Hazrat Umm Shareek (radhiAllahu anha)

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She is counted among greatest Sahabiyat but surprisingly her personal details is very secret because the biography writers did not mention her real name as well her lineage they wrote only that she belonged to `Dos` which was inhibitant in Yaman and here in no information that when they emigrated to Makkah.

When the Prophet (saw) started Islam, she was in Makkah and due a righteous nature, very soon she accepted Islam and became among earliest Muslims.

She too after acceptance Islam, bore much difficulties and trouble. When her family came to know about her Islam, they made her stand up in sunlight and and then they used to feed her bread and honey which has hot impact and then they stopped her water and she passed three days in same situation and then they demanded to give up Islam, but she replied frankly that she will remain on Islam till the end of life.

And then she strted preaching Islam herself too and when Quraish came to know her activity, they exiled her from Makkah.

Now she emigrated to Madinah. She was vey genorous and used to serve guest very happily as though her home became guest room and thus the guests used to visit the Prophet (saw), used to stay at her home and this report si availble in Muslim that in Makkah too she used to care non Muslims.

When Hazrat Fatimah bint Qais was given Talaq by Abu Amar Hafs Mugheerah, the Prophet (Saw) suggested her to count her Iddat at house of Umme Shareek but due to gethering of people and guest, he said ti her to spend her Iddat at home of Ibne Maktoom.

She would the Prophet (saw) too much and always she used to take some Ghi in a port for him and by virtue of Allah Ghi was reducing in that port and one day she wanted to see that how much Ghi is remaining then after that port became dark and she told him (saw) about the matter, he said `if you could not open it, that would have reamained in it foe long time.

Her year of death and further details are not