Our Saint’s way was so simple that it embraced all. Once, Aughat Baba brought the request of a person to become his disciple. Our Saint said “write to him. If he has love, he is my disciple.” Once Syed Namdar Shah requested our Saint to include in his fold of disciples an old lady who is unable to travel but was desirous to become his disciple. Our Saint said, “Let her stay where she is. I have made her my disciple. Then Shah Saheb pleaded to include his children in his fold. Our Saint replied “alright, they are also my disciples.” Seeing our Saint overflowing with generosity Shah Saheb said “Please include my ancestors also,” And our Saint said “Alright they are all my disciples.”

Once Qazi Munir Alam of Darbhanga requested, “I had the good fortune of becoming your disciple, but please include my forefathers in your fold.” So our Saint said “regard them also as our disciples.” Seeing his generous mood Qazi Saheb said, “Include all those who will be born in my family for generations to come.” To which our Saint said, “Munir, with love everything is possible, alright I have also included them among my disciples.”

So much so our Saint at time waived aside all formalities of talking the oath of allegiance and would say that since they had love from the dawn of creation there is no need for any formal entry into the Waris fold.

It is sufficient to say our Saints’s lineage is directly connected with Panjatan-e-Pak (Pious Five). Often our Saint reiterated that his ancestors were Nishapuri and the family blood had remained pure. Apart from this our Saint’s spiritual connection with Panjatan-e-Pak was very strong, and due to this love, its effect can be seen that in this oath of allegiance the name of Panjatan-e-Pak is a.lso included and the glory of our Saint was that he also handed over the care of his devotees to his venerable ancestors and lovingly guided them to their goal

Often our Saint declared “our goal of journey is love. That is why our Silsila (saintly line) of love end on Panjatane-Pak Thus our Saint’s approach which was simple and bereft of all ceremonies was so unique that it cannot be compared to any other in the past.

On request many of their children were also given permission for admission into the fold of his disciples. From these instances it is evident for the oath of allegiance to join the fold of his disciples what is essential is sincerity of intention and pure love. For example Imam Sherani in his book, Tabqat-ul-Kubra states “you can never benefit from your Pir except in the manner of love, and your faith with regard to your pir should be more sublime than any other faith.

This novel kind of becoming disciples was based on true love. This is the result of spiritual grace and urgings of love that worked miracles. The mystics also followed the same procedure for admitting disciples to their cult. To some he said that since they had faith and love from eternity there is no necessity for them to become his disciples.

It was customary amongst the mystics to furnish a genealogical table of saints to intending disciples for their knowledge before they join the fold. But it was otherwise with our saint for he never attached any importance to this kind of procedure and used to connive if at all his name was included in the list of saints.

From our Saint’s sayings, habits and symptoms it is clear that since he was favoured directly with latest knowledge by Amir-ul-Mominin (commander of the faithful Hazrat Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib) his relationship with the family of the Prophet. Panjatan-e-Pak, (The pious five) was intense and efficacious and which was lacking amongst the other mystics. Hence he had extra ordinary zeal and magnetic attraction. If we skip over the pages of History we come to know with those specially and directly gifted with divine favour, there is an ocean wide gap between their affairs and those of non-Divine gifted person.

Our Saint’s saying and instructions were issued in daily spoken idiomatic language but it was full of spirituality and veracity. His each instruction was beneficial and the gist of which was divine love though difficult and abstruse for us to comprehend was taught by our saint in such a manner that it was clear to all. Moreover he taught them with practical facts and perfect guidance.


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