Hazrat Shah Mohammed Hasan Abu al-Alai r.a


   His father  Hazrat Syed Ghulam Mohammed Hussain was pious personality in Bidar  city and he was  well known and famous great sheikh in Qauderia chain. His genealogy link is connected with Hazrat Moulana Nasir uddin Karablai. His ancestor Hazrat Mulla Jalal was custodian of the royal tombs of kingdom of Bahmani and Baridia kingdom. King Aurganzib Alamgir had granted lands in Chakarpalli Hawali in Bider to his ancestors and still the above grant is available in his family. But he did not  obtain any benefits from the above grant but he had given the same to his family members.

Blessed birth.

   Hazrat Shah Mohammed Hasan was born in the year 1195  A.H. in inside Fatah Darwaza (gate) in Bider district. Upon his birth all great sheikhs and other persons had congratulated his father for the blessed birth of his son.


   Since the childhood there were indications of piousness on his face. As he was pious personality since his childhood and his heart was full of love of Allah. For the above reason there was great dismounting of anwar (light) and tajliat (divine lights) on his heart so due to this reason he was used  to cries out in loud voice and used to become un-conscious.

Early life.

    Since the age of six year he was much interested towards love of Allah and for his extreme love he become famous and well known so for this reason he was used to met the following persons.

1.Salik  (mystic initiate ) of Majzub (one lost in divine meditation)  and

2.poor persons.

  1. Fakirs.

    He used to visit the following pious persons of Bider  city and always he was available in their company and used to get benefits from them.

1.Hazrat Banda Ali Shah Sahib.

  1. Hazrat Habib Shah Sahib.

Early education.

    His early  education  and training  was completed under the  direct supervision  of his father at  his  house. He was completed his studies in books of alternate knowledges in Persian language with help of Maulavi Mohamed Khir ullah Sahib in Bider city. For his studies in Arabic he had taken his mother’s permission and arrived in Hyderabad city from Bider city and in Hyderabad  city  and he was completed his studies in Arabic with the help of great scholars and learned personalities there. He was used to attend Masnavi Sharif  (the spiritual couplets of Maulana Jalal uddin Rumi in Persian language) classes of Hazrat Asfia Sahib on every Thursday and Friday.

Bay’ah (allegiance)

He  made a pledge (Bay’ah) to a Murshid (spiritual master) so then he  becomes initiated as a Murid .Upon completion of his knowledges of zaheri (manifest) he was approached Hazrat Shah Mohammed Qasim (Sheikh Ji Hali) Abu al-Alai in Urdu Sharif street after hearing his fame of wajd (ecstacy) and hall (rapture) and he was  visited him on Tuesday and attended his meeting place and on that day majlis (meeting) of ecstacy was in progress. In that meeting he found faiz (favour) and attention of Sheikh Ji Hali Abu al-Alai for him so there was great change on him just in his one look only so for this reason he was reached to higher level of perfection in Sufism  and also he was become perfect in the knowledge  of batani (innermost) and  he  made a pledge (Bay’ah) to him as  his Murshid (spiritual master)  and  at the time of his  Bay’ah (pledge) the sheikh the recited one line of couplet  and its meaning  is as follows. Due to this reason there was great revelation of secrets on his heart so in this matter he is unable to describe the same.

The event of his caliphate.

   Hazrat Shah Mohammed Shafi Sahib was caliph of Sheikh ji Hali and he is known as Jamadar Sahib and he was died on 20th Ramadan in the year 1255  A.H. When Sheikh  Ji Hali was died  and  before his death  time he was given  general instruction to  all disciples and devotees which  is as follows.

   ‘’To think his company as best and suitable so whatever you want any information  or question ask with him as he is in charge person in his absence.” So as per his spiritual master’s instruction he was benefitted in  the company of Jamadar Sahib. After long time Jamadar Sahib was appointed him as his successor and in this connection the details of the event is as follows.

   Once on the occasion of the Urs (death anniversary) ceremony  Jamadar Sahib   was explaining the details of Marafat (knowledge of Allah) and Haqiq (reality) near the mausoleum of his sheikh and he  was  told  that what to say and to whom he should say in this matter as nobody could not able to understand these matters. So where is Mohammed Hasan and  as he will understand well in this matter and then he was instructed to call him there. So Mohammed Hasan was reached there immediately due to this reason  and  then he was very happy and told the following portion of the Persian couplet about him.

Neha me kund wa zaheri numaid.

   He is hiding himself and  also he is exposing himself and  so its meaning is  that he is hiding himself and  also he is exposing himself and upon this saying he was appointed him as his successor and  then he was adopted his life of loneliness and left his public contact and meetings.  He was become ill due to paralysis in the year 1254 A.H.  and during his illness he has called all his disciples and devotees and told all of them that in all disciples and devotees there is nobody who is eligible for his successor ship and only Mohammed Hasan is best and suitable person in this matter so if you need any help and if you want to ask any question then you should refer him all matters with him. After 2 or 3 hours he has called Mohammed Hasan and when he was came there so he told him as follows.

“ I have confidence and trust in him and all have also confidence and trust in him.”

   Upon his saying the above words he was awarded him his caliphate and was given his permission to him and told  him that from today onwards Mohammed Hasan is my successor. This reference is taken from the book “Latif Baiya”

Genealogy record of caliphs.

  1. Hazrat Shah Mohammed Hasan.
  2. Hazrat Shah Mohamed Qasim alias Sheikh Ji Hali.
  3. Hazrat Shah Mohammed Izzat ullah.
  4. Hart Shah Mohammed Burhan uddin.
  5. Hazrat Shah Farhad.
  6. Hazrat Shah Amir Abu al-Alai.
  7. Hazrat Shah Amir Abu al-Alai.
  8. Hazrat Khaja Amir Abdullah Ahrari.
  9. Hazrat Khaja Yahiah.

 10.Hazrat Khaja Abdul Haque.

      11.Hazrat Khaja Obeid ullah Ahrar.

      12.Hazrat Khaja Yaqub Charqi.

      13.Hazrat Khaja Ala uddin Attar.

       14.Khajagan Hazrat Baha uddin Naqband.

Meetings of Abu al-Alai.

   In his meetings of ecstacy and Masnavi Sharif (the spiritual couplets of Maulana Jalal uddin Rumi in Persian language) there was no permission allowed to strangers. He was used to say that due to presence of strange neighbor there will be effect of modesty on the heart.  In his meetings  he used to ask all his disciples and devotees for meditation and the disciples are  not allowed leave the meeting place without meditation. All his disciples and devotees used to take  his permission from him to bring their relatives and friends in his meetings. In his meetings due to his condition of ecstacy if there will be his favour (faiz) on any  strange  person then such person will become slow and feel restless and there will be condition of ecstacy on him and upon this that person will become his disciples and included in the circle of Abu al-Ali. He used to ask all disciples to attend his meeting of ecstacy with ablution and not to talk with anybody  during  the meeting time and to pay full attention in this matter.

    He was person of revelation and for this reason the persons used to avoid to see him. Some events of his meeting place are mentioned as follows.

1.Once  in his meeting there was session of ecstacy was in progress and Qawwals (choristers) were singing the following part of couplet and its meaning is as follows.


“Asrar Ahmadi se waqif ju nahu hu jai”

   Those who are  not know  secrets of  Ahmed so  they should know in this matter.”

   In the meeting of ecstacy  one Christian person came over there and due to his kind look on him there was great change on him and there were flow tears from his eyes and he was started reciting the above couplet while clapping of his hands. Upon the end of the meeting some persons have contacted him in this matter but it was revealed that the Christian person could not know able to understand their conversation in this matter.

2.Once in the meeting he was in condition of ecstacy and some person were there on the gate of his building and busy in playing and laughing so he was looked at them and for this reason all persons were became mast (intoxicated) and un-conscious  and  also become restless like  the sacrificial animal.


    One night he went to Aland Sharif to visit the mausoleum of Hazrat Ladle Mashiq Ansari and upon his visit  after Eisha (night) prayer he was sat at the side of grave and was started mediation there and his other devotees and friends were stayed outside of the mausoleum and they were waiting for him and they were thinking that he will come out from there after short period of time.  The night was passed away but he did not come out from his meditation and at the time of morning prayer (fajr) he was asked from his mediation that what is portion of night  is still  remaining ?.


   He was died on 22nd Jamid Awwal in the year 1386 A.H. on Thursday at the afternoon time  at the age of 91 years. His funeral prayer was arranged in Makkah mosque in which many thousand persons including many of disciples, devotees, learned and other persons were participated. He was buried after Maghreb  (sun set) prayer in the Friday night. As per his instruction in his funeral procession the persons were reciting the couplets of Hazrat Khaja Baha uddin Naqshband.

Conduct and character.

   He was well known and famous for his following qualities.

  1. Munkir mizaj (polite).
  2. Khaliq (humble).
  3. Halim (tolerant).
  4. Amim( understanding).
  5. Faiz baksh (generous).
  6. He was regular  at the congressional  
  7. He never missed Friday and tahajud prayers (supererogatory  prayers in  the early  hours of morning ) .
  8. He was used to offer Israq prayer (mid-morning prayer) and Chast prayer (mid-morning  prayer) regularly .
  9. He was used to offer Nafïl (supererogatory prayers ) prayer on the occasion of following holy nights .

    10.Meraj night (holy prophet’s accession night ) , Barat night (15th  

        night of Shaban), Qader night (night during which the holy Quran’s

        revelation began  and  this holy night occurring in the last ten days

        of Ramadan)  and on 10th Muherram ( day of tenth Muherarm 

        doubly sanctified by Imam Hussain’s martyrdom).

     11.He used to offer Friday prayer in mosque of Jalu Khana of Munir-

          Ul- Mulk at  Chatta Bazaar.

    12.He was used observe fasting in the month of Rajab, Ramadhan,

         Shawwal, and Muherram.

    13.He was always used to live  in following conditions.

  1. Muhvait (engrossment).
  2. Bekhudi (restlessness).
  3. Istagraq (absorption).
  4. He was spent all his life without marriage.
  5. He has surrendered his lands, economical sources and properties in

       favour of  his brother.

 16.He was used  to like legal food and sidiq miqal (sincere  speech).

 17.He was used  to help the poor and needy persons always.

 18.He was used  to spent his all time in teaching and preaching   


 19.He was used to instruct his disciples and devotees not to touch his foot. And if any person despite of his instruction used to touch his foot then he used to keep his foot away from him.

 20.His sincerity and  sibat  (love) was  so great and equal to all so all persons used to think that the sheikh used to love and like  him more  than other and  also his favour for him and which is  more than others.


1.If fakir desires then he will be away from the following things.

  1. Be away from safa (quality of cleanliness).

2.Be away from dard gir and mahkam gir , it means that he will be away from  firmness and unity.

2.One should  be busy while walking, sitting, standing and at all places and  also in  the meeting places one should be busy in the remembrance  of Allah and in all condition one should not be careless from his status and position and  so  one should be busy always in his works.

  1. That slavery is good which is adopted upon thinking.
  2. There is saying of the murshid (spiritual master) that the thread should not break and also har (garland) of garden of Ibrahim should not break also it means that the remembrance of Allah should be continued always without any interruption and further delay and disturbance.

   One person was used to say him bad words  and he  also was became his enemy and  so he want to kill him. One day by chance he was entered into gate of his building with pistol in his hand  with his intention to kill  him and he was stand there to find a chance to kill him suddenly on the spot. When he was seen  by him and upon his look he  was began shivering and stand there silently without motion.  So for this reason he told him  that “Why he is delaying to complete his work so he should do his work and fulfill his purpose to kill him.” He said him the above  sentence for 3 times but he was stood there silently in the motionless condition and went away from there immediately and never returned back there and never desired to see him again in this matter and changed his mind . He was lived for long life but his hands and neck were suffered due to the problem of the condition of shivering till his death.

2.Mohammed Mazhar uddin Khan was unknown calligraphist  but later  he was become famous and well known and due to his fame he was awarded  title from Hyderabad government as Amir Yar Jung.

   He was his disciple and not known to public and once he was writing something before the sheikh so he told him that he will become great master in calligraphy and his work will be famous and well known. So after some period of period of time he was become great calligraphist in Deccan area  and he was awarded the above title due to sheikh’s kind prayer and favour and the details are mentioned in the above paragraph.

1.As per information of Kisher Wali Saheb that there was problem of his service and he was facing removal from the service due to some  problems. Once the sheikh was going in miyana ( sedan chair) and he was walking with him on the road  and he has  requested his help and favour in this matter. So he told him that now you are walking on foot (pedal)  with him but he will ride soon. After this event  and after  the short period of time he was promoted as jamadar (minor official) and horse was provided for him to move in the city for his service  work.

   His miracles and favours are too many and too much so to write the details about the works and achievements is not easy and will need many volumes to describe. So for this reason some of his miracles and favours are added in this chapter.

    After his death several hundred thousand devotees from near and far, irrespective of religion and beliefs, gather  there to seek blessings  from his mausoleum and till the day of jugdement  his favour and blessing will be available due to kindness and mercy of Allah.


   As per statement of Syed Khair who was son of Qazi Syed Alim uddin that he was suffering due to scorpion bite so he applied sandal of the mausoleum  and  for this reason he was recovered from his problem immediately.




    The sheikh was left this world before  many years ago but since that time  to till date his miracles and favours are  continued and available in the shrine area. 

   It is experience of day and night in shrine area that  the visitors are fulfilled with their desire and wishes  and for needy person it is perfect place for fulfillment their wishes from this shrine. The visitors  from near and far away places in large number will visit the shrine for the fulfillment of their desires and wishes for the sake of  sheikh’s name .

    His spiritual court is most beneficent for the following diseases and problems.

1.All diseases.

2.Evil spirits.


The Urs (death anniversary).


   Every  year on the 21th  Jamid Thani to 22nd Jamid Thani  the Urs ceremony is celebrated. On this occasion people from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed, assemble to celebrate the Urs (death anniversary) which takes place on the above dates of Muslim calendar at the famous mausoleum of  Hazrat Shah Mohammed Hasan  every year.

   Several hundred thousand devotees from near and far, irrespective of religion and beliefs, gather  there to seek blessings and the ceremony of Sandal  is held on 21 Jamid Thani  and on 22nd Jamid Thani the meeting of Samah (ecstacy) is arranged from 4.’0 clock  upto evening prayer  (Maghreb) time and after this prayer lights are the lights are illuminated on the mausoleum. On 23rd Jamid Awwal in the morning time Khatam  (recitation of Quran) meeting is organized and at 10 ‘O clock morning  there will  be ceremony of  Qul ( recitation of verses from holy Quran) recitation will be held in the shrine area and after Maghreb prayer the meeting of Samah (ecstacy)  will be held.

          During the Urs (death anniversary)  the visitors in large number will visit the shrine for the fulfillment of their desires and wishes for the sake of  Sheikh’s name.

    In this way the above ceremonies will be arranged on grand scale  and the visitors  from following  places will visit the mausoleum from near and far away places and details are mentioned as follows.


  1. Districts of Hyderabad.
  2. Many places of India and Pakistan.
  3. Agra.