Hazrat Khawaja Mohkam Din Serani رحمتہ اللہ علیہ

  • Name: Hazrat Mohammad Abdullah (R.A.)
  • Titles: Hazrat Khwaja Mohkam Din Serani (R.A.)
  • Silsila: 
  • Predecessor: Hazrat Khwaja Abdul Khaliq (R.A.)
  • Successor: 
  • Date of Birth: 1137 hijri (Islamic calendar) 1716
  • Date of Wisaal: 5th Rabi-Us-Sani, 1197 Hijri (Islamic calendar) 1776 
  • Date of Urs: 1st To 5th Rabi-Us-Sani
  • Resting at: Dhoraji, District – Rajkot, Gujarat, India
Hazrat Khwaja Mohkam Din Serani (R.A) was born on 1137 Hijri – 1716 (Islamic calendar), on his birth his name was Mohammad Abdullah but later on he was know as Mohkum Din Serani (R.A).
Hazrat Khwaja Mohkam Din Serani (R.A) was born on 1137 Hijri (Islamic calendar) 1716. In his early age he had a great interest in religion. Khwaja Mohkam Din Serani completed his religious education at the age of 12, and then moved to Delhi with his Cousin Hazrat Khwaja Abdul Khaliq (he was Murshid of Serani Sahab). Mostly people don’t know the name of Hazrat Khwaja Mohkam Din Serani as his early age name was Abdullah, later it was changed to Mohkam Din and Serani was his Lakab (Title).
Hazrat Khwaja Mohkam Din Serani (R.A) died caused by poison given in Dhoraji (Kathiawar, India). Khalifa Abu Talib and Sheikh Nathu sent the news of death. It is said that Hafiz Koki gave poison twice but Hazrat Khwaja Mohkam Din Serani drank it and said it’s not the time of death, but when he gave the poison third time Hazrat Khwaja Mohkam Din Serani drank it and said now, it’s the time and then poison started working and then he gave Rs.10 to Hafiz Koki (Rs.5 for Kafan and Rs.5 to spent in the way of Allah) and died on 5th Rabi-Us-Sani 1197 Hijri (Islamic calendar) 1776.
Hazrat Khwaja Mohkam Din Serani (R.A) Mazar Sharif is in Dhoraji, District – Rajkot, Gujarat, India.
Hazrat Baba Mohkam Din Sahib
Jagraon Ki “Roshni Waley Pir”
Rahmatullah –e-Alaihi
There is a present of Aulia-e Kiram in each and every part of the world. They spread
the name of Allah
and always try to help the people by all means, sometimes with prays and
sometimes literally by
their financial means. The mission of their life is to help people to get them out of
suffering and to
share their problems. Their basic teaching is “Love” with everyone as we are all
children of Adam and
One of such sacred and holy Wali Ullah(Friend of Allah) was Baba Mohkam Din
His place of birth is not known but he came from Farid Kot in 1857 A.D and settled
down in Jagraon, in
District of Ludhiana. There he spend all his life until he passed away in the year of
1913 A.D.
He was Bai’at (Initiated) by Pir Muhammad Amin Sahib of Sirhind Sharif in the
Naqshbandi Order.
He was married twice, first with Mai Sarah(RA) then with Mai Deena(RA). Bibi Mai
Sarah is buried right
next to Baba Sahib’s Mazar and Mai Deena’s Mazar is at a short distance from there
and is very
beautifully constructed in a vast and open ground.
Hazrat Baba Sahib had no child from either of them. Baba Sahib was very much
inclined towards Syed
Hameeray Shah Sahib(RA). Syed Hameeray Shah Sahib was one of the descendents
of The Holy Prophet
Hazrat Muhammad ur Rasool Ullah (SAS) and a resident of Jagraon Sharif, where he
used to practice
Medicine (Hakim) and was famous of having cure and blessings in his hands. He was
very pious always
helping poor people.
Hazrat Baba Mohkam Din Sahib adopted Hameeray Shah Sahib as his son
(mutabannah) and also
announced him as his Khalifa e Akbar and Sajjada Nashin in his life time.
The Raja (Ruler) of Gawalior came to pay his respect to Baba Sahib and requested
to pray for a son
Because he did not have any Heir to take over his kingdom after he dies. Baba
Sahib prayed for him and
gave Maharaja the good news that soon Almighty Allah will bless him with a son,
who will become
The Ruler of Gawalior after him. The Lord listen to his prayers and after a short while
a Prince was born
in the Palace of Gawalior. The Maharaja came to Jagraon Sharif to thank Baba Sahib
and get blessings
from him. The Maharaja built a great Khanqah and lot of guest rooms for the
Baba Sahib was buried in the same Khanqah when he died in 1913 A.D. The top of
the Tomb of the
Mazar (Shrine) was made of pure gold.
His annual Urs Mubarik (Anniversary) is celebrated on 13th of the month of Phagan
and stays for about
a week, which is known as “Roshni ka Mela” or “Jagrawan di Roshni”. People of all
sects and religions
come from all over India to pay their respects and receive blessings (Faiz) from a
Great Wali of his time.
Hazrat Ghaus Ali Shah Qalandar (RA) of Pani Pat heard the fame of Baba Sahib so
came to visit him
As it is mentioned in “Tazkara e Ghausia” written by His Khalifa Hazrat Gul Hassan
The Urs of Baba Sahib used to last for the whole week before the Partition of India
and Pakistan but now
It lasts only for three days. Hundreds of thousands of people may be witnessed
coming to the Mazar
Sharif. The people especially pray for a child which is heard by Allah(SWT)
After the Wisal (death) of Baba Sahib(RA), Hazrat Syed Hameeray Shah Sahib(RA)
became the Sajjada
Nashin of the Mazar Sharif, and he also became the owner of all the property which
was attached to the
Mazar Sharif directly or indirectly, including The Residence of Baba Sahib in Agwar
Gujran as well as The
Mazar of Bibi Sahiba Mai Deena, all property adjoined and surrounding The Khanqah
Sharif itself.
The residence of Baba Sahib well known in the public as Hawailey Baba Mohkam Din
(RA) where his
Hujra Mubarik is still in contact in the Agwar Gujran. The Holy Quran which Baba
Sahib (RA) recited
all his life is still in The Hujra Mubarik.
Baba Mohkam Din (RA) had declared the following Khulafas and granted them the
Ijaza of the
Naqshbandi Order:
1. Hazrat Syed Hameeray Shah Sahib (RA) Khalifa e Akbar and his Mutabannah (
Mazar in Jagraon
Buried next to Baba Sahib in a separate and high tomb.
2. Hazrat Majnoon Shah Sahib (He was majzoob and was sent to Gawalior)
3. Hazrat Ahmad Shah Sahib, Qutbul Madar (RA), Machhi Waal (RA) Mazar in
Agra, India
4. Hazrat Abdullah Shah Sahib (RA)
5. Hazrat Rahmat Shah Sahib (RA)
Syed Hameeray Shah Sahib had only one daughter named Sayyida Jannat Bibi. She
was married to
Maulvi Mazhar Hassan (Advocate) who was a resident of Civil Lines, Ludhiana. A
road was named after
his name as Maulvi Mazhar Hassan Road. Maulvi Mazhar Hassan was the son of
Maulvi Karim Bakhsh
(Advocate). Who was the First Muslim Lawyer of Ludhiana._
Maulvi Mazhar Hassan became the Sajjada Nashin of Hazrat Mohkam Din Sahib after
the death of
Syed Hameeray Shah Sahib (RA)
In the year 1947 when India was split and Pakistan came into existence Maulvi
Mazhar Hassan Sahib
migrated to the city of Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab, Pakistan where he inherited about
4,500 acres of land
from his father.
He had two sons and a daughter from Sayyeda Jannat Bibi. The names are(Hafiz)
Mehdi Hassan,
Nurul Hassan and Badar Akhtar.
Maulvi Mazhar Hassan and Sayyeda Jannat Bibi had three children out of their
wedlock. Two boys and a
girl , named Mehdi Hassan, Nurul Hassan and Badar Akhtar. Nurul Hassan was born
around the Fajar Time and it was dark all around, but as soon as he was born the
whole room was filled with Light (NUR). When Maulvi Mazhar Hassan called the
Sajjada Nashin of Hazrat Khawaja Sulaiman Taunsvi (RA) at Taunsa Sharif (D.G.
Khan) he was told that it was the day of Urs e Mubarik of Hazrat Khawaja Nur
Muhammad Maharvi (RA) of Chishtian Sharif. In that respect the newborn was
named Nurul Hassan.
Nurul Hassan Sahib was a very learned person. He Graduated from Agriculture
College, Faisalabad in 1942 (Now University). That was his professional journey but
he learned the Quran and other religious studies in Ludhiana. He learned a lot from
his father as well as from his grandfather. He was just a few years old when his
mother Sayyeda Jannat Bibi passed away. This was very painful for him but that was
Allah’s will. May Allah bless her soul, sanctify her soul and perfume her grave.
Nurul Hassan Sahib had a grasp of knowledge, of this world and thereafter. He had a
great sense of humor which never diminished until he passed away. He use to recite
The Quran Sharif on a regular daily basis along with his other Wazaif. He knew
Quran so much that he can correct others just by listening and translating and
explaining what the Ayats meant. He will quote Ahadith during his conversation. He
was always the center of any gathering around.
When he speaks everyone listened. He was a charismatic speaker.
He will read Persian, Urdu and Punjabi verses of the great sufis relevant to the topic
of discussion which made his discourses touching your hearts.
He was an honest person and never took any bribe in his life. He set this example
for us so we can follow his footsteps. Though many times he suffered because of his
honesty. Today what we are is because of him. If he did no not set his high
standards and showed us the right path, I do not know where would we be standing
One strange thing I observe throughout my life that whenever I faced any trouble or
going through any painful times I came and mentioned that to my father, just by
mentioning and sharing with him my worries always vanished immediately and I
became satisfied in my heart and mind. Just by listening or sometimes saying a few
words will change my world. I cannot explain but it always changed my heart, filled
with peace and serenity. When he left us and gone to the Almighty to continue his
journey I felt a great vacuum in myself which can never be filled.
May Allah bless his soul (Amen)
Alqaab :
Qutb-e-Dhoraji, Shehanshaah-e-Saurashtra, Mehboob-e-Rasool, Shams-ul-Aarifeen.

Aap ki wilaadat 1137 Hijri (1716 A.D.) me hui.

Aap ne Lahore me sirf 16 saal ki umr me apni ta’aleem puri kar li thi aur Hazrat Allama Taftaazani ki kitaab ‘Sharh Aqaaid’ bhi puri kar li thi.
Us ke baad Aap Delhi tashreef laaye aur Hazrat Maulana Fakhr-ud-deen Chishti Dehlawi rahmatullāhi alaihi ke Madrase me Uloome Arabiya ki ta’aleem hasil ki.

Bahawalpur me Madrasa e Arabiya ke ustaad Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Mithan Kot waale ‘Sharahe Aqaaide Nasafi’ ke Mushkil maqaamat ka hal Aap se hi karaate the.

Aap Hanafi mazhab ke muqallid the.

Hazrat Khwaja Qutb-e-Aalam Abdul Khaaliq Qaadri rahmatullāhi alaihi se Bai’at ki.

Aap ke Peer ne Aap ko mujaahida wa riyaazat karne ke liye farmaaya. Aap ne Chanvli shareef jaakar Chilla kiya. Jab Chille ki mukammal karke Aap roza iftaari ke liye baahar tashrif laaye to achaanak ek Buzurg Aap ke paas aaye. Un ke haath me Bor the. Aap ko dekar farmaaya ke “Lijiye, Is se roza iftaar kijiye.” Aap ne un se puchha ke “Aap ko kaise pata chala ke mujhe Bor khaane ki khwaahish hui hai?”
Buzurg ne farmaaya “Main Khizr alaihis salaam hu. Aur mera apna kaam karne ke liye aaya hu.” Aap ko wo bor dekar Khizr alaihis salaam gaa’ib ho gaye. Aap ne unhi bor se roza iftaar kiya.
Baad me Aap apne Peer o murshid ke paas haazir hue to saari haqeeqat unhe bataai. Aap ke Peer ne farmaaya ke “Ab tum Sair o siyaahat ke liye rawaana ho jaao.”

Aap ne Hazrat Khwaja Uwais Qarni radiy-Allāhu anhu se faiz e roohaani haasil kiya.

Jab Aap ne Huzoor sallallāhu alaihi wa sallam ke Roza e aqdas par haazir ho kar Salaam arz kiya to Qabr mubarak se jawaab aaya ke “Wa Alaikum assalaam Ya Mehboob.” Is jawab se Aap par behoshi taari ho gai.
Kuchh der ke baad Roza mubarak ke Khaadim ko irshaad hua ke “Hamare Mehboob ko hamare Roza e paak ke andar bhejo”. Foran hi Khaadim Aap ko Huzoor Sarware Kaunain sallallāhu alaihi wa sallam ke mazaar e aqdas ke paas le gaye. Khaadim wahi darwaaze par khade rahe aur kaha ke “Aap ko hi andar aane ka hukm hai lihaaza Aap hi andar tashreef le jaaye.”
Aap Roza e Paak ke andar daakhil hue aur bahot der ke baad waapas baahar tashreef laaye to Aap ke sar par Silsila e Uwaisiya ki dastaar bandhi hui thi. Is tarah Aap Silsila e Uwaisiya ke taajdaar aur Mehboob e Rasool hue.

Jab Aap safar karte hue Dhoraji (Gujarat) tashreef laaye to namaaze asr ka waqt tha. Dhoraji me sirf ek ‘Ghani miyan ki masjid’ chhoti si masjid thi. Aap waha pahunche aur azaan dene ke liye ek kone me gaye to waha ke Moazzin ne Aap se kaha “Yaha bilkul dheemi aawaaz me azaan dete hain. Kyun ki yaha khatra hai key aha ke Raajput jaan se maar daalenge.”
Aap ko jalaal aa gaya aur azaan dena shuru kiya. Azaan ki aawaaz sun kar Raajput talwaare lekar Masjid ke paas jama ho gaye magar masjid se 40 qadam door thehar gaye. Azaan de kar Aap ne un par ek jalaal bhari nigaah daali to saare Kaafir kaanpne lage.
Achanak usi waqt ek ghode sawaar un Raajputo ke paas aaya aur kehne laga ke “Jaldi chalo. Pados ke Gaanv ke Raaja Jaam Vibha hum par hamla karne aa raha hai.” Yeh sun kar saare Raajput dushmano se ladne ke liye Dhoraji se do meel door Bhaadar nadi ke kinaare gaye. Aur aapas me ladkar sab mare gaye. Is tarah Aap ke qadmo ki barkat se Dhoraji me Kaafiro ka khauf door hua.

Aap ki zindagi ka zyada tar hissa Sair o siyaahat me hi nikla. Isi liye Aap ‘Sairaani [ya’ani Sair karne waale] ke laqab se mash’hoor hain.

Aap ki sawaari ke liye ek ghoda aur ek oont hamesha tayyaar rehte aur un ki dekh bhaal Yousuf Naami Aap ke mureed kiya karte the. Aap ke ghode ka naam Tawakkal aur oont ka naam Durgaahi tha.

Karaamat :
(1) Ek martaba Aap Dehli ki ek masjid me namaaz padh rahe the. Waha us masjid ke Imaam aur ek Taalib e ilm ke bich Huzoor Rasool-Allāh sallallāhu alaihi wa sallam ke safare Me’araaj ke ta’alluq se bahes ho rahi thi ke “Huzoor sallallāhu alaihi wa sallam aasmaano par kaise gaye jab ke na to aasmaan me koi chhed hua na to Huzoor sallallāhu alaihi wa sallam ke jisme paak par koi aṡar to Huzoor sallallāhu alaihi wa sallam aasmaan se aage kaise tashreef le gaye?”
Namaaz se faarigh ho kar Aap un dono ke paas gaye aur farmaaya ke “Aap Huzoor sallallāhu alaihi wa sallam ki Me’araaj shareef ke is raaz ko jaanna chaahte hain? Laao, ek paani ka piyaala bhar kar laao.”
Aap ke saamne paani ka piyaala pesh kiya. Aap ne us me ek chhota kankar daala. Phir farmaaya ke “Dekho jis tarah yeh kankar paani ke aar paar chala gaya, na to paani me chhed hua aur na hi kankar ko kuchh hua. Isi tarah Huzoor sallallāhu alaihi wa sallam ka bhi aasmaano me jaana hume samajhna hai. Agar Aap ko is se bhi zyada khulaasa karna hai to Aap dono masjid ke baahar chale jaao aur masjid ka darwaaza band kar lo aur baahar jaa kar mujhe bulaao.”
Dono ne baahar jaakar masjid ka darwaaza band kiya aur Aap ko aawaaz di. Jaise hi unho ne aawaaz di to Aap darwaaze ke aar paar hote hue baahar tashreef laaye. Na to darwaaza toota na khula, na hi Aap ke jisme paak par uska kuchh aṡar hua.
Baahar aa kar Aap ne farmaaya “Huzoor sallallāhu alaihi wa sallam ka yeh adna ghulaam ALLĀH ke fazl se band darwaaze me se nikal sakta hai to Huzoor Nabi e kareem sallallāhu alaihi wa sallam aasmaano ko paar karte hue aage chale jaaye is me koi ta’ajjub ki baat nahi hai.”

(2) Ek martaba Aap ek khet se guzar rahe the. Us khet ke maalik zameendaar ne Aap ko dekh kar Aap ko apne paas bulaane ke liye ishaara kiya. Lekin Aap kaif ke aalam me chalte jaa rahe the. Yeh dekh kar us zameendaar ko ghussa aaya aur us ne kaha “Aye Dalle! Khada reh.” Ye sun kar Aap rook gaye aur apne khaadim se puchha ke “Yeh kya kehta hai?” Aap ke Khaadim ne arz kiya “Huzoor! Jo Aashiq o Maashooq ko milwaata hai use Dalla kehte hain.” Aap ne farmaaya ke “Is zameendaar ne mujhe jis ma’ane me bhi Dalla kaha ho main is ke kehne ko pura kar ke dikhaata hu.”
Itna farma kar Aap ne apni nigaah e faiz us zameendaar par daali. Foran uska Qalb ma’arifat ke noor se roshan ho gaya. Aap ne use Khuda se milva diya aur woh shakhs apne zamaane ka Wali e kaamil ho gaya.

(3) Ek martaba Aap ek kunve ke paas baith kar wuzu kar rahe the aur phir paani ke chhinte udaane lage. Kunve ke maalik ne ye dekh kar Aap ko is tarah karne se mana kiya. Lekin chunki Aap par Wajdaani kaifiyat taari thi is liye Aap waisa hi karte rahe.
Ye dekh kar kunve ke maalik ko ghussa aaya aur us ne ek laathi lekar Aap ke sar par de maari. Aap ke sare mubarak se khoon niklne laga aur Aap ka chehra surkh ho gaya.
Aap ne us ki taraf tawajjoh ki aur farmaaya ke “Tum ne mujhe ranga hai, aao hum bhi tumhe rang den.” Foran woh shakhs Aap ke qadmo gir kar islaam se musharraf ho gaya.

(4) Ek martaba Aap safar karte hue Singalgadh naami maqaam par pahunche jo ek pahaadi ilaaqa tha. Us gaanv me ek Saadhu apni jagah jamaae hue baitha tha. Aap ko aata dekhkar us Saadhu ne Aap ko bulaaya. Aap uske paas tashreef le gae. Saadhu ne kaha ke “Agar Aap mujhe Wali ho to mujhe apni koi Karaamat dikhaao.” Aap ne farmaaya “Main to ek Faqeer hu. Agar tumhare paas koi kamaal ho to wo hame dikhaao.”
Us Saadhu ne kaha ke “Dekho, Abhi main tumhare saamne baitha hu. Mujh par nazar jamaae rakho.”. Dekhte hi dekhte woh Saadhu nazro se gaa’ib ho gaya aur kuchh der baad phir apni jagah par maujood tha.
Aap ne us ko puchha ke “Tujhe yeh taaqat kaise haasil hui?” Us ne kaha “Apni khwashishaate nafsaani ko maar dene se.” Aap ne farmaaya ke “Main tujhe Islaam ki daawat deta hu. Bataao yeh tumhare nafs ke mutaabiq achha hai ya bura?” Saadhu ne kaha ke “Mere Nafs ke mutaabiq to bura hai.” Aap ne farmaya “Phir to apne hi zaabte ke hisaab se tumhe Islaam qubool kar lena chaahiye. Kyun ki tum keh rahe ho ke tumhe yeh kamaal tumhari khwaahishaat ke khilaaf kaam karne par haasil hua hai aur tumhara nafs ye chaahta hai ke tum abhi Islaam qubool na karo to tumhe uski mukhaalifat karte hue qubool kar lena chaahiye.” Ye sun kar woh Saadhu khaamosh ho gaya.
Phir Aapane farmaaya ke “Ab phir se tum tumhara kuchh kamaal dikhaao.” Us ne bahot koshish ki lekin kuchh na kar saka. Aakhir thak kar woh Aap ke qadmo me gir pada aur musharraf ba Islaam ho gaya. Aap ne us ka naam Abdus Salaam rakha. Baad me woh Aap ke Khalifa hue.

(5) Ek martaba dauraane safar Aap ne ek masjid me qayaam kiya. Aap ka Oont ne masjid ki Jhaadiyo me charne laga. Masjid ke ek Khaadim ne aa kar Aap ko yeh baat bataai to Aap ne Masjid me hi baithe baithe oont ki jaanib dekh kar farmaaya ke “Durgaahi! Yeh Jhaadi masjid ki hai, kya ise khaana durust hai?” Jaise hi oont ne yeh suna woh foran hi charna chhod kar masjid ke sahen se baahar nikal gaya.

Aap Hazrat Khwaja Qutb-e-Aalam Abdul Khaaliq Qaadri rahmatullāhi alaihi ke mureed aur khalifa hain.

Aap ke khalifa :
Hazrat Khwaja Abdus Salaam rahmatullāhi alaihi.

Aap ka wisaal 5 Rabi-uṡ-ṡaani 1197 Hijri (1776 A.D.) ko hua.

Aap ka mazaar Dhoraji (Gujarat) me hai.

ALLĀH ta’ala us ke Habeeb sallallāhu alaihi wa sallam ke sadqe me
Aur Hazrat Khwaja Mohkam-ud-deen Abdullāh Sairani rahmatullāhi alaihi aur tamaam Auliya Allāh ke waseele se
Sab ko mukammal ishq e Rasool ata farmae aur Sab ke Eimaan ki hifaazat farmae aur Sab ko nek amal karne ki taufiq ata farmae.
Aur Sab ko dunya wa aakhirat me kaamyaabi ata farmae aur Sab ki nek jaa’iz muraado ko puri farmae.