His instructions had the grandeur and dignity which acquired universal fame and many people felt it was a privilege to join his fold our adept spiritual guide instructed each of his disciples according to his mental back- ground and comprehensive capability.

He instructed some to repeat the incantation (Wazeefa) with contemplation. To some he assigned the duty of fasting permanently. Some were instructed to perform Haj many a time. AHayat-e-Waris

few were told to lead a secluded life. Others were directed by Our Saint to travel. Some were asked to invoke the name of God loudly and to some silently. Certain people were advised to become ascetics, and others to become mendicants.

His often repeated instructions were couched in two small sentences. They may appear plain, but if viewed deeply they are pithy, meaningful and significant. His advice to love is a panacea (a medicine for every disease) a passport to open the gates of paradise and to enjoy a blissful after-life.

It is universally admitted that the route of praiseworthy virtues is love and for this reason our saint often dinned into the ears of his devotees to love, so that their life would become exalted. Every attribute of the mystics is an indication of love and its fruit.

Our saint often reiterated: “The lover becomes so obedient to his Beloved as a slave to his master. The duty of a lover is to bow his head before the beloved and to fulfil the pleasures of the Beloved is the duty of a lover. Pride and haughtiness are to be avoided. Due to these detrimental qualities, the seeker of divine grace would be unsuccessful.

But the nature of love is that a true lover is never haughty.

Our esoteric doctor Sarkar Waris has prescribed the medicine to cure our sensual desires and advised his devotees to cultivate the habits of 10ve. Certainly the effect of love obliterates the pernicious habits of pride and prejudice from our hearts. Endurance and perseverance are well known attributes of mystics. From the sayings of Alea-Bakr-Wasty in true love’s activity the habit of love and thoughts of love become mature and loves none other than his Beloved.

Hence our Saint often stressed, a lover, except his beloved does not see others with his loving eye. In the way of practising love he sees one face alone (tassawur) and to see other faces is polytheism Sarkar Waris further said “adhere to one face it will help you”.

Two attributes connected with love.

To spend sleepless nights and to lead a recluse’s life are the attributes of mystics. These two attributes are connected with love and are distinctive features of love. Due to love a lover relinquishes worldly affairs.


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