Hazrat Khwaja Ubaidullah Ahrar -RA

Khwaja Ubaidullah al-Ahrar (806-895H, 1404-1490AD).
Khwaja Ahrar is one of the Naqshbandi Aqtab on the level of Khwajagan, born in city of Shash (current Tashkent) and passed away in Samarkand where he was buried.

He summarised whole religion when he was describing the tareeqah (Tasawwuf). He said;
The essence of ”Ibadah” is tranquillity in submission that occurred in the heart of a Human as a result of witnessing the Glory of God.
And gaining this happiness conditioned by loving God.
And that is gained by following the Prophet PBUH, which depends on knowing the path..
That’s why there is no way but company of the scholars who are hires of the religious knowledges, and receiving the Beneficial Knowledges from them until gaining the Sacred knowledge which is conditioned by following the Prophet PBUH. And no way but avoiding the Evil Scholars who are using the Religion to gain a wealth and reputation. And avoiding the Sufis who don’t care about Halal and Haram. And avoiding the issues which is opposing the believes of Ahl Sunnah wal-Jamaahah. And avoiding the difficult confusing issues of Theology and Tasawwuf.

The Sufi letters (Maktūbāt) of Hazrat Khwājā Ubaydullāh Ahrār quddis sirruhū (1404-1490 CE) have been recently published and translated by Jo-Ann Gross, professor of history at the College of New Jersey. This is the first ever publication of these letters which contains Persian text and English translation. She has written an excellent introduction to the very rare and original manuscript containing the letters of Khwājā Ahrār and his deputies (khulafā). The manuscript is currently present in Uzbekistan and contains the original letters pasted onto the pages of the manuscript. The images of the handwritten letters in the manuscript are also provided in full. The book is available here:

Here I present a few selected letters for the readers, under the right of fair use. These were written to the then king and contain advice to the sultān to establish the rule of Sharī’a.