Place and Year of Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam Birth.

It is said that Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam was born before ten years of the Messenger ﷺ declaring Prophethood. He was born when his mother had gone for the pilgrimage of Ka’aba.Inside Kaaba.

Profile: He had a light wheatish colour, ever-smiling and handsome face, proper height, big and beautiful eyes and all the parts of the body were well built and strong. During his youth, his extraordinary senses of understanding and intellectual level were quite apparent. Top rated and competent athletes even were submitting to him. The Almighty had bestowed him with miraculous power. For this, he was known as “Allah gifted’ (Yadullah) person. During his old age, the hairs of his beard and holy head turned into white.

His bringing up: Hazrat Abu Talib had a big family. Huzur-e-Anwarﷺ took the responsibility of Hazrat Ali’s AlahisSalam bringing up. Since then, he was under his protection. He became young under his utmost care and shelter. During this blessed period, he acquired all the high culture and sense for values of the Prophetﷺ. In short, he reached the highest destination of the spiritual quest. It is for this that all the currents of various Sufi traditions initiate from him. The people of the path (people of Tariqat) say that it is due to Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam that the persons have been bestowed with the blessings and have acquired salvation. In future also this tradition will go on forever. Hence, the people of the path (people of Tariqat) are his great fans and take him to be their real spiritual Master.

The First Namazi (the man who offers the prayer): The persons who are engaged in the research work about this subject have concluded that it was Hazrat Alipse who was first in the whole community to offer Namaz (prayer). Hazrat Aliments himself writes in the book, “Musnad Abu Daud Tayalisi” Vol-4, p-114, “Awwalao Man Salla Manannabis i.e. “It was me only who had first offered the prayer with the Prophet.” In the initial stages of Islam, the Prophet used to offer prayer in the lonely and untrodden places, hiding the process of prayer from the people. Hazrat Alighie also used to join him. Once, when these two servants of Allah were offering their prayer in the mount of Nakhla, Hazrat Abu Talib arrived there. He asked, “What were you doing?” Huzur-e-Anwar het is said, “It is a prayer and worship of Allah.” Hazrat Abu Talib said, “There is no problem.” (Musnad-e-Ahmad Vol-1, Pg # 99)


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