Hazrat Syed Sadullah Hussaini Qaderi Bada Phad r.a


Hazrat Syed Ahmed Quaderi alias Syed Sadullah Hussaini Quaderi’s holy grave is located in Jalalpur estate’s desolate jungle area on a big mountain and for this reason the general persons called him as Sahib of Bade Phad. The persons of devotion, who vow used to visit his mausoleum from far away places along with family members and children and spend huge expenses and come there in the jungle and in the wilderness area without any fear and danger there and they stay there for 2-4 days and perform their vow and offering and return back from  there. Except rainy season daily many thousand persons used to visit the mausoleum and  sacrifice many hundred goats there. There they will be performing  their offering ceremonies with much devotion on the large scale.

   It is said that he is most majestic personality and his spiritual powers and miracles are many which are in observation of the persons day and night there. Among his devotees there is a large number of non-Muslims than the number of Muslim devotees and  who perform their  offerings with very much devotion. Mohammed Aminuddin who was vice president of the Estate of Balkonda  in the year 1262 Heigra and  who was written  in  his one verse in which he have mentioned many of his great qualities.

   Hazrat Syed Sadullah Hussaini was a great holy person of Allah  and he was God fearing  and very pious person of his time. He was posted as an agent of the Estate Owner of Balkonda village. It was said that in those  times   there was no rainfall for the period of 2-3 years and for this reason there was prevailed severe drought condition in Balkonda village and all populations were facing difficulties and problems due to this reason. He  showed his good character in such condition and for a period of two years he did not collect land revenue from the villagers and he was used to engage in the service of the mankind always. The Estate Owner was started atrocities for the collection of land revenue and at last he  sent a group of Arab guardsmen  for the collection of the land revenue  in Balkonda village. Upon hearing this news he left alone from Balkonda in the night and began to  stay in the jungle area and in the wilderness. It is right that the friend of  the generous persons is Allah. Even the people searched for him  very much, but they were not successful to find him in the jungle area.

    100 years ago on this place there was no such population, ways and roads were  there and there was a dense jungle of Jalalpur which was famous for the forest and dangerous animals. And so its name was becoming famous as Khuni Jalalpur. In that jungle there is  a mountain  and which has seven categories  in it  and he went to the top peak and he was hidden there and due to his spiritual powers one milk selling woman due to her devotion used to supply him milk daily secretly on his mountain resort. In this way a long period of time was passed away and one day that woman has informed him that some persons came there in his search. Upon hearing this news he was entered into the earth in the living condition. His milk supplier woman also taken protection  with him there. Syed Ismail Zabihullah Shah Chisti caliph of the Hazrat Watan Sahib who also mentioned this tradition that he was a pious personality and who left from Balkonda and went to Jalalpur and he was populated that area which will be available till the day of judgment.

   His great miracle is that in this dangerous jungle many million people will  get felicity by entering into the jungle area without any fear and danger  here.


   The (Urs) death anniversary usually will commence for  six days with sandal ceremony and  in Jalalpur on 11th -16 Rajjab of  the Muslim calender every year. The Urs (death anniversary) ceremony is being performed by the trustee of the shrine every year in the best possible manner in the comfort and best service to the visitors of the shrine.