سالار کارواں ہے میر حجاز اپنا ” اس نام سے ہے باقی آرام جاں ہمارا * Salare Karwan Hai Meere Hijaz Apna, Is Nam Say Hai Baqui Arame Jan Hamara

“The Chief of the country of Hijaz (Prophet s.a.w.) is the Leader of our Caravan. His Holy name is a source of ease and comfort to us”.

Iqbal’s heart abounds with the love for the Prophet (s.a.w.) and because the Prophet (s.a.w.) had been sent to show the Path of virtue to the human nation, the poet feels pride in his leadership and finds satisfaction to note that his leader is a perfect man par excellence.


کی محمد سے وفا تو نے تو ہم تیرے ہیں “ یہ جہاں چیز ہے کیا لوح و قلم تیرے ہیں Ki Mohammad Say Wafa Too Nay to Ham Terey Hain, Yeh Jahan Cheez Hai Kiya Loho Qalam Tarey Hain

In this couplet the poet says that God has declared “A muslim who is loyal to my beloved Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.) shall win my favour. He shall be not only the master of this world but would win My Will and Order.”

In the Holy Book, God has clearly said that the obedience to Prophet (s.a.w.) implies obedience to God. Iqbal therefore means to say the nature shall serve a Muslim as

a slave serves his master if he follows the Prophet in all his precepts.

COUPLET 3 ستیزه کار رہا ہے ازل سے تا امروز » چراغ مصطفوی سے شرار بولہبی * Sateza Kar Raha Hay Azal Say Ta Imroze, Chiraghe mustafavi say sharare-Bulahabi

In this Couplet the Poet has revealed a great historical fact. He says that it is evident from history that since the birth of human nation the forces of evil have been waging war against the forces of rightiousness. So he says that the flames of Abu Lahab (a leader of the idol-worshippers of Mecca) have always been at war with the truth showing lamp of Mohammad (s.a.w.) The history of religious says the Satan stood against Adam the First Prophet of God. Namrood the sovereign of the days of Hazrat Ibrahim waged war against Hazrat Ibrahim. The Egyptian Emperor Firown (Pharoah) fought against Hazrat Mussa (Moses). Abu Lahab and Abu Sufayan waged war against the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.), Muawiya s/o Abu Sufyan fought against Hazrat Ali (a.s.) and the son of Muawiya that is Yazeed waged the battle of Karbala against Imam Husain (a.s.) the Hero of all the Martyrs of Truth. This establishes the fact that evil forces have always been opposing the forces of Truth and righteousness.


وہ داناۓ سبل ختم الرسل مولاۓ کل جس نے * غبار راہ کو بخشا فروغ وادی سینا

Woh dana ey subul Khatmur rusul moulaey kul Jisney, Ghubarey rah Ko bakhsha faroghey wadiey Sina “The Prophet (s.a.w.) is well versed with the ways of righteousness. He is the head of all the Prophets of God and has guided the un-advanced un-cultured and illiterate Arabs to the right path and elevated their position to the highest and noblest status of humanity. He not only purified them but enlightened them to such an extent that they became the minaret of light for other nations.”


نگاہ عشق و مستی میں وہی اول وہی آخر * وہی قرآں وہی فرقاں وہی یسیں وہی طابا

Nigahe Ishqo Masti Main Wohi Awal Wohi Akhir, Wohi Quran Wohi Furqan Wohi Yasen Wohi Taha

In the eyes of love and eastasy the Prophet (s.a.w.) is the first of all and also the last of all. It is a fact that the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) is the first Creation of God as a Tradition narrates that God Created the Light of Mohammad (s.a.w.) first of all. And this is is alio a historical fact that Mohammad (s.a.w.) came last of all as a Prophet (s.a.w.) and his name completes the list of the vicegerents of God. We have received the Holy Book Quran through the sacred lips of the Prophet. His life is Islam, His words are Quran and he is the symbol of all guidance and truth.


عشق دم جبرئیل عشق دل مصطفی « عشق خدا کا رسول عشق خدا کا کلام

Ishq Dame Jibraeel Ishq Dil Mustafa, Ishq Khuda Ka Rasool Ishq Khuda Ka Kalam

According to Allama Iqbal Love is the factor for which the

Universe was created. There is a Divine Tradition which read: I was a gem concealed, I wished to be known and hence I created the Universe

(Words of God)

A man according to Iqbal is also under the Command of Love in all of his actions, and hence he says that love for the Truth itself works like a Prophet (s.a.w.) and as such love is the pivot and centre of all actions.


تازہ مرے ضمیر میں معرکۂ کہن ہوا * عشق تمام مصطفی عقل تمام بولہب Taza Meray Zamir main Marekai Kuhan Hua, Ishq Tamam Mustafa Aqal Tamam Bulahab

The battle between the right and wrong has recommenced. The heart which is the centre of Love represents the Right and the mind represents the wrong.

Since the Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.) is incarnation of Love, my heard which is full of Love for the Prophet (s.a.w.) represents the truth while the mind of a man is still immature it is fall of doubts and hesitates to embrace to truth of faith and as such has started a war with my heart. In short, according to the Poet it is not the mind nor the intellect but only love which makes a man perfect in faith.


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