The Jews also were not deprived of our Saints blessings. They too, like other devotees with sincerity and faith joined the Warisi fold as his disciples. Faizu Shah Sahib, the personal attendant of our Saint stated that while Our Saint was camping at Lucknow a gentleman and his lady in western attires, cam to meet Sarkar Waris with an offering of sweets. When our Saint was informed he asked them to me admitted in his presence. He made them his disciples and asked them to accept whole heartedly, that just as Moses is the messenger and interlocutor God similarly Mohammad is the messenger and friend God. To avoid those things which are prohibited in the Quran and to adhere to those which are obligatory and never utter falsehood. Giving them a tahband Our Saint permitted them to depart. Then Sarkar Waris informed Faizu Shah that they were not Englishmen as he had mistaken them to be but Jews who had now joined the Warisi fold.

Raja Dost Mohammad Khan Sahib Warisi Ta-alluqdar of Munh of Sultanpur district narrated that he accompanied his friend Iltifat Ahmed Sahib, Vakil, for pilgrimage to the Holy shrine of Mecca and returned with him to Bombay where he fell ill due to heart trouble, He sent for the famous physician Doctor Haroon for treatment and mistook him to be an Eurasian. When the doctor felt his pulse by saying “Ya Waris”, Raja Dost Mohammad asked him the reason for uttering’ Ya Waris’. Doctor Haroon replied that it was the name of his spiritual guide which he invokes whenever he feels difficulty. When Dost Mohammad Saheb questioned what concern was it for a Christian to take this name, he smilingly clarified that he was not a Christian but a Jew. His ancestors were Jews but now he is a Warisi. He said his.,real name is Haroon but when he was studying in England his class mate due to his loud voice nick named him ‘horn’ and till now the same name continues. He enquired when he had joined the fold. The Doctor replied that Saheb (Sarkar Waris) at the time of Ajmer Urs. First Doctor Haroon became his disciple and then his whole family joined his fold.

In 1891 A.D. he came to Dewa Sheriff with his wife and children. He was ordered to resign his appointment and serve God’s creatures. As God is the Sustainer of his creatures, surely, he would give his share. From that time he was giving medicines free of cost to his patients and was now leading a comfortable life but earning more then his previous income.Hearing this Dost Mohammad Saheb embraced him saying “I am also a devotee of Sarkar Waris” For a long time they were talking about Sarkar Waris and he invited the Doctor for dinner in the night. His sister and wife were also present.

Due to the mentioning of this fact mystics also narrate this since the incident of their conversion is fall of interest. If an estimate is made, they outnumber the other devotees as disciples. It may be also said that Our Sarkar’s devotees are many in the suburbs of Baghdad, Iraq and other Holy places.

Once, our saint was a guest in Agrm when his servant Hafiz Gulab Shah informed that an elderly Arab had come to meet him. The Arab on entering uttered in a passionate tone “Ya Warisi Anta Maula” and paid his humble respects.

Our Saint said “Een Baldhak” (where is your house) with folded hands he replied “I am the native of Quwathay-Amara which the surroundings of Baghdad. When? Our Saint questioned “Maa-Ismaka?”(What is your name) he replied his name was Yousef-Ibne-Shammun Mazoa!. Then Sarkar Waris smilingly embraced him and enquired how his mother was? With tears trailing down his cheeks he said, “Alas! She has passed away”. Facing his audience our saint said,’ He is myold friend. At the time of my tour I was his guest at Quwathay-Amara. He was very young. His father was the chief of the Jews and was the privileged key carrier of Hazrat Aziz Ali Bina’s tomb. He provided every comfort for me. His entire family became my disciples. He discarded the worldly ties and became a mendicant. His mother also was keen to renounce the world. One my advice to look after the children, she abandoned her desire’. Turning to Hafiz Gulab Shah Our Saint said. ‘He is your brother serve him well and provide every comfort, while serving please keep in mind that he is a good eater of meat and drinks tea profusely.

During Yousef s stay while conversing, it was known he was a Haji also and spent the later part of the night invoking the Divine name. The guest informed that he undertook this journey on his late mother’s advice.


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