The word Shith means labah Allahı (Gift of Allah) and he was so named by his parents because they had him after the murder of Habil. Abu Zarr has said in a lindith from the Messenger of Allah ﷺ, “Surely, Allah sent down a hundred and four Saluifah (scriptures), fifty on Shith”

Muhammad Ibn Ishaq has said, “When death was near, Sayyidina Aadam AlahisSalam

made a commitment with his son Shith (AlahisSalam) and taught him the hours of the day and night. He also taught him the acts of worship during these hours. He informed him that a deluge would take place afterwards.” He has said also, “It is said that the lineage of mankind today goes back (all of it) to Shith (***), for all the children of Aadam except him had died without leaving offspring.” Allah knows best. When Aadam (se) died, it was a Friday. The angels brought the embalmment and the shrouds from Allah, from · Paradise. They consoled his son, Shith 341. Ibn Ishaq has said, “There was a solar and lunar eclipse for seven days and nights.”

Abdullah Ibn Al-Imam Ahmad has transmitted from Yahya who said, “I observed a Shaikh (a religious mentor) in Madinah conversing with other people and on asking who he was I was told, that he was Ubayy bin Ka’b. He narrated that when death approached him, Sayyidina Aadam AlahisSalam said to his sons, ‘I long for the fruits of Paradise.’ So they went out to search for them. They encountered the angels on the way. The angels were carrying the shroud and embalmment for Sayyidina Aadam AlahisSalam, and various digging tools. They said, “O children of Aadam, what do you intend and what it is that you search?” They answered, “Our father is ill, and he longs for the fruit of Paradise.” The angels said, “Return, for the time has come for your father to die.” So they all came and Sayyidah Hawwa recognised them. She clung to Sayyidina Aadam and he said, “Leave me! For I surely came before you. Let me alone with the angels of My Lord, the Majestic.” Then they took out his soul, gave his body a bath shrouded the body, embalmed it and dug a grave for him and enshrouded him, offered the funeral Salat and lowered him in the grave and closed the grave over him with earth. Then they said, “O Children of Aadam,… this is to be your

tradition”. There are differences of opinion on the site of burial of Sayyidina Aadam

The most favoured opinion is that he was buried near the mountain in India where he had descended from Heaven: But, it is also said that he lies

buried with the mountain Abi Qays in Makkah. And, it is also said that at the time of the deluge, Sayyidina Nuh starting carried him and Sayyidah Hawwa in coffins and buried them at Bayt Al-Maqdis. This is related by Ibn Jarir. Sayyidah Hawwa died a year later.

There is again a difference of opinion on how long Sayyidina Aadam lived. Ibn Abbas and Abu Hurayrah have said in a Hadith that his age is inscribed in al lawlal Mahfuz (Preserved Tablet) as one thousand years.

This may be reconciled with the Torah’s declaration that he lived for nine hundred and thirty years on earth. When these solar years are converted to lunar calendar, they come to nine hundred and fifty seven years. We may then add forty three years of his stay in Paradise before he was sent to earth, and that would sum up to a thousand years.

It is stated by ‘Ata-Al-Khurasani on the authority of Ibn ‘Asakir that the entire creation wept for seven days in remembering him.

After Sayyidina Aadam , his son Shith took over his responsibilities. He was a Prophet is evident from the text of the Hadith transmitted by Ibn Hibban in his Sahih on the authority of Abu Zarr. We have gone through it earlier and seen that fifty scriptures were revealed to him.

When he was dying, Shith entrusted his responsibilities to his son, Anush. After him his son Qinan, and then his son Mahlaabeel whom the Persians regarded as the King of the seven regions. He was the one to initiate cutting of trees, building cities and castles. Among the cities built by him is Babylon and the further city of Sus. He defeated Iblis and his army and expelled them from earth and he killed many rebellious Jinn. He had a grand crown. His rule lasted forty years. After his death Yard, took charge and after him his son Khunukh who is Idris

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