Hazrat Syed Yahya Shaheed a.s

Yahya b. Zayd
بقعه یحیی بن زید در جوزجان افغانستان.jpg
Tomb of Yahya b. Zayd in Jowzjan, Afghanistan
Teknonym Abu Talib
Epithet Qatil Jowzjan
Father Zayd b. ‘Ali b. al-Husayn
Mother Rayta bt. ‘Abd Allah b. Muhammad al-Hanafiyya
Birth ~ 107/725
Place(s) of Residence Medina, Kufa
Spouse(s) Muhibba bt. ‘Amr b. ‘Ali b. al-Husayn (a)
Demise 125/743
Place of Burial Jowzjan, Afghanistan
Age 18

Yahya-, son of Zayd was among those who participated in his father’s uprising. He after father’s martyrdom  went to to Khorasan after the martyrdom of his father, Zayd b. ‘Ali (a). He mobilized people of Khorasan to start an uprising against the Umayyadgovernment. His uprising failed, just like his father’s, and he was martyred in Jowzjan in Afghanistan and was buried there. However, some mausoleums are attributed to him in some Iranian cities such as Gorgan, Sabzevarand Varamin. Yahya’s father was Imam al-Sajjad (a)’s son who started an uprising against the Umayyad government and was martyred. His mother was Rayta, the daughter of ‘Abd Allah b. Muhammad b. Hanafiyya, a virtuous woman from Banu Hashim.Al-Bayhaqi took Yahya’s kunya to be Abu Talib, and since he was martyred in Jowzjan in Afghanistan,he was also known as “Qatil Jowzjan” (murdered in Jowzjan).Yahya had long hair and nice beard, and was very tall. He was as courageous, self-confident and combative as his father.

Yahya married his cousin, Muhibba, the daughter of Amr b. ‘Ali b. al-Husayn (a).According to many historians and scholars of genealogy, he had no children, because he was killed when he was very young.

After Zayd’s martyrdom, Yahya and 10 people from his father’s companions visited the grave of Imam al-Husayn (a).[17] He then went to a place called “Jubbana Subay'” near Kufa, where his companions parted company with him. He then went to Mesopotamia and then to al-Mada’in. He then departed to Khorasan, but was arrested there. After the death of Hisham b. ‘Abd al-Malik, the Umayyad caliph, Yahya was released at the command of the new caliph, Walid b. Yazid.

After his release, Yahya restarted his movement against the Umayyad government. After defeating the ruler of Nishapur, many people from different cities joined him. After crossing some cities, he encountered the Umayyad army of 8000 soldiers near Jowzjan. In this battle, he and his companions were martyred. His martyrdom reportedly occurred on Friday in the Sha’ban month (May 744).[18] His corpse was hanged from the Jowzjan gate in 125/743[19] and his head was sent to Walid b. ‘Abd al-Malik who sent it, in turn, to Rayta, Yahya’s mother.Yahya’s corpse was hanged for years until it was taken down by Abu Muslim Khurasani. He performed Funeral Prayer for it, buried it, and held mourning ceremonies for him.