Hazrat Shah Nizam Uddin Hussain Sahib (RA)

Peshwa-e-deen-o-duniya Shah Taj-ul-Auliya
Mera maqsad mera mansha Shah Taj-ul-Auliya
Saahib-e-Sir’r-e-tareeqat, waqif-e-asraar-e-haq
Haq tabeeyat haq shanaasha Shah Taj-ul-Auliya
Mehr parwar maah-e-aasa be-niyaz-o-be-reya
Ayen-e-duniya ayen-e-uqba Shah Taj-ul-Auliya
Sar basar meri muhabbat, sar basar mera khuloos
Sar basar meri tamanna Shah Taj-ul-Auliya
‘Raaz’ ayen-e-shauq mein kahna pada hai apna raaz
Hain meri hasti ka parda Shah Taj-ul-Auliya


                                                                    ~ Hazrat Shah Muhammad Taqi Aziz Miyan ‘Raaz’ Niyazi Sahab 

The transmission of the spiritual authority passed on to his son Hazrat Shah Nizamuddin Hussain (RA). Hazrat Shah Nizamuddin Hussain (RA) was born on 30th November 1818. When he was born Huzoor Qibla recited Azaan in his ears. From his early childhood he was brought to the Khanqah and spent most of his time in the company of reputed Khalifas. He started speaking Persian in the company of these khalifas and got well versed in Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Hindi languages. He got his early education in Fiqah, Hadith and Tafseer from various teachers and was put under the care of Khalifa Maulana Makhdoom Abdul Shakil Sahib and Maulana Obaidullah Sahib Badakhshani. Once when he was playing outside Khanqah premises at the age of five, he was whisked away by some outside elements. When he did not return, Huzoor Qibla asked his disciples to go and search on the banks of river Nakatia. When the disciples went there he was sitting in front of tent of the nomads. When he saw the disciples he smiled and said Huzoor Qibla might have called me. Huzoor Qibla used to keep Hazrat Nizamuddin Hussain (RA) infront of him for two hours. It was a daily routine. When he went to sleep he was taken inside Haveli. When he became nine years old he was taught “Shaghal Durood”. There was a strenuous personal routine of prayers and devotion. When he became eleven years old he started performing the Chilla. He was sent to a deserted place in a forest. In the Haveli he used to sit in a dark room and pray. Once when he was engrossed in meditation he saw a black snake infront of him. He sat still and did not move. After sometime the snake went away. He performed many chillas. He used to spend most of his time in prayers and meditation. When he reached perfection in all the faculties of religion at the age of thirteen, he was asked to pray two rakats (as Namaz-e-Shukrana) and Huzoor Qibla bestowed upon him his Khailafat. He was made Sajjada Nashin in the presence of all reputed Khalifas and privileged people of the city. He was made to sit on the “Masnad”. Huzoor Qibla stood and presented two silver coins to him and announced “Whosoever is my Khalifa or mureed, from today onwards will be mureed and khalifa of Hazrat Nizamuddin Hussain (RA)”.


After the departure of Hazrat Niaz-be-Niaz (RA) Huzoor Tajul Auliya got a canopy erected in front of the tomb of Hazrat Niaz-be-Niaz (RA). He asked all his disciples to concentrate on his teachings and feel as if he was present. All Khalifas were asked to meditate till the break of the dawn. During this period only two cups of tea were served.
Despite Huzoor Tajul Aulia (RA) spending most of his time in prayers, he acquired knowledge of meta physics, philosophy, astrology and astronomy. He excelled in the art of soldiery, sword fighting, target shooting and the use of bow and arrow. Many of the persons felt proud to be his disciples in these areas as well. He was very sensitive for the aroma of scent. He could tell just by smell as to what other plants were close to the flower bed out of which the scent had been prepared.
He had developed expertise in various forms of music and even the acknowledged musicians at that time paid obeisance to him. Whole day he used to sit with his disciples trained them in spiritualism and listened to the woes of all and sundry. He believed in universal brotherhood and treated all people alike irrespective of caste, creed and religion.
Hazrat Shah Nizamuddin Hussain (RA) never slept for sixty years, took very little food and spent most of his times taking care of the welfare of the people. For three years prior to his departure from this world he had left taking cereal diet and was on a simple diet of two egg yokes. In the kitchen of Hazrat Nizamuddin Hussain (RA) so many meals were cooked and all the impoverised people of the city had their fill.
Huzoor Tajul Aulia (RA) was well known for his super natural powers. On whomsoever he glanced, the person got on righteous path. Whenever a sinner came and met Huzoor, he apologized for the sins and stood reformed. His message of love and peace spread around the world among different countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Badakhshan, Bokhara, Egypt and Damascus.
He never made a show of his supernatural powers and infact used to hide and attribute the same to the will of Allah.
During the period of mutiny Hazrat Nizamuddin Hussain (RA) visited Rampur. It was getting dark so he stayed in a village. He heard the wailing sounds of a Hindu lady. He sent his disciples to enquire about the cause. The disciples came back and told him that the lady had lost her children earlier and only one had survived. The only surviving child had also expired now and that is why she was crying. Huzoor Tajul Aulia (RA) asked his disciples to bring the lady to him. When the lady came Hazrat Qibla blessed her with the information that a son will born and he will survive and remain alive. And after a year the son was born. The lady was delighted and brought her son to Hazrat Qibla and requested him to name his son. Hazrat Qibla named him as Ram Sahaye.
One of the Khalifas of Hazrat Qibla named Syed Hussain Shah had travelled far and wide. Once when was travelling to Rome he found himself lost in the desert surrounded by hills. It was very hot and he roamed around the desert without food and water. He was helpless and getting weak. At that moment he invoked the name of his pir Hazrat Qibla with a request to help him. Soon he saw Hazrat Qibla in the desert, and saw that he was annoyed on his having travelled alone. He asked him to close his eyes. When Syed Hussain Shah opened his eyes he was in the city of Rome, where people took him to their house and treated him with great hospitality.
Once Hazrat Nizamuddin Hussain (RA) asked all his disciples to inform all “Niazis” to recite “Nade Ali” Sharif 41 times because a great calamity was going to occur in India. The persons who did so shall remain unaffected by the calamity. A little later the same thing happened and thousands of people died due to the plague.
One day a person brought a child who was half dead. Hazrat Qibla asked him to take the child to the doctor. But the person started crying that he had come to Khanqah with great hope and that only Hazrat Qibla could save his child. At last Hazrat Qibla asked him to bring the child to him. He put his hand on the body of the child and asked the child to get up. Then he desired the child to be taken to the tomb of Hazrat Niaz-be-Niaz (RA) and asked the people to rub the dust of the tomb on the child’s body. The child got well and walked away.
Rai Kundan Lal belonged to an aristocratic family of Bareilly. He was a great devotee of Hazrat Qibla and was his disciple. When he was going to Mathura to visit the holy temple he requested Hazrat Qibla to accompany him. When they reached Mathura Hazrat Qibla expressed his desire to visit the mandir as well. Muslims were not allowed entry inside the temple. So when Lalaji expressed his inability to take him inside the mandir Hazrat Qibla replied that Sri Krishna Ji to whom the Mandir belonged himself would call him. He accompanied Lalaji and went inside the temple where no one except the devout pujari was allowed. No one objected to his entry. There the pujaris paid great respect and offered hospitality. When he was face to face to the idol of Sri Krishna he complained that he had lot of sweets but no salty dish was served to him. As he walked away the Head Pujari came running and said that Sri Kirishna Ji had desired for puri kachori to be served. They never had faced such a situation before.
There was a respectable English man named Alfre Hersey. He was a soldier and a great hunter. Once after taking part in a shooting competition he came to Hazrat Qibla and told him that since he had missed the target he may fail in the competition. Hazrat Qibla told him not to worry and assured that he will get through with flying colours. The English man again mentioned that since he had missed the target in the Shooting Competition how could he get through. Hazrat Qibla said that God Almighty, was the most powerful and he could make an impossible thing possible. He further told that if he will get through inspite of his performance will he start believing in one God. The English man replied in affirmative. When the result of the competition was announced, the Englishman qualified with distinction and was awarded the gold medal for the excellent performance. He came to Hazrat Qibla and got converted to Islam and became his mureed.
Hazrat Sarkar Siraj-us-Salekeen (RA) his son once narrated that when the war with Czar of Russia was going on, once in the night Huzoor Tajul Aulia (RA) felt some burden on his chest and difficulty in respiration. When Sarkar Siraj-us-Salekeen asked the reason, he replied that since the war was going on between the Czar of Russia and King of Rome, Hazrat Ali (KW) got angry with the Czar of Russia and ordered him to sign a treaty with the king of Rome, failing which he could be murdered. Then the Czar of Russia signed a treaty with the King of Rome and withdrew his forces. Huzoor Tajul Aulia was accompanying Maula Ali (KW) on this occasion on return he was feeling exhausted. After eight days there was a news in the Press that a treaty had been signed between Czar of Russia and the King of Rome.
Moulvi Azizuddin Sahib was a disciple of Huzoor Tajul Aulia (RA). When government issued a notification that only those who clear a judicial examination shall be appointed Munsif Magistrate, Azizuddin Sahib sought Huzoor’s permission to appear for the examination. Huzoor not only gave the permission but also assured him that he shall get through the examination and shall be appointed as the Munsif Magistrate. People were wondering us to how Azizuddin Sahib who had not read the prescribed books will get through the examination. A little later when the result of the examination was out as predicted by Huzoor Tajul Aulia (RA), Azizuddin Sahib got through and was appointed as a Munsif Magistrate.
Hazrat Sirajus Salekeen (RA) has narrated how one of the disciples of Huzoor Tajul Aulia (RA) went to Mecca to perform the Haj and how while on return travel he lost all his money and belongings. Worried he started the journey to Jeddah on foot. He was hungry and thirsty. While he was walking he heard somebody calling him by name. As he stopped he saw his Pir Huzoor Tajul Aulia (RA) who came to help him. Huzoor Tajul Aulia told him to take some rest and assured him that there shall be no problem. He went to sleep and then was awakened by a person asking him as to when had he returned from Haj? On his saying that he was still in Madina, the person clarified that he was in Piliphit and not in Madina, The concerned disciple did not disclose to anyone as to how he had reached there but went straight to Bareilly Sharief to pay respects to his Peer Huzoor Tajul Aulia (RA). As he wanted to narrate, Huzoor advised him not to disclose anything.
One of his disciple and Khalifa Mohd Gul Sahib narrated that his father was present when Huzoor Tajul Aulia was having a meeting with a foreigner who had come to pay his respects. He gave Huzoor an envelope. Huzoor Tajul Aulia (RA) opened it and out of reverence touched his eyes to the inscription written in gold and kept it in a box. The person who had brought the envelope told that he had gone to Madina and prayed at the holy tomb of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to guide him to a suitable spiritual guide. When he left the tomb and came to the place where he was staying he met an Arab who advised him to go to India and meet a renowned personality of Bareilly Hazrat Shah Nizamuddin Hussain. He also gave an envelop to be handed over to Hazrat Sahib. So the person came straight from Medina Sharif to Barielly and became a disciple of Huzoor Qibla. The envelope apparently contained the desire of the Holy Prophet to accept the bearer as disciple.
An aristocrat of Akbarpur by the name of Roshan Ali Khan Niazi developed strained relations with an Englishman who used to live near his village. He troubled Roshan Ali a lot. The relations got so much strained that the Englishman complained to the District Collector and got an arrest warrant in the name of Roshan Ali issued. In great trouble Roshan Ali rushed to his Pir in Bareilly. Huzoor Tajul Aulia advised him to go straight to the Collector and lodge a complaint against the Englishman. When Roshan Ali went to the Collector he listened to the complaint sympathetically and withdrew the warrant. He gave a strict warning to the Englishman not to trouble Roshan Ali again.
There are numerous other such incidents compiled in a book ‘Karamat-e-Nizamia’ by Khalifa Moulvi Mohammad Faiq Sahib.
On 6th Jamdiussani 1302 Hijri, i.e., 23rd March 1865 the spiritual authority of Huzoor Tajul Aulia (RA) was transferred to his son Hazrat Shah Mohiuddin Ahmad (RA). The transmission of the authority is known as Sajjda Nashini. In the presence of all disciples and Khalifas Huzoor Tajul Aulia announced Hazrat Shah Mohiuddin Ahmad (RA) to be his spiritual successor. He further announced that he has passed on all his scholastic and spiritual knowledge to his son. Hazrat Shah Mohiuddin Ahmad (RA) was made to sit on Masnad. Huzoor Tajul Aulia took off his turban and placed it on the head of Hazrat Shah Mohiuddin Ahmad. He then stood up and offered two rupees as nazar to Hazrat Shah Mohiuddin Ahmad (RA) as per the tradition. He further informed that these two rupees are the same which his peer had offered to him at the time of Sajjada Nashini and Hazrat Maulana Fakhre Pak had given to Hazrat Niaz-be-Niaz (RA). 


Then other people also presented nazar and sweets were distributed among the audience.


Huzoor Tajul Aulia (RA) had started giving indication to his son that soon he may be leaving this world. As mentioned in “KARAMAT-E-NIZAMIA” a cloth merchant brought beautiful silk. Huzoor Tajul Aulia sent this to his wife Bibi Sahiba and asked her to pick some otherwise after sometime she may not be able to wear the same. Bibi Sahiba refused saying that she already had lot of Silk so there was no need for this. 
When he went to village Sirsa for hunting, he caught a single fish and made it clear that he will not hunt in future. Hazrat Sirajus Salekeen (RA) mentioned that two days before his leaving this world he used to recite these couplets and got engrossed in meditation.


“Mohe Madhuban mei Shayam Bulaye Gayo”


“Soti thi Mai to Apne Mandir Mein”
“Mohe Soti ko Aai Jagaye Gayo”
“Mohe Madhuban mei Shyam Bulaye Gayo”



This couplet describe the love expressed for the beloved. It says that Shayam has called me to his place. I had been sleeping in my temple, he came and woke me up. Shayam has called me to his place. 
A day before his visal he raised his both hands as if to shake the same with somebody. When Hazrat Sirajus Salekeen (RA) enquired as to with whom he wanted to shake hands, he told that all the holy saints of this order had come to enquire about his illness. That’s why he raised his hands to welcome them. Hazrat Tajul Aulia (RA) after a brief illness left on his heavenly abode on 9th November 1904.


The list of Huzoor Tajul Aulia (RA)’s other Khulfa (spritula successors) are as following:
01.   Hazrat Maulvi  Muhammad Zareef Sahab Badakshaan  R.A. – Gwalior
02.   Hazrat Maulvi  Ubaidullah Sahab R.A. – Bareilly Shareef
03.   Hazrat Maulvi  Nasrullah Sahab R.A. – Gwalior
04.   Hazrat Mulla Mohammadi Shah Sahab R.A. – Allahabad
05.   Hazrat Munshi Ali Ahmed Sahab R.A. – Gwalior
06.   Hazrat Syed Hussain Shah Sahab R.A. – Madras
07.   Hazrat Qari Muhammad Nazar Sahab R.A. – Fatehpur (Haswa)
08.   Syed Muzaffar Ali Shah Sahab R.A. – Aqbarabad
09.   Hazrat Syed Amir Ali Shah Sahab R.A. – Aqbarabad
10.   Hazrat Maulwi Muhammad Fazl-e-Kareem Sahab – Ghazipur
11.   Hazrat Maulvi Zahurul Haq Sahab – Rampur
12.   Hazrat Maznoon Shah Sahab  R.A. – Qabul
13.   Hazrat Syed Aqbar Ali Sahab R.A.  – Bareilly Shareef
14.   Hazrat Maulvi Nazaf Ali Sahab R.A. – Merath
15.   Hazrat Syed Wasi Ali Sahab R.A. – Sandeela
16.   Hazrat Mirza Aagha Muhammad Sahab R.A. – Jaipur
17.   Hazrat Aagha Muhammad Irani Sahab R.A.-Kanpur
18.   Syed Qurban Ali Shah Sahab R.A – Bhopal
19.   Hazrat Ali Shah Sahab R.A. – Nagheena
20.   Hazrat Maulvi  Muhammad Faik Sahab R.A. – Fatehpur (Haswa)
21.   Hazrat Nazir Shamshuddin Sahab R.A. – Peshawar
22.   Hazrat Sahabzada Ghulam Nizamuddin Sahab R.A. – Dehli
23.   Hazrat Shah Sahab Vilayati R.A. – Lukhnow
24.   Hazrat Docter Badruddin Sahab R.A. – Bihar
25.   Hazrat Nawab Abdul Hassan Sahab R.A. – Javra
26.   Hazrat  Maulvi Abdul Hassan Sahab R.A. – Patna
27.   Hazrat Yaqoob Ali Khan Sahab R.A. – Kasba Shahi
28.   Hazrat Maulvi Muhammad Ismail Sahab R.A. – Punjab
29.   Hazrat Abdullah Shah Sahab – Atak
30.   Hazrat Aagha Ahmed Shah Sahab R.A. – Turkey
31.   Hazrat Docter Syed uddin Sahab R.A. – Bihar
32.   Hazrat Maulvi Fazl-e-Aalam Sahab R.A.– Bachrayun
33.   Hazrat Maulvi Ghulam Sharf Sahab R.A. – Khedi (Shikohpur)
34.   Hazrat Haji Abdussamad Sahab R.A. – Kashmir
35.   Hazrat Miskeen Shah Sahab R.A. – Jaipur