Hazrat Ahmad ibn Abi ‘l-Hawari r.a

He was a famous saint of Islamic law and mysticism. He possessed many other qualities in him and as per the saying of a writer he was sweet basil of Syria.

He was disciple of Suleiman Darai and he also acquired

knowledge from Suafian Bin Ayena. There was so much effect in his preaching. After attaining knowledge he used to busy in the study of books but afterwards he has thrown all books in the river and he told “After obtaining the goal there is no need of logic and guides”.

But  some  persons  say  his  knowledge  is  due  to  the ecstasy. He agreed with his teacher Suleiman Darai that both should not disagree in  any  matter.  Once  Suleiman was in the condition of ecstasy, he went to him and told “Oven is hot and so it will be done as per his order?.” But Suleiman was in the condition of ecstasy, told him to go and sit there in the oven. So as per the agreement he went there and sat in the oven. After some time when Suleiman was remembered that he told him in the condition of ecstasy to go there and sit. So when he searched him and the persons found him in the oven. When Suleiman asked him to come out then he left that place but fire did not affected him.

He told “If a person not regretted by heart and if it is oral then it is useless. If there is no efforts in the worship and in the mystic exercise then there is  no escape from the sins.” After this act there will be possibility of friendship and one will get the sight of Allah. Mystic knowledge increases as per the wisdom. The persons who have fear of Allah will depend upon hopefulness. It is good to weep for the waste of time.The mystic  person’s  enemy is the love of the world. One who does not know his soul, he will become proudy. There is no big problem than carelessness and hard heartedness.

The prophets thought death is not good thing because it will discontinue the remembrance of Allah. One who likes



worship, such person will become beloved of Allah. One who loves Allah to get his undeserved favor then he will become polytheist. One who loves Allah without any desires then he will become his beloved one.