Hazrat Khalifa Qamar Zaman r.a

Khalifa of Nerian Shareef, Hazrat Khalifa Qamar Zaman Naqsbandi (ra) was born in 1949 in District Kotli (Azad Kashmir).  His father Hazrat Muhammad Wazir (ra), who spent his free time in the rememberance of Allah (swt) and served and defended his country as a soldier of the army. Whilst in the army he embarked on a journey to Baghdad Shareef in order to pledge his spiritual link to the dargh of Al-Ghawth al-A’zam. Hazrat Muhammad Wazir (ra) who firmly followed the path of shariah often prioritised pleasing the creator and encouraged this to all his loved ones including his children. Like all children Hazrat Khalifa Qamar Zaman’s role model was his blessed father.

Hazrat Khalifa Qamar Zaman Naqshbandi (ra) became a mureed of Shaykh Ul Alim Hazrat Pir Muhammad Alaudeen Siddiqui Naqshbandi (mz) at a very young age. One of the most blessed qualities of Hazrat Khalifa Qamar Zaman Naqshbandi (ra) was that he was firm and steadfast on the blessed Shari’ah and did not allow anything to come between him and Islam. He was lost and engaged in the love of his creator and the blessed Nabi Muhammad peace and blessing be upon him. He often used to teach that the foundation of our life is loving the beloved Messenger of Allah. He was also firm in the Prophetic Way and woke in the later hours of the night in order to call out in the form of supplication to his Creator for the betterment and forgiveness of the Ummah of his Master Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him.

(Hazrat Khalifa Qamar Zaman ra)

When seeing great qualities within Hazrat Khalifa Qamar Zaman (ra) his beloved Shaykh gave him ijaza in becoming the Shaykh of the Naqshbandi tareeqah. It must be noted that Hazrat Khalifa Qamar Zaman Naqshbandi (ra) did not make anyone mureed or give khilafat to anyone. It is related that when anyone came to him for the purpose of becoming a mureed, he would direct them towards Hazrat Pir Alaudeen Siddiqui (mz) with the love and respect of his Shaykh.

When achieving this milestone, he often out of modesty would say “I am none worthy of this achievement, whatever I have gained is through the supplications of my parents, Shaykh and loved ones.”

Hazrat Khalifa Qamar Zaman (ra) began his dawah work within his community and often arranged platforms in order to reform character in the hope of making the community true ambassadors of Islam. He would arrange and lead zikr gatherings and often teach that “the zikr is the nutrition of the soul”

Hazrat Khalifa Qamar Zaman (ra) was a true promoter of the Mawlid-Un-Nabi and would make it his wazaif to celebrate the Mawlid of Rasoollalah Sallalahualayhiwasalam. His other wazaif would consist of finishing the Holy Quran on a weekly basis and would propagate that the recitation of the Holy Quran is the peace of the mind and heart, and also the cure to trials and tribulations of today.

A man of wisdom who often simplified complicated issues. He often taught with simplified quotes and sayings from which I will mention a few for barakha:

1. The motive of ALL evil Is Love for this world, detach yourselves from here and attach yourselves to our master Muhammad peace and blessing be upon him and watch your attachment lead you to success & to be positively recognised by your creator Allah swt.

2. SALAH is a direct communication to Allah & the cure to ALL hurdles.

3. Zikr of Allah is the nutrition of the soul.

4. Cleanse your heart before you start.

5. If you want to become a true man of Allah then become the lover of Muhammad, whose love creates Walis from sinful laymen.

6. Seek Allah amongst ALL distractions & you shall achieve your purpose of life.

7. Where ever Allah’s Lordship occurs no doubt that is where Muhammad’s Prophecy exists.

8. A true man of Allah can teach even in silence.

9. I killed my inner self when I heard death is the only thing that comes between me and you Ya Rasoolalah

10. You lose the world & the world shall find you.

Hazrat Khalifa Qamar Zaman’s last Holy journey to the sacred lands of Makkah and Madina was little over a month before his passing away. He seen a dream in which the greatest companion of Rasoollalah Sallalahualayhiwasalam and the Master of the Naqshbandi tareeqah Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (ra) appeared and ORDERED Hazrat Khalifa Qamar Zaman (ra) to visit the sacred lands to perform Umrah not knowing to Hazrat Khalifa Qamar Zaman (ra) that this would be his last journey. Following strict orders his began his journey. Soon after the Holy Journey, Hazrat Khalifa Qamar Zaman (ra) left for Pakistan for the Annual Urs of his Grand Shaykh Hazrat Ghulaam Mohiudeen Ghaznavi Nervi (ra).

Hazrat Khalifa Qamar Zaman (ra) passed away on Friday 20th Rajab 1431 soon after praying Maghrib Salah aged 61 years. He left this world towards the hereafter and like this the light that had brightened the hearts of many by removing the darkness of sins through the recitation of Allah Hu, had come to rest in the love of the Master. His blessed Mazaar Sharif is in the small village of Dhanna, Kotli, Kashmir, Pakistan. – Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Raji’oon!!

(A Picture from the funeral of Hazrat Khalifa Qamar Zaman) 

Hazrat Khalifa Qamar Zaman (ra) often encouraged his family and loved ones to continue his mission after his passing. This Institute is dedicated and named after a true inspiration and true friend of Allah swt. With his mission in mind, we continue to follow his Sunnah inshaa-Allah.

(Shrine of Hazrat Khalifa Qamar Zaman ra)