Hazrat Abul Qasim Girgani r.a

 Hazrat Shaykh Abul-Qāsim ibn Alī ibn Abdullāh Gurgānī (380-450 AH), (Persian: ابو القاسم گورگانی) qaddasa-Allāhu sirrahū (may Allāh sanctify his secret) was a glorious Sufi master and gnostic of the secrets of Almighty. He is one of the grand shaykhs of Naqshbandī Sufi order as well as some other Sufi orders.
 The Glory of the Highs and Lows and Sunrise of the Light of Existence. Sheikh Abol Qasem Gurakani Toosi. His patronymic is Abol Qasem and His honorable name Ali, a notable gnostic during the end of the 4th Hijri century and was successor and vicegerent of His Holiness Sheikh Abu Imran Maghrebi. In Nafahat al-Uns His Holiness has been mentioned on the same status as Sheikh Abu Saeed Abol Khayr and Sheikh Abol Hassan Kharaqani. In Tadhkirat-ol-Ouliya he is considered among chivalrous men of the spiritual path. A group from blessings of his training reached excellence and from His Holiness two spiritual orders initiated. One through Sheikh of Sheikhs and his successor Sheikh Abubakr Nassaj and the other through Abu Ali Fazl bin Farmadi. His Holiness Sheikh Abol Qasem, had a strong mannerism, such that supplications of all were towards his threshold and in discovering events for disciples, he was also a sign. His Holiness’ demise was in the year 450 Hijri (1058 AD) and the words “Abol Qasem Qaseem” is thechronogram (Article of date) of the date of his demise.
His successor and vicegerent was Sheikh Abubakr Nassaj. The period he was seated on the throne of guidance was for seventy seven years.