Hadrat Shah Mir Mahmood Namat Ilahi1 r.a

Name and lineage genealogy.

     His name was Syed Shah Emad Uddin Mohammed and his title was known as Mahmood Moula alias Mir Mahmood. He was well known and famous as Shah Mir Mahmood Auliya. He belongs to the sons of 8th Imam Syed Imam Mosa Reza so for this reason he is called Sadat (descendant of the holy prophet through his daughter Hazrat Fatima) Razvia.

Native place.

    As per reference from the book ‘Anwarul Akqyar’ that his native place is Najaf Sharif. His ancestors were very important pious personalities of the place and they  were custodians of the shrine of Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Taleb  by their inheritance 


    He was born in the city of Najaf Sharif  in Iraq and he was brought  up there.

Early education and migration.

     When he was becoming older than he was gaining knowledge of manifest (Zaheri) from  the perfect personalities of his time and so there was a great effect on him for his interest in his  search of   the truth. Due to Ilham (revelation) of invisible, he was migrated from his country Iraq along with 50 Dervish persons and arrived in India. He visited many places in India and came to city of Mohammedabad (Bider).  At that  time the son of the saintliness of Hazrat Moulana Syed Shamsuddin Hussaini  was there  and who was a pious personality of time and who was also custodian of the shrine of Hazrat Shah Khalilullah and who was also known as  image-breaker (But Shiken). He was ruling in the hearts of the mankind due to his lights of guidance as well as teaching and preaching systems. One day Hazrat Shah Mir Mahmood was visiting him along with his disciples and when he saw his face and become his lover and he was pledged to him  as his spiritual master due to the following reasons.

1.Iradat ( belief). 2.Devotion.

    In a period of three years he was in the service of Syed Shamsuddin Hussaini Karmani and during this period he was reached to the status of perfection  and he was also becoming perfect in the following things.

1.Revelations. 2.Miracles.

Arrival in Hyderabad.

    Hazrat Moulana Syed Shamsuddin Hussaini allowed him to pledge in the Sufi order of Namatal Ilahi and also awarded him  the certificate of caliphate and ask him to proceed to Hyderabad for his teaching and propagation mission there. Upon  the obtaining permission and guidance he left Bider City and was arrived in Hyderabad in the last period of Sultan Abdullah Qutub Shah of Golconda. He was coming into the area of Mir Alam tank and settled down on the hill which is located on the bank of this tank. On this hill, his tomb is situated. He spends all his life on that hill and never went to the city area.


   He was used to live  in the condition of  un-conscious due to his divine love on the mount for many days and some time he will become conscious form of the above condition and he will use to say that his grave will be  available at this place.The historian were described his qualities which are as follows. 1.Perfect Arif (one having intimate knowledge of Allah). 2.Higher knowledge. 3.Manners. 4.Conduct and character. 4.Kind pious personality. He was perfect personality of his time in all knowledge  and arts  and especially he was well known and famous in knowledge of alchemy and Dast  Gaib (supernatural financial help to saints).

Construction of  the tomb.

    He was laid foundation of his tomb and shrine building during his lifetime in the grand style. He was very generous in nature so he used to make an arrangement of much wages to the labours during the construction period. He used to pay double wages to the pregnant women’s labours. In this way he used to take care of the pregnant women workers very much.


   He was famous for his many miracles and events, but here we are mentioning his one miracle which is as follows.

    At the time when the Sheikh was constructing his tomb and shrine building  and at that time as per order of the Sultan Tana Shah of Golconda, Dad Mahal, other palaces and tomb of Hazrat Shah Raju Qattal works of construction were in progress. Due to the season of construction projects there were shortage of labour and  so for this reason it was very difficult to get labourers. He was doubled the wages  and also he used to pay the wages  for the child in the womb of the mother who use to work for his construction work so for this reason there was the attraction of workers to work with him.

   As per order of the Sultan Tana Shah of Golconda all labours forcibly work for the construction  of Golconda palaces and other buildings in the day time, but due to a desire for more wages  the labours used to come there during night time for the construction of following buildings of the Sheikh.1. Tomb.2. Shrine. 3. Mahmood palace. All labours were happy with the Sheikh  and due to this reason they used to work with much attention and care. But during day  time the labours could not perform well due to no sleep in the nights and  due to tiredness and also for their forcible work with the Golconda construction projects . Due to the reason of  sleepiness and dull condition of labours the Sultan and engineering staff of Golconda  Fort were upset and angry in this matter. So for this  reason when the Sultan Tana Shah came to know all these facts and  he ordered not  to sale kerosene to the Sheikh. So for this reason the Sheikh used water instead of kerosene to light lamps and torches.


   He left this world on 13th Shaban in the year 1100 Hegira  from the word  Bhar Faiz his date of death is calculated.  Upon the death of the Sheikh his son Syed Shamsuddin Hussaini alias  Shams Mole was sitting on the throne of the teaching and preaching in that area.

Secret treasure. 

   On the right side of the tomb  and inside of the tomb on the higher level, there is a box on which there is white washed with lime work. About this box it is well known and famous that the Sheikh’s five numbers of high quality of rubies of  Badkshan are in it. And other persons  also say that in it there are some precious relics and relics of the ancients are there. So whatever may be there in it, but the  box  matter is very secret and nobody  did not dare to open  or touch it.


    At the foot side of the tomb there is one cap in conical shape is available there. So it is known that the Sheikh used to wear such type of caps during his lifetime. Because the pious personalities in the Sufi order of the Chistiya used to wear this type of caps on their heads.

   The Sheikh’s  actual  grave is available in an underground chamber of the tomb. The way to the underground chamber is available from the  north side of the platform on which the tomb is available. Due to disrespect this way to the underground chamber was closed since the long time and on its opening way of some  big stones  were laid which are seen there.

The Urs (death anniversary).

   The Sheikh left the world on 13th Shaban but the Urs (death anniversary) used to celebrate  and which takes place on the 21, 22,23 days  of Jamid Awwal of Muslim calendar at the famous  shrine of Hazrat Shah Mir Mahmood’s Dargah (shrine) in  Phadi Mir Momen Sharif every year by arrangements of the Muslim Wakf Board. Several hundred thousand devotees from near and far, irrespective of religion and beliefs, gather there to seek blessings. During the Urs (death anniversary) the visitors in large number will visit the shrine for the fulfillment of their desires and wishes for the sake of  the Sheikh’s name. In this way the above ceremony will be arranged on a grand scale  and the visitors will visit the mausoleum from near and far away places.


    The Sheikh’s tomb is located at the back side of Mir Alam tank in Hyderabad on the left side of the road of Himayat Sagar. It is well known and famous as Phadi (mount) of Hazrat Shah Mir Mahood. The bus facilities  are available there and daily many buses used to stop there and proceed further.


   His favour  (Faiz) is still available there so for this reason, in the shrine the large numbers of devotees will be present there  and several hundred thousand devotees from near and far, irrespective of religion and beliefs, gather  there to seek blessings and  especially for the below patients the shrine is famous and well known in this matter. It is the experience of the day and night in the shrine area that  the visitors are fulfilled with their desire and wishes  and for needy person, it is the perfect place of fulfilling their wishes from this shrine. The visitors  from near and far away places in large number will visit the shrine for the fulfillment of their desires and wishes for the sake of  the Shaikh’s name .

    His spiritual court is most beneficial for the following diseases and problems.1. All diseases.2. Evil spirits. Due to the cure of the above diseases and  due to benefits of people  from the shrine people from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed, assemble there and pray there for the recovery so his favour and affection is same and equally to all persons who  will present there in his court and pray there for the recovery of diseases.