Hazrat Abu Ali Mohammed Bin Abdul Wahab Saqfi r.a

He was leader of sheikhs and most popular person in Egypt. He got knowledge from Abu Hafaz and Hamdoun Qasar. He was perfect in the knowledge of inner most and manifest. So he was famous pious person of Neshapur during his time.

All learned people accepted him as their great leader. When he turned towards sufism then he left the knowledge of manifest and got busy himself in the worship and in the exercises of Sufism.

In his neighborhood there was a pigeon player and once he thrown a pebble on his pigeon but it hit on the forehead so there was too much blood flown from his forehead due to serious injury.

When the disciples saw this and they were angry in this matter and they wanted to report to the local ruler for the punishment of the pigeon player. But he prohibited them in this matter and asked them to give him a branch of tree and to convey his message to use the branch of the tree to handle the pigeons instead of the pebbles. He told once “I saw a funeral in which there were three men and one woman who were carrying a funeral. So I went to the side of funeral where the women was holding the funeral on her shoulder and asked her to leave and I hold the funeral on my shoulder and carried it up to the grave yard while changing the hold of the funeral on my shoulder with others.

In the grave yard he asked the woman were there no persons available in your locality to help you in this mater and she replied him there were many persons available in our locality but no one is ready to carry the funeral of this person on their shoulders as he was a bisexual person. So for this reason all persons tried to ignore this funeral except these three persons and myself. When I heard this story I was in great shock so I have given some amount

and wheat to them for their help to carry the funeral to the grave yard and in that night I saw the face of deceased person in my dream which was shining like a sun and who was wearing a decent dress and was smiling and he told “I am bisexual person and due to hate of the mankind Allah blessed me.”

He told ” If any person who is the master in all knowledges and live in the company of pious persons but he will not get the status of pious person unless he will not do mystic exercises  of his soul as per his pious master direction’s and also for the teaching of manners for him they will first teach him the benefits of service and company of pious masters.

They also teach him the following.

To keep away from the prohibited things and they will teach him to keep him away from evil things of action and also teach deception of soul and arrogance and for which warning is given to him. Because one who will not act upon these  things then he will become a negligent person so  for this reason  we should not follow such a person.

One who is away from the right path so from such person we should not keep any hope in this matter.

One who is not aware of manners so  from him if  we could expect any manners then it will be a useless thing. The person who will not care for the respect of his master so he will be keep away from grace and favors of his master.

He told “One who want to correct the actions and deeds

then he should follow Sunnah (the tradition of the holy prophet) of prophet so for such person  the  sincerity  of inner most is must in this matter.

For the righteous persons the  following four things are

very important.

  1. Truth in sayings
  2. 2. Truth in friendship
  3. Truth in trust
  4. Truth in actions.

He told ” The knowledge of life depend on the heart because it keeps us away from the darkness of ignorance and also knowledge is light of the eye because it is light in darkness.”

He told ” To busy in the world is matter of great destruction and to keep away from the world is difficult

matter and he told do not sell the religion for the worldly


Because in future the time will come when the Muslims will be happy in the company of hypocrite persons

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