Hazrat Hassaan bin Thabit r.a


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Hassan ibn Thabit (Ra) was a very dear companion of Rasulullah (salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi wasallam). He was the first and most notable poet who used his beautiful poetry to praise the Prophet (salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi wasallam). 

Hasrat ibn Thabit (ra) had won acclaim at the courts of the Christian Arab Ghassanid kings in Syria and the Lakhmid kings of al-Hirah in Iraq. He settled in Medina, where he accepted Islam at about the age of 60. Hasrat Ibn Thabit (Ra) became Islam’s earliest poetic defender. His writings in defense of Sayyidina Rasulullah (salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi wasallam) contain references to contemporary events that have been useful in documenting the period. He was also Islam’s first religious poet, using many phrases from the Qur’an in his verses. 
The work of Hassan Ibn Thabit (ra) was instrumental in spreading the message of Rasulullah salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi wasallam, as the Arabs were great poets and this formed a large part of the culture. The work and words of Hasrat Hassan Ibn Thabit (ra) are still regarded as the most beautiful in praise of the Rasulullah salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi wasallam, and confirm how Islam permits the use of different talents and abilities as long as they are in support of Allah (swt) and His Messenger salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi wasalam. 

Sayyidina Rasulullah salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi wasallam was so happy with Hasrat Ibn Thabit (ra) that he ordered to establish and construct for him a mimbar- pulpit for him to stand upon when he delivered his poetry. The Prophet (saw) prayed for him saying that the Angel Gabriel (as) will support you as long as you defend Allah and His Prophet (saw). The Prophet (saw) believed that Hassan Ibn Thabit (ra) was inspired by Hasrat Gabriel(as), and could even reply on his behalf.

Narrated Hassan bin Thabit Al-Ansari: I asked Abu Huraira “By Allah! Tell me the truth whether you heard the Prophet salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi wasallam saying, ‘O Hassan! Reply on behalf of Allah’s Apostle. O Allah! Help him with the Holy Spirit.’” Abu Huraira said, “Yes.”    (Bukhari) 

 The Original work in Arabic has been transliterated into english. The actual beauty and meaning of the poetry cannot be done justice with the english meaning and interpretation. 

When I saw his light shining forth, 

In fear I covered my eyes with my palms, 

Afraid for my sight because of the beauty of his form. 

So I was scarcely able to look at him at all. 

The lights from his light are drowned in his light and his faces shines out like the sun and moon in one. 

A spirit of light lodged in a body like the moon, a mantle made up of brilliant shining stars. 

I bore it until I could bear it no longer. 

I found the taste of patience to be like bitter aloes. 

I could find no remedy to bring me relief other than delighting in the sight of the one I love. 

Even if he had not brought any clear signs with him, the sight of him would dispense with the need for them. 

Muhammad is a human being but not like other human beings. 

Rather he is a flawless diamond and the rest of mankind are just stones. 

Blessings be on him so that perhaps Allah may have mercy on us on that burning Day when the Fire is roaring forth its sparks.   


The following work has been regarded as the best praise ever written, by any poet in love of Sayyidina Rasulullah (salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi wasallam)

Beautiful as you, my eyes have never seen,

with grace like yours, one has never been born

Born free from all fault,

Born as though you had yourself wished to be,

As though the Lord of Muhammad and the Soul of Muhammad had come face to face,

The Lord of Muhammad asks the Soul of Muhammad ‘Tell me my beloved, how shall I create you’.  


Upon the passing of Sayyidina Rasulullah (salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi wasallam), the following was recited by Hasrat Hassan Ibn Thabit (Ra);

Before this you were pleasantly in the shade of Paradise in a place where leaves clustered above.

Then you came down to this land; no human you, no embyro, no clot.

Purified riding the vessel, the deep flood having bridled an eagle and his family,

You were carried from loin to womb; whenever one surface passed, another appeared

When you were born the earth glowed, the horizon shining with your light.

So we are in that illumination and that light, making our way upon the paths of righteousness’. 


He was the light and the brilliance we followed,

He was sight and hearing second only to Allah,

By Allah, no woman has conceived and given birth

To one like the Messenger, the Prophet and Guide of His people.

Nor Has Allah created among His creatures, One more faithful to His sojourner or His promise than he who was the source of our light.

Blessed in his deeds, just and upright,

O best of mankind, 

It was though I were in a river,

But now, without you, 

I have become lonely in my thirst.  


As sub hu bada min……

‘I could not praise Sayyidina Muhammad salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi wasallam with my words, rather my words were made praiseworthy by Sayyidina Muhammad salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi wasallam’. 
Hassan Ibn Thabit 


Arabic – As sub hu bada min talati hee

English – The light of dawn is from the radiance of your face

Urdu – (Hai noor-e-sahar chehre say tere) 

Arabic – Wal laylu dajaa minv wafrati hee

English – The sparkle of the night is from the glimmer of your hair

Urdu – (Aur shab ki raunaq zulfon se) 

Arabic – Kanz ul karami mowl an ni amii

English – Our Master is a treasure of grace, a treasure of mercy

Urdu – (Nimat ka Khazina hain Mawla. Ganjina-yi rehmat ke hai Aqaa)) 

Arabic – Haad-il-umami li shariati hii

English – He is the guide of the entire nation, with the sacred law

Urdu – (Haadi hai Tammam-I ummat ke. Aur rahnuma hain shariat ke)  

Arabic – Saat-ish-shajaruu nataq al-hajaruu

English – On the command of your finger; trees walked, stones spoke

Urdu – (Ungli ke ishare pair chale. Eijaz se pathar bhol uthe)  

Arabic – Shaqq al-qamaruu bi ishaaratihi 

English – The moon split into two upon one gesture of your finger 

Urdu – (Aur chand huwa hai do tukre, ungli ke ek ishare se)   

Arabic – Jibrilu ataa laylata asraa 

English – Jibrail came with tidings from Allah on the Night of Ascension 

Urdu – (Jibrial-e-amin paigham-e-Khuda, lekar aye the shab-e-asraa    

Arabic – W-ar-rabbu daaa fii hadrati hii 

English – Allah invited you to the heavens and gave you the honour 

Urdu – (Allah hane Arsh pe bulvayaa, Kurbat ka sharaf unko baksha)   

Arabic – Fa Muhammaduna huwa Sayyiduna. Fal iszulana li ijaabetihi 

English – Sayyidina Muhammad salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi wasallam is our benefactor. He is our leader. This blessed name (of Sayyidina Muhammad salla lahu alayhi wa’ale hi wasallam) will preserve our dignity 

Urdu – (So Muhammad hai apne aqaa. Isi naam se apni izzo baqaa) 

As sub hu bada min talati hee

The light of dawn is from the radiance of your face

(Hai noor-e-sahar chehre say tere) 

Wal laylu dajaa minv wafrati hee

The sparkle of the night is from the glimmer of your hair

(Aur shab ki raunaq zulfon se) 

La ilaha il Allah None has the right to be worshipped but Allah.