Who were Samson and Delilah? Was Samson a prophet?

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This figure in Hebrew is called Samson. In Arabic, Syam’un is called, and according to the tongue of the west (English) it changes to Samson.

There isn’t any sahih (authentic) sources in Islamic Tradition regarding Samson. There were several hadith (the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad) but those were not categorized as sahih hadith. There were also some notion from Islamic Scholars like Tabari, Al Ghazali, and ibn Kathir (who compile a famous book about tafseer [interpretation] of Qur’an) about Syam’un/Samson.

The most known sources of the story of Samson are from Israiliyat stories (stories that are told from the Jews to the early Muslims community). According to these stories, Prophet Muhammad pbuh himself has said:

Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Amr: The Prophet said, “Convey (my teachings) to the people even if it were a single sentence, and tell others the stories of People of Israel (which have been taught to you), for it is not sinful to do so. And whoever tells a lie on me intentionally, will surely take his place in the (Hell) Fire.” (Sahih Bukhari. Hadith 3202)

The story below is an english translated version (made by me) from an Indonesian source referencing the book Muqasyafatul Qulub (a book from Al Ghazali), some of the details are added by me. The isnad (path of oral transmission) and the narrator are not described in the book so it cannot be verified as where the story came from.

It is said that in one of the gathering between the Prophet Muhammad pbuh and his companions, the Prophet told a story about a prophet from the region of Gaza, which is the prophet Samson (or Syam’un al Ghazi in arabic), he was ordered by God to preach to his own kin the Son of Israel (Israelites) which is now under/between the Romans.

The ruling authority of Israel at that time (including The King of Israel and the communities of Israel itself), feared that Samson may ignite rebelion with his followers, denied his message and attempted to caught/kill him but they never can due to his inhumane strength. The King of Israel then post a request to the communities rewarding gold and jewelries to whomever caught Samson. The wife of Samson was tempted, she attempted to trap Samson but never can. Realizing the intention of his wife, Samson intentionally told her that he cannot be bound except by his own hair (which is very long).

Long story short, Samson was brought to the king and tortured. Blindfolded and bound, he is being displayed in the palace to the communities as a warning from the authority to whomever dare to follow Samson. At that time, Samson made a prayer to God, repented and seek His help. God accepted him and give him miracle of even more immense strength. Because of that, Samson was able to destroy the palace and everyone in it by himself.

The Prophet Muhammad pbuh said, it was after this time that Samson made a promise to God to redeem his sins by doing Jihad (fights people who denied the commandment of God which do evil) for 1000 months non stop. Hearing this, the companions of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh then asked, O Prophet of Allah! We also wanted to do the deeds of Samson (alaihissalam). Prophet Muhammad pbuh was silent for some time, until it came to him a message from gabriel which told about one of the nights in the month of Ramadan where it was better than 1000 months, it was Laylatul Qadr.

Muslims all around the world today still regards Laylatul Qadr as a holy night. The exact time of Laylatul Qadr is not clear and never clearly stated by the Prophet, but it increases the willingness of Muslims to increase their good deeds in the whole nights in the month of Ramadan. So if you are a fundraiser in the Muslim World, try to do that more often in the nights in the month of Ramadan.

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Samson is one of 124,000 prophets that Allah Ta’ala sent. He came from the Children of Israel, and was sent to preach to his people. According to some history, he was also sent to preach to Roman territory.

Samson was the third judge at the time of the judges of the children of Israel. He lived after the time of the prophet Moses and Yu’sya bin nun alaihi sallam.

The story of the prophet Samson / Syam’un is not mentioned in the Qur’an. But the story of this mighty prophet is found in the book of Qisasul Al anbiya ‘.

In the book it is told that when the prophet Muhammad sallallaahu alaihi wasallam was gathering in the month of Ramadan with his companions. At that time he suddenly smiled to himself.

Seeing this, the friends asked: “What makes you smile, O Messenger of Allah?

The Prophet then replied: “Allah showed me about the atmosphere of the last day, when all humans were gathered in the Mahsyar field. And I saw a prophet who was walking with a sword. He walked alone to heaven without any followers. He was the prophet Syam’un / Samson “.

The Prophet Samson / Syam’un was given the incredible power of Allah Ta’ala. Among them he was able to soften the iron with his hand, against the beast, and lift the building pole and knock it down.

Samson’s prophet had a special sword made of jawbone. That sword is what he uses to fight the infidels. His magnificent power, making Samson the prophet able to fight the infidels of his people (the Children of Israel), as well as against the Romans alone.

He is absolutely invincible, so all unbelievers are confusing to fight him.

At that time the Children of Israel were commanded by a king who was unjust and disobedient to God. Eventually the king and all the infidels from the Children of Israel and the Romans then conspired. To find a way to defeat the prophet Samson.

Then they found a way to find Samson’s weaknesses. That is by way of influencing his wife (Delilah). The King of the Jews then condemned Samson’s wife with a wealth of wealth, provided she could leak what her husband’s weaknesses were.

Eventually the wife of the prophet Samson was deceived by the king’s offer. Then he begged her husband to tell her what her weakness was. Because of his love and love for his wife, and also because the prophet Samson thought that it was impossible for his wife to commit maliciousness to him, he finally mentioned his weaknesses.

Samson said to his wife: “If you want to find me helpless, then tie me (my hand) with my hair.”

Finally, the prophet’s wife Samson cut her hair (while she was asleep), then tied her hands with the hair.

It turned out to be the weakness that the prophet Samson said. When he woke up, suddenly his body ran out of power with the condition of his two hands tied up. At that time he really did not think if his wife had enough to betray him.

Then his treacherous wife told the king that the prophet Samson was helpless. Shortly thereafter came a royal soldier carrying Samson’s prophetic body into the palace.

Upon arriving at the palace, the prophet Samson received an extraordinary torture and out of humanity. He was beaten, whipped and uncovered his eyes. After that the prophet Samson was forced to do all the heavy work in the king’s palace.

Because so cruelly the torture he received, eventually Samson’s prophet prayed that God would help him.

Samson started his prayer by repentance to God, and begged for forgiveness for being deceived by his wife.

Finally God granted Samson’s prophetic prayer and restored his strength as before. With that power, then the prophet Samson laid the king’s palace. And the cruel king of the Children of Israel was destroyed with all his disputed people, including the wife of the prophet Samson himself.

Afterwards the prophet Samson promises to God for jihad against all unbelievers who disobeys up to 1,000 months.

When hearing the Prophet’s story about the prophet Samson who fought fi sabilillah up to 1,000 months, one of the companions then said: “Ya rasulullah, we also want to worship until 1,000 months.”

Hearing the friend’s words, then the Prophet (peace be upon him) was silent for a moment.

Soon the angel Gabriel came to see the Messenger. The leaders of the angels then revealed to the prophet, that in the month of Ramadhan there was one night whose value was better than 1,000 months.

That night was later known as the night of Lailatul qadar.

Thus the story of Samson / Samson / Syam’un prophet. Starting from the narrative of the story of the prophet Samson / Syam’un is asbabun nuzul (because) the downfall of Allah to the Muslims. That is the virtue and glory of the night of the Lailatul qadar.

Hopefully the story of Samson / Syam’un prophet can add to our faith all. Aammiin.

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