*بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ*


*For all your needs approach the Imām of our time*

Abul Hasan Muhammad bin Ahmad narrates: One day I went to see Imam Ali Naqi (a) and said, “Maula, this man *(Mutawakkil) has* tyrannized me too much and *closed off the channels of my income*. And he has done all this only because I am devoted to you. *You please recommend my case* to him as I am sure he would not reject your request

*Imam (a) said, “No need to worry, it would be done.”*

I was at home one night when a messenger of Mutawakkil knocked and behind him was another messenger. I emerged
from my house to find Fath bin Khaqan at my door. He said, “I would have never approached you at this time, but Mutawakkil insisted I go at this moment and take you to him.”

So, I went there to find him lying in his bed. As soon as he saw me, Mutawakkil said,

“Abu Musa, please forgive me for having forgotten you. Tell me what right of your’s remains on us?”

I said : “You owe me so and so compensation, so and so labor charges and such and such things,” .

“Pay Abu Musa twice of whatever is outstanding, ordered the Caliph (Mutawakkil).

Thus, I received all the outstanding amounts.

*While returning I asked Fath bin Khaqan, “Did Imam Ali Naqi (a) recommend my case or wrote to him?”*

*Fath bin Khaqan said, “Neither he recommended nor penned any letter, but I am certain that he prayed for you due to which Mutawakkil acted nicely to you.* You also ask the Imam to pray for me as well.”

When I met the Imam the following day, he asked, “Abu Musa, are you satisfied now?”

“All this was due to your grace, but people say you neither met the Caliph nor wrote to him any recommendation?”

“ *Allah knows that we only supplicate to Him for solving our problems, and we supplicate Him alone. And whenever we request Him for something He grants it to us* and when we beg Him to avert some calamity from us, He does so. said, “Fath bin Khaqan has requested you to pray for him.”
“Apparently he seems to be our friend but actually he avoids us, while *supplication is for those who are sincere in obedience of God and who are aware of the right of Messenger of Allah (s) and us, Ahle Bayt (a),”* said the Imam.

“ *Maula, please teach me one of your special supplications* ,”
I said.

*Imam (a) said, I often recite this supplication for fulfillment of needs* and I have pleaded in the court of Allah that if any believer visits my grave and recites this supplication, he should
never return without his wish being fulfilled. It is as follows:
*O my means in troubles and O source of hope and dependable one and O my refuge and the security. O One the unique and O Say Allah is one and O say Allah is one; I ask You by the right of one, who you created from your creation and did not make in Your creation anyone as his simile that you bless them and do such and such for me* . And mention your need instead of ‘such and such.(1)

(Ref : Madinatul Maajiz V4 (Eng) Pg 121-123 under the Chapter Proven-effective supplication)
(1) 1 Amali, Tusi, Vol. 1, Pg. 291-292; Biharul Anwar, Vol. 50, Pg. 127;
Al-Manaqib, Vol. 4, Pg. 410-411.)

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