Hazrat Jafer Bin Aqeel (A.S)

Ja’far ibn Aqeel (in Arabic: جعفر بن عقيل) was the son of Aqeel ibn Abi Talib,[1][2] and his mother was Umm-Thaqr as the daughter of Amer—Hesam ibn Ameri—who was from Bani Kilab.[3][4] Meanwhile, he was the son-in-law of Ali ibn Abi Talib.[5]

Ja’far is considered as one of Hussain’s companions; he entered the battlefield after Abdullah ibn Moslem,[6]and he killed 2 (or 15) fighters of the army of Omar Saad.[7] He was killed by Boshr ibn Hoot Hamdani[8] or Khalid bin Asad al Johani in (the battle of) Karbala[9] on the day of Ashura when he was with Hussain ibn Ali.[10][11]

Ja’far ibn Aqeel was reciting the following epic verses in the battlefield:

“I am an Abtahi (Makki) young and am from Talib descendant, (I am) from the descendant of Hashim and Qalib;
and without doubt we are the master of grandee, this is Hussain the master of cleaners”[12][13]
Additionally, the name of Ja’far ibn Aqeel ibn Abi Talib has been mentioned in Ziyarah al-Nahiya al-Muqaddasa and also Ziyarah al-Rajabiyyah.[14]

Martyrdom of Ja’far bin Aqeel bin Abi Talib

His mother was Ummus Saghar, the daughter of Amir, from the clan of Bani Kilab. While some say that his mother was Khawsa’, the daughter of ‘Amr bin Amir Kilabi.

He stepped into the battlefield saying, “I am a youth of the valley, a wanderer, I am from the family of Hashim, the predominant, and verily we are the masters, this is Husayn the most sanctified among all sacred”.

Abdullah bin Urwah Khas’ami shot an arrow at him and killed him. (May Allah’s Mercy and Blessings be upon him).

It is stated in Manaqib, that he put to sword two men, while others say that he killed fifteen horsemen and Bashr bin Sawt Hamadani killed him.