way in which his funeral was passed and at last, it will reach to Tajabad.

     Before going to Tajabad visitors will first go Sakerdara and Baba Sahib’s Chillgah (mark) is well known and famous there. The reason for visiting of Sakerdara is that Baba Sahib’s deep connection with that place. Baba Sahib has commanded to Raja Sahib that my couch will not be away even after many million of years from your house.

       On 26th Muharram in the evening, the Urs ceremony is celebrated in Sakerdara and from there sandal ceremony will go to the palace of Raja Sahib and from there it will be returned back to Chillagah (mark) in Sakerdara.

  Qazi Aminuddin who was an employee of the Raja Sahib has stated that  “ He went to Tajabad after ten days of the demise of Baba Sahib and while standing away from mausoleum he has said to Baba Sahib “ You have come from Sakerdara to Tajabad. So many persons came here and began living here. As per your order, I have been appointed by the court of Raja Sahib. And if you give permission, then I will come from Shakerdara to Tajabad.”

     Still, I was presenting my request with Baba Sahib then at that time  Hazrat Karimullah who got the favour of Baba Sahib  came near to me and he told me that “ There is an order for you to live in Lal Bungalow and say Salam to Raja Sahib. From Lal bungalow  dearest of Allah was not yet left from there.”

   Lal bungalow refers here that palace in which  Baba Sahib used to reside during his entire period of life. 



Hazrat Baaba Sayyed Taaj-ud-deen Mohammad rahmatullāhi alaihi :

Alqaab :
Taaj-ul-Auliya, Shahensha-e-Haftaqleem.

Aap ki wilaaadat 5 Rajab 1277 Hijri (17 January 1861 A.D.) ko Jumeraat ko Nagpur ke qareeb Kamthi me hui.

Aap ke waalid ka naam Sayyed Maulana Badr-ud-deen aur waalida ka naam Sayyeda Maryam Bibi binte Shaikh Sayyed Meeran hai.

Aap Husaini saadaat hain.
Aur Hazrat Imaam Sayyed Hasan al-Askari rahmatullāhi alaihi ki nasl se hain aur Hazrat Khwaja Sayyed Baha-ud-deen Muhammad Naqshband rahmatullāhi alaihi hain.

Aap ke pardaada Makka mukarrama se Hindustan tashreef laaye the aur Chennai (Madras) me muqeem hue the.

1 saal ki umr me aap ke waalid ka aur 9 saal ki umr me aap ki waalida ka inteqaal hua.
Is ke baad Aap ki naana au maamu Abdul Rahmān ne Aap ki parwarish ki.

Aap ne Kamthi ke madrasa me ta’aleem haasil ki.

Ek martaba Aap ki mulaaqaat Hazrat Abdullāh Shaah Qaadri Nagpuri rahmatullāhi alaihi se hui. Unho ne Aap ko ek khushk mewa (dry fruit) diya aur farmaaya ke ‘Kam khaao, kam so, kam bolo, kaṡrat se tilaawate qur’an karo.’ Us mewe ko khaate hi Aap par wajd taari hua.
Is ke baad Aap akṡar wajd me kho jaate.

18 saal ki umr me sailaab me Aap ke maamu ka makaan tabaah ho gaya. Is liye Aap apne maamu ke saath kaam ki talaash karne lage. 21 saal ki umr me 1298 Hijri (1881 A.D.) me Nagpur Army Regiment me saamil hue.

Fauj ke saath Aap jab Sagar gaye to waha puri raat Hazrat Daawūd Chishti rahmatullāhi alaihi ki sohbat me guzaarne lage. Aakhir me Aap ne fuj se istif de diya aur aalame mazdoobiyat me Sagar ki galiyo me ghumne lage.

Aap ki naani saahiba ko pata chala to wo Aap ko Kamthi le gai. Aap gali me nikalte to bache Aap par patthar phenkte magar Aap is se be-parwaah hote.

Ek martaba ghumte ghumte Aap Nagpur chale gaye. Ek angrez aurat ne fariyaad ki to fauj ka afsar ne Aap ko giraftaar kar liya aur magistrate ke hukm se Aap ko 2 Safar 1310 Hijri (26 August 1892 A.D.) ko paagal khaane me laaya gaya.
Dusre din ek sipaahi ne Aap ko Kamthi ki galiyo me ghumte hue dekha. Us ne ye baat afsar ko batai to wo foran ghode par sawaar hokar tezi se Nagpur gaya. Jab wo paagal khaane me pahuncha to us ne dekha ke Baaba ek darakht ke neeche jalwa farma hain aur muskura rahe hain. Us ne waha ke doctor se baat ki to doctor us ko us kothri ki taraf le gaya jaha Baaba ko salaakho ke pichhe band kiya gaya tha. Waha pahunchkar dekha to Baaba kothri ke andar hain aur muskura rahe hain. Afsar ko dekhkar Aap ne farmaaya ‘Tum apna kaam kar rahe ho aur main apna kaam.’ Ye sunkar woh afsar itna muta’aṡṡir hua ke woh har itwaar ko apne pariwaar ke saath Baaba ki ziyarat ke liye aane laga.

Ek martaba Aap lohe ke bartan me mitti bharkar use sar par rakhkar jaa rahe the. Paagal khaane ke afsaro ne dekha to hairat me pad gaye ke mitti s bhara hua bartan Aap ke sar se thoda ooncha hawa me Aap ke saath chal raha hai. Phir Paagal khaane ke doctoro ne Aap ko paagal khaane ke ahaate (compound) me logo se milne ki ijaazat di.

Is ke baad beshumaar log Aap se milne aane lage.
16 saal tak paagal khaane me qayaam ke dauraan Aap logo ko faiz ata farmaate rahe aur Aap ki dua se bahot saare logo ko beemaari se shifa aur tandurasti mili aur be-aulaado ko aulaad mili.

Ek martaba ek paagal paagal khaane se bhaag gaya. Dr. Abdul Majeed bahot fikr-mand hue. Aap ne faramaaya ‘Fikr mat karo. Woh jaldi waapas aa jaayega.’
Dusre din wo paagal waapas aa gaya. Jab us se waapas aane ki wajah puchhi gai to us ne bataaya ke ‘Jab main apne ghar pahuncha to Baaba Taaj-ud-deen waha mle aur mujhe 2 tamaache maare aur foran waapas jaane ke liye farmaaya. Is liye main waapas aaya.’
Ye sunkar Dr. Abdul Majeed Aap ke mureed o moataqid ho gaye.

Nagpur ke Maharaja Raghoji Rao Bhonsle bhi Aap ke moataqid the. 6 Jamaadi uṡ ṡaani 1326 Hijri (9 July 1908 A.D.) ko subah ko 3 baje Aap Maharaja ke khwaab e tashreef laaye aur Laal Mahal ki taraf ishaara karke farmaaya ke ‘Ab main yaha rehna chaahta hu.’ Maharaja ne foran Governor ko Aap ko riha karne ke liye darkhaast bheji. Aur 2000 rupye ki zamaanat par 24 Sha’abaan 1326 Hijri (21 September 1908 A.D.) ko Aap ko paagal khaane se Laal Mahal me laaya gaya.

Ek arse tak Laal Mahal me qayaam pazeer rehne ke baad Aap Nagpur ke qareeb Vaki me tashreef laaye aur Kashinath Rao Patel ke makaan me muqeem hue. Yaha bhi log Aap se faiz haasil karne ke lye aane lage aur kuchh hi waqt me Vaki ‘Chota Nagpur’ ke naam se mash’hoor ho gaya.

1339 Hijri (1920 A.D.) me Aap Nagpur Laal Mahal me waapas aaye.

Karaamat :
(1) Ek martaba Aap Kanhan nadi ke kinaare ret me laite hue the. Shantabai aur Subhadrabai naam ki 2 aurten aap ki khidmat me hair hui. Dono ko koi aulaad nahi thi. Jaise hi dono Baaba ke qareeb pahunchi to Aap ne (un ke baghair bataaye) un ki dil ki khwaahish jaan li aur 2 laddoo nikaale aur dono laddoo me se thoda chakhkar dono ko ek ek laddoo diya aur dua ki. Shantabai ne apna laddoo khaa liya magar Subhadrabai ne laddoo nahi khaaya aur use ret ke niche rakh diya kyun ki wo Baaba ka jhuta tha.
Aap ki dua se Shantabai ko hamal raha aur 9 mahine baad beta paida hua. 2 mahine baad wo apne bete ko lekar aai aur Baaba k qadmo me rakha. Ye dekhkar Subhadrabai rone lagi aur kehne lagi ke ‘Baaba! Mera bacha kaha hain?’ Aap ne ret ki taraf ishaara kiya aur farmaaya ke ‘Use ret ke niche talaash karo.’ Subhadrabai ko apni galti ka ehsaas hua. Us ne muafi maangi. Aap ko raham aaya aur dua ki to dusre saal ALLĀH ke fazl se Subhadrabai ko bhi beta paida hua.

(2) Ek martaba Aap baazar se guzar rahe the. Ek Sunaar ki dukaan par thehre aur farmaaya ke ‘Apne makaan ko khaali kar do.’ Wo sunaar Aap se aqeedat rakhne waalo me se tha. Us ne Aap ke hukm ki taamil karte hue apne baal bacho ko lekar us makaan ko khaali kar diya. Jab raat hui to us makaan ko achaanak aag lag gai. Ye dekhkar logo ko Hazrat ka farmaan ki wajah samajh me aai.

(3) Ek martaba Dr. Abdul Majeed ne ek jalse me shirkat ke liye Mumbai jaane ka iraada kiya aur Hazrat ki baargaah me haazir hokar ijaazat chaahi. Aap ne farmaaya ke ‘Mat jaao, Raasta tumhare liye khatarnaak hai.’
Jab Dr. saahab ne zyada israar kiya to Aap ne darakht ke patte tod kar diye aur farmaaya ke ‘Is ko saath lekar jaao.’ Dr. Sahab Mumbai ke liye rawaana hue.
Raaste me kisi zaroorat ki wajah se Bhusaval Railway Station par utre.
Wo Railway line paar kar rahe the ke achaanak ek train ka engine un ke bilkul qareeb aa gaya aur ghabharahat me wo railway line par gir pade.
Haalaanki engine puri raftaar se aa raha tha lekin jase hi un ke nazdeek aaya to rook gaya. Railway ke mulaazimeen ne un ko line se uthaaya aur kaha ke ‘Kya aap koi Aamil hai? Engine khud ba khud kaise rook gaya?’ Ye sunkar Dr. Sahab ne logo ko pura waaqia bataaya ke Kaise Baaba ne un ki hifaazat ki.

(4) Ek martaba ek shakhs ne Aap ki khidmat me haazir hokar arz kiya ke ‘Huzoor! me Ajmer shareef jaana chaahta hu.’ Aap ne farmaaya ‘Ajmer yahi hai, kaha jaata he?’ Yeh farma kar Aap ne apna mubarak haath us ke haath par rakh diya.
Us shakhs par ye kaifiyat taari hui ke wo Ajmer ki sair kar raha hai. Kuchh der baad Hazrat ne us ke haath par se apna haath hataaya to unho ne khud ko Aap ki khidmat me maujood paaya.

(5) Ek marataba Naazim Riyaasate Jaipur Yusouf Ali Khan Aap ki baargaah me apne waalid ki sehat-yaabi ki dua ke liye haazir hue. Aap ne unhe dekhte hi un ke kandhe par padi hui shaal utaar li aur zameen par bichhaate hue farmaaya ke ‘Faatiha padho Hazrat, Faatiha.’ Aur faatiha ke liye haath uthaaye. Yusouf Ali Khan ne aur deegar haazireen ne bhi Faatiha ke liye haath uthaaye.
Faatiha ke baad Yusouf Ali Khan Hakeem Zafar Jaipuri ke ghar pahunche to waha taar ke zariye khabar aa chuki thi ke un ke waalid ka intiqaal ho gaya hai.
Jaipur pahunch kar ma’aloom hua ke jis waqt Hazrat ne Nagpur me faatiha padhi thi usi waqt Jaipur me un ke waalid ki namaaz e janaaza padhi jaa rahi thi.

(6) Ek martaba Aap ek shakhs ke ghar gaye aur khaana maanga. Us shakhs ne kaha ‘Baaba! Is waqt khaane ki koi cheez maujood nahi hai.’ Aap ne ek bakse ki taraf ishaara kiya aur farmaaya ‘Tum jhut bol rahe ho. Us bakse me khaana rakha hua hai.’ Haalaanki whoh shakhs jaanta tha ke bakse me kuchh nahi hai magar Aap ki baat maankar us ne bakse ko khola to waaqai us me khaana maujood tha.

(7) Giriji naami ek aurat muhlik beemaari me mubtila thi. Kashinath Rao Patel ko apne khaadim se pata chala ke Giriji marne ke bilkul qareeb hai to us ne apne khaadim ko Baaba ki baargaah me bheja. Jab wo khaadim aaya to Aap chaay pee rahe the. Aap ne apne khaadim ko wo chaay ka piyaala diya aur us shakhs ke saath Giriji ke makaan par bheja.
Jab khaadim waha pahuncha to pata chala ke Giriji mar chuki nhai. Us ne Giriji ke paas khade hokar kaha ke ‘Baaba ne tumhare liye chaay bheji hai. Uthka pee lo.’ Magar Giriji ke jism me koi harkat na hui. Khaadim ne dobaara kaha lekin phir bhi Giriji ke jism me koi harkat na hui. Aakhir me us ne us chaay ke piyaale ko Giriji ke munh ke paas rakha aur Giriji ke munh me chaay daalna shuru kiya t who chaay peene lagi. Jab chaay khatm hui to woh bistar se khadi ho gai aur daudkar Baaba ki baargaah me aai.

(8) Ek martaba Tara naam ki ek dalit aurat Aap ke liye khaana lekar aai. Lekinn jab woh Baaba ki khidmat me aai to dekha ke kuchh ameer log Baaba ke liye khaana lekar aaye hain aur Laal Mahal me jaa rahe hain. Us ne wo khaana ek kapde mebaandhkar ek juamun ke darakht ke niche rakh diya aur waha se chali gai.
Ab un ameer logo ne Baaba ko khaana diya to Aap ne farmaaya ke ‘Main to dusra khaana khaaunga. Jaao, Jamun nke darakht ke niche se khaana lekar aao.’ Logo ne talaash kiya magar khaana na mila. Aakhir me Aap khade hue aur jaakar jamun ke darakht ke paas gaye aur khaana lekar aaye aur woh khaana khaaya.

(9) Husaam-ud-deen saahab bayaan karte the Hazrat ki shohrat sun kar maine iraada kiya ke un ka mureed ho jaau. Usi raat maine khwaab me dekha ke baaba saahab ek hauz par wuzu kar rahe hain. Us paani ki ajeeb taaṡir hai ke us se badan ke aazaa aa’ine ki taraf saaf aur shaffaaf hote jaate hain. Wuzu karne ke baad Aap ne mujh se farmaya ke ‘Tum bhi wuzu kar lo.’ Maine bhi wuzu kiya aur mere aazaa bhi aa’ine ki tarah chamakne lage. Us ke baad Baaba saahab ne apna daaya haath meri taraf badhaaya. Maine dono haatho se Aap ka daste mubarak thaam liya. Aur phir meri aankh khul gai.
Subah ko daftar se chhutti li aur mureed hone ke khayaal se Nagpur pahuncha. Waha pahuncha to dekha ke Baaba taange par sawaar han aur logo ka ek hujum pichhe pichhe daud raha hai. Main bhi dauda aur sab se aage nikal gaya aur jaise hi taange ke qareeb pahuncha to Baaba ne mujhe dekh kar farmaaya ke ‘Kyun daudte ho Hazrat, Khwaab me haath milaaya hai wo kaafi hai.’

(10) Ek martaba ek Marwadi Sheth Delhi se Aap ki baargaah me aaya. Us ke pairo me itni kamzori thi ke who chal nahi sakta tha. Jab woh khud ko ghasitta hua Baaba ki baargaah me pahuncha to Aap ne us ko apne pair se laat maari aur farmaaya ‘Tum chal sakte ho phir bhi bail ki tarah chalte hue yaha aaye ho?’ Ye sunkar us Sheth ko ta’ajjub hua. Baaba ne phir se kaha ‘Tum ne suna nahi ke maine kya kaha. Agar tum meri baat nahi maanoge to main hir se tumhe laat maarunga.’ Ye sunkar woh Sheth foran khada hua aur daudkar baahar chala gaya. Ye dekhkar waha maujood tamaam logo ko badi hairat hui.

Aap Hazrat Daawūd Chishti rahmatullāhi alaihi ke mureed aur khalifa hain.
Aap ko Hazrat Abdullāh Shaah Qaadri Nagpuri rahmatullāhi alaihi se bhi faiz mila hai.

Aap ke khulfa :
(1) Hazrat Maulana Abdul Kareem Shaah urfe Yousuf Shaah Baaba rahmatullāhi alaihi (Karachi / Pakistan),
(2) Hazrat Qaadir Baaba rahmatullāhi alaihi (Vizianagram, Andhra Pradesh).

Moharram 1344 Hijri (August 1925 A.D.) me Aap beemaar hue Maharaja Raghoji Rao ne doctor se Aap ka ilaaj karaane ke liye kaha. Magar Aap ne inkaar kar diya.
Log Aap ki ziyarat ke liye aate rahe. Peer ke roz wisaal se pehle Aap ne apne haath uthaaye aur muskurakar logo ko dekha aur phir bistar par lait gaye.

Aap ka wisaal 26 Moharram 1344 Hijri (17 August 1925 A.D.) ko Peer ke roz hua.

Aap ka mazaar Tajbagh, Nagpur (Maharashtra) me hai.

ALLĀH ta’ala us ke Habeeb sallallāhu alaihi wa sallam ke sadqe me
Aur Hazrat Baaba Sayyed Taaj-ud-deen Mohammad rahmatullāhi alaihi aur tamaam Auliya Allāh aur Ahle bait ke waseele se
Sab ko mukammal ishq e Rasool ata farmae aur Sab ke Eimaan ki hifaazat farmae aur Sab ko nek amal karne ki taufiq ata farmae.
Aur Sab ko dunya wa aakhirat me kaamyaabi ata farmae aur Sab ki nek jaa’iz muraado ko puri farmae.