Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam forefather and family.

His name, forefathers and family circumstances

His name is Ali. He is from the lineage of Hazrat Abul Hasan and Hazrat Abul Turab, His title is ‘Haider’. His father name is Hazrat Abu Talib and mother name is Hazrat Fatima. Hazrat Abdul Muttalib was his grandfather who was also the grandfather of Huzur-e-Aqdas Mohammed ﷺ. Their great grandfather was Hashim Ibd-e-Abd-e-Munaf, who was the most notable among all the people of Mecca-e-Moazzama. His children were known as Bani Hashim. Bani Hashim were the caretakers (Mutawalli) of the whole of Ka’aba. They had all the rights of religious leadership and were given very noble honours.

Hazrat Ali’s AlahisSalam father, Hazrat Abu Talib and Huzur-e-Akram’s ﷺ father Hazrat Abdullah were the sons of the same mother. Thus, Hazrat Ali was the cousin of Huzur-e-Akramﷺ.

Hazrat Abu Talib was religious heir and successor of Hazrat Abdul Muttalib. All Bani Hashims accepted him as their head. He was very much respected for his greatness and clarity of concept, and his morality and goodness were very incomparable. Therefore, everyone used to accept his word. After the sad demise of Hazrat Abdul Muttalib, it was Hazrat Abu Talib who took the Prophetﷺ who was only eight (8) years old, in the lap of his blessings. Hazrat Abu Talib used to make him sleep with him and even in travelling he used to keep him with him. When Hazrat was bestowed with the duty of Divine Messenger (Nabuwat), all the Arabs became his enemies. When Quresh were torturing the Prophetﷺ, in spite of the risk of his life, Hazrat Abu Talib only was his supporter. As Hazrat Abu Talib was protecting the Prophetﷺ, the Quresh harassed him and his family members. For a period of three years he, along with Prophet ﷺ Hazrat Abu Talib , was imprisoned in his own house which is in the mountainous region. During all these days, it was so planned by the rivals that they would not get any food or water. They completed a long period of three years in such torturous conditions, and for their survival, they had to eat الا only leaves of the trees. In short, no stone was left unturned to harass Hazrat Abu Talib, but that great and pious man did not lift his hand of protection from the head of his loving nephew. Hazrat
Abbas Radiallahu anhoo stated :

“When he breathed his last, on his tongue was Kalma-e-Tauhid (acceptance of monism).”

At this juncture, it would be proper to remember the reaction of Hazrat Allama Shibli who says,

Who can deny the sacrifices rendered by Hazrat Abu Talib for Hazrat Mohammed ﷺ. He was ready to part with his life for the Prophetﷺ. He earned enmity from all the Arabs only for the Prophet’s love. He was jailed for the Prophetﷺ, bore starvations and got excommunicated from the city, for three days he did not get single corn of food or a draught of water. Will all these sacrifices, tortures, hardships and true love be just wasted?” .

Huzur’s foster mother Hazrat Fatima SalamUllahAlaiha also was Hashimi. She brought up the orphan of Hazrat Amena SalamUllahAlaiha with great love and blessings and accepted Islam publicly. Even during the period of Nabuwat, Hazrat Muhammad ﷺused to address her as a mother. When she passed away, the Prophetﷺ supplied her final cloth from his pious dress. Hazrat Muhammedﷺ lied down in her grave and blessed her with the blessings and boons for her salvation, and he said, “After Hazrat Abu Talib, I am very much obliged by this pious and well behaved lady.”

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