Hazrat Syed Mohammed Shah Hashim Hussaini Saheb r.a

hazrat shah qamosh


Hadrat Syed Mohammed Shah Hashim Hussaini alias Hadrat Mohammed Shah was born in the year 1245 Heigra  and his place of birth is Bidar. He was the successor and brother of Hadrat Syed Shah Qamosh Sahib. His father’s name is Syed Peran Hussaini Chisti and his  family belongs to the learned persons of Chistia order. His genealogical record connected with Hadrat Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (R.A.) in the 40th generation.

       His early education completed at home by his father Hadrat Syed Peeran Hussaini Chisti and afterward he was also studied under the supervision of Hadrat Amir Ali Shah  Sahib Jamadar. He was most handsome person. He was becoming the successor of Hadrat Amir Ali Jamadar upon his death  as the supervisor in the Sindhi army unit in Hyderabad. His villa was situated in a lane of Fath Allah Baig in Kali Kaman area. He had 3 sons and the details are as follows.

  1. Haji Akbar Hussaini Chisiti alias Bade Miya
  2. Hadrat Syed Mohammed Shah Asghar Hussaini Chisti alias Manjle Miya
  3. Syed Bande Hussaini alias Fakir Miya Sahib

       He was called by Hadrat Syed Moinuddin Mohamed al-Hussaini Mohamed alias Hadrat Shah Qamosh Sahib before his death in his shrine, which was  ath the back side of the Makkah mosque through Bahbud Ali Shah Abul Alai and Hadrat Bilal Shah. As per tradition of that time when  the supervisor (Jamadar) will come outside of the house then he will accompany with his all armed forces so he was proceeded in such a style towards  shrine of Hadrat Shah Qamosh Sahib. Hadrat Syed Shah Qamosh Sahib had removed his military uniform from his body and he was awarded him the  Sufi  dress. Also, he was given  his caliphate to him and was accepted, his pledged  and at that time he was given him order to proceed immediately and to visit the mausoleum of Hadrat Yousuf Sahib and Sharif Sahib in Nampally area of Hyderabad .

    At the other side the Sindhi army  unit was standing and waiting  for him at the entrance of  the shrine building. But later It was known to the army that Hadrat  was leaving the army dress and adopted the dress of sufi persons. Nawab Mukthar al-Mulk was sent his letter and asked his opinion about the military job to whom it should be  given. Hadrat Sahib was given  his opinion to give his post of Jamadar to Syed Akbar Hussaini and also Hadrat Shah Qamosh was proposed him as his successor.

     Hadrat Mohamed Shah has followed the method of zikar in loud noise as per the practice of Sufi masters and  as well as per method of his spiritual master Hadrat Shah Qamosh  Sahib and he also adopted teaching and preaching method  and  the people from different walks of life used to become his disciples after making a pledge on his hand and he used to accept their pledges in the chain of Chistiya and Quaderia. The door of his shrine was used to kept always open  for all  leaders of the people from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed,.  As well as irrespective of religion and beliefs, who used to visit him in the shrine and gather  there.

    He was protected precious legacy of his ancestors and  by his  regular writings, and in this way he protected  traditions successfully and in this matter he tried his level best. In his life from the obtaining of Bahasti Darwaza  ( heavenly door ) and fixing of it and by ignoring of it we cannot proceed further in this matter in biography details. This is such event from it, we could know the importance and excellence of Bahasti Darwaza. In the shrine of Hadrat Shah Qamos the  Bahasti Darwaza is found and its reality is that  upon the death of Hadrat Baba Fariduddin Shaker Ganj  his room was constructed in such a way that all caliphs upon reciting  the holy Quran on all stones they used to fix stones in the room and with those stones the walls of the room were constructed. When the room was constructed, then Hadrat Nizamuddin Auliya in the dream had informed that the Prophet of Allah while pointing the door of the room  and he was given the glad tiding and said, “ Nizamuddin one who will pass from the heavenly door of the room, then he will become a person of paradise.” Hadrat Nizamuddin Auliya said about the prophet’s arrival and his  revelation to Hadrat Ahmed Alauddin Saber immediately.  When he was heard this then he immediately passed from the door and so from that time that the door was becoming famous and well known as Bashit Darwaza. This door upon passing of long time was becoming older and the custodian of that time replaced the old door and in its place fixed new door.

   When Mohammed Shah was known this details, then he was proceeding to Pakpatan to take  delivery of the old door from there. After meeting the custodian, he was told his intention to get the old door. But the custodian told him that it is relics of all Chitiya Sufi masters so it is must  to make pieces of it and distributed among all Chistiya shrines. And he was refusing to  give him the door. But Hadrat Shah Mohammed in the love relics of ancestors and was give  proof of  his firmness and he was visited  Pakpatam  by covering long distance of a journey for a period of 12 years  and continuously  but he did not get  lost his hope in this matter. In this connection in his last journey he went to visit Pakaptam in the year 1307 Hegira and he was told his old intention to the custodian there that this is his last visit there and the custodian was telling him his negative reply in this  matter. So he left Pakptam and reached in the railway station for his return journey to Hyderabad Deccan and when he was reached in the railway station, then he was coming to know that train already left from there and he was staying in the railway station. On the other side   the custodian was seen the dream in which Baba Farid Ganj Shaker  and who told him, “  To give the door to the Mohammed Shah who came from the Deccan.” So custodian was given orders to his disciple to bring   back immediately Shah Mohammed if he even went to Delhi as there was order was received to give him the old door.” When the disciple  reached to the railway station and they want to go Delhi but then they found Shah Mohammed was still there at the  railway station. When Hadrat Shah Mohammed got the message of  the custodian  so he went to Pakpatm with too much happiness and joy and he was obtained the door of Paradise from there. In this matter due to hard and successful endeaovurs of Hadrat Shah Mohammed  the door of paradise was coming to Hyderabad and this door is fixed on the north side of the mausoleum and he was acting as custodian of Hadrat Shah Qamosh shirne for a period of 50 years and his many thousand disciples are found in different parts of the country.

     He left the world at the age of 84 years on the 24th Muherram in the year 1339 Heigra.

    Death anniversary

 His 100th death anniversary was performed on 23rd and 24th of Muherram of this year 1439 Heigria and in which people from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed, assemble to celebrate the Urs (death anniversary) which takes place at the famous  shrine (Dargah) of Hadrat Shah Qamosh in Hyderabad. Several hundred thousand devotees from near and far, irrespective of religion and beliefs, gather  there to seek blessings.

    To write about this great  Sufi saint   is not only it is difficult and but it is very hard task as he was not only a great pious personality of his time, but he was also a great author  so in brief he was  a great spiritual master of his time in the area of the Deccan (South India)  .