Hazrat Shah Khamosh Sahib r.a

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Among the heirs of the prophets, he was well known and famous pious personality who belongs to Deccan area and from his favour of knowledge and spiritual influence which was greatly benefitted all of the world and still there is great benefits is being available to the world in the present time. The pious personality’s name is Syed Shah Moinuddin and well know as Shah Qamos and who was Qutub (highest cadre in the spiritual pivot at axis) of his time and who has spent all his life in the teaching and propagation of the knowledge of the manifest and innermost.

So, in brief, he was Qutub (highest cadre in spiritual pivot at axis) of his time in the Deccan (South India) region and who did many great endeavours for the preaching and propagation of in South India and North India and around it and there was no such personality during his time in a Tariqa (spiritual way) of Sufism.

Blessed birth

Hazrat Shah Qamos blessed birth was taken place in the 1204 Hegira year in Bidar city and which is well known as Mohammedabad at that time and his father was master of chain of Chisitya Sufi order and as well as well known learned person. He was much interested in advising and instructions, especially which are available for Taleb (students) and it refers in a Tariqa (spiritual way) of Sufism. .

His ancestor Hazrat Shah Raju Qattal Hussaini Sahib and whose mausoleum is situated in Khuldabad in Aurangabad. Hazrat Shah Qamos Sahib has spent his whole life as a bachelor person. There was find always a veil of coverlet on his face and he will not use to look anybody by turning over his eyes or also he did not look into the eyes of any person and in his life period, he used to live in the condition of silence.

     Hazrat Shah Qamos has left this world on the Monday on 4th Ziqad in the year 1288 Hegira. A large number people in Hyderabad participated in his funeral prayer in Mecca mosque. Hazrat Shah Qamos was a great pious personality and holy person of his time who has worked hard and did endeavor for the strengthen of religion and its faith and he has also done great struggle and hard endeavor for the development of a shrine system in the Deccan area as well as in  North India. He was much interested in the poetry and which he has used for the expression of his deep love of the Noble Prophet (Salla Allahu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa Sallam) and knowledge of revelation. In his poetry, it finds the teaching and preaching of Sufism and spiritualism.

(From book Diwan Shah Qamosh.)

Hazrat Qibla Quddisa sirruh’s blessed birth took placein 1204 al-Hijri In the city of Mohaamadabaad in Bidar Shareef(present Karnataka, India). His Respected Father was from the Mashaiqeen and was a Pir-ut-Tariqa from the Blessed Nizamiyya Chishtiyya Order, his name was Hazrat Khwaja Sayyid Shah MeeraN Hussaini and was popularly known as Hussaini peeraN. Hazrat Qibla’selder brother was Sayyid Shah PeeraN Hussaini Sahab Qibla, and his younger brother was Hazrat Sayyid Shah Waliullah Hussaini and another younger brother was Hazrat Sayyid Shah `Ali Hussaini.

Shauq il Allah:

Once during his childhood days Hazrat Shah Khamosh rahmatullah alaih was playing with some of his agemates. A Sufi Majzoob Hazrat Bandey Ali Shah happened to pass by at that time, he saw the youngHazrat Shah Khamosh rahmatullahalaih playing with his friends and said “You a Tiger are playing with these Jackals?” and made Hazrat Qibla eat some sweet from him.

This incident triggered the beginning of a long quest for the Love of Allah Subhanahu wa t`aala.All the feelings of this young lad were overwhelmed by the quest for Allah and His love.

Dhikr became his favorite occupation. Hazrat Qibla started to spend a lot of time in solitude during which he pursued his thirst for the knowledge of his Beloved Lord, one of the things he deeply studied was the Deewaan of Hazrat Haafiz Sheerazi rahmatullah alaih from which he had unanswered questions and was disconcerted with couplets like

Ba Mai sajada rangeeN kun Garat peer-e-MuGhaaN gaweed
Key saalik bey Khabar nabood az raah-o-rasm manzillaha.

As to what is the “sajada rangi” who is the peer-e-MuGhaaN and what Mai is the Mai which is referred to here?

It was soon that he asked his elder brother Hazrat PeeraN Hussaini permission to travel to further his Quest for the truth in the Path of Allah. Hazrat’sbrother gave him a servant to accompany him and aHorse as a means of conveyance. Hazrat left in his quest for knowledge of his Beloved Allah.

Journey to Ajmer:

As Hazrat Shah Khamosh reached a bit further out from Bidar, he gave the Horse to the servant and asked himto leave and started his journey on foot in his quest which took him first to Ajmer Sharif the place of restof Khwaja-e-Khwaajgaan Hazrat Moinuddin Chishti Rahmatullah alaih. Hazrat qibla remained at the Dargah of the Khwaja for many years doing Dhikr andTazkiyyatun Nafs until he was ordered by the Khwaja himself to go towards Punjab to Manikpur to Hazrat Haafiz Moosa Sahab to obtain the zaahiri faiz of his destiny.

Journey and bayah in Manikpur:

And hence he set on foot to his destination in Manikpur in Punjab. On his way he found a Sufi Shaikh with thousands of followers who at the sight of Hazrat Qibla raised to kiss his feet and said,”You are the one sent to Hafiz Moosa manikpuri and your Shaykh is better than me”. The murideen were puzzled to see their Shaykhs action and when asked about the young man the Shaykh said,” He is a Saayid of Deccan And has been sent by Hazrat Mueenuddin Hassan al-Sanjari – (Khwaja Gharib Nawaz) to further and complete his quest and reach his goal”

Before Hazrat Qibla reached Manikpur Hazrat Haafiz Qibla saw Hazrat Gharib Nawaaz in his dream who said“My child is coming to you Take him with you”.

Hazrat Haafiz woke up from the dream and ordered all his murideen to go to welcome Hazrat qibla ,All the great Khulafa of the Silsila went out to the city limits and welcomed Hazrat Shah Khamosh and entered Manikpur in a Halaqa of Dhikr, when he came to the Khanqah of Hazrat Haafiz he saw the Shaykh himself eagerly waiting for him at the door,the Shaikh immediately embraced Hazrat Shah Khamosh and everyone started crying.Hazrat Shah Khamosh then took Bayah from Hazrat Haafiz rahmatullah alaih. It is recorded by the Khalifah of Hazrat Hafiz, Syed Amanat Ali Sahab that Hazrat Haafiz rahmatullah alaih said that ”Hazrat Shah Khamosh will be like the Nizamuddin Auliya of my Silsila, he will be very generous and Hind and Deccan will benefit from him”

It is recorded in most of Hazrat Shah Khamosh’s Biographies that the Dhikr of Hazrat Shah Khamosh used to be very intense and continuous , It is reported that not a single breath left his body without experiencing the sweet taste of Dhikr. It was due tothis reason that for thirty years of his life he seldom used to talk and used to convey his thoughts by actions and that too very occasionally.

He was then Given khilaafah by Hazrat Haafiz and was ordered to stay in Amroha uptil Hazrat Haafiz’ lifetime and then go and preach and stay in Deccan. Hazrat Haafiz said to Hazrat Shah Khamosh thatHazrat Ghareeb nawaaz has gifted you with the Qutubiyyat of Deccan.

On his arrival in Ajmer Sharif Hazrat Shah Khamosh was taken to the Dargah Sharif by his Vakeel at the Dargah Sharif as per tradition. His name Sahibzada Syed Murad Muhammad. Original handwritten vakalatnameh of Hazrat Shah Khamosh is still preserved in Ajmer Sharif at the Khaneqah. Please add up this piece of information too. Original persian written Vakalatnameh could be seen.


I am honoured to write the biography, details of my ancestor Hazrat Khajwa Syed Moinuddin Hussaini alias Hazrat Syed Khasmos Sahib.
Even though his books of the Diwan (collected odes of single poet) of poetry were published at many native states of India in Hyderabad, Punjab, Amroha and in Moradabad and in the above places it was published, his Diwan many times in which there are found many printing mistakes but those books of poetry were still out of stock and are in running in shortage. I have corrected mistakes, and did explanation of the exegesis of Quranic verses and sayings of the last prophet of Allah in the above poetry book and after this edit work printed the book of Diwan.
His holy birth took place on 4th Rajab 1204 Hegira in city of Mohammabad Bider and his father was a famous Sufi master of the Chishti and Nizami Order and it referring to a person who is committed to a Murshid (spiritual master) in a Tariqa (spiritual path) of Sufism and it is also known as a Salik (Arabic: سَالِك‎) and his name was well known as Hadrat Khajwa Syed shah Meeran Maqdum Hussaini alias Hussaini Peeran. There were three brothers of Hadrat Syed Khasmos Sahib and the details of his brothers are as follows according to the age group.
1. Syed Shah Peeran Hussaini
2. Syed Shah Wali Ullah Hussaini
3. Syed Shah Ali Hussaini
His ancestors
Hazrat Syed Shah Yousuf Hussaini alias Shah Raju Qattal Hussaini whose mausoleum is situated in Quladabad Sharif and whose elder son was Syed Shah Hussain alias Hazrat Khaja Chandan Hussaini and who was caliph of Hazrat Chiragh Dehlavi and the linage of Hazrat Shah Khamos is belonging to his sons. 
The above saint’s younger son’s name is well known as Khaja Bande Nawaz Gesu Daraz Mohammed Mohammed Hussaini on whose mausoleum people from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed, assemble to celebrate the Urs (death anniversary) which takes place on the 15, 16 and 17 days of Zul-Qa`dah of Muslim calendar at the famous Band Nawaz shrine (Dargah) in Gulbarga every year. Several hundred thousand devotees from near and far, irrespective of religion and beliefs, gather there to seek blessings.
One day when Hazrat Shah Khamosh was playing outside of his house along with friends of age mates and at that time one pious person and whose name Bands Ali Majzub Shah was passed from there and he was watching him while playing with the boys and he told him “You are the tiger and you are playing with jackals. ” And he was given to him the salt package which was tied in cloth.
So after this event there was over powering of fondness of Allah upon him. And there were affection and fondness of truth so he began searching for the truth which was increased by him. His interest was began in endeavours and daily recitals as well as invocation of Allah. So for this reason he asked permission with his elder brother Syed Peeran Hussaini Sahib for the journey. So his brother was provided him one horse and fellow disciple for his journey. Before this journey, he has spent some time in the loneliness.
As per the line of the poetry of Hafiz Shirazi that “ His habit was upset with the wine so he does not know what is meaning of the colorful prayer mat and who is the spiritual guide and with wine he does not know which type of wine it belongs.”
Upon covering one destination from Bider, he was handed over the horse to his spiritual fellow disciple and in his thoughtfulness he was reached to the destination by foot journey and visited the mausoleum of Hazrat Khaja Moinuddin Chisti in Ajmare city. And for many years he was there in Ajmare in his attention and endeavours towards there in the mausoleum of Khaja Gharib Nawaz. He was received command by the Sufi master of the subcontinent Hazrat Khaja Moinuddin Chisti to proceed towards Punjab State and he was instructed to go Manikpur where his favour of fate is available there with Hazrat Hafiz Musa Sahib so he should approach with him and get favour from there.So for this reason Hazrat Shah Khamosh Sahib was reached in Punjab by covering the long journey by foot.
When he reached there and he was found one pious Sufi master and he was among a large number of his disciples there and that holy personality saw Hazrat Shah Khamosh Sahib then he immediately put his head on his foot and told him he was sent towards his Mashaiq (learned person) and your master is better than himself. So for this cause all disciples were upset and worried in this matter and asked him who is this young gentleman.?. He said before them that “ He is Sadat (descendant of the prophet’s family) from Deccan (South India) and he was sent by Hazrat Khaja Moinuddin Chisti and who is in search for his purpose. This young gentleman is by birth a person of Velayat (sainthood) and he was sent for the completion of stages of truth of manifest and innermost.”
Before reaching of Hazrat Shah Khamosh Sahib to Manikpur which is in Ambala district Hazrat Hafiz Musa Sahib was seen Khaja Gharib Nawaz in his dream and who told him that his son is coming towards him so take towards him.
Hafiz Musa Sahib was wake up from his dream and he was given instruction to all disciples and persons who were present in the shrine building to go and welcome the young gentleman who was sent by Hazrat Khaja Moinuddin Chisti.So all should go to the village Majary which was two miles away from Manikpur and pay him respect and bring him from there.So many groups of pious caliphs and disciple went to welcome Hazrat Shah Khamosh Sahib to village Majary and all were honoured him and took him in the circle of invocation of Allah and took him in the presence of their spiritual master in Manikpur. 
On the other side Hazrat Hafiz Musa, who was standing at the door of the shrine and waiting for his arrival there. Upon his arrival, he embraced him and all the persons who present there were began weeping. He was granted a special room to stay for him in the shrine building. He was given special respect and status than general disciples and special caliphs and he made him a disciple and so in this way he was entered into the fold of the chain of the Sufi master in Manikpur. Upon his hard endeavours and tasks he was given him his caliphate and permission. 
As per the old system when the custodians of Hazrat Shah Khamosh Sahib from Hyderabad when used to visit Manikpur shrine, then all disciples and persons of the shrine of Hafiz Sahib and village people used to gather two miles away from Manikpur in village Majary in the circle of invocation of Allah to welcome the custodian from Hyderabad and taken them to shrine of Hafiz Sahib in circles of invocation of Allah.
In one biography of Hazrat Shah Khamosh which is printed 60 years ago in which it is mentioned one event that “ Maulvi Amnat Ali, who is the caliph of Hazrat Musa Hafiz heard by his master that Hazrat Shah Khamosh is in his chain and as per favours he is like Hazrat Niazmuddin Auliya Thani and he will be very generous and due to his favours of innermost and manifest (Zaheri) and these benefits which will be get available to the people India and Deccan.”
One another caliph of Hazrat Hafiz Musa said “Moulana Mir Hafiz was seen in the dream Meeran Bhiki Sahib who was the great grandfather of Hazrat Hafiz Musa Sahib who tie-in turban with his hand on the head of Hazrat Shah Khamos Sahib. In the morning he wakes and he was explaining his dream with his master Hafiz Sahib then he was told him that “ There is no surprise as Meeran Bhiki Sahib is tying turban on his head as he accepted one in the shrine of Hazrat Khaja Moinuddin Chisti and who got favour from there and he is messenger from that place.”
In city of Rupad Sharif in which the mausoleum of the spiritual master of Hazrat Hafiz Sahib is there and which is located some miles away from Sarhind and where the room of Hadrat Shah Khamosh Sahib is there and which is famous even today for the fulfillment of desires and wishes of the person who visit his room there and in that room Shah Sahib used to busy in the invocation of Allah and daily recital and endeavours there.
It is made available the information in many biography, books and history books that in the invocation of Allah and recitals, Hazrat Shah Khamos was much connected with his breaths and for this reason even one of his single breath was not passed without invocation of Allah and recitals. For this reason, for a period of 30 years he did not talk to anybody and even by sign he used to talk very less.
Hazrat Syed Amant Ali Katgori and Syed Amant Ali of Amrohi said that “ One day they were standing at the door of room of Hafiz Sahib and at that time large number of people of chain were present there and Hazrat Hafiz was tieing up turban of the caliphate on the head of young gentleman Syed Moinuddin Hussaini and awarded him the status of Qutub (highest cadre in spiritual pivot at axis) of Deccan (South India) and had instructed him to stay in Amroha till his life period and used to visit him from there in every one month or two months time and after his demise to go and stay in the Deccan as per instruction of Hazrat Khaja Moinuddin Chisti and who was awarded him the status of Qutub of Deccan region. His spiritual master has been filled his chest with the knowledge of innermost and manifest and revealed upon him all truths. ”
While going to Amroha he stayed some days in the Delhi and he stays in the Delhi has become well known to all people there. The Mughal dynasty’s last King Bahdur Shah Zafar was paid visit him, he was presented his 21 gold coins to him as his offering. After this he was staying some period of time in Amroha and Allahabad and in these two cities his mosques and shrine buildings are well known and famous among the people in the above cities. In Chandpur, Merat, Amroha and in Allahabad there is a large number of his disciples are available there. From Moradabad he went to visit village Garali, Chandpur, Mansourabad and he was staying there for some short period of time. For some period of time he was given instruction of teaching and preaching to his fellow disciple Ghulam Ali Shah in Amroha. In his absence, he was become in charge of a circle of invocation of Allah and teaching and preaching work there. He was staying for a period of one year in the mosque in Amroha and from there he was shifted to mosque of Balul Khan and in which he was staying for some years there and from there he was shifted in the street of Patwalon and where he was constructed one mosque and shrine building there and that mosque is still famous and well know with the mosque of Shah Khamos Sahib. 
This event was happened one day and which is very well known and famous there that Amant Khan residence of street Katwai in Armorha was organized one function in honour of Hazrat Shah Khamosh Sahib due to his devotion of the Sheikh and he was also arranged a meeting of Samah (ecstasy) and so for this reason large number people came over to his residence where was arranged for the serving of food to all persons and due to a large number of people’s gathering he was worried and upset and due to face reading of Amant Khan the Sheikh of the time was able to know that his worry and asked him to take him at the place of Pakat (fried bread ) and the Sheikh was covered platter of bread with his coverlet and put his Romal (handkerchief) on the cauldron of cooked rice and asked him to starting serving food to the people. Upon eating for all people with full satisfaction, but the food which was prepared was not used at all and it was looking that nothing was not used to serve the people from the cauldrons. Upon seeing this event there was news spread in the city of his miracle and all were surprised in this matter and many thousand people were becoming his disciples in Amroha city due to the above event. Even today large number of disciples of his chain are available in that city due to the grace of Allah and he has stayed there in that city for a period of ten years and where he has performed many thousand miracle and supernatural events there.
Before the death of Hazrat Hafiz Musa Sahib, Hazrat Shah Khasmos Sahib, Maulavi Amanat Ali Shah, Maulavi Hussain Bakash was made palanquin to bring Hafiz Musa Sahib to Amroha from Manikpur and along with palanquin all the above persons went to Manikpur to bring him from there to Amroha. For this reason there was loud and cry in the Manikpur and the people who made loud and cry presented themselves in the presence of Hazrat Hafiz Musa Sahib and they have asked him not to leave from Manikpur. So for this reason Hazrat Hafiz Musa Sahib was entered in a palanquin and he sat there for some time and he was coming out of it and he was asked Hazrat Shah Khamosh Sahib to sit in the palanquin and he was given him instruction to go to Amroha and continue the teaching and preaching mission work there and in this way he sent all caliphates and disciples back to Amroha who have visited Manipur from Amroha.
36. The biography of Hazrat Bagmar Sahib

The mausoleum of Hazrat Bagmar Sahib has located at three kilometers away from Mahaboobnagr city and his connection of great devotion and pledge with Hazrat Syed Shah Abdul Rahman Hussaini of Koil Kunda and who was the grandson of Syed Shah Chanda Hussaini of Gogi Sharif. And Hazrat Syed Shah Asad Allah Hussaini Sher Sawar is one among caliphs and the disciples of Hazrat Syed Shah Abdul Rahman Hussaini, and among general, persons, he is well known and famous as Hazrat Bagmar Sahib. His ancestors and elders belonged to the country Syria. So, for this reason, he was born there. For the preaching and propagation of Islamic mission in India he was migrated to Delhi and from there he was arrived in Hyderabad city and from there he was arrived in Koilkinda and after living for some period of time there he was arrived in Palmur (Mahboobnagar city). And at that time in the Deccan Kingdom of Hyderabad Nizam Mulk Asif Jah first was ruling there, and regarding village Palmur there is coming old tradition that it was included Bugya Smano Lokai Palli and which is four kilometers away from Narayanpet (former Taluq Makhtal).
Hadrat Bagmar used to go four kilometers away from Palamur in the mountain of Chakki and in the adjacent mountains and he was used to spending his time there in the engagement of meditation. He was doing such hard endeavors in meditation and worship that so, for this reason, all grazing animals, beasts and birds of the jungle were becoming close by to him and so he himself used to ride in the jungle area on the tiger. In the above mountain areas, he was used to living along with his disciples and servants in the jungle area. This area was surrounded by thick forest in the jungle. It is possible that he was killed, any tiger in the jungle so for this reason he was becoming well known and famous as Bagmar Sahib.
Hazrat Sher Sawar has left this mortal world on in the year 1780 and he was buried in the mountain area in the jungle where he was used to reside generally there during his life time period.
His disciples and devotees have organized an annual death anniversary. As there is not available correct date of his death so there is coming tradition that in every year in the month of Shaban on the first Tuesday after Shabe Barat (15th night of Shaban) his annual Urs (death anniversary) is being celebrated.
The Urs (death anniversary)
People from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed, assemble to celebrate the Urs (death anniversary) which takes place on the above date of the Muslim calendar at the famous Shrine (Dargah) in Mahbubnagar city every year. Several hundred thousand devotees from near and far, irrespective of religion and beliefs, gather there to seek blessings. His grave is in Mahboonagar which is famous even today for the fulfillment of desire and wishes of the persons who visit his grave.
To write about this great Sufi saint and great preacher is not only it is difficult and but it is very hard task as he was not only a great pious personality of his time in the area of the Deccan (South India) but he was also a great Sufi master so, in brief, he was a pious personality of his time in the Deccan region. As for a long time he was engaged in religious discourses, sermons, and spiritual training of the people and he did also many great endeavors for the preaching and propagation work of Islam in Deccan (South India) and around this region and there was no such personality during his time.
As per research and history record it can be said that he was among pioneers of Sufi masters who was migrated from a foreign country into the Deccan area and who started teaching and preaching of the Islamic mission in the old Deccan area and due to his hard endeavors and efforts large numbers of people accepted the religion of Islam in the olden days in the Deccan area