Hazrat_Musa_Suhag_Suhrawerdy_Majzoob r.a

HAZRAT MUSA SUHAG R.A was a famous majzoob

He was well known for his miraculous powers and as such once was approached by the king , the qazi, and the Islamic scholars in order to request him to pray for rainfall as the state was experiencing drought. HAZRAT MUSA SUHAG R.A initially avoided their requests as he thought he didn’t deserve to entertain such requests but immense pressure mounted on him to requests by people in general and hence he decided to pray for them. he took a stone in one hand and lifted his other hand directing towards his bangles, lifted his head towards the sky and cried out “Either send down rain or take your suhag” The moment he said so clouds showered rain to water was everywhere.


  • Name : Hazrat Musa Suhag Chisty (R.A)
  • Titles : 
  • Silsila : Chisti
  • Predecessor : 
  • Successor : 
  • Date of Birth : 
  • Date of Wisaal : 
  • Date of Urs : 
  • Resting at : Shahibaug Flyover, Grave Yard, Shahibag, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380004, India.

Hazrat Musa Suhag Chisty (R.A) resided in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan; he was dedicated to Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya (R.A) whose seat was in Delhi. While making a journey towards the darbar of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya (R.A) “Mehboob-e-Ilahi”, he encountered women in their bridal clothes, on enquiring he understood that they were wedded to their beloveds, they were all suhaagans. 

At once Hazrat Musa Suhag Chisty (R.A) unrobed his masculine identity and adopted the bridal attire with wrists full of bangles and appeared in front of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya (R.A).
The generous saint was amused but accepting of Hazrat Musa Suhag (R.A). They say that those who have experienced the look of generosity from the saint turn into a saint themselves. He took a promise from Hazrat Musa Suhag (R.A) that his name will remain a secret between the two and asked Hazrat Musa Suhag (R.A) to set up his life-mission in Ahmedabad.
Hazrat Musa Suhag (R.A) arrived, alone, unfamiliar to the city of Ahmedabad, no family, no friends; he encountered a group of Tran’s gendered people. He sought a familiarity, they wore lehengas and ghararas, bangles and bindis, they sang and danced. Hazrat Musa Suhag (R.A) asked if he could join them, live with them. The group agreed, on a condition that he too will have to sing and dance with them, and what a surprise he gave, he danced a magnificent dance. 
This was the era of Ahmed Shah; there was a massive drought in Ahmedabad, a city that the Badshah had imagined as Shehr-e-Muazzum (a great city).
Something had to be done urgently, prayers were being made, Hazrat Shah-e-Alam was the presiding saint in the city, his Dargah stands tall. He was approached to make the grand prayer. Hazrat Shah-e-Alam refused saying, ‘It will rain only if that Wali who wears women’s clothes, with bangle laden hands, who dances in madness, makes the prayer.
A search was issued, Hazrat Musa Suhag (R.A) was found, a majzoob all in all, a mad person; it is he who had the power of prayer. Reluctantly he agreed, scared he would be breaking the pact between his beloved and him, his reality of sainthood would be revealed. He made a passionate prayer to the heavens with a brick in one hand and bangles in the other, ‘send down the rains or accept me as your widow’ he threatened. The skies poured, it rained, the city was green again and Hazrat Musa Suhag (R.A) secret was forever revealed. Till this day his grave is visited when people are longing for rain.

Another Incidence One day at the time of Jumma (Friday Prayers) Hazrat Musa Suhag Chisty (R.A) met the Qazi of city who advised him that his feminine attire is Haram and he should leave them and perform Jumma with him. Hazrat Musa Suhag Chisty (R.A) did not object and removed the bangles and jewelry and the feminine attire he was wearing and arrived in the Masjid, Heard the Khutba. When the jamaat (Friday Prayers) was about to begin and the Imam said the Takbeer-e-Tahreema “ALLAH HU AKBAR”… Hazrat Musa Suhag Chisty (R.A) condition changed he called out “ALLAH HU AKBAR my husband is ‘LA YA MUT'(One who cannot die) and they are making me a widow” The moment he said so he was instantly back to his previous form, back were the bangles, Jewelry and the red dress.How to Reach: From Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport the Dargah is around 6 KM, from Ahmadabad Railway station 4 km and from Ahmadabad Central Bus Station it is around 5 KM. Local transportation is easily available, three wheeler autos are recommended,