Hazrat Syed Shah Ghulam Afzal Biabani r.a

His name is Hazrat Syed Shah Ghulam Afzal Biabani alias Bade Miya. As his
name was given to him the name of his grandfather so his father used to call him as
Bade Miyan and for this reason he becomes famous with this name in all general
and special persons and also the king of Hyderabad knows him well with this
Genealogical record
He was the elder son Hazrat Syed Sarwar Biyabani and his grandfather‟s name
is Hazrat Syed Shah Afzal Biaybani and his genealogical link is connected with
Syed Ahmed Rifai also who is known with the name of Syed Ziauddin Biyabani
and who was a famous holy person of his time and who was become famous with
the title of Biyabani and who is related with him in his 10th generation and his
tomb is situated in Ambad Sharfi in Jalana district of Maharashtra State and his
tomb is in Ambad Sharif which is famous even today for the fulfilment of desire
and wishes of the persons who visit his tomb there.
His complete biography details are available in the book „Ziauddin Biyabani‟
which is compiled by Mir Munwar Ali. His mother‟s maternal grandmother is the
sister of Hazrat Syed Shah Afzal Biabani.
Place of birth
As per tradition, he was born in the year 1868 corresponding to 1282 Hegira.
Also, as per another tradition in which it is available this information that he said
during the discussion in the meeting one time that he was born after the death of
his grandfather. As his grandfather Syed Shah Afzal Biabani died six months
before the event of the India‟s freedom war of 1857 corresponding to 1273
Hegira. As per another tradition once when he was in Hyderabad in the year 1349
Hegira in travellers lodge of Nampally and there he told the persons who were
present in his meeting that he was 67 old at that time and from this saying also his date of birth will come to know of 1282 Hegira so for this reason this year of birth
is confirmed in this matter.
He was born at Hanmakonda at the house of his maternal grandfather in the
Machli Bazaar village.
Place of residence
He was used to live in village of Qazipet which is situated in district Warangal.
His ancestors were migrated from Ambad Sharif to Hyderabad and from there
they came to Qazipet Sharif and these details are available in the book „Afzal
Kiramat‟ in which it was mentioned that Hazrat Fazil Biyabani came from Ambad
Sharif to Hyderabad for further studies and he stayed in the mosque of Qutub Alam
Bukhari. This mosque was constructed by Qutub Alam‟s wife and in this mosque,
he was obtained the knowledge and excellence and he becomes famous in the
following things.
1. Teaching
2. Preaching
The above qualities of him were watched by Qutub Alam and who was at that
time on the post of city Mufti (Muslim jurist) and the custodian of the Qutub Alam
mosque. Due to the excellence of his family background and perfection of the
knowledge so he was interested to marry his granddaughter Shahzadi with him so
Syed Fazil Biabani was taken the permission from his elder brother Syed Shah
Afzal Biabani in this matter and he was married in Hyderabad.
Hazrat Qutub Alam kept the son in law in his house as except that girl he was
not having any legal heirs available in the house. He was transferred the service
Inam of Qaziat (justice) of Warangal district with three villages in his name.
By that time Syed Shah Fazil Biabani was settled down in the Qazipet village
and now in this family one village of Qazipet still left in lieu of the of service for
the post of Qazi (judge) of Warangal.
Many of his ancestors who were passed away from this world were used to live
in Ambad Sharif and their graves are still available there and these details are
available in the book Afzal al-Karamat.
The genealogical records is mentioned as follows.
Syed Shah Ghulam Afzal Biabani
Syed Shah Sarwar Biabani
Syed Shah Afzal Biabani
Syed Ghulam Mohiuddin Biabani
Syed Shah Ghulam Hussain Biabani
Syed Shah Fazil Biabani
Syed Amin Biabani
Syed Shah Fazil Biabani- I
Hazrat Syed Abdul Malik Biabani

Syed Asharf Biabani
Syed Maqdoom Syed Ziauddin Biabani
The title Biabani
In the book Afzal al-Karamt the biography, details of Syed Shah Ziauddin
Biabani are available and in which the compiler of this book mentioned that he
used to visit the jungle areas while wearing shawl of broadcloth and used to
worship there and for this reason the people used to call him Pir (spiritual master)
Saqlati Baba because the meaning of Saqlat is the person one who wear the
broad cloth (shawl) and who used to live most of the time in the jungle areas in
invocation of Allah so he become famous with Biabani.
The physical structure
His height was tall and he was strong and with the build up of healthy
exercise and wheatish complexion and the face of light. The eyes were of
intoxicated colour and the bright face of shining cheek and smiling mouth with a
fresh face, and wide eyebrows. The eyebrows and bread were available in the
modest way and were not thick and with powerful eye sight, the mouth and lips
and teeth were in the modest structure and wide chest as well as the hands and
shoulders were heavy and strong, as well as suitable tall height, with the big fist
and big fingers which were fat, and very suitable parts of the body to fit for the
dress. On the wide forehead, and from the suitable bright forehead to the middle
part of the body there was no hairs on it. On one occasion on asking by somebody
he asked his father how was the physical structure of the grandfather.? Then his
father said “ You are similar as per your grandfather, but there is little difference
that your complexion to some extent it is white and your height is a little more.” In
short, his height was tall and he was strongly built up and attractive personality
being one of whom every dress fits well with him and there was no weakness with
him. The shapelessness and fatness did not prevail with him to look him awkward.
But with the suitability of tall height with good physical build up and also with
the proportion of suitable parts of the body were given to him by Allah. In his last
days of life he was used to walk by bending his body.
His personality was comprised of the good habits which are mentioned as
1. Commanding personality.
2. Royal majestic
3. Courageous
4. Nice nature
5. Pious biography
6. Clear innermost
7. Good natured 8. Kind
9. Tolerant
10. Patient and thankful
11.Kind natured
12.Kind hearted
13.Highly cultured
14.Justified person
15.Helper of the poor and the orphan and needy persons
16.Lover of guest persons
17.Helper of needy persons
18.Mustabad (whose prayers are accepted by God)
19.Sweet tone taker
20.Light footed
21.Medium speed walker
22.A Person of the truth
He was a man of truth. It was found always freshness on his face and also it was
found knowledge and learned person‟s excellence and majesty on him. At his look
of high there will be an attraction of the mercy of Allah available due to this
reason the person who look at him will be affected in the hearts in this matter and
he will approach toward the path of Allah. When the person one who will remain
in his meeting place, then such effect will be available to him.
Sometime even from his simple conversation there will be left effect on the
persons of meeting and for this reason they used to weep in this matter. His
disciple Syed Quader al-Hussaini who write one poetry on the occasion of his
death in which he was described the details of his physical features and other
qualities as well as the details of his character and good natures‟ description in this
1. Features
2. Qualities
3. Holiness
The features of his personality were very nicely described in the Urdu poetry
and but it is very difficult to translate and interpreting the details from Urdu
poetry into the English language. But due to the kind help of Allah I have the
translated the Urdu poetry in the English version as follows.

He was used to wear always yellow and saffron colour muslin headdress and
nice and thin muslin shirt and on which there will be found two button of clothes
and two buttons holes there.On the left side of shirt there will be available one
pocket on the edge of the shirt.Also on the shoulders and on the chest and on the
back side double cloth of traingulr piece of cloth used in stitching on the
shirt.White colour cotton cloth loose pajamas he was used to wear in the inside
of the house.On his head some time he used to wear crown of Sufi colour and
other time he was used to wear Sufi handkerchief which was found on his head.
During the winter season he was used to wear brown colour waistcoat and if there
will be required to go outside, then he used to wear robes on the shirt which was
made of embroidered muslin cloth and at that time on his head the turban will be
available. For the colouring of turban sandal, scent and some time mica were used
to mix with it. He was used to use the staff of bamboo and he was carried in his
hand in daily life and on it there was available the silver sticker in the oval shape.
During the Urs (annual death anniversary) period at the time of the procession
of sandal ceremony, he was used to wear red lungi (sheet to cover lower part of
the body) with belt and on other days he never wears lungi. During his first year
of his custodianship he was used to wear green turbans on his head and after that
he was used to wear the turban of saffron colour.As he used to chew pan (betel leaf) with Banarsi tobacco and snuff of Ambala
factory. So he used to carry in his hand or in his pocket case of pan with the blue
colour handkerchief and snuff bottle.
He used to wear royal style Mughal shoes on the feet and he was always using
the shoes made in Raichur. As per statement of Tufzal Hussain advocate that once
he said “ In his early age, he was desired to wear the dress of the his grandfather
and so he was asked by his father in this matter and who said to him that your
grandfather used to wear blankets and Tahband (sheet to cover the lower part of
the body) as per in habituated from the divine instructions. So such dress was
suitable to him, but it is not suitable for you. After that he was to use wearing the
dress of knowledge persons and so from that time he was wearing that dress. As
in the beginning period he wore this dress and went into the presence of his father
and who saw it and liked it very much.
It is learnt that since his childhood, he has been in the habit of using to wear
very nice and high quality dress. His father used to love him very much and for this
reason he was given his nice dresses. His real brother Hazrat Mohiuddin Pasha
Quadari Biabani was once told that his elder brother was given a nice and costly
dress by a father for his wearing since the period of his childhood. When he was
grown up, he saw that at that time he did not wear linen costing not less than
Rupees five and in short his brother used to wear every costly cloth and very nice
texture of it.
It is an event which was described by his brother Hazrat Mohiuddin Pasha that
he and his brother were in Hyderabad for education purpose there. At that time
there was news of coming of some prince to visit Hyderabad so there were
arrangements in progress in Hyderabad to receive that prince. In those days at the
time of 8‟ O clock my elder brother wore his nice dress of blue coat of velvet
with embroidery work on the linen shirt went out of our house on his big horse as
per daily round of the trip from Charminar to Pathergatti and he was passed from
Badshai Ashur Khana and his horse was running in the royal style and custom and
the horse-keeper was running behind the horse. At that time his brother was 15
years old and he looks to be attractive and he physics was great so the people of
Hyderabad when they saw with this grand condition so they thought him royal
prince and was inquiring with the horse-keeper that when did the prince came to
the city.? And he told them that he is our prince and he belongs to the elder son of
Qazi of Warangal. It was heard that the people in the city were surprised for his
royal position and dignity in this matter. Because he was pious by nature and Allah
was given him niceness of body and nature and grace which was found in him
fully. In his royal style and dignity there was not any decrease in it from his
childhood to the last period of life. Due to his spiritual status and the favour of
Allah which was brought him up in his beloved way of life. Due to his forbearance and he could show his position of resolutions. In the divine world he
was very popular as that he was obtained the position of the love.
As per his saying it was known that his early education was given to him by his
father. Once he was narrated that his early education was started at that time his
grandfather, Hazrat Syed Shah Afzal Biabani and who once was coming there to
see his father and he told his father that he wants to start the education of the child
with his tongue of the favour of interpreting. So the grandfather accepted the
request of my father in this matter.
As this was spiritual secret which the persons in the meeting could not able to
understand it that how this happened and for the general people it was a matter of
surprise that he was born after 10 years of the death of his grandfather. But from
the holy persons such acts is not impossible for them and no surprise is required in
this matter. Because the holy persons are not dying but they used to shift from this
world to another world.
So the saying of the prophet of Allah, which is reported by Abu Naim Mohadit
said there is a famous saying of the prophet is that Hazrat Aisha Siddiqa (R.A.)
said the prophet said that “ Among his people of his Ummah (nation) will talk after
their death and Imam Baiqhi was also confirmed that it was correct as per the book
„Umran Qulub‟.”
In the book „Irshad Talibin‟ there is a tradition from Hazrat Pera Kunand Baba
that Hazrat Imam Hasan Noori was busying himself in the jungle in the worship of
Allah and at that time, one young person came to him said “Assalam Alikum Ya
Hasan Noori.” Imam asked him how do you know his name is Hasan and his
father‟s name Noori.? The person told him that the person one who surrender to
Allah so Allah will inform him details of all things. At this time he was present
with him as he wants to die so he should bury him. The Imam told him not to
disclose the matter of divine. During that time that person was cleaned himself and
he went into prostration and he was dying there. Imam buried him and he sat on at
the head side of the grave of that person and he was praying for his forgiveness. He
heard the sound of laughing from the grave. The Imam told “No living persons to
live in the grave and no dead person did not make a sound.” That young man told
“ Oh: Imam did not hear that there is no doubt that holy persons of Allah did not
face death, but they will be shifted from one place to another.”
This thing was was also mentioned by Jalauddin Suwati in his guide book of
Sadur, quoted the reference of the magazine of Imam Abul Qasim Tastari in
which a tradition which reported by Abu Saeed Khazaz that once he was in
Makkah at the gate of Bani Shaiba where he find one young man who was dead
there and when he looked at him, then he was seeing and he was smiled and he said “ Aba Saeed he got such knowledge that those who love Allah then after the
death they will be remain alive and they just shift from the place.”
He was used to say that his primary education was completed with Hazrat Shah
Ali Saheb and who was also the teacher of my father and who was student of my
grandfather and his residence was in Hanmankonda village in Thousand pillars
temple street and he was a famous learned person of his time and who got his
education by grandfather and also he was become his disciple and he was among
his special disciples and he got favour of spirituality and he was pious person of
his time and in his last age he was migrated to Madina and he was spent his last
days there and he was died there.
Regarding his education, he was used to say that in addition to Hazrat Shah Ali
Saheb and Mubrak Ali Shah there are many able teachers who were great learned
persons of their times who taught him during his stay at Hyderabad.
Knowledge and excellence
He was perfect in all sections of knowledge of Arabic and Persian and he was a
perfect prose writer and the great poet and his poetic name was Afzal. He was best
calligraphist and he was also perfect in reading of the manuscripts of the old
broken languages and he was well known for his writing and reading.
Once he was told in the discussion about his calligraphy work that once one
calligraphist came Qazipet and with him he was practicing the following three
alphabets of the Arabic language as follows.
Due to the practice of the above 3 alphabets you people are watching my hand
writing. The writer of this book explains here that due to the practice of three
alphabets the becoming of nice writing is a matter of great surprise. So upon
hearing this there will be a surprise in this matter. But in his personality, there were
available all types of abilities in him since his birth and due to this reason,
apparently there will be some other reason in this matter which is acting as
informality then his higher nature will be overcome on it with perfection in this
Once in the discussion, he was told that during his stay in Hyderabad one day
he was sitting in outside of the house there and one person came there with old
book in which there was available broken language in it and he told him he got his
book from his family library and he was searching all the city to get this book in
good hand writing for getting it printed but he was not successful in this matter.
Even the person could not able to read and give the subject matter of this book.
One learned person gave your address so he was waiting for the arrival of Qazi
Saheb of Warangal in this matter. When he got the news of his arrival, he was coming there for this work. Then he took the book from him and checked it and
asked him to come after two days. After two days that person came to see me then
I have given him the manuscript in good handwriting in this matter he was very
surprised and he left from there in the very happy mode and condition.
The Arabic knowledge
As per reference of Mir Roshan Ali, who is migrated from Madina who is
disciple of Hazrat Syed Shah Sarwar Biabani says during the governorship of
Nawab Rafat Yar Jung Bahadur he was with him in Aurangabad province and at
that time one Arabic learned person came there and he said to Nawab Saheb during
his discussion that he was met the many group of knowledge persons in
Hyderabad but as a matter of fact in really he could not find such person who
should be called a man knowledge there so he is returning back. So upon hearing
this before Nawab Saheb‟s reply in this matter, I told him Maulavi Saheb (Muslim
priest) you have not seen in Hyderabad there are such learned person are there and
like equal to them perhaps no persons are available in any place. For this reason
Nawab Saheb who known as the civilized gentleman was upset and worried for
my un-civilized act of replying directly to the Arabic learned person in his
presence. Afterward due to my reply he faces was become red and his eyes were
becoming red due to his anger, he was upset and he looked at me so I told him
Nawab Saheb what is the level of knowledge of Bade Miya.? Upon hearing this
Nawab Saheb‟s anger was turned down and he was becoming happy and he told
Malavi Saheb that Mir Saheb is telling right. Actually, you have not visited
Warangal. If you have visited Qazi Saheb of Warangal then your desire will have
been fulfilled in this matter. Then Nawab Saheb explained the excellence of Qazi
Saheb and he told him the following details of good etiquettes of Qazi Saheb of
1. Knowledge
2. Good Manners
Mir Saheb used to say that after that even he did not know whether Malavi
Saheb met the Qazi Saheb of Warangal or not.? Qazi Saheb was well known in the
knowledge and in excellence in his time in the world.
The secrets of Maraft (the knowledge of Allah)
Once he was given me the instruction to go and see Sir Nizamat Jung Bahadur so
I was proceeding to Viqarabad to see him there and was reached in his bungalow in
Viqarabad. Upon my arrival there Nawab Saheb came out from this house. So he I
have handed over the letter of the Qazi Saheb to him. So he took the letter in his
hand and without its reading he was looking at me and he said “ He was travelling
all countries in the world and everywhere he was contacted the learned persons
and he was also met Arabic learned persons but he could not find such a learned
person in any country of the world. He is only one of its kind in his time. In his heart there is so much respect for him. I have desired that he should ask his
assistance in his personal matter, but till now he could not get a chance in this
Once he was met with Habibur Rahman Sherwani, who was chairman of the
religious affairs department in Hyderabad Government. From the persons who
were present in the meeting it was known that Habibur Rahman Sherwani during
the discussion told him that he was surprised that there are such people like you of
knowledge and excellence are there in Hyderabad and with such people in fact he
is unable to talk with them due to not having ability with him. So why the H.E.H
the Nizam of Hyderabad Government was calling him to Hyderabad from India.
In his poetry there was the style and standard of the old and famous poet Hafiz
Shirazi and Jami is found. Hazrat Lala Miya used to say this event many times
that he was visited one place and the name of the place was removed from the
memory of the compiler of the book and at that place there was a meeting of
ecstasy was held in which Sufi, Ulmea (scholars) and Mashiaq (learned) persons
were present there. By chance the chorister (Qawwals) sang one of his poetry item
in which it was found in its end with the poetic name of Afzal so for this reason
the listeners were surprised in this matter that who is Afzal and whose poetry is
similar of Hafiz Shirazi so I have told the details of his name in this matter.
In another event one chorister was present in his service and told about the
Sama meeting of another place and he told him that when your poetry was sung
there so there came into their mind that it is the poetry of Hafiz Sherazi and upon
hearing this he was become silent for some time. After some time when all persons
left from there except me and one other person and whose name I have forgotten in
this matter. He said at the time of composing the poetry he was used to think and
imagine about Hafiz Shirazi and write his poetry in this way and he said he think
Hafiz Shirazi as his teacher.
Hazrat Syed Darwesh Mohiuddin who wrote his book Afzal Karmat and who
was famous and well known man of knowledge and Masahiq (learned) person
from Hyderabad and who wrote his article “ Halat Irtehal” in which available his
deep, heartfelt feelings of profound sorrow and grief are found in it and these
feelings are written in the very strange method and style. In that article it is
available how his position and status is found within the hearts of the Ulmea
(scholars), Sufi persons. In the knowledge of the manifest and innermost how he
was getting his excellence in this matter. The above article is presented as follows.
Hazrat Qazi Syed Shah Ghulam Afzal Biabani who was the holy personality of
his time and to whom the people of Hyderabad and villages almost all know about
him. He was the grandson of Hazrat Syed Shah Afzal Biabani and elder son of
Hazrat Syed Shah Sarwar Biabani and he was the custodian of Qazipet shrine. In spite of his excellence of his family background, his personality was a perfection
of many qualities were bright like the sun of the afternoon. Due to his following
qualities so there was no such person during his time.
1. Good manners
2. Humility
3. Sincerity
Not only many thousand disciples and devotees, but many hundred friends and
acquaintances and respectable persons who used to love him by their hearts. One
who will meet one time with sincerity with him, then he will make a place in his
heart and he will become his devotee due to his character and conduct. Like a
magnetic he was absorbing the persons towards him. During his time there was
used to receive large amounts of presents and donation and huge revenue of the
estate, but there was no system with him for saving the amount with him. The
method of a new day with new sustenance was find every day with him. Not only
the knowledge of manifest, but he was a great leader of the following.
1. Knowledge of Haqiqat (spiritual path) and Marifat (knowledge of Allah).
When he was used to explain the Sufi subjects, then there will be an available
source of Anwar and the blessing for the listeners immediate. When he was used to
explain the subject of Mairfat (knowledge of Allah) by his tongue, then it seemed
that the significance of knowledge of the sea of about the old personality of
Allah is moving there. Like the wave of the river of not ending is found in his
knowledge so if he will continue these subjects, even for months then there will be
no need of repetition of them. His chest was a treasure of knowledge of truth. Fast
eloquence and the rhetoric were such that due to this ability, he was used to
conquer the hearts of the people. The softness of the style of tongue was such that
it seems that there was falling of the flowers from his tongue. During his youth
period Nawab Emad Jung First and Nawab Rafat Yar Jung First used to push him
and they used to listen his eloquences and then they were enjoyed with eloquence
and rhetoric subjects and worlds. Due to the family relation Sir Nizamat Jung
Bahadur who was used to meet with him and there was discussion between them
on the knowledge. Ulma (scholars) and Mashaiqin (learned persons) were used to
think him as their pious person. He was used to send letters in Persian to the
learned persons. Some time the addressee will use to translate it from other learned
persons. He was a master in the writing of Urdu script (Nastaliq) and broken
During the annual death anniversary (Urs) many thousand people used to gather
there in Qazipet and during this period every person was used to praise of the
following things about him.
1. Good manners
2. Effects of the manifest and innermost

The Urs (annual death anniversary) ceremony was performed on the higher
level arrangements and which have been watched by many thousand people.
During the time of Sama (ecstasy) meeting his presence was like a feeling of the
light of Allah. From his eyes there were flown many kiloliters of tears in the love
of Allah. The tears used to flow from his eyes for the period of many hours and it
will effect in the shape of the light and blessing which will be find about the
people who were present in the meetings. It is not matter of long time, but it
belongs to the short time that many thousand people know the details in this
matter. Due to his love the following persons used to visit Qazipet usually and used
to get benefit from him very much.
1.Nawab Mashsauq Yar Jung Bahadur
2.Nawab Ghazi Yar Jung Bahadur
3. Nawab Basit Khan
4. Peer Jamat Ali Shah
In the small village Qazipet electricity and water supply was provided by the
help of Nawab Basit Khan. Nawab Sader Yar Jung Bahadur during his meeting he
was used to be silent there due to his manners and he was used to be benefit by
his sayings and after leaving, he used to offer his presents to him and he used to
say that like learned pious person of Qazi Saheb of Warnagal which did not find
throughout India.
Maharaja Kishan Persad for a period of many years he was used to present in
his service at the time of five o‟clock and he was used to benefit by his high lever
of sayings. Maharaj used to say that since five o‟clock morning daily he used to
be waiting for the 5 „o clock evening time that when it will strike 5 „o clock so that
he should present with him there. In spite of his close relations with Maharaja
Kishan Persad or any Nawab and the wealthy person he never visited their houses.
Except the persons with whom he had a family relation or they belongs to his
disciples. As he was a great man of knowledge (Alim) so his death is like the
death of the world. On the day of Arfa (Hajj) day during Haj pilgrimage timing at
10.14 A.M. at Hyderabad at the age of 81 years he left this mortal world. He was
buried in the Qaziept village on the Eid day. His one big volume of Dewan (poetry
collection) of Persian Gazal (Ode) poetry and one big volume of memory notes
which is full of ideas of knowledge is left behind him. Oh Allah forgive him and
bestow on him your mercy and enter him in the paradise (Amin).
During the time of materialistic life, such a great person of spiritual knowledge
will not be seen and it is very difficult to find such person of excellence and
knowledge. When he uses to left from Qazipet for Hyderabad then he uses to
begin weeping greatly while seeing the resting places of his ancestors. If he won’t
go to Hyderabad then many hundred persons who were lovers of his grace were
left deprived there in this matter. His death is a next great loss of Qazipet after the death of his father and which could not be covered easily and it is not possible in
this matter.
Due to this reason many hundred persons’ hearts were effected in this matter.
Actually the death of persons of such spiritual masters is like a life of perpetual
life and there is only difference in this matter that they are not seen by the eyes of
the people of this world.
Allah says in the holy Quran that “ Listen the pious people will not die, but
they will transferred from this world to another world. ‟‟
In the above article there is available an event of his favour and which is added
in this book.
Those who will never die as their hearts love of Allah is there.
And this fact is mentioned in the world‟s ever living book Quran.
Yours sincere
Darwesh Afi Anhu
Dated 11th Zil Hajj 1362 Heigira
Whenever he used to visit Hyderabad from Qazipet till his stay there daily
learned persons of Hyderabad sometimes from other places and some time famous
Ulmea (scholars) of Arab countries in this connection used to present in his
service and used to engage in the discussion with him about matters of knowledge
and other problems. So Anwar Allah Khan till he was chairman of the religious
affairs department, he was used to refer to him usually in the cases and in the
legal opinions and in other related matters. Also Habib Ur-Rehman Sherwani was
also used to refer in the matters of Islamic law and in the files of the cases of
session court, he used to forward all such cases to him for taking his legal opinions
and he was used to give his opinion on all those matters and returned back the files
of the cases to him in this matter.
Akbar Khan used to say that in the beginning period Tarnach Bahadur when he
was arrived in Hyderabad as prime minister of Hyderabad State when in those
days he was getting a chance to meet him. He was going there in his car to his
bungalow and when he was getting down from his car, then Tranch Bahadur was
coming out from his house and he saw his higher personality, then he went to the
steps of bungalow to receive him and he took him to the inside of his bungalow
and he sat with him and he talked with him for a long time. It was heard that
Tarnach Bahadur was an expert in the Arabic knowledge and with him he was
discussed Arabic knowledge. During the discussion Tarnach Bahadur was surprised that such people are there in Hyderabad State. In short upon his return
from there Tarnach Bahadur came to the car to say goodbye and he himself opened
the door of the car and upon his sitting in the car with great respect he met with
him and he told him his goodbye there.
Other arts
He was perfect in the following arts.
1. Arts of soldier
2. Sword
3. Fight with clubs
4. Wrestling
5. Horse riding
He was a great expert in horse riding. In all arts of horse riding he was expert
very much. He knew all tricks of whipping of the horse. He was known also art of
music and musical instruments and he was also know other details related to the art
of music and instruments.
He was also an expert in all kinds of hunting with guns and his aim was very
perfect. In the swimming also he was well known as he was an expert swimmer. In
the above arts his expert details are available in his events which he used to say in
his meetings.
So once he said that in his early life it was seen the practice that Muslim from
Hanmakonda usually to visit Qazipet in the evening time and they used to drink
Sendhi (date liquor) in the date liquor trees areas in the drunkard conditions and
make many mischiefs there and used to trouble to the village of people of
Qazipet.On the request of the village persons father told brother Ahmed who was
his foster brother to tell those persons not to do such actions and to take care in
this matter.After this one day he was walking in the drawing room after having
dinner.One date liquor sales women came there in worried condition and she said
the people attacked brother Ahmed and he was in serious condition of
unconsciousness there in the date liquor trees area. Upon hearing this he was going
there on the spot in angry mode and watching large number of people were there
and all persons were holding clubs in their hands. They were ready to make riot
and disturbance and brother Ahmed was lying there in un-conscious condition. He
was alone there in the gathering. So he was entered in the group with great
difficulty and snatch one club so the people attacked upon him, so he was started
club fight with them and for this reason all fields was cleared from them and there
were available many injured persons in serious condition everywhere in the field.
There was available huge, loud and cry by the injured persons in the field. Then he
went to see brother Ahmed. As he was at his age and his personality was same like
him, but he lifted him alone and he took him to the house and put him on the bed in
the drawing room. Then father immediately came to the drawing room and he was checked brother Ahmed and he was arranging the treatment of brother Ahmed. He
was surprised greatly for my action and boldness to enter into the large group of
persons. He instructed me not to repeat such action in the future. He was surprised
that I was facing the large group of persons alone and was successful in this matter.
One day at the morning time he was present with his father who was sitting on
the bench, which is under Nobat Khana (the place from where time is announced
by the beat of a drum) then Samadani Pasha, who is the elder son of Ghulam
Dasgir Hussaini alias Peeran Saheb who was learned person of Manakundur came
there from the village side of Qazipet who is a grandson from his maternal side
and he was passing from the side of the shrine building. He was, called him to
come near by sign. So Samdani Pasha wants to get down from the horse
immediately, but he was prohibited him in this matter and he asked him to come to
see him on the horse. So he came near him on his horse. Then he asked him some
questions about horse riding and the habits of the horse. He asked him some
special question in this matter and he said to him can he ride his horse?.
Did your horse will able to bear his weight?. Samdani Pasha told him that
grandfather this is a big horse did, he will not bear your weight? Please kindly
fulfil your desire and saying this he want to get down from the horse so he
prohibited him in this matter and he told him, give him in writing that if he will sit
on the horse and horse‟s waist will be break then he will not claim in this matter.
Samdani Pasha told him that surely he will give it in writing and he will not claim
in this matter. And saying this he was getting down from the horseback. He was,
called him close due to the kindness and smiled and he said to him that he wants to
joke with him otherwise he was not wanting to sit on the horse. He addressed me
and he said regarding riding of the horse there is an art of delicate nature is that if
the rider of the horse if he will put his heel on the vein, which is available in the
stomach of the horse, then the horse which should be more powerful and strong
will become under control of the rider immediately on this matter and for always
his waist will be broken. He knows this art well and if he wants, then he can break
the waist of the horse. Upon hearing this Samdani Pasha left from there upon
obtaining his permission.
Once he was sitting near repository drinking water platform in the shrine
building of Qazipet then by chance I was present myself in his service and in the
discussion he told that he know well swimming and while putting towel on the
water he will sleep upside down and with this trick he will not drown into the
water nor the towel will go down in the water.In this situation there was came
thought in my mind that it was due to his miracle.Upon this thought he said
immediately that it was not belongs to miracle but this act is related with the work
art and wisdom of the swimming and it is simple method if I will teach then you
will also try it easily. I also learned this trick by one expert of swimming.He was also know well with the instruments of music. On some occasion when
the singing parties will approach him, then he was used to address with them in
this matter. During the Sama meetings he used to comment the performance of the
parties on the spot and he used to praise them about their performance in the
meetings. He also used to point out some small mistakes of the singers with which
the parties of singers used to accept it.
From his saying it is clear that he was known also the Arabic medical course.
The doctors of Unani (indigenous system of medicine) medicine used to surprise
upon his suggestion and advices and they used to accept his opinions. He used to
discuss the following things with them.
1. Medicinal herbs and its properties
2. Jungle
3. Bushes
4. Desert and wilderness
5. Wonders of the nature of the mountain and desert
6. Snake and scorns
And he used to tell the strange stories of the above things that the listeners will
be surprised very much of his wide range of information and details.
Marriage and sons
His father arranged his marriage in the family of Nawab Mohiuddin Bahdur who
was famous and well know Mashaiq (learned person) of Hyderabad with the
daughter of Mohammed Fazal Ali, who was Qazi of Bhongir and who was
custodian of the shrine of Jamal al-Bahr. By this marriage there was born one son
Syed Ziauddin Biabani and three daughters were born and among them two
daughters died in their early ages in Hyderabad.
His first wife was well known for good manners and pious nature, tolerant
habits and humble conduct. It was heard that when the women who used to visit
her to kiss her feet, then she used to behave well with them and treat well also
with their children just like a real mother who behave with his single children. The
women visitors used to say that upon their visits there will be such affect on their
hearts that they are meeting with their real mother.
As she was a perfect, pious lady and she used to busies herself always in the
invocation of Allah and so in the last days she was becoming ill and for this reason
he was married a second time. And after some years after this marriage, she died
on 16th Rabil Awwal in the year 1365 Hegira and her grave is situated in the
southwestern side of his tomb.
The Qazi (judge) of Warangal

He was given this post during the period of his father. After giving this post to
him his father lived many years. So in this way he performed his duties well in this
respectable post till the end of his life.
The Pledge
He was obtained Bait (pledge) from his father. After many years of his pledge
one day before the death of his father on the opposite side of the shrine building
on 20th Safar in the year 1331 Hegira the ceremony of caliphate was performed
there. In that meeting brother Syed Afzaluddin residence of Ramod of Barar was
present there who was a special disciple of his father. Who has narrated the details
of the ceremony of the caliphate as follows.
He said that he was purchasing the flowers, sweet, turban, Lungi (sheet to cover
the lower part of the body) and also he was arranging the ceremony.
Once he said that his father was given him the post of Qazi of Warangal and he
was also wanting to grant him the caliphate, but he was not ready at that time. So
his father told him that nowadays he was becoming weak, so he should take
caliphate and make disciples and include them in this chain. So he told him that
allow him some time to reach on the status of perfection of Sufism then allow
him caliphate. So that he should not be kept behind with anybody in this matter.
So for this reason the matter of caliphate was stopped. In this matter he said “
When his father becomes ill and his illness was growing up and when he was seen
the sun was reached on the roof‟s corner and his pressure was increased in this
matter so as per his saying his father was granted him the caliphate.
The custodianship
He was becoming the custodian of the Qazipet on the fourth day of the death of
his father Hazrat Syed Shah Sarwar Biabani upon completion of the third day
funeral rites of 24th Safar in the year 1331 Hegira. He performed his duties as
custodian for a period of 31 years, nine months and fifteen days.
During this period the general disciples were agreed in this matter that about
over 100,000 were included among his disciples in which most of them were
people of city of Hyderabad and from villages and districts of Hyderabad State,
from some areas of Madras, Bombay, Calcutta, Dehli and Lucknow who were
privileged to make pledge on his hand.
Among in his large un-counted numbers of his disciples due to his kindness he
was granted saintly dress of the caliphate to the following persons.
1. Hazrat Syed Shah Mohiuddin Pasha Biabani
2. Hazrat Syed Shah Abdul Karim Biabani
3. Hazrat Sadiq Allah Shah
4. Hazrat Qazi Fazal Ali Shah
5. Hazrat Ghulam Ahmed Shah
6. Hazrat Ghouse Ali Shah7. Hazrat Syed Hafeezudin Shah
8. Hazrat Kashafi Shah
9. Hazrat Syed Hussain Shah Hussaini
10. Hazrat Basheeruddin Shah
11.Hazrat Syed Ziauddin Biabni
12.Hazrat Syed Shah Ghulam Jeelani Shah Hussaini
13.Hazrat Syed Ismail Shah
14.Hazrat Darwesh Mohiuddin alias Hussain Ali Shah
15.Hazrat Basheeruddin Kazmi Shah
16.Hazrat Abdul Gaffar Rohi Shah
17.Hazrat Syed Shah Mohamed Quaderi alias Quader Pasha
18.Hazrat Syed Khaja Sadat Hussain Shah
19.Hazrat Syed Shah Quaderi
The pledge (bait) from Jinns and men
He was awarded the light of faith by hands to the men. In this connection the
details of his custodianship were already mentioned in this book in its previous
pages. Upon obtaining the caliphate and till his last period of life more than
100,000 persons made their pledges (Bait) with him. During the day time the
general, persons used to see him and become his disciples and during the night
time Jinn were used to see him and get his favour and come under his chain and
but it is not known how many Jinns were becoming his disciples and coming
under the light of faith in his hand of the reality.
As per the following tradition the coming of the Jinns will continue to present
in his service him during the night.
As Akbar Khan used to be present in his service in the city and during journey
with him so he was able to know well, some special conditions of him. But he
was used to keep all secrets as per his master‟s desire like his master who used to
keep such secrets with him. In reality Khan Saheb was his real keeper of the
secrets and ambitions as well as he was a faithful and true servant.
One day Khan Saheb told me in Hyderabad as the large number of people used
to visit him in the daytime to get benefited by his sayings, and advices and in the
same way in the last part of the night the groups of Jinns used to be present in his
service and will pledge and benefitted by his saying and charms.
The proof of pledges of Jinns is available in his miracles and his favours and
which is added in this book.
The details of his Faizan (favour)
Hazrat Darwesh Mohiuddin writes his article on his death in which he added one
of his favour as follows.

1. The repentance of a prostitute woman:
Shahzadi Jan who was a prostitute woman and who become his disciple and he
was advising her at the time of her pledge to leave her occupation and to marry
somebody. So she followed his advice in this matter. After some days due to this
effect she used to visit Qazipet during the Urs (death anniversary) period by
covering herself in the black blanket and by wearing the big size beads in her head
and she used to hold pillar of the shrine with her hands and used to remember her
past days. When her last day reached, then she was becoming ill in Hyderabad due
to fever. In the condition of fever, she decided to visit Qazipet so she left in the car
for Qazipet and she was dying on the way. When her car was reached at the
Qazipet shrine building, then he was present there as such that he was waiting for
her. So he welcomed her dead body there and he was attending the burial
ceremony and she was buried in the graveyard of the shrine of Qazipet.
So it seems that the Sheikh is that person one who will make the un-fortunate
person as a lucky person.
2. An event of Hazrat Banne Miya
Hazrat Banne Miya who was Majzub (the one who lost in divine meditation) of
his time and who was benefitted greatly by Hazrat Syed Shah Afzal Biabani and
who used to reside in Aurangabad. He died when his age was over 100 years. This
event has happened after four or five years after his death. In that year when I was
not present in the Urs (annual death anniversary) in Qazipet but I went there after
the ceremony of the Urs and present in his service, then in his discussion he said to
me that one person was met with him during the time of the Urs (death
anniversary) and he said to me “ He is the successor of Hazrat Banne Miya and
especially he was sent from Aurnagabad in his presence to obtain one thing which
is available with him.” He said on his asking he was surprised in this matter that
the thing which he was demanded was given by my grandfather to his father and
his father was given that thing to him and except the above three persons nobody
know in this matter. Such a secret thing unless Hazrat Banne Miya will not
disclose it to somebody, then it will known to anybody. For this reason he was sure
that person was coming to Qazipet as per the desire of Hazrat Banne Miya. As a
matter fact that person was the real successor of him so for this reason I was
disclosing the secret matter to him in this matter.
3.Once he was arrived in Hyderabad and he was staying in the bungalow of
one Nawab Saheb in the Dood Bowli street. At that time I was visiting him lonely
there. There was on Majzub (the one who lost in divine meditation) of Arabic
origin who used to live in the Bazaar of the Kasaratta street near Chowk and he
was coming there and stood at the gate of the bungalow with great respect and attention. So he asked him to come near to him by waving his hand and he was
given him something from his pocket for him. So that Majzub upon receiving the
holy gift immediately left from there towards the gate and from there he went
outside without turning his back towards him. Upon his departure he told me that
to this Majzub there is one service of spiritual is allotted to him. Due to etiquette I
could not dare in this matter and ask him that who have trained that Majzub. But
due to his very much affection and his method in this matter so my heart is
witnessing that Majzub was getting such position and status due to his favour only.
But he could not clarified in this matter. I was watching that Majzub during the
year 1341-1342.
After many years of this event, it means upon his death Hazrat Hyder Ali Shah,
who is a holy person of his time and who was famous as Sufi and Mazjub in
Hyderabad city. And from the persons who used to meet him it was heard that
there were many miracles mostly and frequently happened with him. And who
belongs to family of Mashaiqin (learned persons) of Gulberga and who was the
nearest relative of the custodian of the big shrine of Gulberga and who used to call
him as Biabani. Once I have asked with his special companion who was a devotee
of the Qazipet shrine that why Hyder Ali Shah is using the word of Biabani with
his name and what is connected in this matter. So Haider Ali Shah told the details
through that person the full details of Majzub about which the Qazi Saheb told that
there is some spiritual service is allotted to him and who got favours of the Qazi
Saheb and he is successor of him so in this way he was benefitted by the favours of
Biabani and he is from Biyabani chain. I was surprised upon hearing this and so
in this way I believed the truths of the spiritual perfection. Because of the pure
heart of Haider Ali Shah that who told the complete story of Majzub in this matter.
As a matter of fact at that time with the Qazi Saheb I was alone there. It was also
confirmed the connection of Majzub and that Majzub was without doubt was
getting his favour and attention by the Qazi Saheb. In the episodes of this book
the word, Sheikh was used in place of Hazrat Ghulam Afzal Biabani by the
translator of the book in English. Hyder Ali Shah later was migrated to Bombay
from Hyderabad after the event of police action in Hyderabad. He told his disciples
that in the year 1375 Hegira in the month of Ramazan, he will visit to Hyderabad
but there were strange secret matters of Allah, he was leaving the world two
months before Ramadhan it means he was in the month of Rajab in the year 1375
Hegira in Bombay.
4. It was heard that in his last period of his life, it means three or four years
before of his death two boys who were special grandsons and as per instruction of
the Sultan of Baghdad, they were visited Qazipet during the period of Urs (annual
death anniversary) and were pledged to him and were benefited in the spiritualism.
So in this matter Tufzal Hussain advocate was confirmed this event upon its inquiry with him and he said “Yes, whatever you heard in this matter it is truth and
it happened like that. Did you still not know in this matter.? That they came here
for the special intentions and upon pledging they left from here.”
It is heard that the above holy persons were going to Hyderabad from Qazipet
and they stayed there for many days. It is said that still one person among them is
staying on the mountain near the Hyderabad city area. And who is well known and
famous for his miracles and revelations. The other person was migrated to some
place. It was known that both of them were great Ulma (scholar) of Islamic
An event of his camera photo
During the service of Nawab Naim Yar Jung Bahadur as the Governor of the
Warangal province one day he invited him in some ceremony, and upon the
attending the function he was returned back to the shrine building at Qazipet.
When I was coming to know about his arrival from there I was approached to
honour of the kissing of the Sheikh. At that time he was, told me that a strange
event was happening in the function of Niam Yar Jung. So I asked him Malik what
was happening.? He said after the dinner when all persons sat on the chairs in the
courtyard. And he was also sitting on the chair. Then Naim Yar Jung was brought
camera before me and want to take my camera photo. So I forbade him in this
matter and refused for the taking, my camera photo. So Nawab Sahib in the large
number of gatherings was requested kindly in this matter, so I was becoming silent
due to manners only so he was taken my photo at that function there.
From this conversation, it was known in this matter that he was angry in this
matter. But in my heart there is desire at that time that I can get one copy of that
photo. So I was inquiring into this matter and after some days it was known that
the group photo was developed well by all persons present in the function, but the
photo of the Sheikh was not come and in its place empty the chair is seen clearly
in that group photo. It was heard that due to this event there was very much effect
on the Nawab Saheb so he was visiting the Sheikh in Qazipet and tendered his
apology in this matter for taking his photo with his camera at the party at his
residence. So his brother Syed Mohiuddin Pasha Saheb was told this event to
Tofazal Hussain advocate.
After the above event when he was travelling to Bombay and during the journey
he was staying in Puna at the residence of Razaq Shah, who was his special
disciple there and who was invited him at his residence and his elder sister who
was in very advance age and who made her pledge to the Sheikh and she was
becoming his disciple there. After the pledge she was requested that she is very
weak and very old in the age, so for this reason she could able to visit to Qazipet to
get the blessing of the Sheikh personally there. So she is in need of his photo so
that with that photo he will be in her sight till the end of her life there in Pune. As he was Qazi of Warangal so in all matters he used to follow the rules of Qazaiat
(justice). For this reason the compiler of the magazine „Khair al-Haqaiq‟ wrote in
his praise as follows.
He was author, wise person and judge of Islamic law as well as the spiritual
guide and luminous master of the mystic way and he was also a perfect learned
person. So against the Islamic Shariah law how he will agree on this matter. So it
was learned that he was prohibited him to take his photo there and with his
intention to return from there he was prepared on this matter and came outside of
the house and he sat on the chair on the veranda so at that time Razaq Shah due to
restlessness of his sister so he was taking his photo without his knowledge and
on the secret way from behind of him while standing there he took the photo which
was successful. For the success of the photo there was a surprise for me that what
is reason in this matter which make it as was successful. It may be due to a sincere
fondness of the sister of Razaq Shah to have a photo of the Sheikh to keep it for
her sight always so it is good to some extent so the holy presence were transferred
in the photo. Anyhow, what is the real reason in this matter which Gods knows
better. So in this matter, it was heard that Razaq Shah paid much care that he was
developed one copy of the photo and he was given to her sister and he did not
disclose this matter to anybody till his death. Afterward Razaq Shah was dying
and his elder son in the beginning was developed five copies of the photo and
brought to Qazipet. When we have come to know in this matter, then five persons
of Qazipet took from him all five photocopies by paying for Rupees five for each
photocopy and we have taken a promise from him that he will not develop more
photocopies in this matter as it is against the will of the Sheikh of the time. In spite
of the above facts, it is not known what was happening in this matter against his
promise Hamid Shah made the photo and he sold photos to all general persons. So
for this reason on the occasion of every Urs (death anniversary) large number of
photos are being sold in the shrine building.
The publication of the photo was made possible because it was taken without
the knowledge of the Sheikh and from this action his personality of laudable as
who was a strict follower of the Shariah (Islamic) law and the knowledge and for
this reason there will be no objection does not arise related with this pious
personality of his time in this matter.
Religion and Maslak (school of thought)
He was a follower of his ancestral religion and Maslak. His forefathers were
followers of the Hanafi religion of Ahle Sunnah Wa Jamat (as people following of
the prophet‟s practice). In Sufism he was the follower theory of Wajudia
(existentialist). He was a follower and supporter of Wahadat al Wajud (unity of
existence). In Tariqia (mystic way) he was followed by ancestral chains as follows.
1.Quaderia 2.Chistia 3.Refia
But he generally used to take pledge on the chain of Quaderia. But those people
who will enter without any desire and wish then he used to enter and allow them
to become his disciple in the chain Quaderia and otherwise if the disciple will wish
for any other chain, then he will make his disciple in that chain. So many persons
were become his disciples on his hand in the chain of Refia. The chains of
Quaderia, Chistia, Refia have been followed in his family since long time. But the
method of the pledge of in the chain of the Chistia was started in the time of his
grandfather Syed Shah Afzal Biabani. Once he said, “ Grandfather made one
person disciple in the chain of Chistia and also he was awarded his caliphate and
his name was as Sarwar Khan and who was becoming famous as Sarwar Shah
and his father was made his disciple one person in the chain of Chistia. So by
following this practice of my ancestral system till now I had also made my
disciples in the chain of Chestia.
Mystical exercises
As per his ancestral Maslak (school of thought) he was used to visit different
jungles, especially the mountain Bodegutta near the Qazipet railway station where
to used to engage in the mystical exercise in the nights for a period of many years
there, but in this matter, he kept it secret with the household persons and for this
reason they did not able to know nothing in this respect and which is explained as
By heart become beloved by the innermost way
But in the manifest way you pretend that you know nothing
So such good ways are less seen in the world.
So for this reason the household person and servants, disciples and devotees
could not able to know nothing in this matter. He was always used to take care too
much in the follow things.
1. The status and position of the spiritualism
2. The Spiritual revelation
Also, he was used to keep secret his method of daily worship. It is a great thing
for me that I could able to know his great special affairs in this matter. As a matter
of fact in his life period of 80 years, nobody doesn’t see him in daily recital and in
glorification. But in spite of this his greatness and holiness At the time of his training and teaching of daily recital and invocation of Allah
to his disciples, he used to tell his events of mystical exercises with his special
disciples. Due to kind nature, these events were not become general for the all
persons. Now for his followers disciples, well wishers as well as his devotees, it is
necessary to know these details and in the following some events are mentioned.
1. One day he went to the small hillside of the Bandam tank near Qazipet
village with his double bore gun along with one boy whose name was Feroz for
hunting of the fishes and he was arrived there before the sunset prayer (Maghrib)
and he was staying for a short time and returned back from there. At that time I
was with him. The details how I was going in the service and its details are
available in this book in another chapter of his helping details. On the way he was
saying this gun is his confidant and since his early days of his life and he was used
to go in the name of hunting with the gun for the hunting purposes and he was
used to visit many jungle areas. But usually he visits Bodagutta and put aside the
gun there and used to engage in his endeavours, there and this was his practice for
many years, but the nobody of householder did not know in this matter. The Status and position He got the practice of hard endeavour of mystical exercise and from his holy
father, he got the favour of the spiritualism and he got high status and position.
Moulana Syed Abdul Quader Qamisi who was landlord of Dongarmpur in
Taluqa Raichur and who belongs to the family of Mashiaqin (learned person) of
Gadwal who met me at Raichur and he said once King of Hyderabad Mir Usman Ali Khan was invited all Mashaiq persons so Mashaiqs from Hyderabad and from
other districts were attending the party. All Mashaiqin were famous and well
known in all over the Hyderabad State at that time were present there. But among
them Qazi of Warangal was not present there in that gathering. In short, after
having royal dinner of Mashaiqin the King of Hyderabad Mir Usman Ali Khan
Bahadur was arrived and he was met, all the invitees there and shake hands with
all of them. At the time of shaking of the hands and he was heard that the King of
Hyderabad said “ Among Mashaiqin (learned persons) of Hyderabad he was proud
of Bade Miya (Qazi of Warangal).” Upon hearing this I was surprised too much in
this matter as he was not present there in that gathering, but such thing is being
said about him and from this it is clear that the King of Hyderabad was aware of
his personification of his rank and Sufi status and position and he was having too
much devotion to him in this matter. As per the statement of Malawi Saheb this
event is recorded in this book.
The king will fulfill the needs of the people of the world
But there is a power of pious persons to change the fates since the beginning to
He has complete control over his condition of his heart. He has never allowed in
the present of general and special person the condition of being enraptured. But in
the lonely condition, especially during the early hours of the morning time he
was seen by some person in the condition of being enraptured and at that time due
to sound of coming of persons or whenever he knows coming of the persons then
that condition will be returned back to him immediately and then he spoke to those
persons and inquired with those persons about their arrival there and the reason in
this matter. It was a matter of rare that nobody never was not able to see any such
event in this matter.
In the village Raichur Hazrat Shah Nabi Mohiuddin who belongs to the third
generation of Hazrat Syed Shah Abdul Latif of Vellore and who was a person
of enrapture and he was used to live there. As a matter of fact, he didn’t meet with
him and even he could not see him. But during his conversation he was used to
praise and admire him very much. During the year 1342 Fasli when I was posted
in Raichur on my transfer, then at that time he was living there. Two years upon
my reaching there Hazrat Nabi Mohiuddin was becoming seriously ill, there even
though there was very much cure for his disease but there was no result at all.
The Sheikh of time during that time was visited Bombay and from returning
from there he was staying one day in Gulberga and from there instead of coming
to Warangal he was going to Raichur. So in this way he was arrived in Raichur and
during that time his relative Mahboob Ali, resident of Hanmakonda who was
working as the superintendent of police there so he was staying in his residence.
Davar Ali Khan, who is sister‟s son of Lala Miya said in this matter that upon his
reaching, to Raichur Hazrat Nabi Mohiuddin was died after some time.
The compiler of the book was in Warangal at that time on leave from there and
upon his return back to Raicher he was coming to know all the details in this
matter and for this reason there was very much regret that since many years he was
desiring to conduct a meeting of the both holy persons in Raichur but at that time
he was not available there and also the disease didn’t allow him time to breathe
and also Shah Saheb was used to busy there. Because at the time of his illness,
his only son who was in Madras city and for this reason he was awarded the
custodianship of the shrine to his famous and well known caliphate Abdul Hafeez
and who was a deep love and sincere disciple of his master and so he had made
great endeavours in this matter. Due to this reason Allah was awarded favour him
to become the successor of his great Sheikh.
Without programme his immediate arrival to Raichur and at that time of the
death of Shah Sahib? Which caused me surprise and amazement for a long period
of time. There was a special disciple named Mohammed Usman Shah of the Shah
Saheb was there in Raichur who was famous for the following things.
1. Favour
2. Arif (one having an intimate knowledge of Allah)
3. Revelation
4. Pious
And also he was caliph of Shah Saheb and also he was keeper of the secrets of
his master. So I asked him many times in this matter. Usman Shah used to like me
very much. Due to my insisting on this matter once due to my compulsion he said
that my master was a great spiritual pious person of his time. Before the death of
my spiritual master, there was the matter of the settlement of his successor was
pending and for the work of arrangement of his local custodian and in the
authority of the president the arrival of Qazi Saheb of Warangal was under the
affairs of spiritual act and it is very important and so his presence was must there.
And for this reason he was present there and he was settled the problems of his
successor and upon this Shah Saheb was immediately left this mortal world.
Once Usman Shah was told me in Raichur that the heart of the Sheikh was made
by Allah as strong as the Himalayan mountain. On his heart of pure there was an
effect of condition and the world was such that if a little of the effect such
condition will prevail on any person, then such person will 70 times during the day
he will tear his clothes and will run towards the jungle. But oh, he was a such large
hearted-ness that in spite of such conditions there will be no difference in his
feeling and sense and he will continue his discussion with the persons who were
present in the meeting according to their status and condition. Some time he will
not look under enraptured condition, but surely it is due to large hearted-ness and
which will be controlled by him.
Some details of the secret matters of the Sheikh were told me by Usman Shah so
I present in the service of the Sheikh and told him the details to him. So he told me
that Usman Saheb is a good person and a man of revelation. After this whenever I
used to arrive in Qazipet then he used to inquire about conditions and he also used
to ask about Usman Saheb and at the time of my departure he used to ask me to
convey his good wishes to him.
On his face there was such holiness was found so for this reason, if he will be
available in the gathering of many thousand people, then the un-known eyes will
recognize him and come to know that he is the light of the gathering without
asking in this matter. As Allah says in the holy Quran and its translation and
interpretation is as follows.
“ But Allah will choose for His special Mercy whom He will of Allah is the Lord
of grace abounding. (1-105).”
One day during my working period at Raicher there were thought came into my
mind during the whole day about his spiritual status. As he did not tell us or we
know any person who will inform us the details in this matter. During the night
Dada Pir (grand spiritual master) Hazrat Syed Shah Sarwar Biabani was coming
into my dream so I have blessed by kissing his sandals and he said “ Mr. : my son
is “ Malik and Maulim Naqba ‟‟. Upon waking up from the dream noted the
arrangement of new words and the next day I was reaching to Qazipet and was
present in the service of the Sheikh and explained him the details of my dream and
he heard those words and he was asked again in this matter so I told him the details
in this matter.Then he said “ He is nothing while pointing his finger towards the
green tomb that whatever he is due to favour and kindness and he is nothing by
himself. After this upon obtaining his permission I went back to Raichur.
Conduct and character
His conduct and character was modelled as per the model of the prophet of
Allah. Upon meeting with him even his critics will feel pleasure due to his
behaviour and manners and they used to praise for his good nature. When the
village persons used to meet him, then he used to talk with them according to their
nature, knowledge and understanding as well as their wisdom. With the people of
villages and people of Hyderabad he was used to talk with them in their style and
as per the requirement in this matter. With the learned persons with the level of
knowledge. Some time the learned Arabic persons when used to meet him, then he
was used to talk with them in Arabic language and with the people of Iran he used
to talk with them in Persian language.
His manners and conduct were similar of the prophet of Allah
In mysticism, piety he was of deputy of Abdul Quader Jilani
In the dealings with Hindu village revenue officers he was used to talk in
Telugu standard language and style. In short, it was his habit that he used to talk
with the persons according to their wisdom and understanding and also as per the
style of the day to day conversation and due to this reason the visitor will be feel
happy with conversation with him due to his style of talking.
His perfection in the manifest and innermost was so great
So his holy teachings bring the condition of ecstasy on the people.
In short, his conversation was as per saying. “ You should talk with the people
as per their wisdom.” His statements were such beneficial and so sweet and due to
this reason the listener will feel comfortable and it seems that there was falling of
the sugar from his mouth. His style of talking was so sweet. His voice was not
loud or nor low so for this reason of his medium voice all persons present in the
meeting can hear his conservation, whether they are sitting near to him or away
from him.
When he will usually explain the events about the holy persons, disciples and
their followers and also about the pious personalities of his family. Which reflect
as per the saying of the prophet that one who like anything, then he will remember
it for many times. In those events the persons of the meetings will get answers to
their questions. There was seen many events that many persons used to present in
his service with their individual questions and used to sit outside of his residence
and upon his arrival, he was used to shake hands with all persons there, then he
used to sit there and before the submission of the question to him then as per his
habit he used to explain one event and that story actually will act an answer to the
questions of the persons present in the meeting. So for this reason all people will
feel happiness in this matter, and they used to leave the meeting place without
asking their question with him. This event shows his laudable personality. In his
conversation and talking there was perfection as well as there was the unique style
in it. So for this reason upon return from his company in everybody‟s heart there
will think that he used to love him much more than others. For trial now you can
ask his number of disciples or his father‟s disciples and devotees will ask them in
this matter that how the Sheikh will look you then everybody will reply suddenly
that he was liked and having a look of affection from him very much than others.
The people‟s thinking about his affection and love was not depend upon any doubt
or not good opinion, but it is real fact which depend upon the reality and it is true
that he was used to love all persons in the same level so he used to look all of
them in the same look.
In his conduct and manners and in his kind favour there is available strange
uniqueness. He was used to meet with all his disciples and devotees, whether they
were rich or poor with all of them his treatment was not only same, but equal and
also his style of treatment was such that as it is required by the equal status of the
person. If he is sitting there and if any person says Salam to him, then he used to
stand and reply his Salam. But in the last period of his life due to pain in his waist
so on such occasions he used to express his excuse in this matter for replying the
Salam while in the sitting position.
With the disciples and devotees and also with the servants who used to do daily
service and with the general public he was not seen within the condition of anger
and annoyance with them. In him there was very much selflessness and
tolerance, so in spite of not obeying his orders and against his will, do a lot of
losses by his workers then then he has never become angry or give punishment in
this matter. But he will use to treat with them with smiling and he used to advise
them with words of peace and tranquility.
Even for the ordinary type of work or help for the example at the disperse of
the meeting if any disciple or devotee use to pick like his staff, betel leaf box and
snuff box if will be given him into his hands, then he used to say Salam to that
person and for some time he will excuse him in this matter.
It is learning that one of his disciples who belongs to Sadat (holy prophet‟s
descendants through his daughter Hazrat Fatima) family member who was working
in some government department at some district place and he died there due to
illness. At that time his wife was pregnant and she was also his disciple. Upon his
husband‟s death one child was born to her and she was also become serious ill due
to the problems of pregnancy and due to such illness she did not have any hope of
life so for this reason he was called her neighbouring womens to her house and she
was disclosed her final advise to them that her or her husband‟s relatives are not
available so that she could able to inform her helplessness in this matter.In case if
she will be died then whatever house hold items which are available in the house
should be sold and her final rituals of death should be performed there and her
child should be sent to her spiritual master who is living in Qazipet as except him
no heir is not there in the world. So she was dead. After this event as per her
advice she was buried there in that place by the persons in that place and the small
orphan child was sent to Qazipet by the people of that place. The people of that
place were explained him the details about the final advise of the deceased disciple
and other events of the tragic happening in that place. So he took the child
immediately in his hands and embraced the boy and hold close to his chest. At
that time he was began weeping and shut, tears so much that his beard was wet
with the tears. He was taking the boy in his house and for some period of time that
the boy was under the care of general, women there and after some time was
passed, then the boy was given by him to his household, persons and till his life
that the boy was under his protection so the stranger people thought on this matter
that the boy was belongs to him.
In the last days of his life he was unable to move from the residence to the
shrine building by the walk but he was used to go there in a bullock cart. During
the sandal ceremony on the death anniversary (Urs) period he was used to follow
the sandal ceremony in the bullock cart and his cart will be found in the
procession on the back side of the people gathering.
One year he was coming to big sandal ceremony procession in the bullock cart
Akbar Khan and myself were there following his bullock cart. There was some
heat in the atmosphere available, but there was large gathering was there in the
sandal procession and at that time loud cry of one small boy was heard there. So he
was annoyed upon hearing the loud cry of the small child and he was asked
“Khan Saheb to take care of the weeping boy. ”
So Akbar Khan ran from there and brought that boy and he told him “ Malik
this boy due to too much gathering was separated from his parents. So he asked
him to give the boy to him. But Akbar Khan told him that the boy is having mud
on his feet so he will clean the feet of the boy by his handkerchief then he will give
the boy to him. Till this phrase was not finished, then he was bending him from
the bullock cart and he took the boy from the hands of Khan Sahib and put the boy
on his lap and when the boy sat there then he was stopped weeping. Then he was
instructed us to search for the parents of the boy. After some search Khan Saheb
found the father of the boy and he brought him there. By that time the bullock cart
was reached near the Nobat Khana Nobat (the place from where time is
announced by the beat of a drum). After boarding out from the bullock cart he was
handed over the boy to his father. As per the statement of Khan Sahib there was
mud on the feet of the boy and he put the boy on his lap, but there was no sign of
mud was found on his dress.
He was serious ill and this was his last illness in his life. Hakim Abdulla Khan
was recommended him to keep away from gathering and not talking to the
persons. As per this instruction his son was taking care very much in this matter.
The special disciples’ group was guarding his room and they were not allowing any
person to see him in his room and taking measure of to avoid disturbances near the
room. So one day I was there outside of the room and not daring to see him to
take care in this matter. At that time he was called me to come near him and he
told at this time his son Biyabani is not there so there is a good chance. Since many
days passed, but Fiyaz and Khaja did not come to see him. May be due to fear of
Biyabani pasha‟s instruction they are not coming to see him. So you go and bring
them immediately so that he can see them. These two boys were adopted by him
and they are in the age group of 8-9 years. So I went immediately outside and
found that both of them were playing there and brought them in his service. So he
was called them to come near him and touched their heads with his hands with
kindness and affection. Afterward, he said to them, “ Since many days you both
have come not to visit him so for this reason he was worried in this matter.The
hairs of the head are growing very much so cut the hairs and have a bath and
change the unclean clothes and in this way he talked with the boys and he was
given to them one quarter Rupee coin to each boy and then he was permitted them
to leave him. At that time departure of the boys he said to them daily to visit him
one time. So he was treated kindly and with great affection with the boys so such
treatment with other parents is not possible during the time of illness. So his such
love and affection is such great that even the love of the 70 parents in not equal in
this matter. Upon seeing this event, I was surprised in this matter how he loved his
adopted boys that even in the condition of serious illness when he was becoming
unconscious number of times and there was no movement for him and still he is
worried and sorrow that the boys are not coming to see him and for this there is
effected very much for his heart.
It was heard that one night when it was passed its half portion then at that time
the boy whose name was Khaja went to see him in his service and was
complaining about the cold winter night so he was given him his turban to him to
cover up in the night. In the morning all persons of the house when wake up and
saw that Khaja was sleeping in his bed while covering the turban of the Sheikh so
for this reason all were surprised at this matter and some were becoming angry
with Khaja so he was prohibited them in this matter and he told them he was given
him his turban. It was heard that when her daughter was heard this then she told
him that “ Father, we and all devotees used to keep it on the eyes and you have
given this to the boy to cover him on his head. So how you should wear it.? Upon
hearing this he said “ My dear, what is objection in this matter and it will be
cleaned by a soap of one penny.” So while smiling, he was cool down the anger of
all persons of his household in this respect. This shows his kindness of poor and
orphaned persons and there many such events are available in the record of history
which shows his love for the poor and orphaned children. But due to the length of
the book only four examples of these events are added in this book for the kind
perusal of the readers of this book.
The meetings of Sama (ecstasy)
He was much interested in these meetings.On the occasion of the annual death
anniversary (Urs), he was used to sit facing in the direction of Qibla (direction in
which Muslims turn in prayer) in the middle of the courtyard of the shrine building
on the eastern side and usually in every Friday night the Sama (ecstasy) meeting
opposite of the big shrine building will be held , then he was usually to ask for
Abdul Gafur who was famous chorister and singer available in Qazipet and who is
having a lovely voice of singing there to start the Sama meeting and he was used to
hear his singing of some time. Also during his journey Abdul Gafur used to
accompany with him and when there will be his instruction, then he used to sing
for him. As per reports some time he was praised the singing of Abdul Gafur and
he used to like his singing very much always. If there will be available many of
the listeners from outside, but after their singing them, he used to ask Abdul Gafur
to present some lines of poetry for him. During the time of Sama there will be a
condition of tenderness which prevailed upon him so at that time he was used to sit
there by lowering his neck down while putting his handkerchief on his eyes and in
that condition he used to say something by his holy tongue and there was no action
available from his hands and also there will no movement from them. But he was
used to sit silently there with no moments. After tenderness when he will take out
his handkerchief from the eyes, then generally he used to look at the sky.
During the meeting of ecstasy sometime he used to ask for repetition of some
couplet or couplets and at that time if there will no praise of words from his holy
tongue and sometimes after the end of the ode (Gazal) he was used to say some
words of praise.
At the Sama meetings he used to give money to the choristers number of times
and if he will receive Nazrana (presents) from the people in that meeting then he
used to give also that money to the choristers. Some time also he was used to
become generous to the Nobat (the place from where time is announced by the
beat of a drum) players when he used to present in the shrine building.
Not only during the time of death anniversaries (Urs) of his father (Hazrat Syed
Shah Sarwar Biabani) and grandfather (Hazrat Syed Shah Afzal Biabani) but also
on other days the disciples and devotees used to present in his service suddenly. So
at the time of their departure, he used to ask them to stay at Qazipet and ask with
them “ To eat the rice and Dall (split pulse) of the house of the Fakir (Darwesh)
and then go from there.” So for them the food will be used to send from his house,
and upon eating of the above food, then they will be given permission to leave
from Qazipet. On such occasions sometime he was asked some other persons to eat
food with him. If there will be his disciples and devotees among those persons
who eat with then he used to provide by his hand rice and curries in their plates
and with great love and affection and he will use to insist them to eat more food
items along with him. So the disciples and other persons used to eat more than
their normal quantity on that occasion. So on that occasion it will be reminded to
the visitors the real love and affection of their parents and actually such love
which will be more than that.
In the matters of the estate properties he was faced many cases in many
departments, but he did not go to the offices of the department to plead his cases.
On special events he was invited by the higher officers and some time he was
visited the higher officers. In short Sir Afsar Mulk Usman Yar Dowla Bahadur,
Haimed Yar Jung Bahadur, Rafat Yar Jung Bahadur, Aziz Jung Bahadur, Qudrat
Nawaz Jung Bahadur, Mohammed Yar Jung Bahadur, Ahmed Yar Jung Bahadur,
Maharaja Sir Kishan Persad Bahadur, Moulavi Fazilat Jung Bahadur, Habib
Rahman Sherwani head of the department of religious affairs department, Hazrat
Pir Jamat Ali Shah, and also other high level officers as well as holy persons also
used to visit him sometime.
During the last days of his life at the time of some occasion he was used to weep
very much and there was shut tears from his eyes. In the record of his discussion
one event of his tenderness in the beginning of his life was known to me and which
is as follows and from which it is known that his tenderness is strange and very
effective in this matter.
It is reported that on the third day ceremony of his father‟s death and after its
completion, he went to see his mother in the house and he met her and on that
time there was tenderness in him. It means he was weeping slowly but it was very
effective and due to this reason there was flood of the tears from the eyes of the
members of his house and also there was a condition of un-conscious, which
prevailed upon them. So there was a tragic scene which prevailed on their eyes so
they were becoming upset and worried for their lives.
Upon seeing of the above event there are many people now used to say that his
weeping it seems that the following things are also weeping with him.
1. The angelic world
2. All living beings
3. All doors and walls
There is no such great effect and condition of grief, of weeping was not found
in the weeping of other persons. It was reported that his mother and his sister was
confirmed the above event. As per the saying of Hafiz Shirazi on the holy persons
sometimes there will be prevail such condition on them. From the above event it is
known that there was great of the effect of the death of his father in his heart.
Because of the death of holy persons, Ulmeas (scholars), the following creatures
used to mourn and which is confirmed by the saying of holy persons. And in this
matter one reference from the Persian book „Arshad Talibin‟ on page 167 by
Hazrat Pir Khunad Baba is added as follows.
1. The angels
2. All living beings of the world.
It is said that when any pious person will leave from this world, then the angels
will come to visit the world for a period of 40 days wearing black dress and mourn
so there was find defect in the religion of prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him)
and all animals of the world will able to know about the death news of the holy
saint and for this reason they will become sad even that snake (it said that there is
mountain called Qaf which is around the world and its peak is five times higher
than the earth and it is adjoining with the sky. But the people insight said that
there is some difference in between the sky and its height and there is a snake,
which is attached with the mountain of Qaf and he is holding one span of his tail is
in his mouth and when he know the news of the death of Mashaiq (learned person)
and holy person and due to sorrow and grief, he will cut his tail and by force he
will hold one more span of the tail in his mouth and for this reason the earth will
become small.) And the cities which are far away from each other will become
close to each other in this matter.
He was written one ode (Gazal) upon the death of his father in the Persian
language and which shows his deep sorrow and grief on that occasion. Its
translation and interpretation of Urdu language is as follows.
In the loving memory of Hazrat Syed Shah Sarwar Biyabani
It is sorrow, oh: sky you have taken away the light of Allah
I swear in name of faith, you have given us a mountain of grief
There are no happiness and pleasure of life and power to bear it
Because due to this loss and grief, I suffered a lot in this matter
I am busy from morning till evening in this great grief of my life
During day due to this problem which made me weak and lean
Oh Khizer where you are and for God sake, show me your face
Oh: the leader of caravan why you are hiding your face from us
But like you there is no personality can be seen in the world
And you have started benefits of the mysticism in the world
The lovers of reality were around you like the moth of the light
Oh: The light of Allah you have spread the light in the world
Afzal affected and who keeps your beloved name with him
Be kind to him as he will keep all your works alive till his life.
In his high temperament, there was cheerfulness and humour , which was
very polite and pleasant and which show his higher knowledge. In the discussion
rarely pleasant sentences which will be not out of truth and which he used in the
conversation in the meeting and due to this reason there will be there a moment of
laugh not only to himself and to others who were present at the meeting place.
Sometime he was used to hear the stories of humour from his disciples and
devotees and who belongs to some of his special categories of persons, and with
which other persons present in the meeting will be enjoyed in this matter.
The events of laughter provoking and humorous are also not free from the
worship as per the saying of the prophet of Allah as follows.
The prophet of Allah said, “Oh: Abazar their laugh is worship and their joke is
Tassbih (glorification of God) and their sleep is Sadqa (charity).” And this
reference is taken from the book Jawahar Ashaq page 58.
Usman Khan alias Pattu Khan, resident of Bolaram and Sheikh Mohiuddin
Ansari resident of Qazipet, a boy name called Abdullah from Qazipet and some
other persons used to hear these stories of humorous from him many times. In
short, his every style and behaviour which shows a complete sign of the Sunnah
(practice) of the prophet.
Sometimes he was used to visit rivers, water tanks and jungle areas along with
his disciples and devotees for visiting these places where there will be arranged of
the cooking different varieties of foods and at that time he was used to give
instruction to have eaten the food freely without any hesitation in this matter. He
was also having eaten food items with them. Also, there will be arrangement of tea
for drinking for all the visitors. So he used to drink the tea with the persons who
will present in that party. At last the meeting of Sama (ecstasy) will be organized
there and then after its finishing the party will be returned back to Qazipet.
He was much interested in the shrine garden in Qazipet which was built during
the period of his father. During his stay in the shrine building he was used to visit
this garden sometimes and used to plant the trees of fruits there. Actually, this
garden was the place of worship for his father as well as for him and this fact was
not known by the general, persons. This garden is being irrigated from the well
water of the shrine. Until his life he was taken much interest for the protection
and irrigation of the garden. In the garden the following staff was always available
1. One supervisor
2. Four labourers
3. Two bulls lock used for the drawing water from a well of the shrine situated
near the mosque.
In the garden there are some kinds of fruit bearing trees and flowering trees
were planted there. In this garden he was awarded the favour of spiritualism to
some of the disciples.
Some of his features are mentioned in the beginning of this book. He was well
known as whose prayers are accepted by God so for this reason always devotees
and disciples, especially used to bring in his service their kids who were suffering
from the diseases and placed them in his service then he was used to touch on their
cold bodies so they will become healthy.Some other people whose children used to
die in the early ages so they also present the kids as per above method. Then he
used to say some phrases for their lives and prosperity so for this reason they will
alive. Usually many people used to borrow his used clothes from him and sew the
dress for their small children and for this reason the children will be safe and
secure from evil spirits and calamities.
On the throne, which he was used to sit daily on it in the shrine building in his
absence and some disciples for the seeking benefit, goodness and blessing used to
touch their hands on his sitting place and putting it on their faces. This system of
action of the disciples with his personality commendable as per the tradition of
the companion of the prophet and its reason is mentioned in the book „ Afzal al-
As in his personality, there was very much habit of hiding his status so for this
reason at the time of prayer, he was used to instruct the needy persons to go his
father and grandfather‟s mausoleums and ask them for their needs there and
always care about them for the fulfillment of desires and wishes of the persons
who visit their graves.
Many men and women used to take many charms from him and also take oud
(aloes wood) after blowing of the supplication on it and when such oud‟s smoke
will touched by the patients of the evil spirit then it will be effective immediately.
He used to have many kinds of charms with him and some of its ink writings will
be washed in the water and used to drink it and some of them are put on the neck
and some of it will be tied on the arm and due to this reason there will be fulfilled
of the desires and wishes of the persons. The evil spirits patients also used to visit
him and will be benefited too much due to his kind attention and favour in this
matter. Sometimes when such patients (evil spirits) will present in his service, then
the evil spirit which is available on the body of the person used to talk with him
and explain him the reason of his coming on that person. Upon hearing his
conversation then he used to give warning to the evil spirit to leave un-manner act
and leave from there and such type of some events is added in the chapter of his
Dastagir (help) in this book.
He was not practising the work against the evil spirits, but due to his spiritual
power the following creatures
1. Jinns
2. Khabis (wickedness)
3. Satans
Were leave as per his order and were used to live in the condition of fear and
sometimes due to his supplications and his disciples living in far away places
used to safe and secure from harm and injury from the dangerous insects and evil
spirits immediately on this matter.
In his temperament, there was so much simplicity and sincerity with him as his
son has large number of bullock carts and many employees were there in the
estate for agriculture work but despite of that he used to hire the cart of Sheikh
Hussain, who was known as Nobatwala and he was poor person in the village and
for his visit of Hanamkonda and other places he used to hire his cart which was
not like cart for travelling passengers but it was called in local language as Bandi
and on this cart sheet of bamboo is fixed and its bulls were used to lean and its
running speed is slow . So for this reason there will be a delay in the journey time,
but to help this cart owner, he used to prefer his cart. Some time if he wants to go
shrine building from his residence, then he was used to ask for that cart. It is not
known apparently the reason for using this cart, but his intention in this matter was
that to help the cart owner who is the poorest person in the village. In his nature,
there was such simplicity that he do want not to display his higher level of status
and position. His nature of simplicity is described in the following couplet.
Those who will reach on status of perfection will pretend low
Like a rider when he will reach at destination will be on the foot
Sometime when there will be insist from his son or due to the urgency of the
situation rarely car will be used by him or he will use horse driven cart by hiring
it.So in his every action he wants to hide his higher status and position in this
matter, but in spite of this his higher level of the greatness will be known to all.
He wants to hide his higher level of the courage always
But his dignity and greatness is shown from his forehead
Daily schedule
He was used to come out from his residence at the 9‟O clock in the morning in
the drawing room. During this period large number of disciples and devotees used
to gather outside of his residence with the fondness of kissing the feet of the
Sheikh and when they see his arrival there then they used to standing there in his
respect as per the saying of the prophets follows.
“ Qumo ela Saidkum” It means you should stand for your leader. And each and
every disciple and devotee used to kiss the feet of the Sheikh. The disciples and
devotees used to anxious to kiss the feet of the Sheikh. The Sheikh used to instruct
all of them not to kiss his feet and he was used to shake hands with the persons
who were used to be present in the gathering. At the time of the shaking hands he
used to ask about their well being and affairs. After meeting all of them, then he
used to sit on the throne of the drawing room and ask the visitors to sit on the
throne and if the visitors will be in large numbers, then he used to ask the persons
to sit on the mat in the hall of the drawing room. Upon this he used to address all
of them in the sincerely manner and welcome all of them and ask them about
their relatives and affairs as well as their business and service matters and which
show his kindness with which there will be relief of the hearts of the visitors there
and then used to start his sayings which will satisfying the listener in the
meeting.On this occasion it was used to happen that before the visitors who want
to put their queries in the matter but in the general discussion in the beginning of
the meeting in his sayings the replies of the queries of the visitors will be find
available there . As per saying of Allah in the Quran, “ Yoke al-Ra min amrahi “
its meaning is that Allah will reveal his secrets to whom he wants.”
During the meeting some of the visitors among his disciples and devotees leave
the meeting place upon asking his permission and some other visitors will enter
into the meeting place. In this way upon his entering in the meeting the disciples
in this way many visitors will enter and leave the meeting place and it will
continue till the afternoon time. At the time of lunch the servants and workers
used to come in the meeting place and remind him in this matter number of times
then he will dismiss his meeting. It was seen many times that when the ladies will
gather in house in honour of the kissing of his feet there and then it will be
informed him in this matter so upon this he will ask the permission from the
meeting persons and used to enter into the house and used to listen the requests
and matters of the ladies there for many hours.
Due to many meetings of the devotees, he could not able to get the time of the
launch in the house. He was usually to be present in the evening time in the shrine
building near the outside of the door of Nobat Khana (the place from where time
is announced by the beat of a drum). under platform under a tamarind tree from
8‟o clock to 9‟o in the night time when the disciples and devotees used to come
and sit around him and where his sayings will be heard by the visitors there. The
district officers of Warangal used to visit him at the above time. His position and
status will be such like the Sheikh in the nation like a prophet in the Ummat.
When before the meeting will be dismissed then the visitors will used to stand
before him with respect and honour. The respect of his disciples will be such that it
will remind the action of the companions of the prophet of Allah and which shows
a full glimpse of the good example of the holy prophet. In this connection one
saying of the prophet reported by Abu Hurara is as follows.
“ It means when the prophet used to stand in the meeting place, then we also used
to stood till then we will able to see that the prophet will enter into the house of
any of his wives there.”
His presence in the meeting place while his entering and leaving from there
many of his disciples used to accompany with him. This habit is also found in his
father who also used to come and sit on the platform near the door of the Nobat
Khana (the place from where time is announced by the beat of a drum).
Some time he will use to be available other than his schedule timings as per
the requirements of the visitors on the submission of their requests in this matter.
So for this reason he will call the devotees in his special room in which he was
used to sleep and where he will use to hear the detail discussion of the visitors and
upon this he was used to pass the instruction in this matter. This behaviour is will
be found equal with rich as well as the poor visitors. So in this way the poor and as
well as the rich persons were always used to get his attention and care in hearing
their requests and problems in this matter.
During his stay in Hyderabad, he was used to follow the above schedule of
visitors there, but there it was found a large number of disciples and devotees of
men and women there and every day and every time. In Qazipet Sharif, there will
be too much rush of disciples and devotees during the annual death anniversary
period and in other days there will be no such rush available but some time there
was found too much rush there.
Akbar Khan used to say that during his stay in Hyderabad city during all day and
all timings he was used to busy too much there with the visitors of men and
women and due to too much rush we will be annoyed in this matter but the Sheikh
of the time in spite of the rush he never feel the frown in this matter.
Indigence and kindness
In the drawing room there were always found at least four indigent persons and
three servants used to be found there and who will used to get the food from his
holy house and also in the house six lady servants and many poor women used to
stay there and not only they will be provided food but also clothes and their other
needs will be fulfilled there.
During the annual anniversary (Urs) days before it it commenced may poor
persons and disciples and devotees used to come into his house many days before
and stay there as his guests in his drawing room. Even after finishing of the annual
anniversary for a long period of many months the above types of his guests were
used to stay in his drawing room. At the time of their departure some of them will
be given a return ticket amount to them and some of them will be given an extra
large amount including travelling expenses as per their condition of their lives.
One Shah Saheb who was custodian of one shrine used to visit Qazipet Sharif
during the annual anniversary period and used to stay in his drawing room and he
will leave from there after many weeks after the end of annual anniversary and that
person was not only paid the travelling expenses but he will be given the expenses
of the annual anniversary of the shrine which belonging to that person. Such type
of help and assistance will be given by him to other persons in their financial
problems and difficulties.
It was seen most often that the road side beggars and poor persons suddenly
used to present in his service and they used to explain their needs and difficulties
with him. Then he used to help them financially at once and used to solve their
problems and needs. There will large amounts used to be spent with him for the
needs and problems of the poor and needy persons. Some time it was used to
happen starvation with him along with his family members, but due to his dignity
of indulgence he did not disclose the matter to other persons. His condition is as
follows which was mentioned in one couplet.
His life was as secret of the similarity of the clue of the puzzle
In view he was indigent person and but in innermost like a king
In the reality his life was just like a hidden secret and always his nature was that
to grant favours to others. Even beggars and poor persons as well as the disciples
or devotees who will visit him for whatever their needs and he will used to fulfil
their needs and requirements. Most often it was seen that the people could not ask
him about their needs, but he was helping them in this matter and their desires of
the hearts were fulfilled by him. Some time the poor business persons used to visit
him to sell the things, then in that case he was used to purchase those things at the
price of the sellers whether he will require that thing or not. Some time he will
ask to reduce the price a little and purchase things.
The preparation of Biryani (rice cooked in soup) during (Urs) anniversaries.
During his period on the occasion of two Urs anniversaries 12 Pallas (3 Maund
weight) rice Biryani from his side was arranged as per requirement of the days on
the daily basis. During that period one night about 2.30 A.M. he was coming out of
his room and at that time some persons were sleeping in the drawing room and
who were in charge of food distribution so he called them and asked if there is any
quantity of benediction is possible to get for him. They said to him that it is not
sure and but they will check into this matter and inform him. So he asked to check
cauldrons and send the same with the person who will be sent by him there upon
reaching back to his house. So in this way he was entering his house and one girl
came there with the plate. During the time the persons checked all cauldrons, but
they could not find anything. But they find some quantity of rice in the small
basket. So it was asked by the girl who are in the need of the rice at that time.? So
that girl servant told them the Sheikh did not eat food till that time as he was busy
with the disciples and devotees and now when he was free then the food was over
in the house so he was in the demand of the food from the outside.
During the last year of Urs occasion, this well wisher was in charge of the
distribution of Biryani. At that time I was watching there the slaughter of the
goats and received messages from him to send liver of the goat for the mother of
Wahid Miya so I sent it immediately. At the time of Asar (late afternoon) prayer,
he was calling me to see there and who sitting outside of the drawing room and he
was told about the liver of the goat and he paid me the price of liver of the goat
and asked me to add in the expenses of Urs. So I was surprised at this matter and
reluctant to take the price of liver of the goat. So he was smiling in this matter and
he said it relates to make an offering (Niaz Sharif) of holy persons so to use
things from it for other purposes is not proper without its payment of the price so
take the price and add in the expenses of Niaz Sharif. So as per his instruction I
have taken the price and added it in the account of Urs (the death anniversary)
At the time of the Urs (the death anniversaries) arrangements he was used to
spend many thousands of Rupees towards expenses of cooking food and other
expenses and all these details are available in the chapter of Urs (the death
anniversaries). He used to take too much care and attention towards offering (Niaz
Sharif) and used to instruct to prepare food for quantity of many quintals rice
Biryani and used to distribute these food preparation properly to all concerned
persons. But in those days the Sheikh and his son used to busy too much with the
disciples and devotees while hearing their requests and problems and to help them
and that they could not able to have time to eat their food on the time schedule for
the whole day and in spite of this they could not feel undisturbed in this matter. So
with their action we are in the condition of surprise.
An event of the generosity of Hazrat Syed Shah Ghulam Afzal Biyabani
During the period of Syed Shah Ghulam Afzal Biyabani this event was
happening. At that time there was a grant of Rupees fifty towards the salaries of
the staff of Noban Khana (the place from where time is announced by the beat of
the drum) in which there were some staff members used to work there and it was
headed by the supervisor. By the government of H. E. H. The Nizam of Hyderabad
there was every month the royal grant which was used to reach to the custodian
of the Qazipet shrine through the supervisor from the government treasury. From
there it will reach to the administrator of the estate and who will used to distribute
the amount of the salaries of all concerned staff.
As per reference by Tufazal Hussain advocate that one month the supervisor of
Nobat Khana who was obtained the amount of Rupees fifty towards the salaries
from the Royal treasury office and he was fled to Hyderabad. But in the shrine
building the staff members were waiting for him to receive their salaries from him
and but at last they were able to know that the supervisor was fled from Qazipet
and he was reached to Hyderabad.
At that time the custodian of the shrine of Qazipet was in Hyderabad. So the
estate administrator Sheikh Dadan was informed the details of this case to Tufazal
Hussain advocate and this event was mentioned by Syed Khaja Sadat Hussain
Biyabani in his Urdu book „Lemat Biyabani‟ and he was mentioned the details of
this event on the pages 110-111 of his book and he was requested to take action
against the supervisor of the police department. In his reply Tufazal Hussain
advocate wrote him that as the custodian of the shrine is present in Hyderabad and
if we start action against him, so due to kindness if the culprit will be forgiven by
him then it will be not proper in this matter to initiate the case against him. So it is
better to take the approval of the action from the custodian of the shrine first so
that it is proper to take further action in this matter.
It was learnt by me that the estate administrator Sheikh Dadan was sent the
letter by the post to Hyderabad for the kind perusal of the shrine custodian there.
The Estate administrator Sheikh Dadan who is the grandfather of the translator
and in whose memory this event was especially translated from the Urdu book
„Lemat Biyabani‟ into the English language for the information of the readers of
the International Internet Libraries in U.S.A. especially for the readers of these
two websites as which are followed. Also the above Urdu book „Lemat Biyabani‟
was translated into the English language for the reading of the global readers in
the world.
http://www.calmeo.com and http://www.scribd.com
Upon this it was happened that supervisor of Nobat Khana after spending of the
amount was reached to see the custodian and he told him all details in this matter
and he requested him to forgive his mistake and he was made loud and cry in this
matter and he requested him to allow him to join in his post.
It was learnt later that the custodian of the shrine was kept the supervisor at his
residence in Hyderabad for a period of three days. During that period the letter of
the Estate Administrator and the advocate was reaching for him. Upon this he was
given the travel expenses from Hyderabad to Qazipet to the supervisor of the
Nobat Khana and he sent him from Hyderabad to Qazipet and he was given the
instruction to the estate administrator which is as follows.
“ That the supervisor was presented in my service and he was ashamed of his
bad deed so I was forgiven his mistake in this matter. So you also forgive him and
allow him to join on his duty. Otherwise, he is poor person having small children
with him so they will become economically poor and will be suffered in this
matter. Arrange the salary of Nobat Khana staff members from another fund.”
So after some days the supervisor was coming back to Qazipet from
Hyderabad and he was allowed to join in his post as per order the custodian of the
shrine of Qazipet and the staff members of the Nobat Khana was paid their salaries
from the other fund by the administrator of the estate.
At the meeting about the discussion and explanation of the book of collection
of the speeches of Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Quader Jilani is known as “Malfuz
Kabir‟ part second and about the sermon number 33 held on 23 of Jamad al
Thani in the year 545 Hegira on Monday in which he said and its translation is as
The work of the holy and brave persons is to spend for the cause of the comfort
of the mankind. They are people who are known for the looting of the money and
then they used to give this money to the needy persons. By the grace and favour of
Allah, whatever they will get they will try to loot it and for the same amount they
used to spend for the beggars and for the needy persons who will face financial
problems in the life and also they repay the loans of the poor persons and they
belong to the category of the kings group and they do not belong to the kings of
this world but they belong to the kings of the other world.
His kind and favourable style of life is also same as per his saying in this matter.
His personality and his qualities belong to praiseworthy which are found in the
category of such pious persons which are mentioned in his sermon in the above
The Urs (the death anniversaries)
He was much interested in the arrangements of the Urs (the death anniversaries)
so he was used to pay much attention and care in this matter. So for the reason he
used to spend too much amount of the decoration and preparation of rice Biryani.
In the annual days of cerebration he used to instruct for the preparation of 12 Pallas
(3 Maund weight) preparation of Biryani as per requirements of in between 21 to
27th Safar month and so one day there will be preparation of 1.5 Maund or 2.5
Maund of Biryani.
The fine rice will be purchased such as Peshawari and Amratsari and other
cooking items such as the saffron will be purchased of the best quality in much
quantity and in this way all cooking items in good quality and quantity will be
purchased in this matter.
The method distribution of benediction
It will be served to all present persons, including the disciples as well as
devotees available there and to the males in the drawing room and the ladies will
be serving the benediction in the ladies section. Some time Biryani will be
distributed after Fateha to some persons and some portion of it will send to the
ladies section for serving there among the present ladies including disciples and
devotees there and to the persons who will arrive from far away places will also be
served the benediction to them.
At this big ceremony all the local officers of the Warangal district will be
invited there and they will be served in the camp area.
The colouring of the big tomb
The colouring work of the big tomb and big door of the shrine building will be
painted in the green colour and the arrangements of lighting were started during
the period his custodianship of the shrine. In the beginning days some years the
green colour was painted on the big tomb from the expenses of Mohammed Yaqub
Saheb Jamadar.
The lighting arrangements
Its arrangements were done under the supervision of Mir Munwar Ali alias Saidu
Miya Mansabdar but afterward the lighting and colouring arrangements were
allotted to his son.
There were arrangements of lighting on the both side of the all ways it means
on the tombs and in all compound area of the shrine building and from there to the
road where it turn and which goes to the village and on the four ways and from
where to road which goes to railway station and for some distance only and also
in the area of tomb of Hazrat Lala Miya and in the officers camp area , in all
buildings in the shrine area, and on the shrine building and on all shops and on
these ways both sides and there is Kals (spire pinnacle) in between of the tomb
on which light in glasses and light in colourful boxes will be provided there. This
system was continued for many years and during that period in some special
places as per requirement, there was arranged to fix big electric bulbs. On the
tombs and on the door of the Nobat Khana (the place from where time is
announced by the beat of a drum) there will be specially colourful lighting will be
there with which there will be increased the beauty of the decoration of lighting in
the shrine area and without any doubt the whole ground will become dazzling of
light. With the introduction of electricity supply there is constant improvement of
the decoration of lighting on the shrine building and around other places and roads
and streets in the Qazipet village.
The method of sandal ceremony
During the days of the Urs (death anniversary) on 22nd Safar his father‟s sandal
of Hazrat Syed Shah Sarwar Biyabani and which is known there as a small sandal
and on 23rd Safar the lights are illuminated on the mausoleum and 26th Safar the
sandal ceremony of Hazrat Syed Shah Afzal Biabani and which is known as big
sandal and on 27th Safar, the Urs (death anniversary) ceremony is celebrated.
These two sandal will be taken out from the residence of the Sheikh at the time of
11‟o clock in the night time. Along with the procession of the sandal the Refai
beggars and Milad groups with many kinds of music parties and crafty person will
show their items on the way and there will be a large number of disciples along
with the procession of the sandal.
On every sandal ceremony a large number of disciples and devotee women
gather at the residence of the Sheikh and used to attend in the preparatory work of
sandal and Malida (bread smashed in butter oil and sugar) and this method is still
being continued there in Qazipet. The ladies who will present at the ceremony of
the sandal will be provided benediction of the food before the departure of the
sandal. As there will be a large number of ladies so for this reason there will stalls
of women will be arranged in the courtyard and all kinds toys, bangles, fruits and
tea, artificial jewellery stalls will be found there and there will be very much
business of the above items as the courtyard is in a big area so the stall sellers will
set up the stalls and do business during the whole period of the Urs.
The process of the sandal ceremony
As per the old practice at the time of 11‟o clock the Rifai beggars will reach the
door of the Sheik‟s house and will call there and there music parties and the
lighting arrangements will be ready for the Refai Fakirs ( beggars ) there and in the
reply of the call of the above beggars all types of music parties will start their
music with their instruments and it is reported that in the beginning day in the
ladies section the tray of the sandal will be carried by his mother on her head and
after this she will hand over it to the Sheikh of the times on his head.
When the sandal tray will be on the head of the spiritual mother‟s head, then the
all women who presented their used to kiss her feet at that time and some of them
will used to touch their head with the sandal tray. After this Sheikh will carry the
tray of the sandal on his head to some distance, then he will use to put the tray of
the sandal on his younger brother Hazrat Shah Abdul Karim Saheb whom this
translator was seeing him when he (translator) was in his younger age in the shrine
area. In this way when the sandal process will come outside, then other disciples,
devotees and other persons used to put the tray on their heads and carry it for some
small distance and then give the chance to other people. On this occasion the
officers of the Warnagal district and officers from other places used to carry the
sandal tray on their heads.
The process of the sandal ceremony will be like that at the door of the Sheikh‟s
residence there will be a one horse on which cover of the grave and behind him
there will be a tray of sandal will be there on which a tent which will be available
there and before the horse and there will be groups of beggars and all other music
parties and crafty persons will be there. The Sheikh of time will be behind of the
sandal tray along with his relatives, disciples, devotees and Mashaiq (learned
persons) and la arge number of the people will be there along with the sandal
The Sheikh will be in his red Lungi (coloured sheet to cover the lower part of
the body) of Mashaiq persons and wearing robe and he also used to wear turban
on his head and he will use to hold his staff in his hand and on the way many
devotees used to garland him and when there will be many garlands in his neck,
then on the instruction of the Sheikh, Akbar Khan used to take out all garlands
from his neck and he will used to hand over the same to some disciple. During his
last days of his life period his health condition was not normal and there was
prevailed weakness in him and so for this reason he was used to go behind of the
sandal procession in the bullock cart and he was used to get down at the door of
shrine under the Nobat Khana (the place from where time is announced by beat of
a drum) and from there the disciples will take him in their circle, and in this way
he will proceed to the shrine building and after performing the sandal ceremony
there then he will used to join in the Sama (ecstasy) meeting and upon his arrival
there the Sama will be started.
The method of sandal ceremony
In the sandal ceremony with the Sheikh and all his relatives and his disciple and
all other persons used to participate in it and still this procedure is being followed
in this ceremony.
The method of Sama (ecstasy) in the shrine building
During the period of the Urs (death anniversary) when the Sheikh will perform
the sandal ceremony and he will use to join in the Sama meeting for a period of
two hours and then he used to instruct to dismiss up to next day it means on the
second day of the Urs. So the Sheikh came to the shrine at the time of the
evening and the Sama will be started at that time and there will be discontinuation
of it during the Maghrib (sunset) and Eisha (night prayer) prayer time. At the
Sama meeting there will be changes of the parties of Qawaals (choristers) after
some short time and in this way all Qawaal parties will able to present their
Qawaali (singing) in the Sama meeting and at that time of 3‟O clock early
morning this meeting will come to an end.During the Sama meeting he will use to
weep very much and in the Sama meeting the Sheikh use to give very much
money to Qawaals and in this meeting there will be large numbers of persons will
attend and as well as the superior officers, rich persons, Mashaiq used to be
present in this meeting. There will be very much effect of the Sama meeting and
for this reason there will be a condition of ecstasy which will prevail on the
persons in the meeting. The author of the book „Afzal al-Karamt‟ was mentioned
the details as follows.
“ During the Urs period in the Sama meeting his presence will be like the light
of Allah which will be sent down there. As the author of the above book was a
man of insight and most respectable pious person so he was used the word the
light of Allah in his praise and which was in reality and his personality was found
in the higher status and in greater dignity in the Sama meeting so which can be
said this without any doubt in this matter.”
Due to a large number of the persons in the same meeting there will be
presented of police personnels there and police officers will perform the duties
there while standing there and control the large gathering.
The Urs and show of Mui Mubarak (Holy hair of the prophet)
In Qaizpet since the time of ancestors of Biyabani family members possess the
relics of the prophet with them. It means holy hair‟s small branch is kept available
in the small box scented with sandal and Abir (mixed powder of rose) which is
available on the back side of the mausoleum of Hazrat Syed Shah Afzal Biabani
and in the last room which is near with Nobat Khana (the place from where time
is announced by the beat of a drum) building. It is available in the north side wall
on the shelf the small box of the holy hair of the prophet is kept secured there. So
that room was becoming famous and well known with room of holy hair of the
prophet and there always visitors have gone the room and use to kiss it there and
reading of Fetaha is the practice of the visitors there. Some visitors used to garland
the shelf of the holy hair of the prophet.
Every year as per the practice of their ancestors during his time also on 11th
Rabil Awwal during the night time at 9‟o or 10‟o clock the sandal procession will
start from his residence with great respect and honour and it will reach to the
shrine building and then it will reach the room of Mui Mubarak (Holy hair of the
prophet). In the sandal procession along with him his relatives, devotees and the
large gathering of the people will be find there and after presentation of the sandal
in the room then meeting of Sama will be held in which he was used to grace the
occasion there and after one and half hour he used to listen the programme there
then used to dismiss the meeting there and then he used to return back his
residence in the village and on the next day it means on the 12th Rabil Awwal at the
time of nine ‟o clock morning he will used to come to the shrine building from
his village residence along with his relatives and other persons. Then in the shrine
he will visit the room of Mui Mubark and he used to take out the small box from
the shelf and open the box and see the Mui Mubark first then afterward the general
persons used to watch it there. After some time he will hand over the small box to
some of his relatives and he will participate in the Sama meeting which will start
upon his presence there. In that meeting he used to engage there for two hours and
then he will use to leave from there to his residence. After his leaving of the shrine
building the show of Mui Mubarak will be continued till the Zuhar (late afternoon)
prayer and after that its show will be stopped and the room will be closed and on
that day there will be special an offering (Niayaz Sharif) will be arranged at the
residence of the Sheikh.
After Zuahr (afternoon) prayer there will be the arrival of the women in the
shrine building in the ladies area in which there will be prohibition of the men will
be there and some volunteers will be busy in this work and see that there will be no
entry of the men there. The ladies visit will be continued to till the Eisa (night)
prayer and after this show of the relics will be stopped and Mui Mubrak will be
kept on the shelf. This method of Ziara (visit) of the Mui Mubarak is being
continued till now in the shrine building.
His behaviour during the time of death anniversary
During the time of the Urs (death anniversary) many thousand persons used to
pledge on his hand so for this reason he was used to busy in those days very much
and he will not get any spare time. Also in those days the disciples and devotees
used to offer their Nazar and Niaz (presents and offering). Some days before the
commencement of Urs the cleaning and decoration work will be started from the
H.E.H the Niazam‟s government staff and officers and they will be camped there
to install temporary sheds for the visitors and the daily cleaning work will done in
the shrine areas. After the end of the Urs ceremony, he used to settle the cleaning
charges as per the bills received to him from the departments concerned in this
During this period, due to his representation in the Urs (death anniversary) days
the passenger trains in between Qazipet and Warangal railway station used to halt
in front of the shrine and due to this reason there was great benefit was there to the
passengers for coming and going from Qazipet shrine. Due to war period during
his last period the trains halt system was discontinued, but there was new system
was started of buses and taxies, horse driven carts which used to carry the visitors
from station Qazipet, Mathwada, and Hanamakonda by collecting the fares for
these trips. Also, due to this arrangement there was a great convenience, which was
available to the lots of the visitors to Qazipet shrine and also to leave from there to
Railway Station Qazipet and other places.
The water taps and electric lights were fixed in the shrine building area in many
places as per the requirements of the visitors. Also big cement, water tanks were
constructed in the shrine area and due to this arrangement there was water supply
was provided to the visitors all the time.
The water taps and electricity provided in the village and shrine areas where
possible only due to his kind representation to the government of H.E.H the Nizam
of Hyderabad. As per his instruction the Malavi Abdul Basit Khan the collector of
Warangal was tried hard in this matter and sanctioned of water and electric supply
and it was available in Qazipet village. So in the shrine area and other outside areas
there are many taps and electric poles were fixed in many places as per
requirement and many big water tanks have been constructed in Qazipet.
The duration of illness
He was feeling less nervous weakness and some time he was feeling pain in the
waist and he was also feeling difficulty while sitting and standing in the meeting
places. But he was used to take rarely the medicines in this matter. So some period
of time was passed like that. Before his death for a period of ten years due to
wrong prescription of some doctor and due to not suitable medicine, there was
difference was found in his nature and for this reason there were some indication
of disease of paralysis, but due to immediate care, there was complete cure in this
matter, and after this the treatment was continued and but there was remained the
weakness and day by day depression was increased and after some period of time
he was unable to walk so for this reason to visit the shrine building from the
residence he was use to go there in the bullock cart. And slowly in the year 1362
Hijra his condition was becoming worse and due to the fever and headache and so
for this reason it was difficult for him to sit and standing in the meetings. But in
his such health condition he was used to perform all the ceremonies of the Urs
(annual death anniversary) as per tradition which was coming in the family of
Biabani but he was not participating in the sandal ceremony due to illness.
After the Urs ceremony, he was arrived at shrine building in the room of his son
on 29th Safar in the year 1362 Hegira and after that the illness period was
continued further so the doctors advised there should be available to him three
persons to attend the work of health care of him in the room and there should not
available more persons with him and he should not be allowed to talk with more
persons. So his son was taken measures in this matter. For care and attention in the
matter some disciples were given instruction to watch his room so that there
should be no entry of many persons at the same to kiss the feet of the Sheikh of his
time and there should be no loud and noisy in this matter. So for this matter
complete care and attention was taken in this matter. But spite of this always many
persons used to visit him along with their children and making pledges to him and
also a large number of people used to visit him and become his disciples.
For the pledge of the small children as per his rules there was some insist from
his side, but due to request and appeal, he used to make the children as his
disciples and in this way all of them enter into the chain of Biabani. On these
occasions it was seen many children insist to become his disciple in spite of the
objection from their parents as per the instruction of the Sheikh but those children
will enter in the chain due to their firm determination and insisting on this matter.
Also the disciple in large number daily due to their fondness and affection used to
visit him and kiss the feet of the Sheikh even after some objection and obstacle in
this matter. In those persons there was very much competition and so for this
reason there was some time quarrel among those disciples who were eager to visit
the Sheikh first from others, so while to understand their fondness and affection,
and there will be difficulties in this matter to allow to the visitors to see the
Sheikh one by one.
He was used to like very much the treatment of Hakim Abudulla Khan of
Hyderabad and always there was treatment of him. Since from the beginning of the
illness, there was treatment of the above Hakim Saheb was available to him on the
grand scale and in this way 8 months were passed away but there was no benefit
for him.
At last as per advise he was taken to Hyderabad in the month of Shawal in the
year 1362 Hegira for the reason of the change of atmosphere. Along with from his
family members and his son, his daughter and his wife was there with him in
Hyderabad city and they were staying on the Kachiguga street in the bungalow of
Mahbub Ali Khan who was officer Nizam‟s Armed Forces. Along with him in
Hyderabad some relatives, the disciples and some servants were also with him
In Hyderabad his treatment was done by Hakim Shuaib Allah Khan and this
treatment was continued for a period of 2.5 months, but there was no benefit
available to him and for this reason daily his health condition was becoming
worse and worse and gone decline in this matter and in this way the month of Zil
Hajj came and he was ready to leave this world for his permanent resort in the
other world.
Before two days he called his son in the room lonely for giving him the
favours of the spiritualism and the secret of Marafat (knowledge of Allah) and
knowledge of chest and he was given him total 18 advices and instructions
concerning of Tariqat (mystic way) was awarded him and also he was given him a
higher status in this matter.
After this he asked his daughter to go Qazipet for the preparation and
arrangement of Eid al-Azha. He was used to like his daughter very much and but
due to the changing situation and health condition she was unwilling to leave him
in Hyderabad and to go to Qazipet for this reason. As he told her that he will reach
there on the occasion Eid at Qazipet so as per following the instruction of the
father unwillingly she went to Qazipet and also his many disciples who were in
the careless condition because they could not observe his critical condition in
Hyderabad except few disciples many of them were given permission to leave
Hyderabad upon their request for the Eid preparation in Qazipet.
The event of the death
It was heard that on the 8th Zil Hajj, he was desired to have a bath, but due to
no permission of the doctors his son was objected in this matter. But in this matter,
there may be advisability is there so he was taken bath and the night was passed
and on the morning of 9th Zil Hajj on Tuesday there were great sudden changes
were found in his health condition, there so immediately his son in law Hazrat
Abdu Ali, who was in Hyderabad was informed in this matter and who was
coming there urgently to see him and also the nephew of his first wife Fazal Ali
retired assistant of Nizams Forces also came there. These two persons were
present at the head of a bed. At that time Mahboob Ali Khan, who was officer also
presents in his service. Who said that from the morning till afternoon there was a
condition of un-consensus was prevailed upon him. During this period when we
will call him, then he used to open his eyes and says „Yes‟ and used to watch us
and after one minute used to close his eyes. We have watched at that time the
colour of his eyes was red and eyes were becoming intoxicated and he was in the
condition of amazement and he was in the engrossment and in attention toward
Allah. In short, at that time of one o‟clock in the afternoon on the 9th Zil Haj in the
year 1362 Hegira on the Tuesday he left this eternal world while leaving all his
disciples and devotees and his son. It is very sad that the sky was sent down upon
us a strange and a irretrievable loss and difficulty to us.
Upon this event the news of his death was spread all over the places and so for
this reason a large number of disciples and devotees and a great number of the
people were informed in this matter by telephone and telegraph to Qaizpet and all
other places in this matter. For informing Malavi Syed Khaja Fazl Hussain, who
estate advisor was telephoned to Hanamakonda through Syed Fazal Hussain as he
did not have a telephone connection in his house. With this information of this
event there was very much effect on the hearts of the disciples and the devotees of
the Sheikh of his time.
As the fireball of your separation, causing effects on the souls
And your separation is burning hearts of young and old as well
How should we writ details of this great grief that pen is broken
How to mention the situation of demise as the tongue is burning
As per his instruction his beloved daughter left for Hyderabad to Qiazpet and his
wife came out of the house and reached the Qazipet Railways Station to go
Hyderabad to see the Sheikh there and she was waiting there for the arrival of the
train in Hyderabad but at that time Fazal Hussain was reached the railway station
and he was informed her only that the Sheikh of time is coming to Qazipet and he
was already leaving from Hyderabad so for this reason she should not proceed
there. So she stopped to proceed from Hyderabad journey and she was coming
back to her residence in the village. After that his son came to Qazipet along with
the dead body of the Sheikh to his residence in the village and with him there were
many persons came from Hyderabad.
The burial details
His dead body was brought to the Qazipet shrine from Hyderabad in a motor car
and then it was taken to the residence building as per advise of all persons and his
funeral bath was arranged at the same place where his grandfather Syed Shah Afzal
Biabani was given the funeral bath.
After the funeral bath the dead body was kept from the sight of the disciples
and devotees and it was waiting up to 2, o clock afternoon on 10th Zil Hajj and on
the same day he was buried at the time of the Aser (late afternoon) prayer.
His burial place was decided as per advise of the relatives and the persons who
were present at that situation and as per the permission of his son and there was,
decided for his burial on the foot side of his father Hazrat Syed Shah Sarwar
Biabani as per the interpretation of one couplet which was said by him in the praise
of his father as follows.
I left out hope, wish and every desire of the world
I have only hope with me that to die on your porch
So in the way it is clear in the selection of the burial place is done as per his
indication of the resting place which is available in the above couplet and it was
helped a lot in this matter.
As the above of the event of death of the Sheikh of time was happened during
Eid of Zil Hajj but in spite of this festival a large number of disciples and devotees
and general persons were present at the burial time along with their relatives.
The declaration of his successor
As a matter of fact, during his lifetime before this event he was declared his
successor in the presence of pious and Mashaiq (learned persons) but as per the
rules and regulation of spiritualism, his successor was declared at the time of the
funeral bath in favour of his son Hazrat Syed Ziauddin Biabani and as per system
of Tariqat (mystic) way the ceremony of successor was arranged after the third
day of Fateha in which a large number of Mashaiq, Fakirs (Darwesh), his
relatives and brothers were present there.
It is known fact that most of his disciples were used to live in far away places so
they were un-aware of this tragic event so for this reason some of them were
attending the third day Fateha ceremony and others were present in the ceremony
of 40th day and visited the holy grave of the Sufi master in Qazipet. By the radio
and by telegraphy and in newspapers his death news sent to all places, but the
disciples who were in the villages could not get the information on time and so for
this reason there is grief still available in the hearts of them in this matter and also
still it will remain till the day of judgement.
His sayings
1. The one who desires obedience and good deed so he should hear that the young
who want to obtain good deed then they should keep dear the advises of older and
wiser persons than his life.
He said the differences in the religion and their problems and in this matter he
was writing one book lengthy in Persian language and its title is „Alfaisala‟ in
which, while quoting the references of Shariah (Islamic) law and also other issued
were discussed. So in this book all matters and issues of differences are solved and
after seeing this book, then there will be no need of referring the other books will
be there.
Regarding the printing of the above book on the request of the some disciples,
he said that his above book is under completion and in this book he was added
such chapters so for this reason this book will be kept under completion till the end
of his life period.
His poetry book
His poetry book‟s manuscript was lost, but with the help of Allah it was found
recently by his daughter and I hope that it will be published soon.
The food of Fateha (the opening chapter of Quran recited as prayers for the
One day on the Islamic issues, he said on the following occasion the food is
legal to eat by relatives, friends is rewarding.
Regarding Ghair Muqalidin (non-conformist) they keep difference in this
matter. Some of the them not agree with this act and some of the above persons
says it is legal in this respect only that the food should be given to the poor and
Misakin (indigent) persons. But as per the law of the Shariat, the learned persons
of from Sunnah Jamat (as people following prophets practice) have given their
opinions in this matter that there is no difference of the rich and poor persons in
this respect. So the instruction of the giving food and inviting all persons of the
rich, poor and medium class on this occasion are same and equal and there is no
discrimination in this matter.
Annual Fateha (the opening chapter of Quran recited as prayers for the
In this matter he was said 15 years before his death that one woman who was
his disciple and she was asked to him about Esal Thawab (for the conveying
reward of virtuous deed) on the following occasions.
1. Fateha
2. Tenth day
3.40th day
4. Annual death anniversary
For these acts he explained her the orders in this matter so she was satisfied in
this respect.
Upon the above event when he was in Hyderabad and one person came to see me
and asked about my address there. When he was come to know that I am Qazi of
Waranagal district, then he told me that his mother in law is his disciple and she
used to celebration the annual death anniversary of her late husband and on that
occasion she used to observation Fateha so he was prohibited her in this matter, but
she is not agree in this matter and she told him that her spiritual master was given
permission in this matter and she said in this respect if he want to discuss then he
should see him and as he is staying now a days in Hyderabad. So she was given
his address to see you and so he came there to discuss in this matter. He said he
was qualified from Deoband institution. You please explain me this issue in the
light of sayings from the books of Sahah Sitta and satisfy him in this matter. He
said that he was being inquired with him does he belongs to the person of
knowledge and first tell me is there only dependency of saying of the prophet on
the Sahah Sitta (the six famous Sunni collections of the prophet‟s traditions).? If it
is so, then he will explain to him in this matter from Sahah Sitta books otherwise
the field is very wide.?
He told him that there is no such thing so I have noted down the names of
reliable books and given him the address of the Asfia Library, where those books
are available and if he will not satisfy upon reading those books or if he will not
find those books in Asifia Library then come to see him so that he can show him
the references of those books which are available in his personal library and then
he will be satisfied in this matter. He was promised to see within three days time,
but after this event many days were passed away, but he did not come to see him.
But once his mother in law was visiting Qazipet and she informed me that the
objection of his son in law about Fateha and such related things were no more with
The following of the four Imams (the four leaders of the schools thought in
Islamic religion)
As per discussion about following of four Imams and change of their religion
was started and he said everybody should follow the religion of his ancestors.Here
the religion referred as school of thought in the main Islamic religion.He said as
per rules and regulations of the Sunnah Jamat the change of the religion is
possible for that person before his attainment of adulthood and who due to his
personal ability who claim objection in the Ijtead (interpretation of Islamic law) of
the thought of the leader and point out objection as per the Islamic law and such
objection will be confirmed by the other leaders then upon becoming major he can
follow any leader one among the four of the leaders of religion as per his wish and
desire and other than this without objection of legal law there is no permissibility
of the change of the religion.
In this context, he said also that nobody can not attain such knowledge before
his adult period and he is not able to make such objection in this matter. If suppose
somebody will attain knowledge in this matter, then it is not possible for him to
find any defect or objection against the four leaders or there will be any legal
objection of Islam will not be possible in this matter.
However, from the importance of this issue, it should be understood that
nobody is not empowered to change his ancestral religion as per chapter number
four about the following the four Imams in which there is clarification on this
matter is available in the magazine „Eqad Wafatwa Ahle Sunnat Wa Jamat‟ on the
page 414o and there is very much explanation and clarification is there in this
matter and for which the Ulmea (scholars) of the nation are agreed in this matter.
In this discussion, he said now it is left about Sheikh Abdul Quader Jilani, who
had his religion (school of thought) of Hanifia but he had followed the religion of
Hazrat Imam Ahemd Hanbal which is described as special conditions in this
matter. One night he was seen in the condition of revelation that Hazrat Imam
Ahmed Hanbal was on the prayer mat in the Holy Harem of Makkah so the leader
of all learned persons asked him and he told him in the morning prayer nobody is
not there to perform his prayer on his prayer mat. Upon hearing this he said to
him that he should not worry in this matter as he will perform the morning prayer
on his prayer mat along with his disciples. From this discussion Hazrat Imam
Ahmed Hanbal was pleased with him and prayed for him. So when the prayer time
came then he was prayed morning prayer along with the disciples which were
available at that time there as per the method of Hanbali, but his son Sheikh Syed
Shah Abdul Wahab and Hazrat Syed Shah Abdul Razak both were not followed
him in the morning prayer along with him and both of them performed their prayer
as per their ancestor‟s religion and they did not change it.
In the change of religion (school of thought) of the great Sheikh of Baghdad
there is special condition and dignity which is legally and permissible in this matter
only for him and but it is not permissible and legal for the other persons.
The pledge
One day he said about the pledge whether is necessary to do it.? It is required
then to whom it should be pledged.? This issue was presented with the Ulmea
(scholars) of old and Sufi Masters and it was decided that it is necessary in this
matter, but it should be done by those persons who have their power on the Tablet
and if they want they can change the writing of the fate there about some person
and can write new writing in favour of the person. In the support of his above
saying the saying of Allah in the verse Raad 13:39 in the holy Quran as follows.
“Allah effect what He will, and established (what He will), and with Him is the
source of the ordinance. (13:39)
In this connection Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Mohadit Dehlavi says as follows.
That who know about the Tablet and to see its writings is referred to some
pious persons of Allah and this saying have been referred by numerous chain of
narrators of the holy persons in this matter.
So in the magazine „Eqad Wa Fatwad ahle Sunnat Wa Jamat‟, Abu Sheikh in
the episode Kitab Thawab mentioned the tradition of the prophet, which is
reported by Hazrat Anas „Ad Duwa Yarad al Qaza‟, its meaning and interpretation
is as follows.
In the saying of prophet it is available that the prayer is the cause of evade of
the fate. In this respect his saying is available that due to the prayer of the persons
there will be such effect that Allah will remove the old writing of fate and re-write
new writing there.
So the pledge should be done by such persons of great status of Sufism and
dignity and not with others and as such, great persons were available in those
days and so such practice was done in the past.
When the time of Ulmea (learned persons) and Sufi masters who came later and
during that time such great persons which were not found then in that situation
this issue or matter was discussed by those persons that as during the present time
as such persons of great value were no more so it should be continued the system
for pledge or it should be continued.?
The present Ulmeas (scholars) and religious persons while considering the
present situation of the time and they have given the opinion that the system of the
pledge should not be discontinued and it is must in this matter. So if such persons
of great status and dignity were not found, then search such persons who are
available and they are holding Qiraq (saintly dress) of caliph with them. So in the
case they can pledge on the hands of such caliphs who are successors of the
spiritual masters of the their time and who had the power of the Tablet by the
grace Allah and it is legal and right action in this matter. In this matter it is noted
that large numbers of the disciples and devotees who pledge with the caliphs of
super masters or the pious persons who are the successor from their caliphs then in
that case the responsibility of all disciples will be there and resting on those
spiritual masters. It is clear in this matter that if the pledge is done with the caliphs
and it is like doing the pledge with the spiritual master of the past only who
have given the caliphate to them. Also the favour of spiritualism will be same and
equal to them like the original or pioneer personality.
The instruction which was explained by him in the meeting, which was held
on 12th Rajjab in the 545 Hegira on Friday at the morning time in the shrine
building, he said, Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Quader Jilani, who was given reference of
the saying of prophet that one who in the ignorance and who do worship of Allah
and his trouble will be more than his reform. Unless there will be no follow of
the book of Allah and the Sunnah (practice), then no person will not get success.
Some tradition which is known by the spiritual masters who have done
research in this matter that one who is not having a spiritual master then his master
will become Satan. So to follow such spiritual masters who follow the Quran and
the Sunah and act upon them so then have good hope with them and learn
knowledge from them and give more respect to them. Unless if one will not follow
the book of Allah and the Sunnah as well as Arif (one having intimate
knowledge of God) and Mashaiq (learned) persons, then he could not be
The prophet said to correct first his soul and afterwards his householders and
also he said there is no reward of charity to other persons if there are available his
poor relatives.
In the collection book „Malfuz Kabir‟ volume two on page 149,150 it is
available the verse from the holy Quran as follows.
“ Ennal lazina yaba bunaka ennama yuba eiyun allah yad allah fauq ediahem.” And
with reference of this verse Sheikh Abdul Quader Jilani said it is necessary for the
Fateha (the opening chapter of Quran recited as prayers for the dead).
On the discussion about the 3rd day Fateha, the tenth day Fateha, and 40th day
Fateha and Eid Shaban month he said that in the light of verse and the sayings of
the pious persons proved that upon the deceased Muslim and their souls after their
burial they visit their house on the above occasions. Thursday Fateha, the tenth day
Fateha, and 40th days Fateha and six months, after one year on the same date, on
the Eid night of the Shaban month and on Eid al-Zuha visit their houses.
In the light of the above saying of the prophet it is proved that all the souls
used to visit their houses so for this reason Esal Thawab (for the conveying reward
of virtuous deed) should be done in this matter.
As per the sayings of the prophet it is clear that the best method of Esal Thawab
is to feed the people. So in the light of the above instruction ancient Ulmea and
Ulama after them they have agreed that fate on 3rd day, tenth day 40th day and
annual death anniversary, on the Eid of Shaban, in the night of Eid al-Zuha to
prepare the food and feed it to the relatives for the Eisal Thawab of the dead
persons and for this reason this method was introduced for this purpose only which
is good deed indeed.
One day on the occasion of tenth day and 40 day ceremony of the son in law
of Fazal Rasul he was asked in this matter so he said in one saying of the prophet
it is available that on the death 3rd day, tenth day, 2oth day, 4oth day and after the
period of six months the souls used to visit the houses. In another saying of the
prophet it is available that when the soul will visit then do Esal Thawab and best
Esal Thawab is providing of the food to the persons.
So in the magazine „Natija ‟ in which Ahemed Reza Khan wrote this saying in
his book and at the time of above discussion the compiler of this book was present
at the meeting place. Before this event some of our friends were wanting to know
the clarification in this matter for their satisfaction in this respect. So one time we
told him that we believe his saying by our heart, but on some occasion due to our
conversation with Gahir Muqalidin (un-conforming) then at that time it is required
to quote the orders of Shariah and Quranic verses in this matter.So for this reason
the references from the Quranic verses and sayings of the prophet was asked with
the Shiekh of the time in this matter and to note it down and give the references
of the book in which we can find the collection of all orders. Upon this request,
he was given us the name of the book as follows.
The book‟s name is „Natqaja Teja‟ by Ahmed Reza Khan
In the above book Ahmed Reza Khan was collected all orders which are
related with Esal Thawab of the third day, tenth day and 4oth day and in this
situation he said that you may not get this book in the present time because it was
published a long time ago and it was already sold out. So we have searched that
book but we could not find it in the bookshops. So one time we were present in his
service and told him that we could not find the book then he said that in his book
„Faisla‟ he was added all the orders in the best logical way and when it will be
published then you all persons will be satisfied so there is no matter of worry in
this matter.
Upon his death, his book „Faisla‟ was not found and it was lost. But the
magazine „Afzal Hidayat‟ which was compiled and in which his saying were
added and which are in conformity as per Islamic law and in the chapter Esal
Thawab (for the conveying reward of virtuous deed) there are full details of
orders and references are available in this book.
Once he was passing from village (Ghouseabad) Girla Wedu to Nain Pak
(Marrikunta) in the bullock cart and I was also with him during this journey and
when the bullock cart was reached near the village pavilion of Marrikunta village
and there was available one tall pole of the flag. He watched it and inquired about
that flag. So I told him on its flag which hosted on the ceremony of the Deshera
festival of the Hindus. Upon this he said to remember this issue that in front of the
Dashera flag the people used to slaughter goats and cocks there and used to eat
its meat there in the villages. Even though at the time of slaughter the name of
Allah was saying, but here in this act the intention of the slaughter is being
disordered, so for this reason this type of slaughtering of the meat of such animals
is not legal and right to be used. He was instructed me to inform such persons who
used to eat the meat of such slaughtered animals in the villages. So I have informed
about the prohibition to all my relatives who used to get a chance of getting the
meat in the villages.
In some villages Hindus in their fields at the time of the harvesting they slaughter
cock and goat there and worship there. As per this tradition in the villages Muslim
peasants used to slaughter the cocks and used to eat the meat in the fields. As per
his instruction in this act also such disorder of intention is there so for this reason
the meat of such slaughtered animals is also not legal and right. So the villagers
should avoid such acts and such meats in this matter. So for this reason, in the
magazine „Afzal Hidayat‟ in the issue of Ahel bah Baqir Allah, in which it is
mentioned about such type of the slaughtering method as it is slaughtered in the
name of other Allah.
At the time of Fateah to remove covers from its cauldrons there will be
objection from some persons in this matter. In the olden days the people used to
read Fateh while removing the covers from the cauldrons. So to know which is the
best method in this matter. So he said in the general rules when the presents are
given to somebody, then its covers are removed as per rule in the case of
especially of the respectable persons when the present is given then it is good to
remove the cover of the presented item. So also at the time of Fateh prayer to
remove the cover of the cauldron is good for getting the notice of the souls as
well as to get the blessing of the reading of the Quranic verses which will be
added in it. So for this reason the Ulema (scholars) of the olden days has
continued this practice since long time.
Saying number 8
Sometimes to fulfil to the vow and wish and consistency in this connection he
said in the discussion about that pious person that after the pledge on the hand of
pious persons the relation between the disciple and his master will become like a
son and father in this matter. When there will be an increase of this relation, then
there will be more favourable in this matter. In the affairs of the both worlds there
will be help available from the spiritual master. For any need of vow, wish and
consistency to ask the help from the other pious personalities is not right except
without a source of his spiritual master.
Saying number 9
Once he said during ten days of month of Muherram when there will be a very
much formality for the preparation of food, then there will such blessing and
goodness will be there. There will such a good result that it is possible that Allah
may grant such delicious food for this reason throughout the year in this matter.
Saying number 10
Following the pious persons
One day during a discussion of Islamic issues he was told that our Islamic Ulema
(learned persons) who wrote about all issues on which the foundation of our
religion is there and about their books and about those issues now a days the
people of Ghair Muqaladin (un-conforming) are writing their books and adding
the issues of differences in this matter so reading such books is not good and not
right because due to this reason false beliefs can be created in the mind of the
readers of those books.
If you want to take away safe your faith from the world, then you should follow
it fully and in every matter and in every issue of the footsteps of your spiritual
masters in this matter which will be good sources of the salvation.
The compiler of the book added in this book that since the beginning period, we
have heard this and we are attached with the devotion of the shrine of the
Biabani as per the above saying of the Sheikh it means we disciples were followed
the belief and acts as per the instruction and advices of our spiritual masters in this
matter. We have seen by our eyes that our spiritual master‟s in action and deeds in
this matter and also seen that the spiritual master was given the instruction to the
disciples to follow those acts. So in this matter for some time we were stopped in
this matter or if there will be objection from other persons, then we will used to
present in the service of the Sheikh and explain the details in this matter and get
satisfactory clarification in the respect. Due to this all doubts from the mind will be
removed for this reason and with the satisfaction we used to follow the straight
pathway of Islam.
As due to the demise of the our spiritual master there is no such time of the
benefits and comfort left in this matter. Then for our children what will be
happening in this matter as they have not seen our master and their acts and his
super deeds and also they did not hear their advice in this matter. So for this
reason it is necessary in this matter that the advises and practices and their sayings
should be collected and gathered for the guidance and protection of their right faith
and practices. So for this reason one book „Afzal al-Hidayat‟ was prepared in
which Quranic verses, references from saying to the prophets, advises of Uleams
and Sufi masters for the settlement of Islamic issues and reading of this book is
good reference book for the followers of the Biabani chain of disciples so that they
will able to follow the path of their Sufi masters in this matter and also it is must
for them as well as also it is good book for those what want to know generally
the right faith so in this way it is great book for them which will help them in this
matter and bring the good results.
The miracles of Hazrat Syed Shah Ghulam Afzal Biabani
1. Once Syed Zainal Abidin alias Pasha Miya‟s elder daughter was becoming
seriously ill, so for this reason she was admitted in the Securderabad General
Hospital and she was in the hospital for many days for the treatment purpose
there, but there was not effective and no cure at all and her health condition was
becoming worse and worse in this matter. So for this reason the doctors discharged
her from the hospital by saying that her disease is not enabled for them treatment in
the hospital. Pasha Miya‟s son Syed Afzaluddin said “ At that time the health
condition of his sister was such critical, so for this reason from the hospital four
persons came to the Railway Station Secunderabad while carrying the patient in
the bed cover and boarded her in the train and on the train, she arrived Qazipet
Railway Station and then she was brought to Qazipet and she was taken in her
house situated in Garla waiter and upon this they went into the service of the
Sheikh and they all explained the patient’s health condition. Upon hearing all
details he said Pasha Miya, your daughter will be recovered from this serious
illness so you should not worry in this matter. As a matter of fact the doctors of
the world were disappointed in this matter, but we should keep hope of recovery of
health from the spiritual doctors.
So for this reason my father was satisfied in this matter and as worry and
trouble situation was over, but upon arrival in Qazipet but there were no signs of
recovery were there. So for this reason my father used to visit the Sheikh of time
two times daily and used to inform him the details of her health condition and
requested him many times to see the patient in his house, but he used to make any
excuse in this matter and for this reason my father began worry in this matter. By
chance in those days in our neighbor‟s house of Yaqub Saheb the Sheikh came
there to take pledges from somebody there and at that time of his return from there
my father and mother brought the patient in front of him. When he looked at the
patient then he told Pasha Miya show the daughter to me.
He said he was made stubborn with my grandfather that unless the patient
should not walk and come to see him then he will not see her. Upon this he put his
hand of kindness on the patient and prayed for her health recovery and assured all
of them in my house that patient will be in good condition soon. From that day the
patient‟s health began recovery and in the short period of time she regained her lost
health and after that girl was lived for many years.
2. In Qazipet the wife of Syed Quader Hussain was becoming seriously ill
during the period of delivery and at that time they shifted from the shrine building
to one rented house. His mother in law said after some days after the delivery his
daughter‟s health condition was becoming worse and there were dangerous signs
were prevailed upon her daughter. So for this reason apparently there were no
signs of recovering were there and also there was a problem of respiration was
there. So for this reason all of us were worried in this matter. So we want to inform
the details of the illness of my daughter. Still without any information he visited
our house so I caught her feet and began weeping in this matter and requested him
for the prayer for the health of my daughter. So he lifted me from the ground so I
sat there and what I see that the colour of his face and eyes were becoming red and
his condition was changed and he was looking upper side many times and he was
saying Ilahi Ilahi (My God) and I was sitting in front of him and began weeping
and the time of 10 minutes were passed in that condition and then he told me oh:
mother do not weep. Go and inquire about your daughter‟s health and your
daughter is now well, so there is no need to worry in this matter. As per his
instruction I have asked his permission to leave from there to see my daughter and
went in the room of the daughter and find that the patient‟s unconsciousness is
over and there was no problem of respiratory system on her and when she saw me
she began talking with me and she was explaining about her condition and within
the three days of time her health condition was recovered and she was becoming
3. Once I was coming from house to Hanmakonda and at that time there was
fever for me. Upon arrival there father wrote a letter and informed me to come
soon to the house as there is a dangerous situation is prevailing in the house. So I
left the house to go to the office to get leave from there, then from there I wanted
to go Qazipet Railway Station. So for this reason I left the village area and
crossing the middle portion of a tank of Bala Samaderam by feet and at that time
he was proceeding towards Hanmakond from Qazipet so when I saw him and told
him all the details of the illness in the house and upon hearing all details he said do
you want to go Qazipet shrine?
So I told him that when he will go to the office for leave permission, then the
train time will be near so for this reason he will not be able to visit Qazipet shrine.
Upon this there was some conversation with him for some time and in which he
said again allusively asked to visit Qazipet in this matter. So for this reason I told
him that there is no time to visit the Qazipet shrine for him. After this again, there
was discussion continued for some time and he asked me again that I have to go
Qazipet shrine. So I was understood well in this matter the importance of visit of
Qazipet shrine is there and so I told him whether to go Qaizpet then he told me
yes, as the matter of the family members is very delicate, so you must visit
Qazipet and request there for the help of householder and from there you can
travel and go to your house. There will be help in this matter of the spiritual
masters so there is no need to worry and problem. At that time I was taking his
permission to leave from him and went to the office and get the leave permission
and from there visited the shrine of Qaizpet as per his instruction and reach to the
Railway Station of Qazipet and at that time the train was arriving on the platform
and so I was boarded in the train and reached to the destination and visited my
house and found that all conditions were good and the bad health condition was
now recovered completely and now there was no problem in this matter.
My father told me on the day when the letter was posted the health condition
was in the critical and worse and it was seems the last respiration was there and
stomach was becoming flat and the respiration problem was very much and for
this reason all village persons including all women, men and children were
gathered in the house upon hearing the bad health condition. But in this condition
due to the favour of the pious persons and suddenly there were signs of health
recovery was there.
4. Karim Baig, who is working in C.I.D department in the Securderabad was
stated that once his wife was pregnant and during the pregnancy period there she
was used to have severe pain in her stomach and for this treatment many persons
came to his house but there was a no benefit to her in this matter. During this
period the Sheikh came to Hyderabad so I went in his service and explained the
problems in details to him and he was heard the details and after this he came to
my house and my wife was honoured to kissed his feet there and he was watched
the health condition of the patient and he addressed to the baby, which was in her
womb that she should not give trouble to her mother and she should not do like
this which is not good thing and upon this he told me there will be baby girl will
born in your family and which will be pure soul. So instruct your wife that she
should not stay for a long time near odorous places and next time by the grace of
Allah there will be no problem in this matter and there will be available the help of
the holy persons in this matter and then he left from our house. It was heard that
there was a drain of odours was there in the house which his wife used to clean
some time there. So as per his instruction she was taken care of, not standing for a
long time there in odours place. When It was checked it was found in reality that
whenever she used to clean the drain, then she will feel severe pain in her stomach
and afterward she was stopped the cleaning of that drain there. The officer told
that after this event and after the taking precaution measures till the delivery period
she did not feel pain in her stomach and she was delivered a baby girl.
It is noted that whatever the holy persons of status want, it will happen due to the
grace of Allah, but we feel here it is necessary that the request should be presented
by us in such a way that in which there will be the willingness of pious persons
should be attached to it in this matter.
5. Mr. Akbar Ali Khan was stated that during long time he was in search of the
perfect spiritual master and he was not having confidence in the Mashaiq (learned
persons) of the present time and he was thinking on this issue for many times that
what should be done in this matter. At last he started the recital of Ghousia.
So for this reason he was looking and desiring to become the disciple of the
Sheikh of time and who should be holy personality in this matter at the present
time and one who, having the position and status of Ghouse (one who redresses
another‟s grievance) but so he should visit him and accept his pledge.
So once it was happened that one night he was seen in the dream and he and his
brother Hazrat Mohiuddin Pasha were there and till that time I didn’t know him
and also not saw him and used to think that Hazrat Mohiuddin Pasha as the
custodian of the Qazipet shrine. In short, in the dream I saw him and his brother
Hazrat Mohiuddin Pasha Saheb were there and till that time I didn’t know about
him also did not see him before him and used to think as Hazrat Mohiuddin Pasha
as custodian of Qazipet shrine. In short Hazrat Mohiuddin Pasha was pointed
towards the Sheikh of time and he was saying to me that to become the disciple of
the Sheikh so that he could fulfil his desires of his heart. When my eyes were
opened, then I was began thinking about the personality which was shown by
Hazrat Mohiuddin Pasha Saheb and where he is residing and in the learned person
(Mashaiq) there is no such personality of dignity like that available so I continued
my thinking in this matter.
After this event of the dream, there was a function which was held in my
neighbour‟s house and in which I was also invited there and where I inquired and
come to know that Qazipet Saheb of Warangal is coming there in that function and
in that house somebody will go to become the disciple of that Sheikh from
Warangal. So I asked is Hazrat Mohiuddin Pasha Saheb is custodian of Qazipet
shrine is coming there in the function.? So that person told me no he is not, but his
brother who is the custodian of the shrine of Qazipet is coming there and upon
hearing this I was surprised at this matter and began waiting for him there to watch
him personally. When he reached there and if find the same person which I was
seen in the dream along with Hazrat Mohiuddin Pasha and in the same dress he
was wearing there so for this reason I was pledged in the chain of Biabani.
6. Mir Roshan Ali, who was in military service who was a disciple of his
father. Upon the death of his spiritual master Hazrat Syed Shah Sarwar Biabani he
was in the service of the caretaker of the Qazipet shrine for some period of time
and after that he left for Madina along with his wife and he was staying there for a
period of 7 years. After that, as per some of his dreams he was left Madina and
came to Hyderabad to visit the shrine of his spiritual master and to kiss the feet of
his master‟s son along with wife. This event of the return journey is more
important that Mir Saheb told when the train from Bombay departed then there
came an idea into his mind that whether Bade Miya is staying in Qazipet Sharif
or he is available in Hyderabad.If he is available in Hyderabad and if he go to
Qazipet then it is not possible to honour the kissing of the feet of the Sheikh there.
And if he is available in Hyderabad where will be his residence of stay there and
how to get his address there. When the train was stopped at the Railway Station of
Viqarabad and I was seeing that Bade Miya was going from platform to one train
bogie there so immediately I was getting down from the train bogie and kissed his
feet there. He told me there that he is also travelling on the same train to
Hyderabad and he is returning from his journey. Now a days he is staying at the
house of late Nawab Afzal Khan Saheb collector. So you should get down at
Nampally Railway Station and from there come to see me there along your wife
and there will be detailed discussion will be held there. During this time the train
was started so he left from there and I was coming back in my railway
compartment. Upon getting down at Nampally Railway Station as per his
instruction I reached to the bungalow of Nawab Afazl Khan Saheb in Kachiguda
street and I was coming to know that Bade Miya is available inside of the house.
With the persons who were present on the outside of the bungalow and I was
inquiring when did Bade Miya came back from the railway station. Those persons
told me that during this period he did not go outside of Hyderabad for the
travelling purpose. So for this reason I was surprised in this matter so sat there and
my wife went into the ladies section of the bungalow. After that I was honoured to
kiss his feet there. After this he came outside, then I kissed the feet of the Sheikh
and told the event of Viqarabad Railway Station so he was addressed to the people
of the meeting that you all witness that I have not gone to visit another place or
did not perform any journey so I do not know what Mir Saheb think in his
imagination in this matter.
Mr. Karim Baig Saheb officer in C.I.D. Police said that he was present in his
service and he was sought permission to leave for his house from him before the
arrival of Mir Saheb there. So the Sheikh told me that to come as early as possible
as one of his guest is coming there after covering long distance of the journey. I
went to my house and performed some work there and come back in his service
soon. Upon my arrival there Mir Saheb came there along with his wife and Mir
Saheb kissed his feet and told him about the event of the Viqarabad Railway
Station. This event is heard and was seen by him. After this event, then Mir Saheb
and his wife visited Qazipet and they were staying there for some days there and
then they left Qaizpet and reached back to Madina city.
7. Mr. Akbar Ali Khan, who is his disciple and after the death of Akbar Khan,
who was used to live in his service and he was given the work of writing Tawiz
(charm). Khan Sahib said that once during Hyderabad stay he came out from the
residence at the time of 9.00 clock night time against of his habit and he was asked
from him Tawiz of heart disease so I have given him Tawiz and which he hold in
his thumb and finger for some time and with these fingers, he was used for the
snuff and I feel that the Tawaz which I was given to him was still in his fingers
and not kept somewhere and he is using snuff so I have doubts in this matter that
Tawiz vanished from there. So I have checked it again carefully, but could not find
that Tawiz there and but did not dare in this matter to ask in this matter so I was
After some days of the this event one letter was received by post from a lady
from Nirmal village who was his disciples and in the letter she stated that she is
suffering from the palpitation of the heart disease in this matter and she cures
well there, but there is no benefit available to her complaint. So please kindly send
one Tawiz in this matter so that there will be cure to regain back her health
condition well and this is her firm belief in this matter. Perhaps some of her
opposite persons have done magic on her so on such and such date she found one
Tawiz under her pillow in her bed. Upon reading this letter he was given me that
letter and asked me to write the reply. The date of Tawiz finds in the pillow and
the date of Tawiz which was lost from his fingers was same, so I came to know
the details of this event. So I asked him Malik is that same Tawzi, which found
under the pillow and he said „Yes.‟ Upon this I told him I would write her that the
charm (Tawiz) which was found under the pillow in not magic Tawiz, but it
belongs to Malik Saheb so she should wear on her neck so that there will complain
of heart disease will be over by the grace of Allah. Upon hearing this he told me to
write the same details to her. So reply was sent back to the disciple in Nirmal.
After some days the information was received that, due to the act as per
instructions sent in the letter the disciple lady in Nirmal was recovered well from
heart disease problems.
8. I have inquired with Mr Akbar Ali Khan that he was used to be present with
the Sheikh day and night and did have ever seen Jinns in his service or not.?. He
said during night time he could find them and he said the details of one event in
this matter that one day one person of high height in a white turban and robe on
his body and wearing Lungi (sheet to cover the lower part of the body) and his
hairs were in long size like Fakirs (beggars) used to come into his service for some
days and he was used to press his legs which he was seen by him.
One day he was sitting under Nobat Khana (the place from where time is
announced by the beat of a drum) in the shrine building and he was coming there at
the time of a (late afternoon) prayer as per his daily routine, then I honoured to
kiss his feet and he was sitting on the throne under a tamarind tree and he asked me
Khan Saheb have you seen somebody here who came here. Before his coming one
person came there and he went towards shrine building and about him I have
mentioned in the above paragraph. Upon his inquiry I told him Malik that Shah
Saheb who used to come into your present, sometimes, just now he came here and
he went towards the shrine area. Upon hearing this he told is that the person is
Shah Sahib?. I told him that I am thinking him as Shah Saheb. Upon hearing this
he told me ok then see him where he is and call him. So I went to see in the tombs
area and in the mosque, but I could not find him there and I came back in his
service and told him that Malik he is not there. Still, I was told about him, he was
appearing behind me and present in his service and engage in conversation with
him and from where I went to attend some work. But there was came thought into
my mind many times is that the person is Shah Saheb and why such sentence of
inquiry he told me. In those days one night he was resting in the mosque and went
into his service and want to request something with him and during this time I
went outside of the mosque area and return back from there in his service and I
have seen that Shah Saheb was pressing his leg there but I have not seen him
coming there and I do not know how he was reached there.? So I am surprised in
this matter and there came a thought soon in my mind he is not a human being
but he is a Jinn and for this reason he was saying the sentence of inquiry to me.In
short, I was in his service for some time and left from there and again came there
and I found that person was there sitting at the foot side and who was pressing his
leg there. So at that time, on one occasion he was seen one Jinn who was doing his
9. It was heard that he had one adopted boy was there and his name was Fayaz
and on one occasion who was becoming seriously ill and his health condition was
becoming critical and he was sitting and busy in his special room with
conversation with his some of his relatives there. At that time his wife was entered
into the room and she was informed the illness of Fayaz and she was began
weeping and worried in this matter. So he stopped his conversation and he was
given his handkerchief to her and he said why she is so much worried in this
matter. Take the handkerchief and spread on him. So she was left from the room
and was spread the handkerchief on him and he said that after some time the
health condition of Fayaz was improved and he was attained complete health.
10. It was heard that on the occasion of some function he went to Hyderabad and
he was staying in the villa of late Nawab Nusrat Jung along with family members
there, including his mother, brothers and in short all his family members were there
with him. He was staying in the upper floor area and all women were staying in the
ground area. It was known that in that villa there was occupation of Jinns was
there. Till his stay in the villa there was no effect was there for anybody so it was
felt that there is an occupation of jinns there. But whenever he used to be outside,
then there will used to happen strange events there in the villa. It was seen in some
rooms the things are used to be shifting automatically there. Some time the thing of
one room will be found in another room or in the hall and the things of the hall
were found in some other place without shifting by anybody and without any
human action the sound of the plates and sometime from the upper floor in the
shape of the relatives, somebody is coming down to the ground floor and calling
some of the relatives there but that relative who will arrive there is residing some
other place. In the beginning three days there were such events of deceive have
been happening and after that all members of the family were able to know these
types of treatment by the Jinns in the villa.
His younger brother Hazrat Ahmed Pasha Miya said that till the stay of his elder
brother in the villa no uncivilized act of will be done by the Jinns there and upon
his departure from there then such big disturbances will be commenced there. The
except of the following acts there were no acts of harm or damage have not been
used to be done to the dwellers of the villa by the grace of Allah there.
1. The movements of things
2. The shifting of the things from place to another
3. For calling somebody in the shape of other persons
Once he was told that he was staying with his family members in the villa of
Nawab Nusrat Jung Bahadur and where the Jinns were occupied the villa there and
he was staying on the first floor because it was their special place of stay of Jinns.
He stayed there for many days. During my stay in the villa they used to go out of
the villa. At last the situation became such that when the visitors who used to
come to see him if he will be alone, then the Jinn in the shape of human beings
used to meet him and ask where is going there.?.If he will reply that he is going to
see Qazi Saheb then that person with much humility and sincerity used to tell him,
please tell his respect to Bid Miya and request him with humility that due to his
stay there he is facing great difficulty there so be kind in this matter and to shift
another place for which he should be obliged in this matter. When the visitor will
ask his name, then he will say what do you do with the name you only pass his
request in his service. You only tell the Sheikh that on the way he was met one
person who made his request, which is explained as above for which he will know
well in this matter and he also know me well.
In this discussion, he said that due to such many requests I was able to
understand that the poor fellows is afraid of me and also he is undergoing
difficulties and problems there due to my stay at the villa. So for this reason I was
shifted to another place from the villa of the Nusrat Jung Bahadur.
11. One day in the day time he was sitting on the throne under the building of
Nobat Khana (the place from where time is announced by the beat of a drum) and
I was present in his kind service there. At that time he said one day he was sitting
on this throne in the daytime one Hindu person who belongs to the Brahman caste
came there from Hyderabad along with one woman who was wearing green cloth
shawl on her head. That man took the woman in the repository of the drinking
water area and came back to see me there and he was asked where Qazi Saheb of
Warangal is residing.? So he told him that he is Qazi of Warangal and what he
want to say in this matter. So tell I am present here. He met me with great respect
and said there are effects of evil spirits on her wife and he was, went in this
matter with many places for this problem but this difficulty was not over. So due to
this problem, he is very upset and worry in this matter. At least I find your address
from my friend in Hyderabad so I came here along with his wife in his service.
Still the conversation was not over then that woman by removing her veil from her
face and while loose hairs with boldness and immodesty came before me and she
touched my feet with respect and she said Saheb, you do not know me and I am a
disciple of your father and she is residing in such and such street in Hyderabad and
my name is such and such. Upon hearing this I told her that it may be like that, but
I could not remember you. In this conversation she said that she was memorized
some verses from the holy Quran and if you give permission then she will recite.
Upon my permission she recited two verses in the best form of eloquence. So I
have asked her husband, whether his wife knows Arabic language. Then he told me
while folding his hands that let leave Arabic, which is big thing she even did not
Urdu language. So for this reason I was surprised for her acts and what is this
puzzle in this matter and could not able to know this matter.
Then he was addressed with Jinn which was occupation of that woman that as
per your saying and reciting of the Quran it was seen that you are faithful and as
per the order of Islamic religion this act for women is not legal and right. So
occupation on the women of another nation and giving her trouble and problem
and cause her difficulty which is not right. So it requires from you that to keep
away from this un-civilized act and leave the occupation from this miserable
woman immediately. Upon hearing this that woman left from that place and she
said you’re saying is right and she is going as per his order and while touching my
feet and she promised that she will not come again. I told that man to hold his wife
as she is falling down there. Upon going some distance from there she began
falling down there in the un-conscious on the floor. So his husband holds her and
was taking her on the throne on the repository of the drinking water where she
was laid down there. After some time she came back in her normal condition and
she covered her face with shawl and came to see along with husband with very
much modesty and grace and she touched my feet and she left for me and his
husband also taken my leave permission and left Qazipet with much happiness and
After some days that Hindu person came Qazipet from Hyderabad and met me
and he was told that now there is no effect of that evil spirit on his wife. Upon
hearing all these events the compiler of this book asked the Sheikh, is that woman
is a disciple of Hazrat Syed Afzal Biabani and she belongs to a resident of that
street.? So he said “No, it is not right.” As no human being of a Muslim man or
women‟s souls like Satan and Jinns could not occupy anybody. But the Satans
who will give the name the persons of weak faith who are dead and cause trouble
them in this matter. Some time the Jinns used to deceive them by saying the
name of great holy persons and occupy the body of the person and make sad them
in this matter.
So for an example, he was told one event which took during the time of his
grandfather that there was some evil spirit on one boy and his parents and took
that boy and also all their other children arrived in his presence for the treatment of
that boy. So he asked them to stay in the drawing room. Some days passed when
there were in the drawing room and one day when he was arrived at his residence
from outside and at that time the evil spirit arrived on the boy and took the boy
while hanging and upon seeing this the parents and other members of the family
began crying in loud noise and they requested his help in this matter.
At that time there was one big well was there in front of the drawing room and
during this period the evil spirit took the boy and stood him on the side of the well
so he was arrived immediately from the drawing room and went near that boy and
asked him “ Brother who are and why you are causing trouble to the boy.? That
evil spirit told he is Shah Bu Ali Qalander so the parents of the boy told Saheb if
he is Bu Ali Qalander then our boy is sacrificed for him. Then he said his statement
is not true and this Jinn is deceiving and while saying this he said see it and be
careful in this matter that you should not come again on the boy. Upon hearing this
he was promised that he will not come again for the boy and he went away from
12.Khan Sahib said after two weeks upon happening of the above event that I
went to Nusrat Jung Bhadur‟s villa to kiss the feet of the Sheikh there and after
this Sheikh Dedar resident of Nampally came there who was 90 years old at that
time and upon seeing him the Sheikh was smiling and for this reason the persons
in the meeting were surprised in this matter. I was seen that there were tears of the
flood was coming from his eyes and at that time he went into the ladies section of
his house and Sheikh Dedar also went to bazaar from there to purchase items
required like flowers and other things at the time of pledging and he was coming
back there. Upon coming back to the meeting place Sheikh Dedar requested him to
pledge on his hand. Then he said he is pious person and his face is with grace and
his invocation and recital is seems as well and he is Malavi (Muslim priest) person
and do you have devoted to him and upon this he was kissing his feet and in this
way he showed his devotion in this matter then the process of pledging was
completed there.
Sheikh Deedar after becoming a disciple again, he kissed his feet and he began
his life details as follows that he was having faith in his father, but he was dying
then he was beginning thinking that Hazrat Bade Miya is only learned person and
Malavi so it is better to search Sufi master so with this thought and idea I was
travelling all over Indian shrines like Kalair Sharif, Multan and Ajmaire. But he
could not find any sign from any shrine. When he arrived in Ajmare he thought
that if there will be sign received from there, then he will pledge with the custodian
of the shrine of Khaja Saheb of Ajmaire. With firm determination I began recital
in this matter. After three days I have seen a dream in which a person in veil came
there and he addressed to me if you want the perfect spiritual master then telling
me in the beginning on whom you have faith in this matter. So I told him on
Hazrat Syed Sarwar Biabani and he asked now what happened in this matter.? I
told him he was already leaving the world. Upon hearing this he said you do not
know Syed Shah Ghulam Afzal Biabani who is the son of Sarwar Saheb and
there is no big spiritual master than him? If you want to fulfil your desire and wish
then do not go anywhere and go in his place and become his disciple there. Upon
hearing I was become in the condition of be struck with consternation.
Upon hearing this event, he said that he is a useless person and it is the
exaltation of Khaja Saheb of Ajmari.
13. Khan Saheb said at the time when there was a hotel of Kale Khan in the
building which was very fine beautiful and more valuable building, but its upper
portion used to keep always empty due to the effect of evil spirits there in that area.
And for this reason no tenants were available for that portion and it was kept
always locked in the building. Kale Khan was desiring that Sheikh should come
there and stay there once so the there will be an eviction of evil spirits from
there. So he sent his request through Syed Hashim in the matter so for this reason
the Sheikh Saheb promised him that in his next visit to Hyderabad and he will
stay in that building. By saying this he was left to Qazipet and after some time he
came to Hyderabad on his visit there. One day in the evening time I was there with
Khaja Moinuddin advocate and he came in horse cart there and when he look at
me so he was much happier in this matter and he told Khan Saheb is following his
legal cases in his absence in the same way like in his presence. After staying there
for some time he left from there and he asked me to accompany with him. So we
have reached in the horse cart at the hotel of Kale Khan and we both have reached
on the first floor and which was locked at that time and he was given the key to me
and asked me to un-lock the upper floor area and go to the hotel and have drunk
tea there and when he will call to me then I should come there. So this servant told
him in this house Malik it is not good to enter into it so I said that I will accompany
with him there. He smiled and prohibit me second time, but I didn’t agree with him
in this matter. So he was saying “Yes” to go there and watch the show there. He
knocked at the room and he entered into it so I also followed behind him there.
Upon entering inside there came one old person with white hairs on his head and
his beard and hairs of the eyebrows were white and he was wearing a long shirt
came before him and paid respect while folding head and he said Salam to Qazipet
Saheb and he was replied, and he said to him that he was asked before him to leave
this portion and go to the last portion of the building but still you did not go there. He said while and went away from there. On his return, he told him that some of his relatives are
coming into this building so do not appear before them. He said “Yes” and he went
away from from there. After this I kissed his feet and asked him who was that? He
said have you afraid in this matter. I told him the small hairs of the body are
standing and there was horror on my face, but there was no much fear was felt in
this matter.
When there will be fear on me then I was used to hide at the back side of him. He
smiled and said you are having a strong will and he said that person was the leader
of the Jinns and he is living in this building for many years. At that time there was
came the thought into his mind that how many Jinns are his disciples.? And I said
Malik you always say that if anybody see any Jinn then he should recite the name
of Sheikh Abdul Quader Jilani then Jinn will be running away from there. But I
came to know that by calling your name the difficulty will be over. Then this
servant told him how many such Jinns you have met and perhaps the Jinns also
become the disciples of pious persons. He said that “ Yes”, many Jinns were
disciples of his father and grandfather.” Upon this he said to me Khan Saheb, you
are a wise person and in habit of very much searching in these matters. But be
careful in this matter and do not inform this event to anybody. So till his life I
never disclosed this event to anybody.
14. Mr Jani Miya (Azim Yar Khan) said I was used to take leave of three months
from my office so that I should be in the company of the Sheikh. So once Qazi
Saheb came to Hyderabad from Qaizpet and I came to see him from my house
from Bolaram and 15 days passed, but I could not visit my house in Bolarm from
Hyderabad. So Qazi Saheb told me Khan Saheb to go to your house as long period
passed for not visiting your house. So go there and come back here after staying
for three days. Upon this also three days passed, but I could not go to my house. As
there was hesitant of mind to leave the holy company of Qazi Saheb. One day he
was called me to say today you must go to your house and I know that there was
feeling with you that you do not want to leave him, but there is a responsibility of
the house is there. So you must leave just now. As per his instruction I left
Hyderabad at four o clock evening time and reached to Bolaram. Upon reaching I
was seeing that my wife is on the bed and all members of my family were in
condition of worry and trouble there. So I was also worried in this matter. My
maternal grandfather who had a very harsh nature, so he told me to see this
gentleman is now coming here at that time when his wife is near at her death. I
went urgently near the patient and find that her body and hand and feet were very
cold like ice so at that time I recited the couplet of Qazipet Saheb in the Persian
The Maghrib (sunset) prayer time was started so in that worry condition I left
my house to go Hyderabad. So my maternal grandfather and other all relatives
were upset and angry with me in this matter, and they have prohibited me in this
matter and given instruction me that I should not to leave the house in such a
critical time of my wife’s health condition. Somebody said me insane and
somebody said him haughty, but I didn’t hear anybody‟s advice in this matter and
reached Hyderabad at 8‟ o clock in the service of Qazi Saheb there. Khan said on
my master there should be sacrifice of the such many wives and at that time he
was eating there. Upon receiving the information about my coming back, he
kindly called me inside of the house there and upon reaching in his presence I
kissed his feet, then at that time he was repeating the Persian couplet which I was
recited at that time of the watching critical condition of my wife near her bed. And
he said the request in that couplet which you have made at the bedside of your
wife was accepted. Due to the grace of Allah you have proved your firmness in this
matter. The people of the world used to pass such remarks. So come and with
having food with us. I will give you one thing so give it to your wife and upon used
of that thing she will be so hot like she is so cold now. As per his instruction I have
eaten food with him there. Upon this he was told to bring his pen case and he was
kindly given my three packets from it and asked me not to open it and see it. First
packet should be given without water to your wife and the other packet to be
given after two hours and in the same way third packet. It should be careful in this
matter that if there will be relief with the first packet in this matter, then bring back
the remaining two packets safely to him or keep with him. At that time it was time
of 9‟o clock so I have to go Bolaram urgently there and find one visitor from
Bolarm who came there to see Qazi Saheb and he was returning back to his place
so I was accompanied with him there up to Securderabad and from there I went to
Bolarm in the bus and was entered in the house and find the house was full with
many persons who were sitting there in happy and joyful mode and the patient was
sitting on her bed in perfect healthy condition and she was telling others not to say
him any bad things to her husband because due to his presence in the service of
Qazi Saheb is cause of his life so she is healthy for this reason. All people looked
at me. I immediately was given one packet to her to use it and check her body
temperature and found which was normal and it was one point more. I kept another
two packets with me.
After this the patient told me one hour before she was in worse condition of
health and in that worried condition what I see that our spiritual master was came
to see her there and he said “ Oh my mother sits there and what you have eats and
given trouble to our Jani Miya in this matter. You are patient upon your delivery
and you have eaten curd on the new plate which was made of the earth and in this
way you have caused for the reason of your worse health condition. I was waking
up from the dream and all my trouble was over at that time. She said she made her
mistake in this matter of eating the curd which was given by her relative after the
delivery period.
After this there was much health improvement of my wife so I went back in the
service of Qazi Saheb along with two packets and asked him that he want to eat
one packet as a benediction so permission may be given in this matter. He told me
that there is no need for you, but if you want, then you can use one packet and
found that it was Oudi (aloes wood).
15. Khan Saheb said my uncle Tamizuddin and some other person came to
Hyderabad after taking leave after the world war of 1917. At that time my uncle
was not seen Qazi Saheb or he ever went to Qazipet.
So upon his return from the war he told me in next Thursday he and another six
persons will visit Qazipet and see Qazi Saheb there and will be honoured by
kissing of his feet there. So you should be there with us and introduce all of us
because we all not yet visited Qazipet or kissed the feet of the Qazi (judge) Saheb.
So as per our program on Thursday all of us arrived at Qazipet and visited the
house of Qazi Saheb there. At that time Qazi Saheb was present in the drawing
room and all of us kissed the feet of the Qazi Saheb there. At that time he was
addressed with those persons and asked by them the details of war. My uncle was
standing and began weeping loudly and he was falling at the feet of Qazi Saheb
and he said there Malik what you ask the details of the war and it was seen by my
eyes that in the war field in between the enemy and our army we have seen you
there three times and at that time you were by the sign of your hand giving
consoling to us there.
After this statement one person among those six said Malik in the world war of
1914 one day there was a dangerous attack from the enemy side and at that time
also we have seen you there along with three other holy persons in the battlefield
who were wearing veils on the their faces and all of you were walking before our
army. At that time there was the use of the machine guns from the enemy side and
there was a rain of bullets were there and my Hindu Jat tribe soldiers were dead
there. The squadrons of the Muslim were before the firing of the enemy, but at
that time we have seen that all of you were passing before our army and due to this
all squadrons were safe and secure in the war and the soldiers who were in our
behind were killed there. Upon this, the event attack in the world war 1914 was
suspended there.
Upon hearing all the above events he did not say anything in this matter and he
went into his house and came back from there and he said that all of us should
have dinner with him at his residence after Maghrib (sunset) prayer.
16. Khan Saheb said the event of the his dumb boy who was began talking.
That’s three days before the birth of his third child, he was seen in his dream in
which it was said that his third son will be born so name him as Sarwar Ali Khan
and the boy was born and he was named as Sarwar Ali Khan and he was become
five years old, but he was not able to talk and hear and which is a sign of
dumbness. Once Qazi Saheb was in the travelers lodge in Nampally so I went there
to see him along with the boy and he saw the boy and said the boy is good. So I
said to him Malik this is the same boy and before his birth you have given me
instruction to name him as Sarwar Ali Khan. So he was happy very much upon
hearing this. Then I told him this boy is dumb. He opened his mouth and saw it and
pinched at the side of the ear, but the boy could not feel it. He was addressed to the
boy, but he could not reply him in this matter. During this time somebody came
there and presented him the sweet packet in his service. He was taken one sweet
piece luscious, juicy ball (Gulab Jaman) from the packet and eat half of it and
given another half to the boy for eating. Upon this event the boy stood and said
after fifteen minutes “Assalam Alaikum oh: grand spiritual master.” This is first
sentence which the boy said upon his birth. Upon hearing this Qazi Saheb kissed
the boy and give him two Rupees and said by the grace of Allah the boy will talk
too much.
17. Then he said Khan Saheb said Haji Mohamed Ibrahim Choudhary residence of
Bolarm said in Bolaram Bazaar one Tolan Saheb butcher of goats was a very much
drinker of wines and he was found 24 hours in the intoxication of the wine. When
he was become disciple of Qazi Saheb then he left wine drinking so for this reason
all people of the bazaar were surprised in this matter as he was an old drinker of
wine since long time to leave this old habit immediately was a matter of great
surprise for them. After this Tolan Saheb was becoming seriously ill and it was
his last illness. So Mohamed Ibrahim said one day he went to see him in this house
and it was his last time, so he asked him to think about the spiritual master so upon
hearing this he was laughing in this matter and in his last time he said what is the
situation of thinking of him and at this time he is standing near him beside of his
bed and he was called his household members and he said why all of you are
careless in this matter as the spiritual master was coming there and why all of you
don’t kiss his feet there and who is present near of his bed. So provide carpet and
so that he can sit there and while saying this he left from this world.
18. Mr. Azim Yar Khan said that he was used to visit him on Sunday holiday in
the service of his kind favour. In this matter one day when I come to know that
Qazi Saheb in Qazipet so I boarded in the Warangal train in the Saturday evening
and reach to the Qazipet Railway Station and there my uncle was working as a
head constable in Railway Police there and one classmate was working there as
Station master. That night was cloudy and it was a very dark night. Both of them
asked me to stay in the railway station as that night was dark and cloudy and also
for five days in between Warangal and Qazipet railway station one wild bear, is
hurting the travelers in the middle of the jungle. So it is good that you should stay
at the railway station there and do not go to a Qazipet shrine in the dark and
cloudy night, but I have not agreed in this matter and both of them have insisted to
me in this matter to postpone my night journey to Qazipet.
I have went towards the Qazipet shrine from the railway station of Qazipet. By
the chance during this journey after leaving my house and in my mind, there was
coming an idea that his grandfather, Hazrat Syed Shah Afzal Biabani once was
helped one of his disciples to reach Hyderabad from Qazipet in a number of the
seconds. He belongs to his sons, but not doing such favour to us as we always
used to spend our money and time to present in his service. Such types of ideas
and doubt were roaming in the mind.
In short upon obtaining leave of the permission from uncle and the station
master I was left railway station and started toward the Qazipet village along
with the railway track and crossed the railway signal and was seen one bear was
appearing there from the plants and making voices and he was started towards me
and I thought he will go another side, but he was coming towards me and at last he
came in front of me and from the distance of four feet he was started growling
and he was started preparing to jump on me so at that time I could not understand
what to do there in that situation. As I was bringing some special fine sweet for
the spiritual master which I put on my chest and in that worried condition I told by
tongue the worlds of Illah Ya Murshid and then my two eyes were closed there.
After this I was becoming un-conscious and did not know where the bear was gone
and what was happening there and there was a strange condition struck with
consternation was prevailed upon me for some time and when my eyes opened
then I saw that I was standing at the railway gate near the Qazipet shrine. In this
way I was entered in the compound of the shrine building and visited all tombs of
Sufi masters there.
In those days his son Hazrat Biabani was staying in the shed at the back side of
the big shrine and along with him Ghouseuddin Anwari who was there who is
working in the Land Records Department. Biabani Saheb was called and he said
brother Jani I am here and so you come there. Upon hearing his voice I went to
see him there. Upon seeing me he said you are brave like a tiger and courageous
person so you did, you afraid in this matter so I put my head on the feet and at that
time heart was beating quickly and he consoled me and asked what was happening
on the way. So I told him the complete event of the night. So he asked Anwari
Saheb immediately to give tea to me. Anwari Saheb brought a teacup to me and he
said brother Jani before half an hour of your arrival there Biabani Saheb told me to
put water on the stove for three cups there. So I told him as we are two people are
there so there is no need of another cup. Then he said it is hoped that brother Jani
may come there. So he told him the night is very dark and it is cloudy has been
there since the daytime so how he will arrive there untimely in the bad weather
condition. So he told me no, today is the evening of Sunday and he is an employee
of English company government where there is holiday on Sunday so he may come
there tonight. So as per instruction of Biabani Saheb I prepared tea for you there.
Upon drinking tea I was taken permission from Miya Saheb and went to the village
side and at that time of 2‟o clock and at that time there was nobody there so I
began thinking how to inform Qazi Saheb about my arrival there. At last when I
reached the door of the ladies’ entrance, then he was asked from inside of his room
who is there?, and he said he is Jani Miya there? Then I said slave is present here.
So he immediately came out of his room so I put my head on his feet. He consoled
me before my explaining of the details of the event and he said Khan Saheb did
you afraid in this matter as you are army man and courageous and brave man so
not fear in this matter. Then I told him the details of the event. So he praised for
me and told me some stories of help of the pious persons and he told the event
which happened with me and in which there was the help of his grandfather and
asked me to go shrine compound to sleep in the room of Biabani Saheb and then
he went back in his room.
I thought about the help of his grandfather who helped and taken somebody
from Qaizpet in Hyderabad within some seconds and in the same way in reality he
takes me from the railway signal to shrine building within seconds and saved for
me from the attack of the bear.
The event which happened as per the thinking of Azim Yar Khan was added in
the book „Afzal Karamat‟ in its second edition on the page number 55 in the
miracle number 30 in which its the details are available that Hazrat Syed Shah
Afzal Biabani who taken his disciple Mir Rahmat Ali to Alwal from Qazipet and
this miracle in available in the poetry book „Madh Biabani‟ on its page No. 101-
19. Mr. Abdul Ghafur said once he was receiving letters from Razaq Shah in
which he wrote that now a day he is in the Puna region in the measuring the plots
of the lands and working in the private company and the work here is very
difficult but the salary is very little. So for this reason he is facing many
difficulties and problems in this matter. So put my letter in the service of Qazi
Saheb and asked him his prayers for remedy of the problems.
So I was given that letter to Qazi Saheb and he was ill at that time, so he
asked to read the letter. When I read the letter to him than he was closing his eyes
for some time and it that condition he said which is as follows.
No any evil will not fall on your liquor shop
When he opened his eyes, then I asked him what should be replied to Shah
Saheb in this matter. Upon hearing this he was repeated the above half couplet. So
I told him to be written the above couplet in this matter, then he said „Yes‟, so as
per his instruction it was sent the above couplet to him.
Upon this a detailed letter from Shah Saheb was received in which he was
mentioned one event on the same date on which his first letter was presented to
Qazi Saheb. On that date Shah Saheb went to measure one canal in Puna and he
was staying in the tent and along with him one of his other friend was there. At that
time suddenly there was came flood in the canal and the tent was broken and both
of them began moving in the water. On that condition Shah Saheb said by tongue
Ya Pir (oh my master) and upon this he was seen that he and his friend are standing
on the bank of the canal. Mr Abdul Ghafur said that Shah Shaeb wrote the details
of the event with date and time information in the letter. When I compared the date
and time of event in the letter of Shah Saheb, which were in conformity when Qazi
Saheb closed his eyes and said the following couplet.
No any evil will not fall on your liquor shop
It is noted that Razq Shah belonged to special disciples of Qazi Saheb of
Warangal and his faith and belief with his spiritual master was very firm in this
20. Mr. Faizuddin Saheb said once he was with Qazi Saheb in Hyderabad. It
was happening that one day due to some work of Qazi Saheb he went on the inside
of the city and upon the time of return from there on the bridge of Muslim Jung
there was one lorry was also moving there in which some persons were sitting in
it. In the middle of the bridge one car came there in which some persons were
sitting in it. The car driver brought his car in very fast speed in his intention to
overtake the lorry and I was moving on my bicycle on the side of the lorry. From
in between of us the car driver was wanting to run away from there very fast, and
both of them collide on the bridge and there was loud noise was there due to this
accident. I have seen that the car was found on the other side of the road on the
foot path and my bicycle was broken into pieces. Upon this accident the drivers
and other persons who were passing from there were surprised for my safety and
security in this accident. All said there there is help for me from some pious person
in your favour in this big accident on the way. But at that time there was no fear for
me for this road accident in this matter. I have given my bicycle to one workshop
there for its repairs and went into the service of Qazi Saheb and I have seen that
he was waiting for me on the verandah and when he saw me inquired my well
being then I explained him all details of the road accident then he was praying for
me and went into the ladies section of the house.
The miraculous events after the death of Hazrat Syed Shah Ghulam Afzal
1.Mr. Mohamed Qaism Khan, who was his disciple said his elder son after
attaining the age of adult he was adopted such habit that which was not under
control and care. In any occupation he was not interested, so to bring him on the
right track I tried my best but there was no benefit at all. So for this reason I was
worried and upset with this matter. One day I left Hanamkonda in the night for
Qazipet in the worried condition and at that time the winter season was there and
the night was very cold and on the condition of disappointment I went to the
platform which was near his mausoleum and slept on it and there was no bedding
with me. At that time some months were passed away after his death and still
tomb was not constructed and on that night I was seeing him in my dream and who
was telling me “ Munshi Saheb for the little thing you are so much worried so
avoid it. And for you I am is there. Everything will be well so do not worry in the
matter and remove your worries from your mind.”
So I was woken up and seen that there was time of the morning prayer and
upon the prayer, I was visiting all tombs of spiritual masters and returned back to
my place. Some days after this event my son was getting a job in the Tahsil office
and he was becoming so much sincere and right minded and for this reason my
worry was over and if I see him there was an increase of happiness with me and
which is a matter of thanks. This is a great favour and thanks of the spiritual master
to his slave and which belongs to his miracle.
2. Mr. Syed Mahmud Ali, son of Syed Mohamed founder of Mathwada Islamic
school Warangal went to Makkah and Madina for Hajj pilgrimage purpose there
after two years after his death. Mohamud Saheb said that he was finished his Hajj
pilgrimage and then he was arrived in Madina and he stayed there for many days.
During my stay there one night before morning prayer, I have seen him in my
dream, but could able to talk with him and wake up and did ablution and went in
the prophet‟s mosque in Madina and performed morning prayer there. Due to the
dream, there was very much pleasure in my mind there. In that condition of
happiness without anybody‟s observation by walking I was reaching the
mausoleum of the prophet and made one round around it and reached in the middle
of the mosque and mausoleum and found that he was standing there and busy
with conversation with somebody there.On his head there was a turban of saffron
colour was there and he was wearing white robes and in his hand staff was there it
means he was in the same dress and condition in which he was used to live in the
life period. When I saw him run so fast towards him and kissed his feet and shake
the hand with him there. When he saw me then he told Mahmud Miya it is good
that you came there. Due to your grand spiritual master’s favour your presence was
possible there. Till that time I was thinking that when did he was coming there, but
there was no news to him in this matter. If he knows this matter then he would
have accompanied with him during the journey of Hajj pilgrimage and journeys of
Madina city.
After that time immediately thought came there in the mind that already Qazi
Saheb was leaving the world. When this thought was there in my mind, then I was
alone there and he was vanished away from there so I could not understand this
puzzle in this matter. So I stayed there for a long time thinking in this matter.
One thing is that he was seen in the dream so there was very much happiness
and joy was there and then in the condition of wakefulness at that place he was
seen him with his own eyes and shaking of hand and allowing kissing is feet and
talking with me is a great favour and kindness due to the favour of my spiritual
master for which there was a surprise for me and also I was proud of this good luck
and this happiness and joy which will be continued during my whole life period.
3. It was an event of before 1954 belongs to his disciple Qamaruddin Saheb
and he was a firm believer and good faith with his spiritual master. There was his
textile shop in the Pather Gatti street in Hyderabad. He said one day he was
leaving for Hyderabad to Qaizpet in the evening time and when I reached at the
Qazipet Railway Station there was night time was there. From the railway station
I was started towards Qazipet along the railway track and covered some distance
and saw one Hindu person was away from there and the wooden stick was there
in his hand and who was coming behind me. As I was alone so there was thought
in my mind that he is chasing me, but I have removed this thought from mind and
thought it due to wrong thinking. And ignore this idea for some time. But I proceed
further then those thoughts came again into my mind. For this doubt I was stopped
there for some time while walking to check my thinking in this matter. But I have
seen that person was also stopped there. Upon this I again started walking and
thought that person was stopped there due to some reason and so he should not
think about his chasing there. Again, I was stopped there, then that person was
stopped there, then I was come to know that due to his two times, stopping that he
is intended to attack me there and comparing to previous distance he was coming
near to me and at last he was reached near to me and this event was happening in
the jungle which is in between the railway station and Qazipet shrine. When that
person came near to me then suddenly I told by my tongue in loud voice Ya Pir
(Oh: my master). When I said these words from my tongue I was seeing that my
spiritual master was there behind me and keeping his hand on my back and he said
why you have afraid in this matter I am with you do not worry. I told him the
event then he said see where is that man and I have seen that person was going
towards the railway station.
After this my master was with me and I walked along with him and covered the
distance and we have reached to a railway gate which is in opposite of Qazipet
shrine. At that time I was thought that he was passed away from the world many
years ago and when this thought came into my mind then he was vanished away
from there. But before that during this problem I was not thinking about him that
he was already passed away.In short afterwards I crossed the railway crossing gate
and entered in the door of shrine building and at that time Hazrat Abdul Karim
Saheb was there on the throne so I kissed his feet and at that time there were very
many tears were there in my eyes. When he was asked about this than I have told
him all details of the event which was happening in the jungle near the railway
station of Qazipet.