Hadrat Shah Azam Chisti Hyderabad r.a

Hadrat Shah Azam Chisti was belonging to famous pious and holy personalities of the Deccan in the 12th century of the Hegira Muslim calendar. His name was Syed Shah Azam AL-Hussaini and his title is known as Shah Azam and which is well known and famous. Since his childhood period he was very right-minded and he was a well mannered person. Upon waking from the sleep he wasn’t used to weep and never engaged in the fun and sport. His teachers were the person of darwesh and perfection. He was used to be in his service in loneliness with presence of mind and willingness and used to hear the discourse of unity of God from them. 

Search of the reality in the search of truth, 
He left the things and began the search of the perfect master and he went on the journey to become disciple and he was reached to Arcot and where he was become disciple of Hadrat Fakir Ali Shah and whose chain of the spiritualism is linked with Hadrat Aminuddin Ala of Bejepur. 

He strictly followed the Islamic law and he was 1. Worshipper 2. Mystic 3. Arif (having an intimate knowledge of God) 4. Perpetual fast keeper 5. Perpetual night worshipper 6. Best speaker 7. Good memory 8. Eloquent.
He was very handsome and well mannered person and who did not followed his soul and who possessed calm manners and whose prayers were always accepted by Allah. As per saying of the writer of the book ‘Muskiwat Nabwa’ he was a man who was completely in the perfection and he never laughs loudly. 

He was written some great and rare books on the knowledge of mysticism. So his book ‘Meraj Salikin’ ‘Irshad Salikin’ and ‘Medan Isrars’ hand written manuscripts are available in the Library of the Osmania University and in the Library of Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad. 

This sun of the knowledge of God was set out from the horizon of the world on 7th Safar of 1211 Hegira of the Muslim calendar. He was buried in the courtyard of the mosque of Hadrat Syedan Sahib and his grave is situated on a platform. His son Hadrat Syedan Sahib and Moulana Abdul Wali are buried beside his grave. 

In the olden days there was a grant of funds for the Urs (death anniversay ) ceremony every year due to devotion and respect by the Amirs (rulers) of Paigah Estate during the rule of H.E.H the Nizam of Hyderabad. 

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