Hazrat Ammar Yasir r.a

One of the earliest Kurdish teachers to gain international renown was the Sufi,
Hazrat Ammar b. Yasir al-Bidlisi r.a (d. ca. 600/1200), who was the chief teacher of Harzrat Najmuddin Kubra, the founder of the Kubrawiyya sufi order. Hazrat Ammar r.a was part of a Sufi network that included Baghdad, Cairo and towns in Iran but he lived and taught in Bitlis.

Hazrat Ammar b. Yasir r.a who himself was a student of Hazrat Abu’l-Najib Suhrawardi r.a .Four centuries after his wisal , Shaykh `Ammar b. Yasir is proudly commemorated in the Sharafnama, written by the then prince of Bitlis Sharaf Khan Bidlisi