Hadrat Syed Asad Hussain Haruni Madni r.a

Hadrat Syed Asad Hussain Haruni Madni who belonged to the noble parents of Syed (descendent of the holy prophet)  family from Makkah city. His father Hadrat Syed Siddiq Bin Abdul Rahman, who had sent him to  Madina city in the childhood for his early education there and in Madina city his relatives of her mother used to reside there. His early education was completed in the grand mosque of the holy prophet in Madina. Still, he was nine years old  than at that time agitation of Najdi tribe in the year 1913 was started and  so for this reason the king of Makkah city was killed and Al-Saud was crowned as the king of the Makkah and at that time the Najdi  (highland Arabian region) ruler was began the killing of the relatives  and members of the family of former king of Makkah and they began searching  and killing them.In those drastic circumstances his relatives have sent him to India through a caravan which was going to India from Makkah. He  reached to Bengal by foot through the land  route and in that place his uncle used  to reside there and who  was famous and well known preacher and learned of person of Bengal. At that place his education was continued and in the short period of time he was memorizing the holy Quran and he was also completed knowledge of Islamic law and  traditions of the holy prophet.   

      After living some period of time in Moradabad and he left from there toward Delhi, Gujrat, Ahmedabad, Surat and Maharashtra and then he was proceeding to Hyderabad on his preaching  and propagation  mission of the Islamic religion.

  He was staying in mosque of Toopkhana in  the Gosha Mahal for a period of two years and lead the prayers and he was busy in the teaching of the Quran to children.

  One day Hadrat Sultan Ali Shah Bukhari in the dream was  intimated his physical feature and he was given his instruction to caliphs and disciples to bring him to Hyderabad and to marry him with his daughter. So for this purpose Hadrat Asad Hussain Haruni Madni was brought to Hyderabad and the ceremony of honouring (learned man, student etc.,) by tying turban round his head was completed in Hyderabad and he was becoming eligible and  placed on the throne of knowledge.

  Hadrat Asad Hussain Haruni Madni has spent most of his life in many parts of India in the engagement of endeavors and mystical excercises. During his stay in Hyderabad for a period of 46 years  he was busy in the teaching and preaching mission work of Islam to the large number of people from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed and he was shown them the right path  toward Allah  and trained and as well as corrected them.

  At the age of 77 years on the 16th Muherram in the year 1401 Heigra corresponding to 14th November 1981 and he was buried as per his final advise in the Sama Khana building which is opposite of the tomb of Hadrat Syed Sultan Ali Shah  and on which some years ago his son and successor was constructed beautiful tomb there.   

     People from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed, assemble to celebrate the Urs (death anniversary) which takes place on the 16 and 18 days of  Muherram of Muslim calendar  every year. Several hundred thousand devotees from near and far, irrespective of religion and beliefs, gather  there to seek blessings.

    To write about this great  Sufi saint  and  great master is not only it is difficult and but it is very hard task as he was not only a great pious personality of his time in the area of the Deccan (South India)  but he was also a great preacher of Islamic religion of his time in the Deccan region and  for a long time he was engaged in religious discourses, sermons, and spiritual training of the people and he  did also many great endeavours for the preaching and propagation work of Islam in Deccan  (South India) and around this region and there was no such personality during  his time.