Haji Aughat Shah Sahib in his journal narrated that an elderly person of Punjab dressed like a religious learned person cam to see Our Saint and devotees arranged for his stay in the upper story room where Maulvi Syed Mohdin Sahib Wafis, Deputy collector and Qazi Lateef Alam Sahib Warsi, Deputy collector were staying. In the morning the Maulvi questioned them why they delayed the morning prayers and he had come precisely to discuss about it. Seeing the bigoted attitude of Maulvi Sahib, both the collectors said, “It is better we shift to another place so that no trouble is caused to Maulvi Sahib by our company”.

The Maulvi had come to meet Our Saint to elucidate some points regarding daily prayer. Haji Aughat Shah Sahib enquired from where and for what purpose he had come. He replied that he was a native of Multan. His name was Abdullah and he had come to speak about the clarification of prayer from our Saint.

When he was taken to our Saint he sat there silent and while coming back asked, ‘where is the Saint? Please take me to him’. He was taken again before our Saint who enquired who he was. Haji Aughat Shah Sahib replied that the Maulvi Sahib had come from Multan. Our Saint said ‘tell him to go. We will meet again’. In this way three times he met Our Saint and on coming out would ask. ‘Where is the Saint? The fourth time when he met Sarkar Waris he was asked to sit. Turning to Aughat Shah Sahib Waris said ‘Please provide comfort to him. He is the guardian of religion and a staunch supporter of Islam.

Sarkar Waris asked Maulvi Sahib Whether he knew the meaning or understood the meaning of this Arabic quotation. “FI ANFUSIKUM, AFLA TRFSIROON”. God; is existing in you, Can’t you see? Maulvi Sahib was so absorbed in some thought that he was silent. Then Sarkar Waris enquired of Aughat Shah Sahib, who was reciting the “Maulvi who was reciting the “Masnavi” of Maulana Rumi in the night. Aughat Shah Sahib said that it was the Maulvi who was reciting it. Our Saint with an angry look stared at Maulvi Sahib and said “Read wit understanding. If not,


leave it. If you have not understood the meaning, do not read it. You may depart, we shall meet again”.

The Maulvi caught hold of Sarkar Waris feet paid his respects, raising his head, he looked at Our Saint’s countenance with amazement, went out into the verandah and in a passionate tone recited a Persian couplet.

Mathar-e-Pyala Aqs Ruqay Yar-a deed-urn

Ay bayqabar Zalazzathay Shurby Mudhan Ma

have seen my I was unconscious of that which I always drank. But today within that cup Beloved. In this condition he reached the upper storey and for a while sat speechless. Then standing in a state of intoxication began to dance reciting the couplet from Maulana Rumi’s Masnavi.

Bishnau Az-Nai Choon hikayath me kunadh Waz judhaee ha Shikayath me kunadlt

Listen to what the flute says, she is complaini of the separation from the Beloved.

In this condition descending down the staircase, the danced enraptured before him door the verandah. He wandered into the streets and alleys of Dewa Shareef in a rapturous condition. And while reciting the couplets of Masnavi, would weep profusely saying’ Now I have understood what I had not understood, and saw what I had not seen”. If anyone were to ask him to come to his senses and question why he was weeping and dancing he replied with tearful eyes ‘I cannot describe what I have seen. It is useless to make you understand. This is not intoxication whose effect could be sobered by sourness. Instead of explaining I would say one with Khwaja Ameer Khusro.

Gar ay zahid Duwa-ay-Khair me goee

Mora een go ki een awara ay-kooay buthan awara tar baada

Oh people! If you wish my welfare, then pray that this ecstasy of mine


This state fervour lasted continuously for eight days and Maulvi Saheb danced without food and water. If anyone reminded Maulvi Saheb, perform your prayer he replied with a sigh full of grief.

Sar-ay dar Sajda-ay har darn a daram Juzeen dar Qibla-ay-deegar na daram

Beside this threshold, my head will not bow towards any other.


This is my Qibla; I will not bow to any other.

Sometimes, turning his face towards the holy residence of Sarkar Waris, with great fervour, weeping and in appealing tone, raising both his hands would say.

Qadira Behary Jamalay-Qeeshthan

Bar fogan een purdah az Ruq bar figan.

Taba Qud Binam Qudra darwajood

Geh rukoon aareim Shadaan geh Sujoodh

Oh God, unveil your face. Oh unveil, Oh unveil it.

So that I can stay within my sense and view you.

Perhaps in control of my senses I could bow to you, of prostrate to before you.

Everyone seeing his perturbed condition felt sorry for him, but Raja Dost Mohamed Khan Saheb Warisi expressed his sympathy repeatedly. Through Khan Sahib’s persuasion Haji Aughat Shah Baba gave him a thoroughly cold bath, changed his clothes but his enraptured condition was in no way lessened. Gradually he regained him former condition and mental balance.

When he was completely recovered in the second week he appeared before Our Saint and declared. “By God! The whole Universe if illuminated by your Brilliance; and it is this relationship with the Pir the sanctity of Harem (Mecca) has come under the ambit of Islam; it is this bewitching face that inspires the Brahmin to utter, Ram! Ram! “

According he quoted the following couplet.

Az-Rindi wo Parsai thoo Maiqune wo khanqah dar raqs

The mystic and the outwardly chaste are you.

For love of you, they dance in the tavern and the


He also said, “My Master, this miscreant slave is expecting your favour as I am tired of this life.

Qwab za Chashmein man hashudh

Chashmein that Lasth Qwab-ay-man

You are in me so much,


In sleep or in conscience, I view only you.

To this humble one bestow the dress of a mendicant and from your generosity liberate me from the ties of this world to be free. Our Saint advised, “It is better to return home and start a religious school and be busy with missionary work as service to religion is the main prayer.”

But when the Maulvi Saheb, remaiped restless, Sarkar Warsi said, “if you want to involve yourself, much more, travel towards the west and come.’ He was ready to travel saying.

Ab-tho Jaathay hain, Buth Kaday say Meer Phir Melayngay agar Khuda laya

I am proceeding from the Idol-temple Oh-Meer We will meet again, if God wills it.’

Shah Mohammad Wasim Sahib, resident of Maulanger, Manghyr district received the blessings or our Saint. He was deeply learned, had a charming personality of noble behaviour and was affable. In addition he was a zamindar and a care-taker of a shrine.

He was aware of Our Saint’s sterling qualities. Accompanied by Fazihat Shah Warisi he paid a visit to Sarkar Waris and became his disciple. Next day he came to pay his respects and seeing the brilliant face of our Saint cried out and became unconscious. Our Saint said, “He is also entangled in the web of love”.

In this condition he was carried outside. After a while he became alright, but remained amazed and flurried throughout the day. In the night Fazihat Shah came to greet Our Saint and brought Wasim Saheb along and mentioned his mental condition. With great love Our Saint have a gentle blow on the back of Mohamed Wasim Saheb and told Fazihat Sahib. ‘Now he (Wasim) has become useless. The face which you have seen, hold on to it. When you cam you were alright but will leave, as a madman,” Our Saint also advised him to recite Darood-e-sheriff (to invoke God’s blessing on the Holy Prophet) and repeat God’s in the dead of night. Whenever he felt frightened by the administrative work of jagir, he should gave up to become a mendicant, by

attiring himself in patched dress. Till his death he should severe worldly connections and remain a recluse. Accordingly he gave up the jagir affairs, lead a solitary life in a garden till his death.

Haji Aughat Shah Baba, in his journal narrated an incident. Once, a Punjabi dervish in the dress of a recluse came to Dewa Shereef and sat near Aughat Baba’s bed. He enquired from where he had come and in what quest. He replied that he had come from Amritsar and for twelve years was wandering in search of a Pir to attain the way for salvation. Learning the name of Our


Saint he had come to seek an interview for mental relief, to unburden his worries and disentangle he knot of his desires.

Haji Aughat Shah Sahib, took him inside and Our Saint was standing near his bed in the verandah. Seeing his God like face the Punjabi mendicant bowed, kissing the ground and with diffidence went near him and placed his head a t his feet. Our Saint advised Aughat Shah to see to his comforts as a guest.

When they our Haji Aughat Shah Saheb asked him why he remained silent and not placed his grievance before him especially to his query whether Narain (God) is within or outside the human body. He replied with tearful eyes, “without enquiry, I got the answer. When the door opened I saw a beam of light emanating from his face and reaching the sky. When I laid my head on his feet, I found his body. Thus I was satisfied. Up-to know, what I had not grasped, I understood”.

Another incident is also worth recording. When disciple was present, he expressed his heart in this pleasant heading and wrote this poem in bold letters and reciting in person to Sarkar Waris.

Mannam wo hameen thama una Ba-waqt jaan supardan

Ba ruqe thoo deed a Bashum thoo daroon deeda Bashi

My desire when I live and die is May my eyes be fixed on your face, remain in you alone.

Going through it with kindness Sarkar stated. “Why have you titled it with the word longing [tamanna]. This especially is the share of you people which is bestowed according to one’s capacity and surely you will get it. Instead of postponing for tomorrow take it today.” Saying this he showed the dignity and generosity of Panjatan-ay- Pak (Pious Five) by embracing him to his heart, this seeker of truth. It is not known what wonder he saw and endeavoured to say something when Sarkar Waris commanded him, “Be silent you are not aware of patience which is the special jewel of those who love. Till death you should not utter anything from your mouth and while concentrating on this face, do not contemplate any other face. But remember this couplet:

Gar thoo Qahee Kay Beenash bar doz

Deedah ha raza ghair woo kum baz

If you desire to close your eyes, shut them in such a way, that you see none except God”.

This disciple hearing the final commandment asked with folded hands, “Should I close my eyes along with my tongue?” Our Saint smilingly said, “It is not the meaning or gist of shutting one’s eyes which you have understood, because the creatures of God wit good intention are permitted to view keenly or indifferently. To get the lesson of warning and dread they shoul Hayat-e-Waris

concentrate on the divine craftsmanship, as it is a sort of prayer. Therefore in the pursuit of love one should see the Beloved with such rapt attention and be absorbed so as not to divert the attention to another which is against love. In reality except the Beloved, one should eradicate all else from the heart, only then, its name is love. It is not necessary to close the eyes or stitch them but the aim is just like the eyes of the falcon which when stitched does not see anyone. Similarly, stitch your eyes with the needle or love. In other words incline towards the companion and be indifferent with the stranger. And amongst the creatures do not see any other face with attachment. His connection may be ingrained in your heart.

Apparently see everything but in reality except one do not be attached to other.”

This devotee was at sixes and sevens and with great humility said, “My master, you have bestowed on me priceless things similarly favour me to view only you and not others. Otherwise I am not entitles to this patronage and from its strength I may completely fulfil this most important command and from you generosity its conviction will be impressed on my heart.”

“Sarkar Waris feeling happy embraced him and favoured him his quilt which he was using and said” ‘Do not be afraid God is the Sovereign.”

Some devotees of Our Sarkar by seeing his face were benifitted. In 1307 Hijrah, Syed Maqsood Ali Shah Warisi, resident of Pitapur presented himself before the Saint when he was busy with his mendicants mentioning about discipline and efforts. Sarkar told Maqsood Ali. “One who has not seen here, he will be disappointed and he will also not see there. The real definition of sight is that it should be observed with the heart’s eye, without the intervening of any veil because the external eyes are included in the limbs of human body and see God but the “Inner Eye” is gifted with vision of which is also an attribute of God and hence sees the illumination of God. When humanity sees the secret of truth then he is convinced, which is the first step to conviction. It is bestowed directly because the success of a disciple depends upon his spiritual leader’s favour.

Maqsood Ali with tearful eyes asked, “Is it our ill-luck though we are your loyal servants we would remain blind both here and next world?” Our Saint smilingly said” you will not be blind” Then Maqsood Ali asked, “When will we be fortunate?” Our Saint ordered him to go and come again during the Mela (annual Ceremony). After a week it was learnt that Maqsood Ali became a Majzoob (one lost in Divine meditation) and was weeping every time uttering “Haq Waris Haq Waris” and was spending his time in the forest.

Rahim Shah Sahib who was special attendant of Sarkar Waris informed his news of Maqsood Ali Our Saint smilingly commented, “It is good that he has met his punishment and has become and cannot manage domestic affairs”. Rahim Shah said with humility. “Though he has become useless his son is able to manage household affairs”. Then Sarkar said,” after all the boy is also his son. Did you not know the effect of love will last for three generatio
When Maqsood Ali was present in the Mela in reality his condition was changed. Instead of talking sense he was absorbed and plunged in deep contemplation. Rahim Shah Saheb asked “Brother what kind of disease is this?” In reply said “On the day I want from here, in the night in a state of drowsiness Our Saint has bestowed a favour on me and shown me the miracle which I wanted to see. Now I have become useless to do anything’.

A number of devotees were benefitted by merely seeing Our Saints face. In 1317 Hijrah during the anniversary mela of kathak the weekly invitation arranged by Hafiz Pyaray Sahib was closed. Most of the articles for the dinner remained unused and Hafiz Sahib arranged for the night dinner to make use of these things but it was a new arrangement and the permission of Sarkar Waris was essential which was given after repeated requests. Many guests participated, fried sweets (gul-gulay) were prepared. At for o’clock in the morning with great pomp and glamour, many persons came to make a votive offering where Sarkar Waris was sitting. Everyone paid his respects. In the glaring light, the effect of his Divine face made everyone wonderstruck and without any distinction of age or test everyone in a rapturous mood automatically began to dance and for nearly four hours this rapturous conditions remained unabated. In fact these few incidents were proof positive that most of his devotees were favoured and they witnessed in the face of Sarkar Waris, the Divine lustre. These instances are self evident that may of his devotees due to Our Saint’s benevolence saw the Divine manifestation in his face. This favour was not ordinary which in mysticism; is an extraordinary favour of spiritual guides.


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