In this way the Parsis also became his disciples. Since their population is less than the Jews their number was meagre. Sarkar’s influence stirred their love and had a great effect on their heart. Their belief was not in any way less than the Muslims because he taught them divine love without any distinction of caste and creed.

For e.g. Maulana Hidayatullah Warisi, resident of Madras, well known scholar of Tradition, a luminary writer and linguist was a Parsis. Since he was well versed in theology, he was a religious head of Parsis. He was broad minded and a comprehensive scholar of knowledge. He was not in the habit of accepting any theoretical knowledge not based on scientific facts. He had not fully comprehended fire worship. He was endeavouring to remove some doubts. For
some time, he was inclined towards atheism and for a few days followed Christianity. Since he could not understand Trinity he came to Our Saint. He was in search of a true religion and dissatisfied with other religions. He became a disciple of our Saint and learnt from him, the religion which satisfied his mind most.

His life was simple and was not entangled is worldly affairs. He was inclined more towards a recluse life. In this condition he spent his life until he died.

Similarly Doctor Dossa Bhai Warisi who affixed the term Warisi with his name was one of the greatest doctors of Bombay. It is not known what urged him to come all the way to Dewa Sheriff to meet Sarkar Waris and to join his fold of disciples along with his sister.

Our Saint smilingly said “you have already worshipped fire and now for the rest of your life spend your time worshipping the fire of love”.

The next day they came to pay their respects and the Doctor requested him to enlighten them with any beneficial instruction. Our Saint facing him said “Love demands that one’s heart should be busy in the thought of the Beloved and dedicate one’s service for the benefit of God’s creatures.

Do your work in such a way with heart and hands that both of them should not know each other in taking part. Go and do service to humanity.”

The Doctor’s sister pleaded, “My dear Guide, what is your command for me? Our Saint said, ‘Except God do not worship anybody. During the middle of every month, must be in fast for three days. Feed anyone who is hungry and who ever may be thirsty, quench his thirst”. Saying this he permitted them to depart.

During their stay many people asked the Doctor the reason for coming here. They kept the reason for their visit a secret. They said they were fortunate they came from fire to a garden of roses.


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