Hazrat Shah Nizam Uddin Auliya of Aurangabad r.a

Khwaja Nizamuddin Aulia Aurangabadi (R.A.)
  • Name: Khwaja Nizamuddin Aulia Aurangabadi (R.A.)
  • Titles: Qutub-e-Aaftab, Qutub-e-Deccan, Sheikh-ul-Islam
  • Silsila: Chisti
  • Predecessor: Hazrat Sheikh Kalimullah Shah Jahanbadi (R.A.)
  • Successor: Hazrat Maulana Fakhrudeen (R.A.)
  • Date of Birth: 
  • Date of Wisaal: 12th Zil Qadah 1142 A.H
  • Date of Urs: 
  • Resting at: Aurangabad Maharashtra, India.


The Dargah of Khwaja Nizamuddin Aulia Aurangabadi (Qutub-e-Aaftab Qutub-e-Deccan Sheikh-ul-Islam) (R.A.) is situated at Shah Ganj Nizamuddin Aulia Road Aurangabad Maharashtra.
Hazrat Khwaja Nizamuddin Aulia Aurangabadi (Qutub-e-Aaftab Qutub-e-Deccan Sheikh-ul Islam) (R.A.) is the father of Hazrat Maulana Fakhrudeen Muhibbun Nabi Delhawi
Hazrat Khwaja Nizamuddin Aulia Aurangabadi (R.A.) is mureed and khalifa of Hazrat Sheikh Kalimullah Shah Jahanbadi (R.A.) situated at Delhi.
Khwaja Nizamuddin Aurangabadi (R.A.)’s birth and early history is to some extent unclear, though it is known that he was a descendant of Hazrat Abu bark as-Siddiq (R.A.), the first caliph of Islam. His birthplace is thought to be kakor, India and it was there that he received his early education. To further his studies he traveled to Delhi, the center of learning at the time, and sought out a university. Word of the popularity of Hazrat Shah Kalimullah Jahanbadi (R.A.) reached his ears, and he decided to meet the great saint. When he arrived at the seminary of Shah Kalimullah (R.A.), he found the door locked, as the Sheikh was engaged in the spiritual musical assembly of Sama, to which outsiders were not permitted. Unaware of this, he knocked at the door and, to the amazement of the other disciples, was welcomed in by Shah Kalimullah (R.A.) and shown great love. Soon after, he enrolled in the great saint’s university. Initially, his primary aim was to obtain religious external knowledge only; but after a time the intense spiritual atmosphere that surrounded Shah Kalimullah (R.A.) drew him closer to the path of the Sufis. One day, as his Sheikh prepared to leave, Hazrat Nizamuddin (R.A.) came forward, dusted his Murshid’s shoes, and placed them before him. Upon seeing this, Shah Kalimullah (R.A.) inquired, “O Nizamuddin, have you come to acquire knowledge, or do you seek the path to Allah?” to this Hazrat Nizamuddin (R.A.) humbly replied, “you know better what is for me; you know better, for us, for me. “Upon hearing these lines, Shah Kalimullah (R.A.) recalled the prophecy of Hazrat Yahya Madani (R.A.) who stated that the one who would utter these words would be responsible for the spread and propagation of the Chistiya Silsila. Hazrat Nizamuddin (R.A.)’s spiritual instruction began immediately.
After a period of strict spiritual training, Hazrat Nizamuddin (R.A.) was made the Khalifa-e-Azam of Shah Kalimullah (R.A.) and instructed to spread Islam and serve the needs of the community in south India. He traveled extensively throughout the whole of the southern Indian plateau teaching and catering for the needs of the community, before settling down and establishing a seminary in Aurangabad. The seminary had ten doors, and none were forbidden entrance or education. At each door stood a scribe, and whenever anyone came with financial problems, they would write the following lines,
“The remembrance of Allah is the greatest; on this my heart is fully concentrated. To this world, Nizamuddin is oblivious.”
The poor would then take this to the rich who, because of their great respect and deep love for the great saint, would regard it as the highest honor to fulfill their brother’s needs. With this kind of practice, is it any wonder that the Sufis of India were loved and respected by rich and poor alike? Those who spread Islam not only by words but also by actions, who not only preach but also live the eternal principles of Islam, such men and women, have truly sacrificed their lives for Allah. It is they, to whom Rasoolullah refers in a Hadith wherein he states,
“The saints are like prophets unto their communities.”
Hazrat Nizamuddin Aurangabadi R.A.) was actively involved in the spread of Islam, and along with this he gave special attention to the spiritual training of his mureed’s. Historians have quoted the number of those disciples as being over one hundred thousand. At any given time after Salaat, about 300-500 people would gather in his Masjid for Zikrullah. Hazrat Nizamuddin (R.A.) was strict in his observance of the Sunnah of the holy prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam). His concern for the welfare of the community, as we have seen above, was sincere and very great. He would always ensure that in whatever way possible he would fulfill the need of anyone who Shah Kalimullah (R.A.) him for assistance. The life of a saint is not only miracles and ecstasies; they live in the real world of ordinary mortals such as us, but yet transcend it, for they breathe Allah’s love with every breath.
Hazrat Nizamuddin (R.A.)’s book, Nizamul Quloob, hold very pertinent lessons for us today, as it stresses the spiritual upliftment of the Muslims prior to them commencing propagation of Islam. He states that in order to be a true representative of Islam, one necessarily must possess those qualities of spiritual perfection that would allow the person to spread the religion not only by word but also by practice and principle. Hazrat Nizamuddin (R.A.) had thirteen khalifa who continued his work after his demise, foremost of whom was his son Hazrat Maulana Fakhrudeen (R.A.). He left this world on the 12th Zil Qadah 1142 A.H. and lies buried in his Mazaar in Aurangabad. Ample testimony to his great services to Islam both during his life and posthumously can be found in the title afforded to him, “Qutub-e-Deccan”, or “axis around which revolves the south.”
The beloved sleeps, covering her face with the beautiful locks of her hair. khusro, go home! The darkness of evening has engulfed the whole world.
The information can be verified in the site http://www.chishti-maharvi.com/content. Html)
In this site check in the spiritual lineage after sheikh Kalimullah Jahanbadi (R.A.) Khwaja Nizamuddin Aaliya Aurangabadi (R.A.) is present.
In many Sijras after Hazrat Kalimullah Shah Wali Khwaja Nizamuddin Aulia Aurangabadi (R.A.) is there.
The information can be verified.
Hazrat Khwaja Kalimullah Jahanbadi (R.A.)
Hazrat Khwaja Nizamuddin Aurangabadi (R.A.) is written not only in this several spiritual chain Fakhri Nizamiya Chisti; Fakhri Nizamiya Chisti Mahravi
Hazrat Syed Nurul-huda Sahib (R.A.)
Despite the name, which was provided on the Dargah and also the fact that the Hazrat Syed Nurul-huda Sahib (R.A.) is from both the Qadri and Chisti lineage, also provided on the signboard, little is known of this Dargah.
The Dargah is very peaceful, clean and beautiful.
Dargah of Hazrat Syed Nurul-huda Sahib (R.A.) is located near Delhi Gate, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.

He was great pious personality of Sufi order of Chistiaya and his status and position is well known and famous. Due to his endeavors and preaching as well as teaching and instructions many Lakhs (one lakh = 100,000) persons were benefitted and followed the right path of Allah. Even today in sub-continent the favor of this Sufi order is still continue.

    Hazrat Shah Nizam Uddin was arrived in Deccan as per instruction of his spiritual master Hazrat Shah Kalim Ullah Jehanabadi for the teaching and preaching purpose. At that time  the area of Deccan was passing from a difficult situation of problems in the history of India. The down fall of Mughal empire started and wars with Marathas were in progress at that time and it were at final and last stage. During that difficult time it was not easy to protect and care of the capital of the community. So for this reason for this great cause of  Allah, his spiritual master has selected him as who was a great  and  ranked pious personality of  his time.

    Upon his arrival into Deccan he was started teaching and preaching work and due to his hard work there  was new life was born in the dis-hearted persons. All persons of  caste and creed without any discrimination came into his service and their details are as follows.

  1. Rich and poor.
  2. Learned and un-learned persons.

   Due to his following great qualities he was become popular  and attracted in the area of Deccan and many Lakhs (one lakh =100, 000) persons were benefitted by  his guidance and favor.

  1. Good conduct and manners.
  2. Kindness.
  3. Helping nature
  4. Simplicity.


    The Sheikh’s details of birth are still not available in the books of history. He was died at the age of 82 years and as per this record his date of birth was calculated and it found his year of birth as 1060 A.H. and he was left this world in the 1142 A.H.

    He genealogical record is connected with  Hazrat Abu Baker Siddiq through Sheikh Shabab Uddin Suherwardi. As per reference from ‘Tadhkirta Auliya Deccan’ in which Maulavi Abdul Jabbar Khan Malkapuri who mentioned one reference from book ‘Qizan Wa Bahar’ that his name was Shah Nizam Uddin and his title was well known and famous as Sheikh Islam and he was born in the year 1070 A.H.

Native place.

    Regarding his native place there is difference with historians in the following books  and in which it was written that his native place was Purab and he came to Delhi for completion of early education there.

  1. ‘Manqab Fakheria.’
  2. ‘Shajra Anwar.’
  3. ‘Takmila.’
  4. ‘Siratal Auliya.’

5.‘Qazinatal Asfia.’

  As per reference from the book ‘Manaqbi al-Mahbubian’ that  his native place is Eshian in district Purab and village Kakori and Tagron which are adjacent of Lucknow City. As per reference from Khaja Hasan Nizami and Nawab Muslah Uddin Khan that his native place is Kakori. Now it is confirmed from all sources that he belongs to Kakori village. As a matter of fact his grandfather or  great grandfather  Hazrat Sheikh Saadi’s grave is available in Kakur Sharif. Also compiler of the book ‘Qizan Wa Bahar’ mentioned that his native place is as follows.

Village Takraun in district Purab.


    Hazrat Shah Nizam Uddin completed his formal education in his native place and for further education he left his native place at a age of 11 years  and he was reached to Delhi and at that time Delhi was famous and well known center of learning  for the knowledges of manifest  (Zaheri) and innermost (Batini). Upon completion of  the knowledge of manifest (Zaheri) in few years and he began  his interest in the knowledge of innermost (Batini) so he heard   great fame and name of Hazrat Shah Kalim Ullah  and for this purpose of learning the knowledge of innermost he went into the service of the above  great Sheikh of his time  and he reached his shrine. At that  time  the ecstasy session was in progress at the shrine of  Hazrat Shah Kalimullah  and as per his instruction all doors were closed there and outsiders were not given permission in this matter. Hazrat Shah Nizam Uddin went the shrine building and knocked the door so the Sheikh asked his servant to go out and see who is there at the door. The servant watched  that one stranger person was standing there and he asked his name and went inside of the building and inform the Sheikh all details in this matter. So upon hearing the details the Sheikh asked him to bring that person inside. So for his un-usual routine and behavior  and for this reason all disciples were surprised in this matter. So the Sheikh clarified in this matter that from this person and from his name there is smell of friendliness is coming so for this reason he is not strange person. The Sheikh met with him with special sincerity and love and  he was accepted the responsibility of his training of knowledge of manifest (Zaheri).

Pledge to Sheikh Kalim Uddin Jehanbadi.

    Hazrat Shah Niazm Uddin lived in the service of his Sheikh for long period and completed his training in the knowledge of manifest. During that period one disciple of Sheikh Yahiah Madini came to visit Sheikh Kalimullah  and at that time Hazrat Shah Nizam Uddin was learning there some book. When new  the comer looked at the Sheikh he was become intoxicated and become out of control. With this event  Hazrat Shah Nizam  Uddin was very much effected in this matter and his devotion and irdat (religious zeal) was increased more. One day the Sheikh left his meeting place and reached to corner place then suddenly Shah Nizam Uddin stood from his place and took the Sheikh’s sandals and cleaned the same with his dress and presented before him with great respect and honor. So the Sheikh told him he liked his action too much and  he was much effected in this matter. So at that time the Sheikh told him  Nizam Uddin the learning of knowledge of manifest will be continue but now pay attention towards the learning of knowledge of innermost (batini). So Shah Nizam Uddin requested him to become his disciple by pledge  him. So the Sheikh asked him in which Sufi order?. So Shah Nizam  Uddin recited one Persian couplet in this matter and its picture  is as follows.


   For this reason then Shah Kalimullah remembered his spiritual master’s saying in which he told him during his stay in Madina. When Shah Kalim Ullah visited Madina to see his  spiritual master Sheikh Yahiah Madni and he was talking with him there. So the Sheikh told  him that  why did you come there and you should have stay there. So go back from there  as  there will be one Qutub  (highest cadre in spiritual pivot at axis) from your chain. So Shah Kalimullah asked him whether  Qutub  (highest cadre in spiritual pivot at axis) will be from his sons or from disciples. So he told him that he will be from  his chain of Sufi persons and he will be called as  Nizam Uddin  and he will come to see you in this matter. So wait for him and he will be owner of our  connection .During the way if you will find any news do not go back .So the Sheikh told him there many  persons are well known with the  name of Nizam Uddin  with this slave. So the Sheikh of Madina told him that he did not come yet  but he will come and he recite one Persian couplet which is as follows.


The  above couplet was  recited by Sheikh Yahiah Madni to his disciple Hazrat Shah Kalimullah. When Shah Nizam Uddin recited the above Persian couplet then Sheikh remembered that this couplet was  already recited to him by his great Sheikh in Madina during his visit  there and  he was informed already him that one  Qu’tub (highest cadre in spiritual pivot at axis) of his time will become his disciple. He was included him in his circle of disciples and accepted his pledge.

Worship and endeavors.

   When he was made his pledge to the Sheikh then his endeavor and worship was increased. His spiritual master was given him permission of Zikr (remembrance of Allah) Jahri in loud noise). He used to go in summer season at the bank of river Yamuna  and  he used sit there on the sand for Zikar (remembrance of Allah) Jahri ( in loud noise) and used  to busy in it from midnight up to Fajr (morning ) prayer continuously. He used to say that “ He was benefited greatly by Zikar  of (remembrance of Allah) Jahri ( in loud noise) than any other thing.”

Velayat  (Saintliness) of Deccan.

     After completion learning of Zaheri (manifest) and Baitini (innermost) knowledge and upon  completion of perfection he obtained caliphate and saintly dress from the Sheik’s hands and  at that time the Sheikh instructed him to proceed towards Deccan. At that time political conditions in Deccan were very worse and for this reason the persons of Deccan were migrating towards north India in this matter. Sheikh Kalimullah wrote the  following details in his letter.

“ You are awarded the Velayat (Saintliness) of Deccan by grace of Allah. You should perform this work with much attention. Before you were addressed to join in  the army. Now you are instructed where ever you live  but you should  busy in the preaching and teaching work of Islam and spend your life and property in this cause.”


For Sufi order of Nizamia there was no new place available. The following pious personalities were resting in land of Deccan.

  1. Hazrat Amir Hasan Ala Sanjari.
  2. Hazrat Sheikh Burhan Uddin Gharib.

3.Khazrat Khaja Muntajid Zar Zari Baksh.

  1. Hazrat Zain Uddin Shirazi.

5.Hazrat Khaja Bande Nawaz

    During that critical period of history and he was proceeded towards Deccan to spread the Sufi order of Chistia Nizami in the area of Deccan.

    As per reference from the book ‘Maktobat Kalimi’ it is  well known that Hazrat Shah Nizam Uddin came to Deccan with the royal army and he used to move in the area with the royal army. Hazrat Shah Nizam Uddin used  to send his letters to his Sheikh through army troops and also used to receive the replies from his Sheikh in this matter. So for this reason in one of his letter  Hazrat Sheikh Shah Kalimullah wrote the following details.

“ In the Deccan the political situation is not good so work  there with care and attention in this matter.” He was stayed in different parts of Deccan  and he visited also Bejapur and Sholapur. And in this way upon covering many destinations he was finally reached to city of Aurangabad and he was settled down there permanently.

Stay in Aurangabad.

So he decided to live  permanently in Aurangabad and he was settled down there. Khaja Kamgar Khan was given offer for his stay in his Haveli (mansion) so he accepted his offer and shifted into his mansion.

    During the beginning period upon seeing huge crowd of people he was annoyed and worried in this matter. But afterwards as per his spiritual master’s advice  Hazrat Shah Nizam Uddin used to meet with the persons with great sincerity and happiness. As there was instruction of  Hazrat Sheikh Kalimullah that he should see all persons with favour and kindness. So he was there in Deccan for this work for the long period. He was busy in great endeavours and works for the teaching and preaching mission in the areas of Deccan and he was much successful in this matter due to grace of Allah.

 The above details are available from  the letter number  100 on page number 79.

    The Sheikh used to stay in the house which has two floors and in the 2nd floor he used to stay there and also he used to busy there in the worship and  on the ground floor he was used to busy in the teaching and preaching work of the mankind. On the ground floor there was one small ladies room was available in which Hazrat Moulana Fakher Uddin Mohammed was born there.

Desires and wishes

    As per reference from the book ‘Malfuzat Tounasvi’ that in the Sheikh’s residence there were ten doors available and on each door there was used to sit one copyist and who used to write  the visitor’s desire and wishes on the papers and put the stamp of the Sheikh and on the application papers  and on which there was available one Persian couplet. When the applicants used to take those papers from there to the  rulers in such cases they will think it as great honour and respect for him  and  used to help the applicants in this matter. The  doors of shrine building will be  used to be opened for all persons for their help and attention in this matter.


   It is well known and famous event that one year there was no rainfall and for this reason there was a severe starvation and animals were become weak and near to death. So somebody requested him to pray for the rain fall so prayed for it and  for the above reason he has requested  him for supplication for rains. It so happened that it rained heavily.

    It is written in history books that when Nawab Qamar Uddin Khan Asif Jah Bahadur came to Deccan and with small number of army was there with him. So there was war with Mubarz Khan who was Subadar (governor) of Deccan  and who had large number army with him. In the area of Shaker Khed Pargana in state of Barar the two armies were expected to meet together. So for this purpose Nawab Sahib visited the Sheikh and requested with him  for success and  victory  in this matter.

    The Nawab told that to fight with small number army with large number of army and to keep  hope of success and  victory  in this matter which seems impossible  thing as per wisdom. As a matter of success and victory  is possible due to repeat of prayers of Allah. So he told the Sheikh  that he want some mark in this matter so please help him in this matter so  that there will be peace of his mind for him in this matter. So the Sheikh told after  short period time that on Thursday on all pavilions  and tents of the camps there will be mark of open hand with sandal impressions will be available there. So this will be your mark of your success and victory. So on  that day  on all tents impression of open hand  in sandal color impression was appeared. At last Nawab Qamar Uddin Khan was successful in this great with Mubaraz Khan and all  details of this  event   are available in the book ‘Tadhkira Salatin Part 3’.


Worship and endeavours.


    In the beginning Hazrat Shah Nazam Uddin  was much interested in books. So for this reason he used to read books all time. But upon his arrival in Aurangabad he was much busy in the following things and he left all other things.

  1. Worship

2, Mystical exercise.

  1. Azkar (daily recitals).
  2. Afkar (meditation).
  3. Daily engagements and practices.

      After morning prayer he used to go into the room and up to Zuhar (after noon) prayer he was used to busy there in the worship of Allah. After Zuhar (afternoon) prayer the door of the room was closed and it will be opened at the time of Asr (evening) prayer. At that time Khaja Noor Uddin used to read some parts from the book ‘Miskawat’  or any other book. After Asr (evening ) prayer books of biographies of Mashaiq (learned persons) were used to be read by Khaja Kamagar Khanand  and all person who used to present in the meeting  will hear the same silently. After performing Mahgrib (sunset) prayer the Sheikh used to go into his room and at that time only special persons will be allowed to enter there. At the time of Eisha (night) prayer he will be come out of the room and participate in the congressional prayer of Eisha (night)  prayer  and after this he used to enter into his room and  used to busy there for the following things  in the whole night.

  1. Mystical exercise.

    He did not like discussions and debates .If somebody will come to see him  and ask any solution for problem then in that case he will ask him to refer some book in this matter and asked that person to study book in this matter. He never  used to eat the  food lonely.


    Hazrat  Shah Nizam Uddin will not care in the dress matters and whatever available  he will used to wear the same. In his dress there will be always many patches.  He used to ask  for  the dye of his dresses  in earth color. For the Friday prayer he used to wear frilled gown  and turban. In the house he used to wear cap and turban. He used to go for Fridays prayer always  by walking and some time he will ask the horse from somebody.

Manners and conduct.

   He was  well known and famous for his good manners and conduct. He used meet with all persons  whether he will be known or un-known with good manners and conduct. He used to offer him something to eat and if nothing available in the house then in such case he  used to give  some scent. Nobody did not left  without empty  hands from his meeting place. The visitors who will visit  him and  due to his prayers  and due to kind grace of Allah their desires and wishes  will be fulfilled. He was also famous and well known for the following things.

  1. Bounteousness.
  2. Generosity.

    Nobody did not saw him in sitting position on the cross legged in the general and special meetings. He was always used to sit on the  sitting position of   two legs.

Some of his advises are as follows.

  1. He thinks hurting anybody is as a great sin. So he advice all persons to avoid it.
  2. He used to be silent and he prefer it.
  3. He used to talk as per requirement.
  4. His life was a sample of simplicity.

     The Sheikh used to be away from kings and rulers and did not meet them and  if he will  accept their gifts then at the same time he will  use to distribute the same to poor and indigent persons and never keep anything with him or with his relatives.

    As per one tradition Hazrat Skeikh Kalimullah’s instruction he used to accept the presents from the persons and used to give to the poor persons. Hazrat Sheikh Kaleemullah told that  there will be heartbreaking  of persons  so if any person present anything in gift with sincerity then  he will use to accept the gifts and give the same to poor and deprived persons.

Samah (ecstasy).

    In the matter of Samah (ecstasy) he used to follow the rules and regulation of his spiritual master. He used to take care of time and place and disciples in these meetings. In these meetings there will be observation of the  following things.

  1. Respect.
  2. Care.

    On every Friday after Friday prayer the meeting of Samah (ecstasy) will be conducted. In such meetings always some needy person used to be present  there and  due to his favour  there will be   fulfillment of their desires and wishes and his shrine is place for the unfortunate  persons for the fulfillment of their desires and wishes.

    One day he was arranged the meeting of Samah (ecstasy) on the occasion of Urs (death anniversary) ceremony of some pious personality. In the meeting one person who was among professional reciter  started reciting Arabic poetry and at that time one Maulavi Saheb came there and he began his objection for recitation of Arabic poetry. So  the Sheikh tried his best  to convince him in this matter but  due to his un-advisability he was not satisfied with his explanation. He told him while treating with him as per  his kindness of hospitality  that this is meeting place of ecstasy (Samah) and  it is not for the time of discussion. Due to his best handling the discussion was stopped at the time of ecstasy (Samah). He asked his name and Maulavi Saheb told him his name as Abdul Ghani. So he told him it is not good to say false name to darvesh person. So he told him his name as Abdullah so he become silent in this matter.

    The Maulave Sahib came to see him after three days and the Sheikh told him  to have discussion at the time of ecstasy (Samah) is against the  manners. So please tell your opinion in this matter. So that he will explain him in this matter. Maulavi Saheb regretted him that he was understood the point at the same time so now he came there to see him for his regret in this matter. The Sheikh smiled and told him to  inform his name ? Then Maulavi Saheb told him  his name as Abdullah. So  the Sheikh  told  him  his name is not Abdul Ghani or Abdullah  and he told him the following correct details.

  1. His real name.
  2. His house address and street name.
  3. His place of study.

    Upon hearing all his history record by the Sheikh the Maulavi Saheb put his head down on his foot and with sincerity become his disciple.

Training and teaching of disciples.

     As per instruction of  Hazrat Sheikh Kalimullah he used to do spiritual training of the disciples. The Sheikh used to say that the purpose of creation of mankind is worship only. So he used care too much for the following things.

  1. Daily recitals and practice
  2. Daily round of prayer formula.

    He used to go and see the disciples in the midnight time and used to wake up the sleepy disciples. He was taken  too much importance for the following things in his spiritual training of his disciples.

  1. Soul.
  2. Zikar (remembrance of Allah) Jahri ( in loud noise).

    He used to say that with the help of the above things the training of Batini (innmermost) is possible. He also used teach the disciples for the following things.

  1. To follow the sheikh.
  2. Manners.

    He used to say  that Hazrat Nasir Uddin Chiragh Delhiavi used to beat the disciples for their training purpose but his disciples never left him. Now such time has come that if the Sheikh  say something to his disciple then he will become upset in this matter and leave his spiritual master. Hazrat Shah Nizam Uddin did not like pride and he did not used bead (Tasbih). He used to say that in his inside there is  bead (Tasbih) so he is busy with that thing. As one who has bead of innermost (Batin) then he will not hold  bead (Tasbih) of manifest (Zaheri).


    He was died  on 12th Ziqad in the year 1142 A.H. at the age of 82 years in Aurnagabad. He was buried in the compound of his shrine building. Nawab Mir Qamar Uddin Khan Nizamul Mulk Asif Jah constricted the following buildings.

  1. Shrine building.

Marriage and children.

     When Shah Nizam Uddin came to Deccan he was not married at that time. Upon reaching Aurangabad he spent some period of life as bachelor. As there was instruction for him  from  his Sheikh Kalim Ullah Jehanabadi to avoid marriage if there is no requirement. But as per his health condition the Sheikh was given him permission to marry.

    From his first wife there were four sons and four daughters were born. Hazrat Shah Nizam uddin’s four daughters were buried at the foot side of his tomb and out of  three sons one son was left for Calcutta and he was settled down there and it is said that his children are available there.

Hazrat Moulana Fakher.

     Hazrat Shah Nizam Uddin upon the death of his first wife married with Hazrat Syeda Begum Sahiba. She was  great granddaughter of Khaja Bande Nawaz Gesu Daraz. From her one son was born who is known as Fakher Uddin and who become proud of Muslim Nation and his name was Moulana Fakher Uddin Mohammed . He was very young at the time of death of his mother and when his father left the world then he was 15 years old.

    Hazrat Moulana Fakher Uddin Mohammed was died on 17th Jamid Akhir in the year 1199 A.H. and he was buried in the compound of shrine of Hazrat Bakhtiar Kaki and he was 73 years old at that time.


    The historian wrote that the Sheikh had many caliphs and for their training he worked hard and did many endeavours. Some famous caliphs are as follows and all these pious persons are resting in Aurgangabad.

  1. Hazrat Khaja Kamgar Khan.
  2. Hazrat Mohammed Ali.
  3. Hazrat Khaja Noor Uddin.
  4. Hazrat Syed Shah Sharif.
  5. Hazrat Shah Gharib Ullah.
  6. Hazrat Shah Isqh Ullah.
  7. Hazrat Ghulam Quader Khan.
  8. Hazrat Mohammed Jaffer.
  9. Hazrat Mohammed Yar Baig.
  10. Hazrat Sher Mohammed.
  11. Hazrat Karam Ali Shah.
  12. Hazrat Imam Uddin.
  13. Hazrat Sheikh Mahmood.
  14. Hazrat Hafiz Moudud.
  15. Hazrat Syed Shah Sharif.
  16. Hazrat Khaja Noor Uddin.
  17. Hazrat Khaja Kamgar Khan.
  18. Hazrat Shah Garib Ullah


    There were many books of biographies are available about Hazrat Shah Nizam Uddin.

   One book  with details of the events of the life  of Sheikh was written by Nawab Qamar Uddin Nizamul Mulk Asif Jah first and its title is known as ‘Rashke Arm’. This book was seen by Moulavi Rahim Baksh who wrote his book ‘Shajrat Anwar’ with Hazrat Haji Wasil who was caliph of Hazrat Moulana Fakher Uddin Mohammed. Another book with life details of  Hazrat Shah Nizam Uddin was written by Khaja Kamgar Khan and its title is known as ‘Ahsanal Shamil’ and  also in the following books his life details are available.

  1. ‘Manaqab Fakheria’.
  2. ‘Mashaiq Chist’.
  3. ‘Tadhkira Aulia Deccan’.
  4. ‘Fakher-al Talibin’.
  5. ‘Shajratal Anwar’.
  6. ‘Sair Auliya’.
  7. ‘Qaznitul Asfia’.
  8. ‘Qatim Sulaimani’.

Devotion of King Asif Jah .

    Upon conquering  of  Mubaraz Khan’s army  Nawab Qamar  Uddin Khan  went to the Sheikh   and he offered him one paper to the Sheikh so he was given him back the paper and told him “Qamar Uddin when the full is not acceptable  to him so what he will do with half of it”. It was certificate of half of his kingdom. Again he told him that what will darvesh do with it. As he used to follow the policy of new day with new food provision as he used to  live on the trust of Allah and for this reason you have become the King of Deccan.

   When Qamar Uddin started to live in Aurangabad then the Sheikh  told him that “Qamar Uddin due to your stay here the darvesh will face difficulties in this matter as the people will come to see him as he is your spiritual master for recommendations.” So it is better that you should proceed to Deccan. So Qamar uddin told him  that “His throne is in his feet.” Upon this he was presented one stamp and requested him to put stamp on the plain paper when any needy person will come to see him in this matter and in this way that person’s desire and wish will be fulfilled by him. So he told him “Qamar Uddin he did not have time to put stamp on the papers and the person who will get his desires from invisible source what he will do with it”. So Qamar Uddin helplessly given order to Kamgar Khan who  was disciple of the Sheikh to hang the stamp on the door of the shrine. So as per his order the stamp was kept hang on the door of the Sheikh’s house building.

    Once one person prepared one forgery bond paper of loan  with details in it that an amount of Rupees of one Lakh (one Lakh =100, 000)  was taken by Hazrat Shah Nizam Uddin  so this amount should be re-paid to him from the Royal Treasury as per rules and regulations. That person put the stamp on the bond paper and  he was presented the bond paper to Nawab Qamar Uddin Khan. Upon seeing the bond paper Nawab Qamar Uddin Khan went to see the Sheikh and told him  with folding his hands that your honour you have treated this slave not fit for your service and you have taken  the loan amount from another strange person. So the Sheikh told him that he did not taken loan amount from him but the stamp belongs to him. In this matter darvesh told him already that there is no need of stamp for him but you have not agreed in this matter and you left it on his door. So now you should handle this work as per you wish and desire in this matter. So give him one Lakh Rupees amount and take away your stamp from my door. At that time the amount was paid to that  false person and he took away the stamp from there.

   After some days  Nawab Qamar Uddin Ali Khan submitted his requested with   the Sheikh  that he want to construct one building for him with the cost of three  Lakhs Rupees (one Lakh = 100,000). So the Sheikh told him that he did not seen such a huge amount so bring the same in his presence. So he ordered the treasurer to bring the amount there at once. The amount was brought there in the presence of Sheikh and  the coins were in packing of 1,000 coins in each bag. So the Sheikh distributed  all money to poor and needy persons. Qamar Uddin was silent till the distribution of all amount and he did not say any word in this matter. Upon distribution  of money he told him that sir you have asked to see the amount but you have distributed the said amount. So the Sheikh told him that you were intend to construction of the building so in how many years it will be completed.? He told him  that it will be completed within the period of three or four yours. Upon this the Sheikh told him that  he made his work easy and such building was completed  within a period of three  hours and your wish and desire was fulfilled as well as my purpose was also completed. The building was completed where it was required and it will not be damaged by the effects  of the time.

    When Nawab Qamar Uddin Khan was received  title of Asif Jah from Sultan of Delhi so he went to see the Sheikh and informed him that he was intended to return back this title to the Sultan of Delhi. The Sheikh told him why he did want to return back it.? Qamar Uddin told  him that as the Sheikh did not accepted so far any offer  from him so for this reason he want to return back it. When there will be no connection of the Sheikh with this title he will not accept the same and most probably this thing was told him by his heart. So the Sheikh was silent  for some time  and told him  “ Qamar Uddin you should  be responsible in this matter that it should not come  into the history record and this is your matter so you should give word to him in this matter’’. So in this way he  was accepted his offer. So Nawab Qamar Uddin Ali Khan told him that he will take care in this matter and he told him further that the kingdom which was given by him to this slave  so it will be called with Sheikh’s name and the color of the kingdom will be yellow as per the color of the Sheikhs shrine. In this way the kingdom of Qamar Uddin was become well known and famous in the world as follows and he was adopted the color of kingdom as yellow.

‘Nizam Sultant.’

    On the demise of Hazrat Shah Nizam Uddin, King Asif Jah First constructed the following buildings in the shrine of the Sheikh in Aurangabad.

  1. Tomb.
  2. Mosque.

In the year 1748  A.H.  Nizamul Mulk Asif Jah First was left this world.


Hazrat Khwaja Nizaam-ud-deen Auliya Aurangabadi rahmatullāhi alaihi :

Alqaab :
Maqbool-e Ilāhi, Qutb-ul-Aqtaab, Qutb-e-Deccan, Shaikh-ul-Islaam.

Aap ki wilaadat 1060 Hijri (1650 A.D.) me Kakor me hui.

Aap Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddeeq radiy-Allāhu ta’ala anhu ki nasl se hain.

Aap ne Kakori me ibtidaai ta’aleem haasil ki.
Phir majeed ta’aleem ke liye Delhi tashreef le gaye.

Hazrat Shaikh Kaleemullāh Shaah Jahanabadi rahmatullāhi alaihi ki shohrat sunkar Aap Hazrat ki baargaah me pahunche. Us waqt Hazrat apne shaagirdo ke saath mehfile sima me masroof the. Aur jab mehfile sima jaari ho to kisi bhi ajnabi ko andar aane ki ijaazat nahi thi. Aap waha pahunche to darwaaza band tha. Aap us baat se be-khabar the. Chunaanche Aap ne darwaaze par dastak di. Hazrat ne darwaaza kholne ke liye farmaaya aur Aap ka istiqbaal kiya. Waha maujood tamaam logo ko ye dekhkar ta’ajjub hua.

Ek martaba Shaikh Kaleemullāh Shaah kahi jaane ki tayyaari kar rahe the. Aap ne Hazrat ke naalaain ko saaf karke Hazrat ki khidmat me pesh kiye. Hazrat ne puchha “Nizaam-ud-deen! Tum sirf ta’aleem ke liye aaye ho ya raahe sulook ka safar bhi chaahte ho?” Aap ne arz kiya “Supurdum bato maaye kheshra, Tu daani hisaabe kamo beshra. [Main khud ko Aap ke hawaale karta hu. Aap jaante hain ke hisaab me kya kam hai aur kya zyada (mere liye kya behtar hai).]”
Ye sunkar Hazrat ko apne Peer Hazrat Khwaja Yahyā Chishti Madani rahmatullāhi alaihi ki bashaarat yaad aai ke “Jo shakhs ye jumla kahega wo Chishti silsila ki isha’at ka aur tabligh e Islaam ka kaam anjaam dega.”
Hazrat ne Aap ko uloom-e-baatini ki ta’aleem ata karna shuru kiya.
Jab Aap ki ta’aleem mukammal hui to Aap ko khilaafat ata farmai aur khidmat e deen ke liye Deccan me bheja.

Aap Deccan me Burhanpur, Sholapur, Bijapur aur dusre ilaaqo me safar karke ta’aleem wa faiz ata farmaate rahe.
Phir Aurangabad me sukoonat pazeer hokar Khaanqaah taamir karke isha’ate islaam wa khidmate khalq karte rahe. Khaanqaah me 10 darwaaze the. Kisi bhi darwaaze se aane waale ki haajat ko pura kiya jaata tha.

Aap hamesha Sunnate Rasool par amal karne ki ta’aleem dete.

Taqreeban 1,00,000 log Aap ke mureed hue. Aur un me 300 logo ko Aap ne apne faiz se Saahib-e-Haal wa Kamaal bana diya.

Aap har namaaz ke baad Halaqa-e-Zikr karte jis me 500 log saamil hote the.

Hazrat Shaikh Kaleemullāh Shaah Aap ko khato ke zariye ta’aleem ata farmaate the.

Karaamat :
(1) Aap ke ek mureed ki biwi ko juzaam (leprosy) ki beemaari thi. Hakeemo ne ise laa-ilaaj bata diya tha. Wo shakhs Aap ki baargaah me aaya aur dua ke liye arz kiya. Aap wuzu kar rahe the. Wuzu ke baad Aap ne wuzu ka bacha hua paani ek bartan me le jaakar roz pilaane ke liye farmaaya aur jaha Aap ne wuzu kiya tha us bhigi hui ret ko le jaakar jakhmo par lagaane ke liye farmaaya. Us shakhs ne waisa kiya aur ALLĀH ke fazl se ek hafte me us ki biwi bilkul tandurast ho gai.

Isi tarah roz kai log Aap ki baargaah me aate the. Aap un ke liye dua farmaate aur ALLĀH ke fazl se un ki beemaari aur takleef door ho jaati.
Jin logo ki aankho ki roshni kamzor ho gai ho un ki aankho me Aap apna luaabe dahan (thoonk) laga dete to ALLĀH ke fazl se un ki binaai theek ho jaati.

(2) Sholapur me qayaam ke dauraan qahet pada to Sholapur ke governor Mehadi Khan ne Aap ko dua ke liye iltija ki. Aap ne dua farmai to ALLĀH ke fazl se baarish hui.

(3) Nawaab Qamr-ud-deen Ali Khan Nizaam-ul0Mulk Aasif Jahaan Awwal jab Hyderabad aaya to use Subedaar Mubbariz Khan ka saamna karna pada. Us ne Aap ki baargaah me dua ke liye arz ki. Aap ne farmaaya ke ‘Jumeraat ko tumhe tumhare khaime me sandali rang ki haath ki naqsh (chaap) milegi aur is ke baad in shaa Allāh tum fatehyaab ho jaaoge.’

(4) Ek martba ek shakhs Aap ki baargaah me aaya aur Faqr ke baare me daryaaft kiya. Aap ne use jawaab nahi diya. Jab us ne israar kiya to Aap ne aa’ina mangwaaya aur use aa’ine me dekhne ke liye faramaaya. Us shakhs ne jab aa’ine me dekha to use us ki shakl wehshi jaanwar jaisi dikhaai di. Us ne ta’ajjub ke saath Hazrat ko is ki wajah puchhi. Aap ne farmaaya ke ‘Jaisa tumhara baatin hai waise hi tum is aa’ine me nazar aate ho.’
Phir us shakhs ne kaha ‘Mere paas kimiya hai jis se taanbe ko sona bana sakte hain.’ Ye kehkar us ne ek 52 tola ka naaryal nikaala aur us me se khaak nikaalkar pigghle hue taanbe par daali to wo sona ban gaya. Aap ne farmaaya ‘Ye thoda mushkil raasta hai. Tum mujhe taanbe ka tukda do. Main tumhe use sona banaane ka aasaan tareeqa dikhaata hu.’ Us shakhs ne aap ko taanbe ka tukda diya. Aap ne us par apna thoonk daala to wo sona ban gaya. Us shakhs ne is ka raaz puchha to Aap ne farmaaya ke ‘Ye to ALLĀH ta’ala ke naam ki barkat hai.’ Ye sunkar wo shakhs Aap ka mureed ho gaya.
Ek saal baad us shakhs ne Aap se arz ki ke ‘Ek saal tak ibaadat o riyaazat karne ke baad bhi mujhe ilme baatini nahi mila. Aap ne farmaaya ‘Tum ne abhi tak us naaryal ko apne paas hi rakha hai. Us ki wajah se tumhe koi faiz nahi mil raha hai. Durwesh ko hamesha khuda par tawakkal rakhna chaahiye aur peer ke zariye khuda tak pahunchna chaaihiye.’ Ye sunkar us shakhs ne us naaryal ko kunve me phenk diya. Usi raat ALLĀH ta’aka ne use apne faiz aur barkat se nawaaz diya.

Tasannif :
Aap ne ‘Nizaam-ul-Quloob’ naam ki mash’hoor kitaab likhi hai.

Qual :
Agar tum aql waale ho to Paas anfaas ka zikr karte raho ya’ni har saans ke saath ALLĀH ka zikr. Is se tumhe dono jahaan me kaamyaabi milegi. Ye zikr ALLĀH waalo ki talwaar hai jis se wo Shaitaan ki gardan kaat dete hain.

Aap Hazrat Shaikh Kaleemullāh Shaah Jahanabadi rahmatullāhi alaihi ke mureed aur khalifa hain.
Aur ‘Chishti Kaleemi’ silsila ke shaikh hain.

Aap ke 13 khulfa hain jin me (Aap ke saahabzaade) Hazrat Maulana Fakhr-ud-deen Muhib-un-Nabi Dehlawi rahmatullāhi alaihi mash’hoor hain.

Aap ka wisaal 12 Zil Qa’ada 1142 Hijri (28 June 1730 A.D.) ko hua.

Aap ka mazaar Shaah Ganj, Aurangabad (Maharasthra) me hai.

ALLĀH ta’ala us ke Habeeb sallallāhu alaihi wa sallam ke sadqe me
Aur Hazrat Khwaja Nizaam-ud-deen Auliya Aurangabadi rahmatullāhi alaihi aur tamaam Auliya Allāh ke waseele se
Sab ko mukammal ishq e Rasool ata farmae aur Sab ke Eimaan ki hifaazat farmae aur Sab ko nek amal karne ki taufiq ata farmae.
Aur Sab ko dunya wa aakhirat me kaamyaabi ata farmae aur Sab ki nek jaa’iz muraado ko puri farmae.