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(Rahmatullah alayh)

* Hadhrat Abu Turaab Bakhshi (Rahmatullah alayh) was among the very senior Auliya of Khurasaan. Once in the Ka’bah, he fell asleep in Sajdah. In his dream he saw a wonderful group of the most beautiful Damsels of Jannat. These damsels had no attraction for him. Hadhrat Abu Turaab said: “My absorption in Allah’s Remembrance makes me independent of these damsels. I have no care for you. The Damsels said: “Yes, so it is. However, our compatriots (in Jannat) mock at us for your refusal to accept us.”

Then Ridhwaan (the guardian Angel of Jannat) said to the Damsels: “It is not possible for you to gain acceptance by this noble one. Depart and appear tomorrow on the Day of Qiyaamah. When in Jannat, the matter shall be resolved.” Hadhrat Abu Turaab responded: “O Ridhwaan! Inform them that if tomorrow on the Day of Qiyaamat I am admitted to Jannat, then they may come to render service.”


* Hadhrat Abu Jalaa’ (Rahmatullah alayh) said: “I have seen three hundred Auliya. Abu Turaab Bakshi was of the loftiest status. Once when I met him in Makkah, I saw that he was healthy and in good spirits. I asked him: “Where do you have your meals? He said: “Sometimes in Baghdad, sometimes in Basrah and sometimes here.”

(Some of the select Auliya of Allah Ta’ala are able to miraculously traverse huge distances in seconds.)

* Whenever Hadhrat Abu Turaab would see any of his mureeds committing a displeasing act, he would resort to Taubah   and increase his own mujaahadah (struggle against the nafs). He   would comment: “ This poor soul has become involved in calamity on account of my evil.”

* “There is a pledge between Allah Ta’ala and myself that if my hand goes towards haraam, He will prevent it.”

* “Desire (i.e. worldly desire) never overwhelmed me except once. Once I was journeying through the wilderness when I developed an intense desire for bread and egg. Suddenly I lost the road, and I emerged where a caravan had halted. There was an uproar in a group of people. They were clamouring about something. As their eyes fell on me, they shouted: “You are the one who had stolen our things.” They flogged me 200 lashes. Then there appeared an old man from the caravan. When he approached me, he recognized me. He created a rumpus and shouted: “He is Shaikhul Mashaa-ikh of Tareeqat. What villainy have you people committed on the Sayyid of the Siddiqeen of Tareeqat?”

The people came forward full of remorse and regret and profusely apologized. I said to them: “O Brothers! I take oath and say that never has there been a happier time for me than this day. For years I wanted to understand the villainy of my nafs. Today I have seen it.” Then the Buzrug took me to his home. He presented to me warm bread and eggs. As I desired to stretch my hand to the food, I heard a Voice saying: “O Abu Turaab! Eat after having received 200 lashes, and remember that the fulfilment of any desire will be only after being flogged two hundred lashes.”

(Allah Ta’ala submits His selected Auliya to severe trials. Severe ‘punishments’ are imposed on them for even such desires which are valid and permissible as far as the masses are concerned.)

* Once on a journey through the wilderness with a group of his mureeds, thirst overcame them. The mureeds complained to Hadhrat Abu Turaab about their excessive thirst. Hadhrat Abu Turab drew a line in the sand, and suddenly a stream of cold water began flowing. All the mureeds drank of the water and made wudhu.

   On another occasion also whilst tracking through the wilderness, one of his mureeds requested

water. Hadhrat Abu Turaab instructed him to strike his foot on the ground. As the mureed complied, a spring of water gushed forth. The mureed said: ‘I desire to drink from a glass.” Hadhrat Abu Turaab struck his hand on the ground and from it appeared a beautiful shining glass. All of them used the glass to drink of the water. This glass remained with them until they reached Makkah Mukarramah where it disappeared.

* Once Hadhrat Abu Turaab said to Hadhrat Abul Abbaas that whoever does not believe in the karaamaat which Allah Ta’ala demonstrates on the hands of His Auliya is a kaafir.

* One intensely dark night whilst walking in the wilderness, Hadhrat Abu Turaab saw a huge black man who was as tall as the minaret. Fear overcame him. He asked the giant: ‘Are you a human being or a jinn?” The giant said: “Are you a Muslim or a kaafir?” Hadhrat Abu Turaab said: “I am a Muslim.” The giant said: “A Muslim fears none besides Allah Ta’ala.” Hadhrat Abu Turaab was then at ease and understood that this giant was a messenger from Allah Ta’ala to teach him a lesson, and his fear dissipated.

* “Once in the desert I saw a slave without any provisions. I said to myself: “If he did not have perfect yaqeen in Allah Ta’ala, he would be destroyed.” I said to the slave: “How do you journey in such a place without a mount and food?” He said: “O Buzrug! Besides Allah Ta’ala, look at no one.” I said: “With your yaqeen you may go wherever you please.”

* “No one will ever attain the Ridha (Pleasure) of Allah Ta’ala as long as there is an iota of worldly love in his heart.”

* “You love three things which do not belong to you. The nafs, the soul and wealth. All are the property of Allah Ta’ala.”

* “You search for two conditions: a happy marriage and comfort, but you fail to obtain it. These will be found only in Jannat.”

* In every age Allah Ta’ala induces the Ulama (i.e. Ulama-e-Haqq) to speak according to the deeds (of people).”

* Hadhrat Abu Turaab Bakhshi (Rahmatullah alayh) had died in the wilderness of Basrah. Many years after his demise a group of travellers saw him in the barren wilderness standing and leaning on his staff. In front of him was an eathernware jug. He was facing the Qiblah. Although it was a region infested with wild animals, not an animal had come near to him. (Perhaps Hadhrat Abu Turaab Bakshi –Rahmatullah alayh) – may still be standing in the desert hidden from the eyes of people. Allah knows best.)