Hadrat Sayyadi Machli Wale Shah Sahib r.a

He was well known and very pious person of his time. His name is Hadrat Kamal Allah Shah Sahib and but he was famous and well known by the name of Hadrat Sayyadi Machli Wale Shah Sahib. In the area of Secundrabad for his livelihood, he has opened a shop for selling dry fish and provision store of food grains.

     He was pledged with Hadrat Syed Sultan Mahmud Allah Hussaini who was left this world in the year 1311 Hegira Islamic year and he was shifted from Secundrabad to Kachiguda street and he was constructed one grand shrine building with the name of Sarai Ilahi Chaman and from where his favor and good turn of manifest and innermost were began spreading. So, for this reason, most famous and learned persons as well as perfect Sufi persons of the time and royal title holding persons used to present in his shrine building by folding their hands there. In the unity of God and existentialism his color was similar and matching with the Islamic Shariah law.

   His hands of favour and kindness were always open and he was used to benefitted somebody by his prayer and to another person by his act of kindness and even the King of Hyderabad State Nawab Mir Usman Ali Khan was requested him for his prayer and Allah was kind enough to him that He was accepted his kind favour of prayer in this matter and King of Hyderabad due to kind prayer was able to get return back some of his lost areas .

      He left the mortal world on the 29th Rabi Thani in the year 1315 Hegira. He was buried in a mausoleum near of Ilahi Mosque in the grave yard of Sarai Ilahi in Kachiguda street Hyderabad.

    His mausoleum is in Kachiguda Street, which is famous even today for the fulfillment of desires and wishes of the persons who visit his grave there.