Hazrat Syed Ahmed Badepa Hyderabad r.a

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Name And His Title.

His name is known as Syed Ahmed and his title is known as Badepa and which became part of his name as Syed Ahmed Badepa. As per history records and as per information of books of biographies he was born in Delhi and  he has grown up there.

He was disciple and caliph of Hazrat Nizam Uddin Auliya of Delhi.

Order of His Master.

Upon the death  of Hazrat Mutaqab Uddin Zari Zari Baksh Dolah Hazrat Nizam Uddin  has instructed his brother  Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib  to act as  his successor  at Khuldabad so he proceeded there .So as per his kind instruction of  his master  Hazrat Syed Ahmed was also proceeded to Khuldabad Sharif along with  Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib. So as per order of the master he reached to Deccan (South India) in the year 709 A.H. along with Hazrat Burhan Uddin and Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib stayed at Khuldabad Sharif and he was proceed to Hyderabad and settled down there.

Stay At Hyderabad.

He came to Hyderabad and settled down in Malkapur village in first Lancer area  near  the mountain side  and spent all of his life there  and also he was died in the land of Hyderabad.

Political Siutation.

During that period in the North India Ala Uddin was ruling on the Delhi crown in the year 1296 A.D. to 1316 A.D.  and in Deccan (South India ) in Telegana region Rana Pratab  Rudra Dev  of Kakatiya kingdom was ruling  there and his capital was at Warangal city.

For the Period of 500 Years.

Due to geographical  and other changes his grave was broken and went down in the ground level so for this reason nobody could able to find it and also not able to  know about  details of his grave.

His Name and Fame.

Due to the following event his name became famous and well known in the city of Hyderabad and the details of this event is mentioned as follows.

During rule of king of Hyderabad Nawab Nasir Doulah  who ruled in Hyderabad in the period 1244-1273 A.H. and at that time Balan Choudhary who was butcher and he has lost his large number of goats on the mountain side while grazing there and in the same area his grave was situated. Balan Choudhary was very upset and worried in this matter due to huge loss of his goats. He was  searched here and there  and tried hard in this matter to trace the goats but at last he was not successful and  he was much disappointed due to huge loss  in this matter.

The marks of Syed Badepa’s grave was no more available and it was finished already. But inside the grass and soil there were some indication of stone, brick and  mortar were  still available there and these items are showing the indications of the grave. So for this reason  one shepherd has saw all these indications and he has informed the details of the grave to Balan Choudhry  and he has checked the spot in this matter and find the grave marks there  so at that time he has decided to make  an offering of dinner to poor persons while standing  there that if he will find his lost goats then he will  perform it truthfully in this matter.

In the night Choudhary saw  Hazrat Ahmed Badepa in his dream and who told him that “He is syed Ahmed Badepa  and your goats are grazing on the other side of some mountain so go there and  find them.” In the morning Choudhry wake up happily and went up to that mountain and find all his goats were there in safety condition without loss and damaged to them  and all goats were grazing there and for this event he became immediately his devotee truthfully and has constructed his grave again in the grand style and arranged his Urs (death anninversary) on 12th Jamidil Awwal and arranged  the dinner of bread and spicy stew for the poor and needy persons. It was his first Urs (death anniversary) which was celebrated by Choudhry Saheb.

His Fame.

After this event his name and fame reached to far  and nearby  areas and for this reason the visitors in large number started to visit the shrine for the fulfillment of their desires and wishes for the sake of the Shaikh’s name.

For this reason  also the King of Hyderabad Nawab Nasir Doulah used to visit his shrine occasionally along his family and royal court members . Till today also the visitors in large number used to visit his shrine for fulfillment of their desires and wishes.

Title Badepa.

For his title Badepa there is tradition which is famous in the city of Hyderabad that he was proceeded to Delhi by putting his foot on the air  (Badepa) in one night and also came back in the same night at the call of his master Hazrat Nizam Uddin Aulia of Delhi and for this reason his mater has awared him the title Badepa to him due to his kindness  and favour for the above great  miracle which was done by him due to the kind grace of Allah.

The Tablet.

In the shrine area there is no permanent tablet available there. But in the shrines on the south  door of walls the following lines of poetry  are available in the blue  color in the Urdu language and its translation is as follows.

“This is such journery in which there are no marks are find and so in such way Badepa  has covered  his journey .

Also he has covered the journey of Delhi in one night by putting his foot on the air and  so due to this reason he deserved  great  status for his task  in this matter.’’

Mystical Exercise.

Due to his worship and mystical exercise he got such condition in him and with its help he was able to fly in the air by the kind grace and  Allah’s help in this matter and for this reason his master was awarded him the title Badepa.

In the shrine area in the western side there is one cleaned rock is  available  and its size is 7.5 feet in length and its width is 3 feet and there is tradition about this rock is that he will used this  rock as his prayer mat.

His Grave.

His grave is made of mortar and now it is  is available  best condition and for the safety and protection reason it is made iron  frame  with nets in it so that nobody could be able to enter in the grave and do any harm and damaged  to the grave. On the four side of the frame there are four big iron rods are fixed on the ground on which cloth is covered to look as tent .So it is not possible for any person to reach near the grave of this great Sufi Saint of his time. So for this reason there is one big donga  and which looks like a big spoon  and which is kept there and its length is 3.5 feet. Those who visit the grave there and put the followers in it and by this way the followers will reach on the grave.


The location of his grave is situated in Malkapur village in First Lancer   area  and it is located in the southern direction  and which is near the mountain  side and  the grave is surrounded by beautiful four side wall  and the stone floor is there.

The Urs (death anniversary).

About his death  details are is not available in history records. As the first Urs (death anniversary) was arranged by Balan Choudhry on 12th Jamid Al Awwal  so on the same date  the Urs (death anniversary) is celebrated every year.

On this ocassion people from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed, assemble to celebrate the Urs (death anniversary) which takes place on the 12 day of Jamid Al Awwal  of Muslim calendar at the famous Ahmed Badepa’s Dargah (shrine) in first lancer area every year in Hyderabad . Several hundred thousand devotees from near and far, irrespective of religion and beliefs, gather  there to seek blessings. But acutally the arrangements of  the Urs (death anniversary) is started from 10th Jamid Al Awwal  and larage numbers of visitors will used to attend the celebration of  Urs (death anniversary). Usually the Urs (death anniversary) celebrations will continue for the period of four days and but the visit of devotees will be continue for many days at the shrine for the fulfillments of wishes and desires The visitor who will visit  the shrine and pray Allah for the fulfillment of their desires and wishes  for the sake of the Shaikh’s name and due to kind grace Allah his desires and wishes will be  fulfilled.