به این پیری ره یثرب گرفتم * نوا خوان از سرود عاشقانه چو آن مرغی که در صحرا سر شام «گشاید پر به فکر آشیانه * Ba Een Piri Rahe Yasrab Giraf-tam, Nawa Khan As Saroore Asheqana

Cho An Murghe Ki Dar Sahra Sarey Sham, Kashaid Per Ba Fikre Ashyana

Iqbal is full of love for the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.). He desires to pay homage to the Holy Shrine of the Prophet (s.a.w.) at Medina. He has become old but his heart is young and allures him to make a journey to Medina and reach there singing melodious songs in praise of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.). Iqbal says that his desire and intention to make this long Journey in old age is just like the intention of a bird who prepares itself to take a long flight “Just after the setting of the Sun a time meant for peace in the nest and not a journey.”


بیا ای هم نفس باهم بنالیم * من و تو کشته شان جمالیم بر مراد دل بگوئیم * بپای خواجه چشمان را بمالیم دو حرفی بر . Beya aey ham nafas baham be nalem, Mano too Kushta ey shaney Jamalem

Do harfey bar murddey dil bugo’em, Ba paey Khaja chashman ra bemalem

The Poet calls his friend and says: “O’ my friend come as both of us are in love of the Holy Prophet. Let us sit together and demonstrate our love by crying loudly. Let us talk together over the subject of love and then let both of us kiss the feet of our beloved Holy Prophet (s.a.w.).”

This couplet indicates the intensity of love of the poet for the Prophet (s.a.w.)


به منزل کوش مانند مه نو * درین نیلی فضا هر دم فزون شو مقام خویش اگر خواهی درین دیر * بحق دل بند و راه مصطفی ر Ba Manzil Kosh Maninde Mahe-No, Der Een Neeli Faza Hardam Fuzun show

Maqame Kheish Ager Khahi Dar Een Dair, Ba Haq Dil Bando Rahe Mustafa Ro

The poet says that just as the moon is always on journey and obtains perfection by its fourteen days continuous efforts a Muslim should always he striving to gain perfection by running his life after the footprints of the life of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.).


بمصطفی بر ساں خویش را کہ دیں ہمہ اوست * اگر به او نه رسیدی تمام بو لہبی است

Ba Mustafa be Rasan Khaish Ra Ki Been Hama Oost, Agar Ba Oo Na Raseedi Tamam Boolahab Keest

The poet advising the Muslims say:

“Prophet is the ideal, try to reach him, follow the foot prints of the Prophet (s.a.w.) and your actions and ways of life should be identical with these of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) because his life is symbol of Islam and faith. If you do not follow him in all his details of acts your actions will be void and they will be taken as deeds of Abu Lahab the Chief of the non-believers of Mecca who has been condemned in the Holy Quran. The salvation of the Muslims lies in following the Prophet (s.a.w.).


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